Season 20: Episode 8 - Expectations
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


After Boston Rob's blindside, Russell is officially the hero of the Villains tribe.  "That was awesome.  Excellent play," Parvati praises Russell, who masterminded an attack plan that successfully ousted one of the most powerful players in the game.  "This is Russell Hantz.  If you ain't with me, you're against me," he boasts.  As Russell and his minions Danielle and Parvati celebrate Rob's departure from the game, Coach is extremely upset.  "I did not want Boston Rob out.  We screwed up the whole tribe.  Ridiculous that they're cowards and they want to vote out Boston Rob because Russell is a bully," declares Coach.  When Coach confronts Jerri concerning her motivations for voting out Boston Rob, Jerri dismisses his accusations, claiming that she was not quick to get rid of Rob.  Coach proposes to Jerri that they should set things in motion to blindside Russell, but Jerri is against any such actions until after the merge.  "The Villains are in the crapper.  I don't think we'll win another challenge.  We're done.  We're toast.  Pray for the merge," says Coach.


The next morning at the Heroes camp, J.T. sets off to search for the hidden immunity idol in secret, despite his promise to find and possess the idol as a tribe.  "The best thing for me is to make sure I know where it's at.  This is Survivor and you don't know what these other people are thinking around here," says J.T.   J.T. scours the area by the creek, and to his surprise, he finds the idol "“ just as Amanda walks up.  He tells Amanda the truth and shows her the idol, hoping that she will be the only person to have this knowledge "“ until Candice shows up.  "Immediately Candice walked up, so I was like, "˜You know what?  If I come clean, our tribe will come together,'" J.T. explains.  Keeping to his word, J.T. shows the immunity idol to the other remaining members of his tribe, vowing to use it as a weapon against the Villains after the merge.  All seems well for J.T., but unbeknownst to him, Amanda and Candice see him as a threat now that he has an idol and an alliance with everyone on the tribe.  "It would be in Amanda's best interest to work with me to get rid of him and the idol, or get rid of the idol.  Either way, J.T. is dangerous," says Candice.


At the Villains camp, life after Boston Rob proves to be extremely difficult, as the tribe begins to suffer due to lack of food.  "We're literally starving out here, and I'm worried.  I mean, people are shutting down, and you can see it.  I mean we're already on our heels "˜cause we're losing," says Coach.  Parvati reads treemail, which hints at a meal.  The tribe interprets this to mean that the merge is coming, so everyone gathers their belongings, including the shelter and toolkit.  "I'm hoping and praying that it's a merge, and we don't know where we're gonna end up, so we definitely want to get all of our stuff together," says Danielle.


Both tribes arrive on separate benches at an outdoor bowling alley.  Between the two benches is a hut with a large feast of pizza, beer and brownies, which causes both tribes to salivate at the sight.  The Heroes are shocked that Boston Rob was voted out, which leads them to believe that there is a woman's alliance taking over the Villains tribe.  J.T. motions to Russell to "hang in there."  Host Jeff Probst is stunned to find that the Villains have brought their entire camp with them, and tells them to drop their"¦expectations.  The Villains groan in disappointment, but vow to win the much-needed food reward.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge, which is Survivor bowling.  One member from each tribe will square off in a round of bowling.  They will roll the ball down the lane, knocking over as many pins as they can.  Each tribe member gets two rolls.  Whoever knocks over the most pins scores one point for their tribe.  The first tribe to score three points wins a feast of pizza, beer and brownies.  To even up the tribes, Coach decides to sit out Sandra and Courtney.

In the first round, Rupert defeats Parvati, scoring the first point for the Heroes.  J.T. scores the second point for the Heroes after he takes on Danielle.  Russell gives the Villains hope when he scores their first point, defeating Colby.  Amanda wins the game for the Heroes after narrowly defeating Coach by one pin.


The Heroes cheer as they make a run for the hut containing pizza, beer, brownies, and garlic bread.  As they devour the seemingly endless amount of food, Amanda becomes superstitious about her tribe's recent victories.  "I mean I don't want to jinx us here, but we're on a little bit of a roll, but the Villains still have the numbers, so in our minds we're still catching up and we don't want to get overconfident and we just want to keep it going," says Amanda.  The Heroes discuss Boston Rob's recent departure from the game, and worry that after the merge, the so-called "Woman's Alliance" on the Villains' side will try to manipulate them to their side.  "Now Coach and Russell are on the outs over there.  They're sitting ducks.  If we merge right now, we got them on our side in a heart beat," says J.T.  


