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Season 21: Episode 3 - Glitter in Their Eyes
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


As they get back to camp, La Flor shares their surprise at what just happened at Tribal Council.   Alina proclaims, "I think it was a good thing that a lot was aired out tonight."  The tribe agrees.   Kelly S. shares, "I think the feelings for each other are clear.   I think we just need to work at like, a team."   NaOnka is not buying all the tribe chatter.    She thinks everyone is pretending to be one big happy family now.  NaOnka points out that Alina, Kelly B. and Jud had a plan with Shannon against her alliance.  She is not going to forget that and promises, "Sooner or later it's going to come back and bite you in the butt."


The next day, Espada is hungry and decides to track down the howler monkeys and find out where they are getting their food.  The tribe is delighted when they come upon a troop of monkeys taking residence in the trees above.   Jimmy J. starts mimicking the howls of the monkeys and the monkeys howl back.   Espada enjoys seeing Jimmy J. be silly, except for Marty.  Marty comments, "Why did we get stuck with a celebrity on our team?   Everyone's got glitter in their eyes.  If Jimmy Johnson got up and walked across this lagoon right now, they'd probably believe it."


Jimmy J. and the ladies of Espada decide to try their hand at fishing.    They have some success at catching small fish and just seem to be enjoying their time together.   As Marty looks on and sees how delighted the ladies are to be around a celebrity, he realizes how much a threat Jimmy J. is.   Marty comments, "I think you take Jimmy Johnson into a merge, that would be a disaster."

Marty expresses his concern about Jimmy J. to Jill, as they take a walk along the beach.   Jill cautions Marty about stirring things up and reminds him that the focus now is on a strong united tribe.   Jill suggests to Marty that he show the tribe the hidden immunity idol that he found.    She explains, "Marty's got the immunity idol and I thought it would pay off dividends in the long run to gain everyone's trust by sharing that now rather than later."   


Over at La Flor, Fabio is blowing on the coals of the fire while wearing a swim mask.   As he gets up, he feels a little intoxicated from the smoke generated by the plants he is using for tinder.   La Flor finds Fabio's behavior very entertaining.   Fabio appreciates the attention but is worried that his tribe does not take him seriously.   He explains, "I want to be kept around for more than just because I'm funny.   You know, I want to be kept around for my mentality, my spirit, whatever you want to call it."  NaOnka does not find Fabio's behavior entertaining.   She vents, "Fabio, he's so stupid.   I can't stand him.  I can't"


As Espada is enjoying their afternoon meal, Marty reveals that he found the hidden immunity idol to his tribe.   The tribe appears happy for Marty and responds with cheers and clapping.  Marty explains that the idol should come in handy to the whole tribe, not just him, after the merge and assures them by saying "We'll play it when we really think we need it."   Jimmy T. praises Marty and tells him that his announcement has strengthened the tribe.  Jill is pleased with the tribe's positive response to Marty's announcement.  She boasts, "I think he came out looking like a superstar.   So it's good for me in the long run."  Tyrone is skeptical of Marty's intentions and shares, "I think Marty is shady.   I think for sure he is doing his own thing."  Marty realizes that he couldn't have kept the idol a secret forever, since the tribe knew one existed.    He therefore revealed it to them and explained the group benefit it had, but Marty admits, "Everyone knows the idol can only belong to one person and that one person is me."


Day eight begins at Espada with Dan admitting that Survivor is not as easy as he thought it was going to be.  He worries, "I'm starting to get concerned that this tribe might think I'm a weak link, but I don't consider myself a weak link."  Dan points out that although he has a bad knee and he is not as strong as some of the men, he is stronger than all of the women.   Yve asks Dan to help her move the water bucket.  She observes how difficult this task is for him and comments, "Danny is really struggling and I know he is doing a really good job trying to hide it, but he just for whatever reason physically, he doesn't have it."  


Over at La Flor, Sash, Brenda, Chase, NaOnka and Kelly S. are discussing who is the biggest threat to their five-person alliance, the "strong five."   Chase feels Alina is the biggest threat.  Sash points out that Kelly B. is also an option to vote out next.   Meanwhile, Alina is on the beach observing the group of five talking in the distance.   She admits, "Tribal Council drew a line in the sand and I ended up on the wrong side of the line."   NaOnka has her sights on Alina.  She explains, "We got to get Alina out of here.  Because if we can get Alina out of here, we'll send a shockwave to Kelly B.  That's what you get bitches."


Espada and La Flor arrive on their respective colored mats. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.   Both tribes will race out into a field to collect ten tribe colored barrels.  Once all ten barrels are retrieved, they must be arranged on individual platforms.  Then one person at a time from each tribe will toss sand bags at the barrels with the goal of landing a sand bag on top of each barrel.   First tribe to get a sandbag on top of all ten of their barrels wins immunity and reward.   The reward is a garden, which includes tasty sauces, spices, fruit and an herb garden.   Jeff then informs the La Flor tribe that if they use the Medallion of Power, then two of their barrels will be out of the field, already on a platform with a sandbag on top of each of them.   La Flor, the younger tribe, decides not to use the Medallion of Power.  Benry tells Jeff "We're just pretty confident that we can take them without using it."

