Season 20: Episode 14 - Anything Could Happen
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After the last Tribal Council where Rupert was voted out and Sandra played a hidden immunity Idol to guarantee her safety in the game, the Yin Yang tribe returns to camp in a state of dissention. "Russell you have to admit it was a pretty good play," says Parvati referring to Sandra playing the Idol. However, Russell is visibly upset and replies, "What was a good play? Using an Idol that's worthless?"  Parvati reminds Russell that he unnecessarily played an Idol earlier in the game too, however Russell can only look at it from a stand point of Sandra lying to the tribe by not telling them she had the Idol. "What do you mean, like when I find an Idol I should hurry up and tell you?" Sandra asks Russell.  Sandra continues to defend her decision to keep the idol a secret and points out to Russell that he never informed her when he was in possession of an Idol.  "He (Russell) wants to micro manage the whole tribe and unfortunately I am not the kind of person you can micro manage"¦sorry," Sandra comments.

After claiming that he has moved on from the issue, Russell continues to be upset about the matter saying to Parvati, "I don't believe you Parvati. I believe you knew about it. You lied straight in my face." Parvati denies having any knowledge of Sandra having the Idol and Russell and Parvati continue to argue back and forth with Russell saying, "If you knew about it, it would be really sneaky. That's the problem."

Russell then approaches Colby and Jerri to briefly tell them that Parvati could very well be the next person they vote out. "This has been a thing with me from the beginning of this whole game. I've been like get rid of her, she's dangerous," says Jerri to which Colby replies, "We've got to get rid of her."  


On day thirty-seven, Parvati returns to camp with treemail and reads it aloud to the group saying, "If your steady hands work to perfection, maybe then you'll win protection. But lose control and it won't matter. Sit back as your dreams, and your dishes shatter." Colby walks off upset over news of what the challenge will be, causing Parvati to joke with the rest of the tribe saying, "Colby's mad about this one."

As the tribe heads out the challenge Russell comments, "If Colby wins individual Immunity, then the best thing probably to do is to get rid of Parvati."


Host Jeff Probst welcomes the castaways to the Immunity Challenge and begins to explain the rules. For this challenge, the castaways will balance ceramic dishes on a long wobbly balancing arm. The more dishes they stack, the more difficult it will be to keep them stable.  When their dishes fall, they are out of the challenge. The last person standing wins Immunity and a one in four shot at the million dollars.

The Challenge begins with all five castaways stacking dish upon dish upon dish. After stacking nine dishes upon each other, Sandra is the first person to be eliminated when her dishes come crashing down, followed by Jerri who loses her balance after stacking fourteen dishes. Russell is eliminated after stacking sixteen dishes, and the showdown between Parvati and Colby begins. With both castaways wobbling at different times, Colby's dishes come crashing down after adding the seventeenth dish to his stack and Parvati wins individual Immunity for the second time in a row.  As the Yin Yang tribe leaves the challenge, Jerri comments, "Once again Parvati escapes her elimination vote. I mean its unbelievable how this game works sometimes. It's not like it's the end of the world, we still have one more person that we can get rid of, that being Colby. But you know it's Survivor and anything could happen."  


Back from the challenge, Colby immediately gives a "surrender speech" to the tribe saying, "Let's enjoy day thirty-seven. I'm proud to be the last Hero standing, but I'm not going to hustle today. I'm not going to scramble. I've enjoyed playing with you guys. I really have." Colby continues to joke around with tribe, however once alone with Russell, Colby makes one last attempt to stay in the game.  "Get rid of Sandra tonight. Then the three of us have a better shot of beating Parvati tomorrow," Colby says to Russell. Russell toys with the idea of getting rid of Sandra, but comments later, "The problem with keeping Colby is he could possibly go to the top three. And that's it. My game is over." Going into Tribal Council Russell remains conflicted.


