Season 20: Episode 13 - Loose Lips Sink Ships
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night thirty-three, Yin Yang returns from Tribal Council after Russell targeted his own alliance by voting Danielle out.  Parvati is confused as to why Danielle was voted out, telling Sandra, "I thought Rupert was going home." As Sandra and Parvati further discuss what happened at Tribal Council, Rupert is pleased with the fact that he wasn't voted out, saying, "Everyday my chances of winning this game get better and better."

Parvati attempts to get to the bottom of things by telling Jerri that she knows Russell changed his vote to Danielle. Jerri admits to voting for Danielle as well by informing Parvati that Russell threatened her to vote for Danielle by saying, "Or you're next" and Parvati and Jerri both agree that Russell uses "scare tactics" to get his way in the game.  Parvati and Jerri agree that their focus now has to be on getting back to the original plan of voting out Colby and Rupert with Parvati saying," If those two guys make it to the end, Jerri, they're winning."  Parvati totally distrusts Russell now and calls him "the biggest Villain this game has ever seen" but also realizes that she still needs him just a little bit longer on her side to get rid of Colby and Rupert.

Russell approaches Jerri and Parvati and tries to justify his decision to vote out Danielle by telling Parvati, "She was trying to get rid of you." However, Russell reveals later that he was really just attempting to break up the alliance that Parvati and Danielle had. Parvati tells Russell, "That totally took me off guard today" and as Jerri, Parvati, and Russell get ready for bed, the three agree that they are a "solid alliance" and the plan of voting Colby and Rupert off next is back on. Russell however begins to think that Parvati's continued concern about Danielle being voted out proves to him that he did the right thing by voting Danielle out saying, "Now she (Parvati) has no one lean her head on but me."

The next morning on day thirty-four a "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" Parvati, Russell, and Rupert return to camp with treemail awakening the rest of the tribe. As the Colby opens the treemail to reveal a Palm Pre phone from Sprint, the rest of the tribe looks on in sheer excitement. Colby reads the treemail message on the Palm Pre phone, which then instructs him to select the "memo" application on the phone for further details on the challenge. Upon selecting the "memo" application on the phone, a video message from the castaways' loved ones appears with each castaway receiving a personal message saying how much they are missed and how they will see each other soon. As the tribe looks on at the videos, an emotional Rupert says, "I cannot wait to get out there."

Host Jeff Probst welcomes the Yin Yang tribe to the Reward Challenge, however, before the Challenge can begin, Jeff informs the castaways that part of the reward involves spending time with their loved ones. Jeff then briefly reunites Colby with his brother, Reid, Parvati with her dad, Mike, Russell with his wife, Melanie, Jerri with her sister, Jennifer, Rupert with his wife, Laura, and Sandra with her uncle, Fernando. Sandra bursts into tears upon hugging her uncle informing Jeff that Fernando is her favorite uncle saying, "She couldn't have been with a better person" in reference to how Fernando was by Sandra's mom's side when she passed away.  Afterwards, Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. On Jeff's "go," the castaways will use a water pail to scoop water from the ocean. They must then toss the water to their loved ones who will attempt to catch the water in another water pail and then dump the water into their buckets. First pair to fill their buckets wins Reward.  For reward the winning pair will board a plane and be flown to a neighboring island where they will experience the blowholes, a natural phenomenon, while enjoying burgers and soft drinks. In addition they will be taking along with them the Palm Pre phone by Sprint to capture all of their memories.

The challenge begins and the six castaways sprint down to the ocean with their buckets filling them with water and then sprinting back up to their loved ones. Russell's first throw is a good one as his wife Melanie catches most of the water that Russell throws to her. Parvati and Colby however aren't as successful on their first throws and race back down to the ocean to grab more water.  As the challenge continues, Colby and his brother Reid just can't get seem to get it together after another unsuccessful toss with Colby yelling, "Come on Reid, dammit!" Meanwhile the teams of Jerri with her sister Jennifer, and Russell with his wife Melanie seem to be pulling ahead to take the lead in the challenge.  In the end Jerri and her sister Jennifer fill their bucket up with water first and win reward.

After the challenge, Jeff congratulates Jerri and her sister and informs Jerri that she can take another castaway and their loved one with them on the reward. As Jerri contemplates whom to take, a desperate looking Russell pleads to Jerri by calling out her name. Unfortunately for Russell, Jerri chooses Parvati and her father.  Then Jerri asks Jeff if she can take another castaway and their loved one. Jeff agrees and at first all hope doesn't seem to be lost for Russell"¦until Jerri shouts out Sandra's name. As an excited Jerri, Sandra, Parvati and their loved ones jump up and down, elated that they will be going on reward, Russell whispers to his wife, "She's in trouble now" in regards to Jerri not picking him.  As Colby, Rupert, and Russell say goodbye to their loved ones and head back to camp empty handed, Russell says to Colby and Rupert, "That was a terrible strategic move. All three girls? Good thing I got rid of Danielle last night."

Jerri, Parvati, Sandra and their loved ones arrive to the neighboring island and are immediately taken by the beauty and natural phenomenon of the blowholes. With assistance from an elderly Samoan man, the castaways and their loved ones throw coconuts into the blowholes, which are then propelled forty feet into the air by the water exiting the blowholes, all the while capturing each moment thanks to the Palm Pre phone by Sprint.

