Season 20: Episode 11 - Jumping Ship
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Yin Yang tribe returns to camp after a shocking Tribal Council, where J.T. was blindsided after Parvati played two hidden immunity idols.  Jerri and Sandra were saved, while J.T. was sent home by the very idol that he bestowed upon Russell.  While the Heroes struggle to recover from the shock of seeing their fearless leader go, Russell is left fuming over Parvati's decision to keep her second immunity idol a secret from him.  "It pisses me off that ya'll didn't tell me," Russell lashes out at Parvati and Danielle.  "Okay, well you can be mad if you want, but I don't see the harm done in keeping it a secret," says Parvati.  "I think having me have an idol that he didn't know about made him feel like he wasn't in control and scared a little bit, but that's kind of what I wanted anyways," Parvati reflects.  

The Heroes, on the other hand, make a desperate attempt to form a plan that will alleviate their dwindling numbers and give them a chance to stay in the game.  Amanda and Rupert decide that the only way to break up the Villains is to find a loophole in their alliance.  Rupert, who was warned by Sandra of Russell's untrustworthiness, now realizes that she was telling the truth all along, and might prove to be a powerful ally.  "She opened the door once.  My only hope is to maybe get Sandra to open the door again," says Rupert.


The next morning, Russell tries to persuade Candice to flip to the Villains side in order to maintain his numbers advantage over the Heroes.  Since Sandra has proven to be untrustworthy, Russell's only hope is Candice.  "Now the ship is sinking," Russell says to Candice.  "One person has to jump, and that one person is going to be very crucial to what happens later on in the game," he continues.  Feeling like Candice took the bait, Russell reports back to his allies, Danielle and Parvati.  "I think that the right way to go is Candice, one hundred percent.  She's ready to freakin' burn her house down," says Russell.  


The Yin Yang tribe arrives on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge, which is a Survivor version of shuffleboard.  The castaways will be randomly divided into teams of three.  One at a time, team members will slide their pucks across the board.  The team with the puck the closest to the "X" wins a trip to Robert Louis Stevenson's home, where they will watch the film, "Treasure Island."  They will spend the night and return to camp the following morning.  

On the black team are Candice, Parvati and Jerri; Rupert, Russell and Sandra on the red team, and Colby, Amanda and Danielle on the blue team.  The red team remains in the lead until the last shot, where Colby lands right on the "X" and wins it for the blue team.


Colby, Danielle and Amanda arrive at the beautiful Robert Louis Stevenson home and museum, where original copies of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Kidnapped, and Treasure Island reside.  After completing a tour of the home, the three settle down in bed to watch the film, "Treasure Island."  Amanda, who is dead-set on finding a clue to a hidden immunity idol, is convinced that one must be somewhere in the house.  As she scans the bedroom, she spots Danielle pull a small rolled-up piece of parchment out of the popcorn and hide it under the bed.  Amanda immediately gets up and goes to Danielle's side of the bed, sits down, and just as Danielle grabs the clue, Amanda viciously snatches it from Danielle's hands.  "Give me back the clue!" Danielle shouts as the two become engaged in a wrestling match.  "Danielle, it's your clue.  You found it," says Colby.  Amanda finally gives the clue back to Danielle, who is fuming with rage.  "Yeah, so in the end, I ended up giving the clue back and gave it to Danielle like an idiot, and then Colby wasn't backing me up and I was just like, "˜Oh my God,'" says Amanda.


The next morning, during a heavy rainstorm, Colby, Parvati and Amanda return to camp.  After greeting the tribe, Danielle leaves the shelter and meets outside with Russell and Jerri and tells them that she found the clue to the hidden immunity idol after wrestling for it with Amanda.  Danielle and Russell then set off to find the idol, which the clue indicates is hidden near a stream.  After a mere five seconds, Russell lifts a rock on the bank of the stream and finds the hidden immunity idol.  He quickly hides it in his pocket and slips away from Danielle.  "They hid a hidden immunity idol from me.  They didn't let me know about it.  You know what?  I'm not letting them know about it," says Russell.  

