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Season 20: Episode 12 - A Sinking Ship
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Yin Yang returns from Tribal Council where Candice helped the Villains vote out one of her own fellow Heroes, Amanda.  Considering how easy it was to get Candice to flip, Jerri worries that she won't hesitate to flip again.  Fortunately, the Villains no longer have to rely on Candice now that they have the numbers.  Rupert and Colby are baffled by Candice's selfish move, and recognize themselves as the only two remaining Heroes on a "sinking ship."


In an attempt to expose Russell's sliminess to Yin Yang, Rupert confronts Russell around the fire about how he is a "disgusting, terrible, human being."  The tribe listens in as the two go back and forth arguing and threatening one another.  True to form, Russell declares that anyone that poses a threat to his position in the game has to go; Rupert has sealed his fate.


Yin Yang arrives at the challenge to find out they will not be playing for reward, but for immunity.  Host, Jeff Probst explains that the castaways will be standing barefoot on a small, wooden perch with an arm raised above their heads.  Their hand will be tethered to a bucket that will tip if they drop their arm, taking them out of the challenge.

Parvati won this challenge in Micronesia, but it has since been revised with the addition of a tiny perch for each player to stand on.  With the challenge underway, Jeff brings out a covered food item to tempt the castaways into stepping down from the challenge. Before Jeff can even uncover this item, Russell and Sandra step down only one minute into the challenge to get their hands on what they soon find out is a plate full of delicious cookies and milk.  The remaining tribe members continue to endure, but are tempted again by food.  Jeff brings out various food items including donuts and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which is enough to convince Colby, Danielle, Jerri and Candice to give up immunity.  It comes down to Rupert and Parvati fighting for the immunity necklace.  About an hour into it, Rupert loses his balance, and Parvati wins this challenge for her second time.  Rupert walks toward his tribe filled with frustration that he's probably going home tonight, especially since he believes he could've gone for hours if it wasn't for a silly slip.  But there is hope for Rupert when Jeff reads a clue to a hidden immunity idol located back at camp.


Back at camp, the tribe mates split up in a mad dash to find the idol.  As Candice and Russell start digging near a red bush, Sandra digs at a similar bush right across from them.  All of a sudden, Sandra lays eyes on the idol, slyly stuffs it into her pocket, and rushes deeper into the jungle to confirm her findings in private.  Filled with a combination of excitement and paranoia, Sandra stashes the idol in another bush and comments, "I think I'm gonna keep it for myself "˜cuz I'm so damn greedy!" 

Rupert takes advantage of noticing that everyone still seems to be looking for the idol and decides to place a rock in his pocket, hoping to pass it off as the real thing.  Rupert states, "This isn't my first game of Survivor.  I'm just trying to stay in it another day."  It looks like his plan has worked when Russell gets a glimpse of something weighing down Rupert's pocket.  Russell is not only confident that Rupert is in possession of the idol, but he is also confident that it can easily be flushed out by orchestrating a split vote, "If he don't play it, he goes home."  Sandra happily goes along with Russell's assumption knowing that she is the true idol holder.  

Danielle, Parvati and Jerri briefly discuss how to split the votes between Rupert and Colby in order to flush the idol.  Jerri is adamant that they should vote for both Rupert and Candice.  Danielle isn't quite sure what to do, "Colby and Candice are both threats in different ways."

After getting wind of the split vote plan, Colby goes straight to Rupert in an attempt to oust the very person who turned on them, Candice.  Banking on the possibility the Villains will give three votes to Candice, Colby and Rupert secretly decide to also vote for her, ensuring her departure from the game.


Colby and Rupert inform Jeff that they no longer believe Candice is a Hero after her betrayal at the previous Tribal Council.  Candice attempts to justify her actions by claiming that regardless of how she voted, Amanda was still going home.  This isn't enough to please the two other remaining Heroes, and Colby states, "I have no respect for the excuses."  Russell believes this could've been a great move by Candice, but he's not planning to turn on any of his Villains quite yet.  Russell openly suggests that Rupert is the one that needs to go.  Jeff inquires about the idol hunt, and Rupert simply claims that he looked for it, and then came back when he felt comfortable.  Candice is voted out with five out of the eight votes cast against her.  Candice Woodcock, the 27 year old from Survivor: Cook Islands, became the thirteenth person voted out and the fifth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.


Yin Yang returns to camp after voting out Candice with Russell angry at how the vote went down.  He's adamant they should've split the votes between Rupert and Colby, but instead the girls played with their emotions and took out Candice.  Russell worries that Rupert will be much harder to beat now, but Danielle and Jerri assure Russell there's nothing to worry about.  Not only do they think Rupert and Colby "suck at challenges," but they also believe Rupert was only pretending to have the idol.  For Russell, this only means that he is losing the upper hand.  Russell and Parvati appear to be equally in control of the tribe, something he plans to put a stop to immediately.