Afterwards the castaways and their loved ones partake in a huge spread of cookies and donuts with Parvati saying, "Best reward I've ever seen!" Jerri, Parvati, and Sandra then show their loved ones the video memos they recorded on the Palm Pre and an emotional Sandra reflects on family, her mother who passed away, and being here with her uncle saying, "if it ends for me, I'm happy now."
As everyone continues to chow down, Jerri comments to the group, "Going back into the game is going to be tough" and brings up the topic of how she should deal with Russell once they return back to the Yin Yang camp. Sandra and Parvati tell Jerri that there is nothing for her to worry about and that they have her back with Parvati saying, "You are under mine and Sandra's full protection."

Meanwhile, back at the Yin Yang camp, Russell continues to vent to Colby and Rupert about the decision that Jerri made by taking Parvati and Sandra on reward. Still upset, Russell says, "I hope that burger tastes like a million dollars, because that was a million dollar decision" and Russell offers a final three alliance with Colby and Rupert.  They accept the offer but Rupert is secretly on the fence about this new alliance saying, "I want to believe him, but he is a Villian, but he's my best Villain I got." Colby, Rupert, and Russell then come up with a plan to use Jerri to help vote out their biggest threat, Parvati, and pray that one of the three men win the next Immunity Challenge.

Later that night after the girls have returned from the reward, everyone heads to bed except for Rupert. Rupert spends the night by the fire sawing, cutting, and breaking wood keeping everyone up. Jerri calls Rupert "loud and obnoxious and decides to have a conversation with Russell down by the beach since no one is getting any sleep.  

On the beach, Russell reassures Jerri that he is not mad by saying, "whatever it takes to get me and you to the top that is what I want." The two agree then to stick together and work on getting themselves further in the game.

Host Jeff Probst welcomes the Survivors to the Immunity Challenge and begins to explain the rules. For this challenge, the castaways will be competing with their arms stretched out using the tops of their hands to hold two poles against an overhead board. If the castaways lower their hands slightly, the poles will drop and they will be out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins Immunity and a spot in the Final Five.

The challenge begins and, fifteen seconds into the Challenge, Colby drops his poles, closely followed by Sandra.  Russell drops out next, followed by Jerri and creating a showdown between Parvati and Rupert. Rupert momentarily starts to struggle, but is able to regain his composure. Parvati then begins to struggle as well, however Rupert loses his composure once again and his poles drop first. Parvati wins Immunity, thus thwarting any plans Russell may have had to vote her out.

Back from the Reward challenge, Russell realizes that he is going to have to go against his new final three alliance with Colby and Rupert, now that Parvati has individual immunity. Russell then confirms this new plan with Parvati, stating that they will be voting for Rupert.

Sandra approaches Rupert to discuss a plan to try to vote out Russell. However, Rupert runs right back to his new ally, and tells Russell that the girls are trying to get rid of him saying, "Sandra is pushing for it really hard."

Russell then confronts Sandra and Parvati in the shelter and asks Sandra, "Are you with me or are you against me?" to which Sandra jokingly replies, "I'm against you Russell."  Russell threatens Sandra and tells her that if she is against him she will be going home next, but Parvati and Sandra merely laugh at Russell's tirade with Parvati jokingly calling Russell a "lunatic" as he walks away.
Sandra yells out to Rupert, "Loose lips sink ships" and Sandra and Parvati continue to mock Rupert and Russell only further pushing Russell's buttons. Russell tells Jerri and Rupert, "I wouldn't mind getting rid of Sandra" and Rupert is completely on board with the plan.

Getting ready for Tribal Council, Russell contemplates getting rid of Sandra or Rupert. Meanwhile, Parvati tells Sandra that she doesn't have anything to worry about and Sandra, trusting Parvati, stills contemplates whether or not she might play her hidden Immunity Idol at tonight's Tribal Council just to be safe.

At Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst begins by asking Sandra what the fallout out was after the last Tribal Council where Danielle was voted out. Sandra states that Rupert has been trying to create tension between Sandra and Russell in hopes of saving himself again, after seeing what happened to Danielle after her and Russell had tension. Russell says that because Sandra has written his name down twice before in two other Tribal Councils he needed confirmation as to whether or not what Rupert was saying was true. Sandra and Parvati continue to make light of the situation with Parvati making fun of the way Sandra told Russell "I'm against you."  Parvati then points out that even though she would like to see all Villains in the final three, the game is no longer Heroes vs. Villains for everyone. And Rupert attempts to make one last plea to the Villains by saying that when you get to the final three you want to be able to prove that you were the top Villain even if that means voting out your alliance. The tribe votes, and before Jeff can read the votes, Sandra decides to play her hidden Immunity Idol saying, "I would hate to go home with the Idol in my bra." With this, Jeff reads the votes, and with four out of six votes against him, Rupert's last plea fell on deaf ears and he is voted out.  Rupert Boneham, the 45 year old from Survivor: Pearl Islands, becomes the fifteen person voted out and the seventh member on the jury of SURVIVOR HEROES VS. VILLAINS.