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Season 21: Episode 2 - Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Espada returns from Tribal Council where Holly had just helped to vote out her ally Wendy.  Holly feels horrible about what she's done and remarks "I feel like I'm kind of right now on the outs.   And I know that my tribe senses I am."  She emphasizes to her tribe that although she liked Wendy her decision was "for the team."  Holly concludes, "I think my next step is to rethink everything."


On day four, the Espada tribe is exhausted.   The shelter is so uncomfortable that they cannot get any sleep.   Jimmy J. takes charge and calls a morning meeting.   He starts handing out assignments to make the shelter better for his tribe mates "Tyrone, you're going to handle the bamboo."   Jimmy T. interrupts him to talk about fishing.   Tyrone stops Jimmy J saying, "Time out.  Time out.   Let's stay on track."  Jimmy T is upset about being shut down and realizes "Jimmy's the man now and everybody's buying in, hook, line and sinker."  Marty, who also likes to be in control, decides to let Jimmy J. have the lead and therefore the pressure right now.   He reveals, "I think I can use that to my advantage for the event that we have to vote someone else off."


Over at La Flor, Sash reveals to Naonka "You know I'm "¦ I'm half black.   My dad's from Jamaica.  So I'd love to bring as many minorities to the end as possible."  Naonka is delighted by this news and makes an alliance with Sash.  They discuss bringing Brenda into their alliance when the time is right.   Sash explains, "Being minorities, we have a unique bond that no one else can share.   If we can work together at this, we could dominate this game."


Holly observes Jill eating snails and then rolling her eyes.  This behavior convinces Holly that the snails must not be edible.  So she takes the pot of snails away from Jill calling her stupid and walks away to dump them.   Jill is shocked and upset.   Jimmy T. sees all this happen and concludes, "Holly I think is a very nice person, but she's off the deep end.   She needs to do well in this game and she's not and now she's hitting the panic buttons."   Jill informs the rest of the tribe of Holly's actions.   They are appalled and begin worrying about Holly's mental well being.   Holly returns to camp and overhears Dan calling her "crazy."  Holly seeks revenge on Dan and decides to fill his fancy alligator shoes with sand and sink them in the ocean.   She vents, "I'm not going to sit back anymore and let them rub things in my face."


The next morning, Dan discovers that his alligator shoes for which he paid $1,600 are missing.  Everyone in the tribe joins in on the search, except for Holly who looks very nervous.   Holly realizes, "Right now I am struggling emotionally.   This game is turning me into someone I am not and it's draining on me.   I'm realizing this may not be for me."   Overcome with guilt, Holly calls a tribe meeting and confesses her crime.   Dan responds, "I can't trust her and I don't know how they can.  She's not going to get any forgiveness from me."


At the La Flor camp, Naonka is frantically looking for her missing sock.   She loudly announces to the tribe that her sock is missing and she wants it back.   She promises, "If there's somebody that's either after me or somebody that's trying to irritate me, if they want to play dirty, I can play dirty too."   The tribe is losing patience with her and assures her that no one took her sock.   

Unwilling to go without socks, Naonka takes Fabio's extra pair of socks without asking him.   Fabio tries to approach Naonka about his socks and she immediately attacks him for even looking at her.   He is so flustered by her reaction that he cannot even get his question out.    Naonka comments on Fabio, "I don't want people to think I'm a b-i-t-c-h, but the boy is stupid."   Fabio confides in Chase, "Dude, I can't wait for her to go home, man."


Back at Espada, Holly confesses to Jimmy J. that she is not sure that she can continue in the game.  Jimmy J. patiently listens and encourages her to stay.   Jimmy J. relates, "This is no different from a football player wanting to quit the team.   We all go through some adverse times and our minds get weak."    He assures Holly that she can do it and admits that the team needs her.   Holly decides to continue in the game.  She realizes "The emotional meltdown that I had today might either carry me through or it's going to hurt me.  I guess we are just going to have to wait and see."


The next day, Espada and La Flor arrive on their respective mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.   One person from each tribe will race through the mud and into a haystack looking for a ball.   Once they have the ball, they will drop it on their mat and the next person goes.   Once a tribe has collected all four balls, three other members will use wooden shields to bounce one ball at a time from player to player until it lands in their barrel.   The first tribe to get all four balls in their barrel is safe from the vote and gets to choose between a reward of tarp or fishing gear.   Losers go to Tribal Council.  Jeff then informs the Espada tribe, who still has the Medallion of Power, that if they use it today, they will start with one ball already in their barrel and therefore one less person in their tribe would go through the course.   Espada quickly decides to use the Medallion, turning it over to the La Flor tribe for future use.   Naonka sits out the challenge for the La Flor tribe and Dan sits out the challenge for the Espada tribe.

