Season 20: Episode 10 - Going Down in Flames
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On the dawn of Day 25, the rigors of the game have taken a toll on the Heroes, who are almost at their breaking point.  As hunger and boredom set it, the tribe wishes for a change "“ namely, a tribe merge.  Rupert and Amanda check treemail, and discover a large, locked chest with a note attached.  "Heroes "“ do not open this box until you have the key.  Make room in your camp"¦company will be arriving soon," they read. 

At the Villains camp, Parvati interprets their treemail.  "I wonder what that key is to," she ponders.  Parvati and Danielle return to their camp with a Hawaiian sling accompanied by a similar note to what the Heroes received, and a map "“ to the Heroes camp.  "If it is a merge, it's okay with me, cause it's right up my alley.  We're going over to the Heroes' home turf and weeding them out one at a time," says Russell.  Russell explains to Parvati and Danielle that his plans are to convince J.T. that he tried to vote out Parvati using the idol that he gave him, but was unsuccessful because Parvati also had a hidden immunity idol and played it "“ sending Courtney home, instead.  When Danielle asks Russell who he plans to vote out first on the Heroes side, Russell names J.T.  The only thing standing in his way is Sandra, who is the only remaining member of Boston Rob's former alliance.  "We're not gonna tell her anything.  That idol is gonna help the Villain tribe weed out one of their members on the Heroes tribe.  I'm gonna have "˜em eatin' out of my hands," says Russell.


The Villains arrive on the Heroes' beach, carrying their tribe's belongings.  "Here they come!" shouts Candice.  As the Villains approach their new camp, Parvati reflects on her plan to keep her hidden immunity idol a secret from Russell.  "Only my lady in waiting, Danielle, knows about it, and the King will not know about my hidden immunity idol until the time is right," says Parvati. 

J.T. immediately spots Parvati milling down the beach, much to his surprise, but is relieved when he sees Russell in the back of the pack.  "I figured Russell played the idol, Parvati had to have played an idol, therefore there's no idols in the game.  Parvati's got to be the first to go.  It's a known fact," says J.T.  The Heroes cordially greet Russell and the others, and proceed to unlock the giant chest that the Villains brought with them.  Inside are a ham, vegetables, and black tribe buffs.  "When the black buffs came out, that tells you real quick old tribes are done.  This is a whole new ball game," says Colby.  As the Heroes and Villains break the ice with each other, Parvati is aware that she is clearly on the outs already when her new tribemates give her the cold shoulder.  "I'm offended by how these Heroes are treating me.  They don't know it yet, but they're about to be picked off one by one," says Parvati. 

Meanwhile, Russell finally has a chat with J.T. and Rupert in the shelter about what went down at the last Tribal Council.  Russell fabricates a story, claiming that he played J.T.'s hidden immunity idol, but Parvati also played an idol, which got Courtney voted out.  "I swear on my kids that I'm on board with y'all," says Russell.  After Russell leaves the shelter, J.T. feels confident in his trust for Russell.  "I told you.  He's solid, man.  He's a good-old country boy," J.T. tells Rupert.  Unbeknownst to J.T. and Rupert, Russell is laughing to himself on the beach.  "Hook, line and sinker.  They're biting' everything I tell "˜em," Russell chuckles.  All seems well for Russell and his Villains "“ except for his only enemy on his original tribe: Sandra.  Sandra vows to exact revenge on Russell and Parvati by exposing them to the Heroes.  "Russell's the kingpin and Parvati's the second in command," Sandra reveals to Rupert.  "I don't know if we're getting played, or not, but Russell might be running the show," says Rupert.  "This is where the game gets crazy," he marvels. 


The next day, things heat up between the two tribes when, after eating a filling egg breakfast, Parvati and Danielle decide to snack on the Heroes' plantains.  "The bananas, the papayas, we divide that up a hundred percent even," says Rupert.  "I cannot wait to start voting some of these Villains out of our camp," he continues. 

