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Season 21: Episode 4 - Pulling the Trigger
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


In the dark, the Espada tribe is huddled together trying to stay warm in a miserable rainstorm.   Most are quiet thinking about what just happened at Tribal Council where Jimmy J. was voted out.  Jimmy T. doesn't feel like being quiet though.   He is happy to be rid of Jimmy J.   Jimmy T. explains, "He definitely wasn't a Jimmy T. fan and I wasn't going to get a lot of playing time with him calling the shots and if he was a player he wouldn't have been on my alliance, that's for sure.  So I'm not going to miss him too much."   As the rest of the tribe tries to concentrate on getting though the cold and rainy night, Jimmy T. is singing and hugging people trying to lighten the mood.   Marty is losing his patience and vents, "Jimmy T. is just putting on the Jimmy T. show, annoying, singing, trying to do his best, but it is Jimmy T man."   Marty continues, "It's just obnoxious.  So all you got to do with Jimmy T. is give him just a little bit of rope, that's all he needs and he'll hang himself from the nearest branch."


Espada wakes up to see the extensive damage caused by the rain overnight.    Their beach is washed out and the ocean is full of mud and debris.   The bay where they had caught fish is now gone.  Dan says, "This place is God forsaken."  The tribe is very concerned about their lack of food and food sources.   Jill explains, "So we're down to two cups of rice a day and our rations are probably going to put us down more than that.   So we're starving and we're pretty sick about it."  Jimmy T. observes a pelican catching fish from the debris filled water.  So he decides to cast the net and see if he can catch fish there too.   Marty offers to help, but Jimmy T. insists on throwing the net himself.     Jimmy T. fails on repeated attempts.     Jane misses Jimmy J. for his fishing abilities and leadership.   She explains, "Every team I've ever been on had a captain and a co-captain and they made decisions based upon the ability of the tribe.  And I'm hoping somebody's going to step up and say I want that role."  


Over at La Flor, Brenda is off studying the clue for the hidden immunity idol, while the rest of the tribe is trying to relight their campfire.    Brenda realizes that the idol must be at treemail and shares the news with NaOnka.    They head over to treemail and start searching.  NaOnka finds the hidden immunity idol.   As Brenda and NaOnka are celebrating the discovery, NaOnka proclaims, "This is the key to OUR life in the game."  But NaOnka admits, "The immunity idol is mine.  It's mine.  It's mine.  It doesn't belong to anyone else.    Brenda helped me find it, but ultimately I figured it out and it's mine."   NaOnka hides the hidden immunity idol in her sock.   As they walk back to camp, Brenda and NaOnka agree not to tell anyone else about them finding the idol.   NaOnka feels empowered by the idol and vows not to let anyone stand in between her and the million dollars.  


Back at camp, Alina and Kelly B. talk about how difficult it is to be nice to NaOnka when she is so mean to Kelly B.   Alina and Kelly B. decide that their best defense is the hidden immunity idol, so they head out to look for it.   Alina shows Kelly B. the direction that she saw Brenda and NaOnka walk in when they looked for the idol earlier.  NaOnka follows them.   She explains, "The idol is already found and it's hidden.  So what do I have to lose right now "¦ nothing.  So I'm going to try and scare them because they are weak."    NaOnka catches up to Kelly B. and Alina and tells them that she is watching them.  Kelly B. welcomes her to do so.    NaOnka is bothered by Kelly B.'s smart remark and fires back "You know I don't like you.   Never have liked you.   Don't trust you."   Alina is furious saying "NaOnka's psycho.   Kelly B. never did anything to Nay.  Never.  Except for go for the same clue."   NaOnka continues her attack on Kelly B.   Kelly B. responds, "Nay is a bully.   She wanted a reaction out of me and I wasn't going to give it to her but at the same time, it's really hard to contain yourself."   NaOnka persists in her verbal abuse of Kelly B. hoping to break her down.   "I really don't need no charity case on the jury, because for sure, for sure, she will not vote for me to get the million dollars," explains NaOnka.


Espada collectively decides that they are doing really well considering their difficult living conditions.    Marty is concerned with the next challenge though and nominates Tyrone to be the one voice that makes the final challenge decisions.  Jimmy T. responds that he is a leader back home and has a hard time not being seen as a leader here, but he is willing to take a back seat for the good of the tribe.    Marty assures Jimmy T. that his voice is important too.   Jimmy T. doesn't believe Marty and vents, "Marty is definitely not a big Jimmy T. fan.   It has to stem from insecurities because I'm an easy going guy."    Marty continues to discuss Tyrone's role in the next challenge.    Jimmy T. responds, "A couple times, I'd like to tell Marty "¦ Will you shut up.  You preppy little bitch, you wouldn't last a minute in my world."   


Yve and Jane bring back treemail that includes a blindfold to Espada.   The tribe decides that they had better practice being blindfolded and following commands from someone else.   Tyrone confidently takes the caller role and the others take their turn at following his directions.    Jimmy T. quickly interrupts Tyrone and tells the tribe how he thinks it should be done.   Marty fumes, "I nominated Tyrone last night as the leader of the challenge and by the way, I knew it would rile Jimmy T.   JT is delusional.   He suffers both paranoia and delusions of grandeur."


Espada and La Flor arrive on their respective colored mats. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.   One person from each tribe will be the caller.    The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded and paired up.   Using only verbal commands, the caller will direct their tribe mates to collect ten items gathered in the field.   Once all ten items have been collected, the caller will direct one pair out to find a set of keys.   Those keys will unlock a chest.   The first tribe to get their chest and all ten items back to the start wins immunity and the reward in the form of three groups of items from Sears.  Jeff then informs the La Flor tribe that, if they use the Medallion of Power, then two of their items will already be back at the mat.   La Flor decides to use the Medallion of Power and relinquishes it to Espada to use at a future challenge.   The challenge runs with only seven members from each tribe, so Dan sits out for Espada and Kelly B. and Kelly S. sit out for La Flor.