Russell returns to camp and informs Candice that he is in possession of the hidden immunity idol after using Danielle's clue.  Candice demands proof, so to prove his loyalty to her, Russell takes Candice into the jungle and shows her his hidden immunity idol.  "I'm not sure that I trust Russell one hundred percent, but it's a big thing that he showed me the hidden immunity idol," says Candice.


The next day, Sandra trudges off into the jungle with Colby, explaining to him why it would be to her benefit to flip to the Heroes side.  "Now that they took out J.T. and now I can jump to them and be five against four, now is the perfect time to make my move," says Sandra.  Colby suggests voting out either Parvati or Russell next.  Russell, however, tries to get Sandra to stick with the Villains by revealing to her that he now has someone from the Heroes on his side.  "If I stay with the Villains, I'm top five.  I'm not moving up from there because they're not willing to get rid of Russell.  That's why I have to flip to the Heroes," says Sandra.  Sandra then approaches Rupert with the notion of getting rid of Russell.  She also warns him that Russell informed her of a traitor within the Heroes.  Their only hope, as Sandra explains, is that this traitor is really just toying with Russell and is still on the Heroes' side.  "We could get Russell out of this game.  The guy is a piece of garbage," says Rupert.  "We hope that Sandra is telling us the truth.  We hope she's gonna vote with us, and in that case, we will either vote out Russell or Parvati tonight," says Colby.


The Yin Yang tribe arrives on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each castaway will have 150 tiles, which they will use to build a house of cards ten feet tall.  The first person to finish wins immunity.

The nine castaways begin building their houses of cards.  Sandra and Colby fall out early, while Russell and Jerri make steady progress.  Amanda, Candice, Rupert, Danielle and Parvati lag behind while the battle for the ten-foot mark continues between Russell and Jerri.  Jerri wins immunity only a few inches ahead of Russell.


The Yin Yang tribe returns to camp after Jerri's victory in the immunity challenge, which marks her first immunity challenge win ever.  "I'm swimming in yeah!" Jerri laughs.  With Tribal Council looming, the tribe proceeds to set their plans in motion.  "Amanda is really an aggressive, strategic player.  She's kinda like Boston Rob in a girl's body, so she has to go," says Russell.  Russell advises Candice to put Amanda's name down at Tribal Council.  

Later in the day, while Candice is sitting in the shelter, Rupert whispers to his allies to write Russell's name down at Tribal Council.  Candice brings this information to Russell who becomes infuriated when he finds out that Sandra may have flipped to the Heroes side.  He storms down the beach and confronts Sandra over her disloyalty.  "If Sandra or Candice flips on me today, then I go home," says Russell.  Sandra informs her new allies on the Heroes tribe that Candice has spilled the beans to Russell and their plan to oust him is ruined.  Colby tries to keep hope alive by suggesting that they vote for Parvati instead, since all eyes are on Amanda and Russell.  Colby tells Candice that if their plan does not work, it is her fault and they will know that she flipped on them.  In a last minute attempt to lure Candice back to the Heroes' side, Sandra pleads with Candice to vote for Parvati.


At Tribal Council, Russell engages in an ongoing battle with Sandra over her untrustworthiness.  Sandra defends her actions by explaining to Russell that he makes her feel like she is at the bottom of the alliance, and that she has better options by flipping to the Heroes' side.  Colby reveals that his alliance firmly believes that Danielle is in possession of the hidden immunity idol.  Russell admits that if Sandra was to flip to the Heroes, he would be a huge target, and without the protection of the hidden immunity idol, he could be the next to go home.  With this, the Yin Yang tribe cast their votes, and Russell plays the hidden immunity idol.  Amanda is voted out with six out of the nine votes cast against her.  Amanda Kimmell, the 24 year old from Survivor: China, became the twelfth person voted out and the fourth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.