Rupert pulls J.T., Amanda and Candice aside, and has a chat with them in the woods, warning them of the dangers of trusting Russell after Sandra informed him that Russell is the leader of the Villains.  "He's on the Villains side for a reason," says Rupert.  To play it safe, the Heroes conjure up a plan to test Russell's loyalty.  "The Heroes are gonna tell Russell we're voting for someone and then the five of us are gonna vote for someone else," Amanda explains.  "Russell looked me right in the eye and swore on his kids' life that he was with us, and anybody that would do that "“ right away I don't trust them," Rupert tells Candice.


On Day 27, Parvati attempts to reconnect with her former ally from Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites, Amanda.  Amanda confirms Parvati's fears that the Heroes are gunning to vote her out, but offers an alternative "“ getting rid of Sandra.  With this, Amanda gains Parvati's trust, so Parvati reveals to her that she is in possession of a hidden immunity idol.  Amanda secretly plans on ousting Parvati before she has a chance to make it to the finals again, while Parvati plans on using her new alliance with Amanda to the Villains' advantage.  "I'm gonna try to make it work that none of our Villains are going anywhere tonight," says Parvati.            


The newly merged tribe arrives on their mat.  Russell announces their new tribe name: Yin Yang.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each castaway will hold onto a tall pole for a long as they can.  When someone falls off, they are out of the challenge.  The last person left hanging on their pole wins individual immunity. 

At the start of the challenge, Amanda, Colby and Sandra begin inching their way down the pole.  "My leg won't stop shaking!" screams Sandra.  Colby agrees, and the two decide to step out of the challenge.  "Not my forte, that's for sure," says Colby.  Russell is the next to slide off the pole, followed by Rupert.  Amanda slides off the pole after twenty minutes.  J.T. falls out next, followed by Jerri after one hour and thirty minutes.  Candice decides to step down when it is obvious to her that Parvati and Danielle can still hold on for a while.  After a brief conference, Danielle asks Parvati to step down, since she has the hidden immunity idol.  Parvati steps down, allowing Danielle to win the first individual immunity challenge. 


The Yin Yang tribe returns to camp, prepping for their first vote as a merged tribe.  J.T. finds it suspicious that Parvati stepped out of the challenge when she knows that she is on the chopping block.  Nonetheless, J.T.'s plan is to tell Russell that the Heroes are voting for Parvati, when in reality, they will be voting for either Sandra or Jerri to test Russell's loyalty.  Jerri and Sandra come to the realization that Russell is doing a great job at convincing the Heroes that he is on their side, and thus they should remain loyal to Russell.  "I still want Russell out, bad, but right now I'm stuck with Russell," says Sandra.  Russell digs up his hidden immunity idol in the hopes of saving Parvati by giving it to her before Tribal Council.  After receiving the idol from Russell, Parvati is now the most powerful player in the game, holding two hidden immunity idols.  Amanda, who is only aware of one of Parvati's idols, hopes that Parvati uses the idol to save herself, sending either Jerri or Sandra home.  She advises Parvati to play her idol at Tribal Council, but her suspicious behavior causes Parvati to question her trustworthiness.  "I knew that Amanda was lying to me when she told me that they were voting for me," says Parvati.  "Damned if you do, damned if you don't, unless, like, you pick the right person, I hope" Parvati concludes.


At Tribal Council, Rupert complains about the Villains' lack of "banana etiquette," claiming that Parvati and Danielle freely take ripe bananas without the Heroes' permission.  While Jerri and Parvati claim to be on the outs with the Heroes, Russell reveals that he has had more talks with the Heroes than with his own tribe.  Courtney, sitting in the jury with Coach, observes what is really going on.  "They're playing," she whispers.  Courtney could not have been more right.  After all of the votes have been cast, Parvati gives one immunity idol to Sandra and, to increase her odds, she gives another idol to Jerri.  With this, all votes cast against Jerri, whom all five Heroes voted for, do not count, and J.T. is voted out with five votes cast against him.  James "J.T." Thomas, the 25 year-old from Survivor: Tocantins, became the eleventh person voted out and third member of the jury of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.