Brenda is the caller for La Flor, while Tyrone is the caller for Espada.  La Flor is off to a fast start returning three items to their mat before Espada even returns one.  So, since they started with two items on their mat by using the Medallion of Power, they are off to a five to zero lead over Espada.    Jane and Yve are the first Espada team to return an item to their mat.   Meanwhile, the rest of Espada is running into each other and tripping over things as they try to follow Tyrone's commands.  La Flor is also having some trouble navigating the course but Brenda brings them back on track faster than Tyrone does his tribe.   For every item that Espada returns to their mat, La Flor is right there returning one to theirs, therefore maintaining their huge five item lead.  Tyrone is anxious to catch up and his tribe responds quickly bringing in their forth and fifth items before La Flor brings back their final tenth item.  While Chase and Sash go out to find the key and the crate for La Flor, Tyrone once again loses control of his tribe.   Unable to hear Tyrone, Jimmy T. starts going in his own direction.   In the end, La Flor, the younger tribe, emerges victorious once again and sends Espada to their third Tribal Council.   La Flor chooses the tarp, fishing gear and cookware from Sears as their reward.


Back at camp, Espada discusses the challenge.   Dan points out that they might have won had the younger tribe not played the Medallion of Power.  Tyrone agrees.   Jimmy T. asks for an equal opportunity to be a leader in challenges, since he has a lot of coaching experience back home.   Tyrone takes offense at his request saying, "Jimmy T., he's digging his own hole. Bottom line is he's very much about himself and it's becoming more and more clear.   And the comments today, I didn't dig at all."


Over at La Flor, the younger tribe is congratulating themselves on the win and checking out their Sears reward items.   Chase is first to examine the fishing tackle box.   Much to his surprise, he finds the third clue to the hidden immunity idol.   He quickly puts it in his pocket before the rest of the tribe notices.    Chase then takes a walk with Brenda, his most trusted ally, and shares the clue with her.  Brenda struggles with her conscience as she tries to decide whether to tell Chase about NaOnka already having the idol.   Chase assures her that he trusts her more than anyone.   Brenda then admits to Chase that NaOnka has the idol.   Chase reflects, "You really cannot trust anyone in this game, but sometimes you have to.  NaOnka and I don't have a great trust, but we do have Brenda between us, so as long as Nay is not coming after me, then that's fine."   Chase asks Brenda if he can talk directly to NaOnka about the idol.   Brenda begs him not to since NaOnka would then know that Brenda betrayed her confidence.    


Espada is out on the rocks scavenging for sea urchins.   As the rest of the tribe is gathering sea urchins, Marty is sitting and eating them.   Jimmy T. scolds Marty by saying "Come on man, be a tribe player."  Marty is furious with Jimmy T.    Marty vents "Jimmy T. is trying to tell me that I'm not a team player and calling it out in front of the whole tribe.   That's the equivalent of putting a gun to your mouth, pulling the trigger and blowing your brains out, as far as I'm concerned.   


Jane tells Holly that she is voting for Dan tonight at Tribal Council.   Jane feels that because Jimmy J. voted for Dan at the last Tribal Council, it was a message that Dan should go next.    Meanwhile, down the beach, Marty tells Jill to vote Jimmy T., even though she feels voting for Dan would keep the tribe stronger.   She gives in to Marty's wishes though and goes to talk to Tyrone about voting for Jimmy T. along with them.   Marty explains why he is protecting Dan in the vote.   "After tonight people will understand.   It doesn't matter why Danny's weak and why am I protecting him.   It will be numbers.   Numbers speak for themselves and the numbers will dictate the outcome of the next three Tribals.   And I know I can count on him."    Jill discusses the vote with Tyrone.   Tyrone feels strongly that Dan should go, since he is the weakest.    Jill secretly agrees with Tyrone and explains, "Honestly, I'd like Dan to go because I have always been for a strong team, but he's intrinsic to my alliance, so I'm not sure I can do that."   Jill then notifies Marty that Tyrone wants to vote Dan not Jimmy T.   Marty is upset and goes to talk to Tyrone himself.    Marty gives Tyrone his opinion that Jimmy T. is like a cancer in the tribe and is too volatile.   Meanwhile, Jimmy T. is on the beach with Holly and Yve explaining once again why he would like to get a shot at leading the tribe in a challenge.    Yve is getting tired of listening to Jimmy T.     Jimmy T. admits he is feeling insecure and shares, "You never know in this game.   I'm scared that it might be me because I keep opening my mouth."


At Tribal Council, Dan defends his decision to sit out in the challenge because it was for the good of the tribe.   Jill admits that she is tired of losing and that her tribe could not even win when being coached by Jimmy J.  Jimmy T. makes his argument that they have not had the right coach yet for their team and that he repeatedly asks to get the chance but he is "the squeaky wheel that doesn't get the oil."  Marty explains that Tyrone is the coach now and that Jimmy T. with his "delusions of grandeur" is not the right person for the job. Tyrone adds that Jimmy T. could be more valuable to the tribe if he would just be a follower and not try and be the leader all the time.    With much emotion, Jimmy T. swallows his pride and commits to giving up his quest for leadership and to be satisfied with being just a valuable "worker bee."   The Espada tribe casts their votes and with five out of eight votes cast against him, Jimmy T. is voted out.  Jimmy Tarantino, the 48 year-old fisherman from Gloucester, Mass., became the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.