At the immunity challenge, host, Jeff Probst explains to the castaways that they will be racing to dig up a peg that they will then use to maneuver through a table maze.  The first five survivors to finish move on to the next round, where they will use four individually shaped pegs to help them get to the top of a tall climbing wall.  The first three to get to the top of the wall move on to the final round, where they must solve a slide puzzle.  The first person to solve the puzzle wins immunity.

Yin Yang races out to dig up their pegs with Rupert taking an early lead.  Rupert is the first to get his peg and start working through the table maze.  Parvati, Sandra, Danielle, Russell and Jerri follow shortly behind.  All of Yin Yang with the exception of Colby work quickly guiding their pegs through the table maze.  Rupert is the first to finish and secures his spot in the next round.  Sandra manages to finish second, with Russell, Parvati, and Danielle also moving on to the next round. 

Round Two begins and immediately Russell takes the lead.  Rupert isn't far behind Russell while Parvati is also close behind.  Russell reaches the top of the climbing wall first, quickly followed by Rupert.  Parvati attains the third and final spot as she reaches the apex.

Russell, Rupert and Parvati move on to round three and begin their slide puzzles.  Russell and Rupert work rapidly sliding puzzle pieces up and down, left and right.  Parvati's puzzle solving slows while Rupert and Russell are neck and neck.  Russell slides his last piece into place and wins individual immunity!  Rupert had a chance to save himself, but tries to remain optimistic even though he is on the chopping block.


Yin Yang returns from the challenge in a torrential downpour, but that doesn't stop Russell from strategizing.  He talks to both Danielle and Parvati about the next move in the game.  Parvati's main goal is to get rid of all the Heroes, so the obvious choice is to vote out Rupert tonight, then take out Colby at the following Tribal Council.  Even though this makes sense, Russell isn't sure if this the best move for him.  Russell worries, "Parvati and Danielle, to me, they're a team.  When it's supposed to be me and Parvati.  And that's a problem."  In Russell's mind, breaking up this devious duo is the only thing that will restore his power. 


Russell sits with Danielle on the beach and suggests that he really doesn't think either of them will be able to beat Parvati at the end.  Russell then goes a step further, saying that Parvati will eventually get rid of them.  Danielle trusts Russell, but insists that this may not be the opportune time to take out Parvati.


Russell leaves the beach to meet up with Parvati in the jungle.  Russell lies that Danielle wants to vote off Parvati tonight, so in a counter attack, they must take out Danielle instead.  Parvati is baffled by this news, but refuses to vote for one of her closest allies, Danielle until they have a chance to speak alone.  Russell is infuriated that Parvati wants to talk to Danielle, so he uses his bullying techniques to attempt to gain control, "Parvati, if you do that, you're out of this game.  I promise you."  Russell and Parvati argue back and forth about talking to Danielle, but Parvati just won't stand for it.

Parvati marches straight to Danielle to compare Russell stories.  Sandra listens in as the two girls discuss what a liar Russell is.  They realize he's trying to pit them against one another because he's scared of losing control.


Meanwhile, Russell pulls in the two desperate Heroes, Colby and Rupert, who happily agree to vote for Danielle.  Jumping on board with Russell is the only way they have a shot at saving themselves.

With Parvati, Danielle and Sandra on the same page, they only need Jerri's vote to ensure Rupert will be going home.  Parvati and Danielle hunt down Jerri at the stream and expose Russell's sloppy lies.  Danielle begs Jerri not to vote for her and to stick with voting Rupert.  Fortunately for Danielle, Jerri states, "I'm voting for Rupert.  Rupert needs to go."

Moments later, Russell finds Jerri in camp and doesn't waste anytime in letting her know that Danielle has to go next.  Jerri attempts to convince Russell they need to get rid of Rupert tonight, but Russell refuses to listen.  Russell bullies hesitant Jerri, threatening that she will be next if she doesn't vote out Danielle!  Russell claims it won't be because of him that Jerri goes next, but it is Danielle that will be responsible.  Russell argues that he's trying to help Jerri, all she must do is go along with him.


On night 33, Yin Yang attends Tribal Council where Jeff inquires about the leadership in the tribe.  Rupert believes that Parvati and Russell are both calling the shots around camp.  Danielle chimes in suggesting the Villains makes decision together, and right now they simply need to take out the Heroes.  Jerri begs to differ, suggesting that they haven't been wholly together since day one. 

Russell's attempt to pit Danielle and Parvati against each other is brought up and Jeff calls out Russell for getting caught.  Russell denies being caught and continues to back up his lie that Danielle wanted to vote out Parvati.  Danielle loses it and breaks down crying.  She's personally hurt that they've been together since day one, and yet Russell feels the need to "test" her. 

Danielle makes the mistake of claiming she's closer to Parvati than Russell thinks which automatically threatens Russell.  He whispers, "Danielle" to Jerri, assuming this will control her vote.  Danielle is voted out with four of the seven votes cast against her.  Danielle DiLorenzo, the 26 year old from Survivor: Exile Island, became the fourteenth person voted out and the sixth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.