At Tribal Council host Jeff Probst begins by focusing on Colby being the last remaining Hero and noting how hard this game seems to have been for Colby who is playing for the third time. Colby comments about how he has not done well in the challenges this entire season and, had he won Immunity today, Parvati would have been going home. Colby then continues to point out the pros to keeping him around longer and instead voting out Sandra in hopes that he will stay in the game a little longer. Russell, Sandra, and Parvati then discuss the trust factor amongst the Villains. The tribe votes and despite their issues of distrust, the Villains choose to stick to their original alliance. With a four to one vote against him, Colby Donaldson, the 35 year old Texan from Survivor: The Australian Outback, becomes the sixteenth person voted out and the eighth member of the jury on SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.


The remaining four Villains return from Tribal Council after voting Colby out, and all seem to be relieved to have made it to the final four, all except Parvati. "I didn't realize I was such a huge threat like with the jury. So now I feel like I have to try extra hard to win this immunity to make sure I am sitting there in the final three," says Parvati.


The next morning on day thirty-eight, Russell and Jerri discuss the need to beat Parvati in the next immunity challenge. "Us winning is a shot for me and you to win a million dollars," says Russell to Jerri. The two continue to discuss Parvati's game play in the game thus far, and Russell comments later to himself, "It's a fairly tough decision now because my main alliance is Parvati. And I am leaning towards sending Parvati home."


Parvati returns with treemail the next morning and reads it to the tribe informing them all that, before they compete in their Final Immunity Challenge, they will be participating in the Rites of Passages where they will honor their fallen comrades. As the tribe heads out to the Rites of Passages Parvati reflects on the game saying, "This has been the hardest game I have played in my life. And it's because of the people that I played with. Everyone fought to play this game as hard as they could. So, I'm ready to pay my respects. They deserve it."

The Final Four castaways arrive at the Rites of Passages and travel along a picturesque coastline. At each torch they pass, the castaways collect a representative mask of those who were voted out before them and reflect on their time in the game. At the end of their journey, the Final Four castaways offer up the masks to the burning man, paying respect to the memory of those voted out.


Host Jeff Probst welcomes the Final Four Villains to the Final Immunity Challenge and begins to explain the rules. The castaways will compete in a Survivor Maze where they will each be blindfolded. To help navigate their way through the Maze there will be a series of guide posts for the castaways to use their fingers to read the symbols. Each guidepost will lead to four different stations where they must collect a corresponding necklace. Once the castaways have all four necklaces they will then make their way to the finish where the immunity necklace will be waiting for them. The first person to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot at the Final Tribal Council.

As the challenge gets underway, the Final Four blindfolded castaways frantically begin their journey through the maze. Parvati, Jerri, and Russell quickly collect three necklaces while Sandra seems to be stuck with two. Upon finding the fourth necklace, it's a race to the finish between Jerri, Russell, and Parvati for Immunity. In a "nail biter" of a finish, Russell blindly runs into the post with the Immunity necklace hanging from it, and before Jerri can place her hands on the necklace, Russell grabs it first. Russell wins individual immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final Tribal Council.  As the tribe heads back to their camp, Parvati comments, "I gotta talk to Russell, make sure I am still his girl you know.  Because you never know with that one what he is gonna do. If Russell's thinking I'm his biggest threat when it comes to jury votes, I could be going home. Not having that necklace around my neck, I have no protection going into Tribal and that scares me. "


An exhausted Yin Yang returns from the challenge and Jerri is very pleased at the fact that Russell won Immunity because that means Parvati is going home. "If I watch her (Parvati's) torch get snuffed and walk off, I'm not gonna cry about it. I'm gonna be very happy about it," Jerri comments to herself.

Meanwhile, Russell tells Sandra, "You're sitting in a real good spot," as the two go for a walk through the bushes. Russell continues, "I want you in the final three because I think I can beat you for the million," and Sandra replies," All right, I'll take the hundred thousand. You know how I feel," as the two fist bump each other in agreement with this new plan. Later on Sandra reveals," I'm feeling wonderful because regardless Russell is keeping me around because I'll never get a single vote"¦but I don't know about that."

