Season 20: Episode 9 - Survivor History
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Villains return to camp after a surprising Tribal Council, where Coach was voted out.  Jerri is dumbfounded after her closest ally in the game was ousted without her knowledge.  Jerri becomes paranoid that she is next on the chopping block, but Danielle assures her that is not the case.  Russell backs Danielle up when he reveals that he, too, did not have any part in voting out Coach, and points the finger at Sandra and Courtney as the next to go.  "We've got five girls on my tribe now.  I feel great about it because I trust three of them, but I don't trust Sandra and Courtney.  So, they'll be the next to go.  I'll promise you that," says Russell.


The next morning, Danielle reads treemail aloud to her tribemates, which instructs the castaways to rank their tribe members from strongest to weakest.  This will determine who each tribe member matches up against "“ the person with the same ranking from the other tribe.  The treemail also hints that the challenge is from Survivor: Tocantins, and will test their endurance while they each stand on small footholds for regular intervals.  Russell points out that although he is the strongest, he is also the heaviest.  Jerri suggests that all of the women should participate, while Russell sits out of the challenge.  As the Villains anticipate how the Heroes will rank their tribe members, Jerri proclaims, "They're gonna put all the guys at the top, "˜cause it says put your strongest to your weakest, and, you know, they're guys with big egos."

At the Heroes camp, Rupert confidently states, "I think I'll be able to do great in this."  "You think you're gonna do the best?" J.T. asks.  "Yeah!" replies Rupert.  While J.T. tries to explain to Rupert that the bigger you are, the harder the challenge is, Rupert takes offense, and still insists on being labeled as "the strongest."  "I think I'm the strongest of all eleven of us still left out here.  But if they want to rank me as the weakest, I'll let them," Rupert pouts.  J.T. finally gets his point across that small girls with small feet would do the best at the challenge.  "I would love to see all five of us still up there and three of them just drop out just to make a statement," says Rupert.


The Heroes and Villains tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  After witnessing that Coach was voted out at the last Tribal Council, the Heroes are convinced that there is a women's alliance. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each tribe member will use their arms to brace themselves between two walls, while their bare feet are perched on very narrow footholds.  Every ten minutes, the castaways will move to smaller footholds.  Once the third and final foothold has been reached, they will stay there for as long as possible.  Each person will be matched up with someone from the opposite tribe.  To score a point, they must outlast their opponent.  The first tribe to score three points wins a feast from Outback Steakhouse.  To even up the tribes, the Villains choose to sit Russell out of the challenge.  

The match-ups are Danielle versus Candice, Courtney versus Amanda, Parvati versus J.T., Jerri versus Colby, and Sandra versus Rupert.  The challenge is on, and Jeff Probst notes that this day marks the 100th day that Amanda has played Survivor "“ the first person to reach this mark.  J.T. mouths to Russell to "hang in there."  Russell chuckles to himself that he has successfully made the Heroes believe that he is on the outs.  As the castaways maneuver to the third and final foothold, Colby begins to struggle, and drops out of the challenge.  Jerri scores the first point for the Villains.  Rupert, with a broken toe, is the second person to fall out of the challenge.  Sandra scores the second point for the Villains.  Amanda begins to shake, and drops out, giving the Villains their third and final point.  With this, the Villains win the Outback Steakhouse reward.   


The Villains clink their glasses at the bar of an Outback Steakhouse, congratulating themselves on a job well done.  Sandra reveals that her husband is in the military and is currently stationed in Afghanistan.  "I kinda felt bad I was without my husband because I'm sure he wishes he was at Outback Steakhouse too, because we just love Outback.  We always go to Outback," says Sandra.  After the drinks, the tribe enjoys a delicious feast of sirloin, shrimp on the barbie, and more.  As Parvati is unfolding her napkin, she discovers a rolled-up clue to a hidden immunity idol, which she quickly hides in her underwear without anyone seeing her.  After the meal, she pulls Danielle aside and shows her the clue, which hints that another immunity idol is hidden at their camp.  "I want Danielle to feel tighter with me than she does with anyone else," says Parvati.  "We'll fill Russell in on a need-to-know basis, and right now Russell doesn't need to know, so he's not gonna know," Parvati reveals.  


Back at the Heroes camp, J.T. conjures up a plan, which he believes will benefit his tribemates after the merge.  "Russell knows he's going next, so granted I get to talk to Russell in the next immunity challenge and we win, I give him a hidden immunity idol.  He votes out Parvati.  Bam!  Done!" says J.T.  J.T. opts to write Russell a note explaining what to do with the idol.  "I think it's really crazy to give Russell the idol.  You don't know what's going on over there.  He could be in with the girls for all we know," says Amanda.  