At the start of the challenge, La Flor makes amazing progress as they retrieve four balls through the mud and into the haystacks before Espada finishes retrieving their three balls.   La Flor then moves the first ball among the wooden shields quickly and Benry is successful in getting the first ball in the barrel on his first attempt.   Now the two tribes are even, Espada has lost its advantage.    Espada misses their first try at getting the ball in the barrel.  Meanwhile, La Flor gets their second ball in the barrel without problems.   Espada is falling behind.   La Flor then attempts to extend their lead and get the third ball in the barrel, but Benry has lost his groove.  The ball falls short.   Meanwhile, Tyrone has found his aim and has landed the third ball in the barrel only one more to go for Espada.   Benry and his tribe are becoming very frustrated at their repeated attempts to get the third ball into the barrel.   In the end, Espada emerges victorious and sends La Flor to its first Tribal Council.   Espada is elated with their victory and chooses the fishing gear as their reward. 


The Espada tribe arrives back at camp still celebrating their victory.   Holly is so happy that she stuck around to help her tribe.   She concludes, "It proves that if you don't quit, the payoff will be huge."  Espada begins checking out the contents of their fishing reward.   As they do so, the tribe finds a piece of paper with two clues to a hidden immunity idol.   Jill reads the clues out loud for all to hear.  Collectively, Espada interprets the clues to mean, "Dig fifteen feet west of a man in a tree."   The tribe scatters and starts digging next to random trees.   With so many trees surrounding the Espada camp, Jill goes back to the clues to study them more closely.   She realizes that "tree man" stands for "tree mail."   She runs off to share her revelation with Marty.   Jill explains, "Marty is a smart guy with good ideas, so I decided it would pay off in the long run to gain Marty's trust by sharing that with him."  Marty is thrilled that Jill chooses to share the idol information with him.  With Dan and Jill's help, Marty finds the idol.   He concludes, "The challenge now is how do we make it work."


Over at the La Flor camp, everyone is dreading the decision they have to make on who will be voted out tonight.  All agree that Kelly B. proved her athletic ability today in the challenge, so she is not on the chopping block.  While bathing, Alina and Kelly B. agree that Brenda should be voted off tonight.  Alina explains, "I think Brenda definitely has a thing for Chase because they hang out a lot, so we're kind of worried about them, because he's such a good guy and he's going to tell her things and they might try to work that angle so we have to break that up."   Meanwhile, back at the shelter, Shannon, Chase and Fabio agree to vote out Naonka.  When Kelly B. comes back to camp, she tells Shannon that her group is voting for Brenda, since she is more of a threat.  Shannon rethinks his decision and concludes that his group should join with Kelly B.'s group and vote Brenda too. Benry agrees, but Chase is reluctant to vote for Brenda, whom he really trusts.  At the same time, Chase does not want to go against Shannon.   Chase explains, "I'm caught in the middle of two different alliances and I really have no idea what I'm going to do."  


Naonka and Brenda are by themselves and bothered that no one is talking to them.  Naonka points out that Shannon is the "ringleader" because he is trying to persuade everyone to vote his way.   She explains, "Shannon, he's making himself a threat right now talking to everybody and I'm like, you want to do that okay.   Just know that you have built your own stepping stone to the grave at Tribal Council."   Naonka then tells Brenda about Sash's plan for the three of them to be in a minority alliance.   Brenda is delighted to hear this.  She feels confident that she can also get Kelly S. and Chase to vote their way.   That gives them a group of five.   Naonka and Brenda commit to voting out Shannon.


Chase confides in Brenda that Shannon wants to vote her out.  Brenda responds by trying to get Chase to jump to their side and vote Shannon out.  Chase's head is spinning trying to figure out what to do.   Brenda realizes "It's looking like it will be a tie, five for me and five for Shannon.  So who knows what's going to happen."  Meanwhile, Alina, who is in the nearby shelter overhears Chase and Brenda's conversation.  She quickly puts the word out to her alliance.  Shannon responds, "I don't know what's what.  I don't know who's in my alliance.  I don't know who to trust.  If Chase is a man of his word, then Brenda will go home tonight.   If not, I have a big target on my back."


Shannon blasts Chase right at the start of Tribal Council saying, "I'm coming to find out that there's no loyalty.  So, we'll see.  He'd better hope his girlfriend stays with him on his tribe tonight, because if not, he'll be going home next."  Shannon continues his attack on Chase by questioning his integrity and calling him a liar.   Jud tries to calm Shannon down by saying "I'm just trying to tell Shannon to not make enemies.  You know he just gets aggressive so quick and I'm trying to tell him that's not smart man."   Brenda agrees with Jud and suggests that Shannon has revealed a weakness and he just can't be trusted.   Shannon gets more agitated and starts going down the line asking people if they can trust him.   Sash tells him "You are pretty much digging your own grave."   Shannon retaliates by asking Sash if he is gay.   The tribe is shocked by Shannon's behavior.   Jud pleads, "Be quiet dude.  We are on the same team."   Alina comes to Shannon's rescue and points out that Shannon has not lied to her but Chase has.   Kelly B. sums it all up by saying, "I think what we need right now is unity as a tribe so we can go back and win the other challenges and I think that's how people will vote tonight."   In the end, with seven out of ten votes against him, Shannon was voted out.  Shannon Elkin, the 30 year-old pest control company owner from Lafayette, Louisiana, became the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.