Back at camp, Jerri briefly checks in with Russell asking, "Who does she (Parvati) think everybody's voting for?" and Russell tells Jerri that Parvati believes everyone is going to vote for Jerri.  Jerri however is not phased by this news flashing a "final three" congratulatory smile to Sandra right before Parvati walks up.


Russell and Parvati go for a walk down the beach where Russell tells Parvati, "I want Sandra with us." Parvati asks Russell to rethink his strategy pointing out the number of votes Sandra might potentially receive. However Russell is adamant about his decision saying, "I'd rather put Jerri on the jury because I'll get her vote." Parvati continues to question Russell's decision but finally decides to let it go saying," We'll just let the chips fall where they may."


At Tribal Council host Jeff Probst questions Jerri, Sandra, and Parvati on how they handled going back to camp after not winning individual immunity. Jerri states that she made sure she tried to stay in the "know" by sticking around everyone, while Sandra and Parvati both admit to approaching Russell and pitching the "pros vs. cons" of why Russell should take them with him to the final three. The discussion then centers around Russell and who he feels like he could beat in the finals. Parvati says that she feels like because she has been viewed as a threat in the game, she might get voted out tonight and Jerri echo's the "Parvati is a threat" sentiment.  Parvati mentions that she has been "protecting Russell" in the game and Russell strongly disagrees, once again showing the friction between the Villains. The tribe votes and in the end Jerri proves to be the bigger threat. With three votes to one cast against her, Jerri Manthey, the 38 year old from Survivor: The Australian Outback, is voted out becoming the seventeenth person voted out and the ninth and final member of the jury on SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.


The final three Villains return to their camp after Jerri was voted out at the last Tribal Council, and although they are happy to have made it to the end, the overall mood of the castaways appears to be one of fatigue and exhaustion. "I'm ready to go home to my house, my kids, my dog," Sandra tells Russell and Parvati.  As the Villains get ready for bed, Sandra continues to reflect to herself saying, "I have to focus on the game because I came for one reason, and one reason only"¦for another million dollars. If that makes our lives easier, then why not. This is how I hustle. This is how I make my money. I come out here and play Survivor. That's what I know how to do, that's what I am best at."


On the morning of day thirty-nine the final three go to retrieve treemail and are treated to a wooden crate overflowing with food. "I would like to say congratulations to everybody for making it to the final three," says Parvati as she opens champagne for the final three to toast.  After feasting on the food, the final three lay down on the beach and Russell asks Parvati whom she would have voted for had she been on the jury. Parvati repeatedly says, "I would have voted for Sandra," and Russell replies by telling Parvati, "You're game is just like mine. But mine was just a little bit stronger." Parvati disagrees, and Russell and Parvati go back and forth on the issue until Russell says, "Every man for himself now," as he gets up to go for a walk.


While Russell goes for a walk along the beach, Sandra, wanting to get a little payback for all that has been done to her in the game by Russell, decides to throw Russell's hat in the fire saying, "That's how much game I got." Russell returns shortly and as he looks for his hat, Sandra and Parvati act clueless.  

As the final three get ready to leave for their Final Tribal Council, Parvati sets their shelter on fire. As the shelter goes up in flames, the final three begin their walkout and Parvati says, "The Heroes built it and the Villains burnt it down."


At the Final Tribal Council, Sandra, Parvati, and Russell begin the evening by giving their opening statements to the jury. Sandra points out that she has been "sole surviving" since her alliance was voted out and that she has done that all by herself. Russell states that he played the game the only way he knew how, hard, and apologies if he offended anyone along the way. Parvati talks about realizing that she had a huge target on her back in the game and putting together a line of defense using Russell as a shield, while playing the ultimate social and physical game.

The members of the jury then take turns questioning the final three castaways in an effort to determine who is the