At the start of the challenge, both tribes scatter to quickly gather their barrels.   La Flor is off to a fast start and gets all ten of their barrels to the platforms before Espada does.   The younger tribe keeps their lead in setting the barrels up on their platforms.   Espada catches up though, as they start tossing the sandbags on top of the barrels.   Tyrone from Espada finds his mark faster than Benry from La Flor.   Espada gets a five to two lead over La Flor.  Chase tries his aim with no luck, so La Flor puts Benry back out on the line.   Meanwhile Tyrone is starting to get tired and misses the barrels with his tosses.  Jimmy T. begs Jimmy J. to let him have a shot.  Benry comes back with a vengeance and quickly puts the younger tribe ahead of the older one.   With Espada three bags behind, Jimmy T finally gets to play.   In the end, La Flor emerges victorious once again and sends Espada to their second Tribal Council.   La Flor gathers their reward.   Kelly B. makes a beeline for the fruit basket feeling pretty confident that a second hidden immunity idol clue might be hidden there.   As she finds it, NaOnka sees the clue too and lets Kelly B. know.  Kelly B. is elated to find the clue but disappointed that NaOnka saw it too.   NaOnka strategizes "As soon as we get back to our home, I'm going for it.  Damn the fruit.   I'm going straight for the paper."


La Flor walks back to camp with their reward.   At the front of the line are NaOnka and Kelly B., both carrying the basket with the clue.  In an instant, Kelly B. and NaOnka are down on the ground wrestling for the clue.   NaOnka overpowers Kelly B. and comes up with the clue and walks away with it.   The tribe is stunned at NaOnka's aggression.     NaOnka explains, "I did what I had to do.  That paper was basically like a million dollars.  That's the lifeline in this game."  Kelly B. vents, "I was pissed because Alina and I really need the hidden immunity idol."  Fabio and Benry are appalled at NaOnka's behavior.   NaOnka is not at all bothered by what her tribe thinks of her.   She explains, "It is a game.  She has one leg.   Don't think that I'm going to be nice to you because you have one leg.  My name is NaOnka, not fool."  NaOnka studies the clue away from the tribe and realizes that it is not easy to decipher.    She enlists the help of Brenda.   Brenda is happy that NaOnka chose to share the clue only with her.   She explains, "She definitely, in my eyes, has the power right now and I'm just keeping as tight with her as possible." 


Espada returns to camp feeling awful about losing the reward and having to go to Tribal Council again.  Jimmy T. is also upset that his tribe is not utilizing his talents.   He feels he could have helped more with the challenge today, if only he had been given a shot earlier.  Jimmy T. explains, "The guys that are leaders here are squelching me because I'm an obvious leader and they know it."     Jimmy T. vents his frustration in front of the tribe.  Tyrone immediately justifies his performance in the game.   He assures the tribe that he just wanted to win and was not trying to monopolize the game.   Jimmy J. also tries to explain his decision to keep Tyrone in for so long.   Marty is on the sidelines, happy to see this turmoil in his tribe.   He comments, "It's kind of enjoyable to watch a little bit of tension for a change in this tribe.  I hate to say it but I'm looking forward to Tribal Council.  We're finally going to get this tribe to play this game."


Marty decides to check in with his tribe mates to see who they want to vote out.   Marty starts with Jimmy J.  Jimmy J. is sticking with his game plan of keeping the tribe strong by voting out the weakest player.   He suggests the weakest player is Dan.   Marty responds, "I'm worried about Jimmy Johnson.   I think he is full of it.  Just playing like, hey I'm not going to win.  I just don't buy that."   Marty targets Jimmy J. for the vote tonight, so he can get the support of his fans in the tribe by taking away their leader.    Marty starts his campaign with his closest ally Jill.   Jill prefers that Dan goes home first, but is willing to let Marty have his way on this vote.   Marty then talks to Dan.   Dan agrees that Jimmy J. should go next.   He explains, "I'm in much, much, much, much better physical shape than he is."  Marty checks in with Jimmy T. next.   As expected, Jimmy T. has no problem voting for Jimmy J.   Now Marty is worried about the others in his tribe who are true fans of Jimmy J.   He elaborates, "People like Jane and Holly, I mean they look at Jimmy Johnson as if he were, you know, the pope.   So that's just people being stupid."  Back at camp, Holly tells Jane she is worried that she is going home tonight.   Jane assures her that she is not and pledges to tell her if things change.  Jane tells Holly that she thinks Dan is going home tonight. 

Marty's last stop is Tyrone.   He tells him to vote for Coach tonight.   Tyrone is not so easily swayed by Marty. Tyrone vents, "I think that Marty is very much about Marty.  I haven't made up my mind yet, but Jimmy Johnson's life has been about motivating and leading men.  And I'm worried about Danny's physical ability to help the team."  Marty is visibly upset with Tyrone for refusing to vote with him.   He responds, "I'd like Jimmy Johnson gone and those that play with me, jump on board.  Do not mess around with me.  I mean I'm playing this game for real."


At Tribal Council, Jimmy T. complains once again that Coach Jimmy J. did not allow him to play enough in the last challenge.   When asked about leadership, Jill admits to Jeff that Jimmy J. is the most accomplished leader in the tribe, so they often seek his advice.   Jimmy J. is quick to note that he is just an advisor, but is not the one making the decisions for the tribe.  Jimmy T. states that Jimmy J. has not really gotten to know him and suggests, "Maybe I'm a threat to his leadership role because I am a leader where I come from. And I am assertive, often speaking my mind.  Maybe he didn't want to be bothered by that."   Tyrone is amused that Jimmy T. would think he could be a threat to Jimmy J.  Jill admits that she is worried that they are losing tribe mates as they compete against the young, strong team.   Jeff then asks each tribe member if they are a weak player.   Jimmy J. is the only one to admit that he is one of the weakest on his tribe.   The Espada tribe casts their votes and with eight out of nine votes cast against him, Jimmy J. is voted out.  Jimmy Johnson, the 67 year-old former NFL coach from Islamorada, Fla., became the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.