Back at the Villains camp, things start to heat up when Jerri badmouths Sandra and Courtney for not participating in the challenge.  "We're totally screwed in the immunity challenge now," fumes Jerri.  Although Coach ultimately made the decision to sit the two out of the reward challenge, Jerri's comments set off Sandra, and the two engage in a shouting match.  "I can't stand Jerri, I hate Coach, I hate Danielle, I hate Russell even more, so any of those four.  I'm not gonna pick one above the other "˜cause I equally hate them all," Sandra fumes.  Sandra forms a plan with Courtney to save themselves by putting the target on Coach by turning Russell against him.  "I'll be like, "˜Hey Russell.  Coach wants you gone,' and I bet you Russell will believe me and get rid of Coach and me and Courtney will be saved again," says Sandra.


Sandra sets her plan in motion by telling Russell that Coach is gunning to vote him out.  "He's digging his own grave, just like Rob did," says Russell.  Sandra is elated that Russell took the bait, and credits herself with easily controlling Russell, but unbeknownst to her, Russell has bigger plans.  By getting rid of Coach, Russell further solidifies an alliance with the Heroes after the merge by tricking them into thinking that there is a woman's alliance on the Villains side.  "Once we merge, they ain't gonna talk to one of the girls.  They're gonna be scared to death to, but they surely gonna come straight to me," Russell chuckles.  "It's all falling together perfectly," agrees Parvati.


Both tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Both tribes will be belted together in pairs.  They will race through the mud by going under and over a series of obstacles to retrieve a flag, then race back.  The first pair back at their mat with their flag scores one point for their tribe.  The first tribe to score two points wins immunity.  Because both tribes have odd numbers, one of the match-ups will be a one-on-one showdown.  The Villains choose to sit out Jerri and Danielle.

For the first match-up, Russell and Sandra take on Amanda and Candice.  Both tribes are neck-and-neck until the second half of the course, where Sandra completely falls out of it.  Amanda and Candice take their time to the finish, and score the first point for the Heroes.  In a one-on-one match up, Coach takes on Rupert.  Coach wins by a hair, scoring the first point for the Villains.  In the next match-up, Courtney and Parvati take on J.T. and Colby.  While J.T. and Colby fly through the muddy course with ease, Parvati and Courtney slug through at a snails pace.  J.T. and Colby score the second point for their tribe, winning immunity for the Heroes and sending the Villains to yet another Tribal Council.


The Villains return to their camp, and wash off their mud-caked bodies in the ocean.  While the rest of the tribe appears utterly defeated, Coach boasts on his stellar performance.  "Everybody's down, everybody's hurting, everybody's nauseous, and The Dragon Slayer is just coming into his own," says Coach.  "I feel full of energy, and it's time for me to shine"¦off into the horizon," he continues.  Although Coach ultimately wishes to get rid of his arch nemesis, Russell, he feels that is would be more appropriate to get rid of Courtney, his tribe's weakest link.  Russell is still dead-set on ousting Coach, but Danielle advises him against it.  "We have a chance [at winning] if we have Coach," says Danielle.  Russell yells at Danielle for being irrational, and storms off.  After allowing himself some time to vent, Russell has a change of heart, and decides that it would be best to vote off Courtney.  Parvati and Danielle are befuddled at Russell's inconsistency, and still hope to oust The Dragon Slayer.  "You never know what's gonna happen between now and when the sun goes down," says Courtney.


At Tribal Council, all eyes are on Courtney for her lackluster performances in challenges.  Courtney fights back, but harsh words are still thrown her way by Coach, who views her as the weakest link who continually demoralizes the tribe.  With this, the tribe members cast their votes, and with four out of the seven votes cast against him, Coach is voted out.  Benjamin "Coach" Wade, the 38 year-old from Survivor: Tocantins became the ninth person voted out and first member of the jury of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.