Meanwhile, Parvati and Danielle search for the hidden immunity idol in the jungle of the Villains camp.  After digging by a tree, they successfully find the idol.  "It's not all Russell running the show around here.  He's not the King of Survivor.  I'm the Queen.  And usually the King does what the Queen says anyways, so I'm cool," says Parvati.


The following day, J.T. writes his letter to Russell, instructing him on what to do with the hidden immunity idol.  "Play the idol tonight to save yourself.  All the girls should be writing your name down, so act like you know you're going home," J.T. writes.  "I think you should write Parvati's name down and send her home.  We will most likely merge at ten people and then you will be completely safe with us.  Our five plus you will remain strong until the girls are done with.  We can then work on getting ourselves into the final three," J.T. continues.  "This is your chance to show you're not a villain," Rupert suggests.  "This is Survivor History," marvels Colby.  


Both tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Both tribes will start on a platform floating in the water.  One person at a time must move a bag of puzzle pieces along a rope and through a series of obstacles to the finish mat.  Once all five bags have been collected, the players must use those puzzle pieces to build a totem pole.  The first tribe to assemble it correctly wins immunity.  To even up the tribes, the Villains choose to sit out Sandra.

At the start of the challenge, Jerri and Rupert are off first.  Rupert flies through the course while Jerri slowly maneuvers her bag through the obstacle course.  J.T. is next up for the Heroes, Danielle for the Villains.  Amanda is up next, while Danielle is still running though the course.  Parvati is up next for the Villains, Candice for Heroes.  As the Heroes maintain their lead, Colby has a chat with Russell while they wait their turn in the challenge.  "When the challenge is over, you go to J.T.  He's gonna give you something," says Colby.  Colby explains to Russell that he must use the immunity idol to get rid of Parvati, and come on board with the Heroes.  Colby is then off to compete in the challenge, and further extends the Heroes' lead, while Courtney struggles in the water.  Russell tries to make up for lost time for the Villains, but the Heroes have already made extensive progress in assembling their totem pole.  The Heroes assemble their totem pole, winning immunity and sending the Villains to another Tribal Council.  As the Villains congratulate the Heroes by exchanging hugs, J.T. secretly hands Russell the hidden immunity idol.  "You don't hand the enemy the idol, especially when his name is Russell Hantz," says Russell.


After the challenge, J.T. sits comfortably knowing that his hidden immunity idol is safe in the hands of Russell.  "We know he's gonna be on our side," says J.T.  "Russell is probably having trouble containing himself right now," says Rupert.  

At the Villains' beach, Russell is, in fact, having trouble containing himself, as he laughs hysterically with Parvati over J.T.'s letter.  "How do you give the Idol King an idol?  "˜Here Mr. Russell!  Here's an idol.  This one is just for you,'" Russell chuckles.  Russell and Parvati continue to read J.T.'s letter, laughing at every line.  "What is wrong with him?  I cannot believe that kid won," says Parvati.  

Meanwhile, Sandra and Courtney are paranoid when they witness Russell and Parvati talking at the beach.  "It's inevitable that me or Courtney are going home, and I'm really sad because me without Courtney, that's like rice without beans, you know?" says Sandra.  While Russell and Danielle agree on voting out Courtney, Parvati is still on the fence.  Courtney pleads with Parvati to keep her, as she can easily sway Amanda to their side after the merge.  "I don't know.  I want to keep Courtney here because I feel like once there's a merge, she would stay more loyal to me than Russell," says Parvati.  Later on the beach, Russell reveals J.T.'s immunity idol to Danielle and Jerri, and the three and Parvati debate on who to get rid of "“ Sandra or Courtney.  


At Tribal Council, Sandra admits that the vote is between herself and Courtney since they were a part of Boston's Rob's former alliance.  Danielle reveals that Sandra puts false rumors into people's minds in order to control the game, which leads to a huge argument between the two. Courtney lashes out at Jerri for flipping to Russell's alliance just in time to save herself, but Jerri dismisses her comments, stating that she was never a part of any alliance.  "I didn't flip quick enough, I guess, and so that's why me and Sandra are in trouble," fumes Courtney.  With this, the Villains cast their votes, and with five out of the six votes cast against her, Courtney Yates, the 28 year-old from Survivor: China became the tenth person voted out and second member of the jury of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.