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Season 21: Episode 5 - Turf Wars
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Just back from Tribal Council, Espada is around the fire as Holly reveals, "I had no idea that Jimmy T. was going tonight at Tribal Council.  I was shocked."  Yve, Jill and Holly admit that Jimmy T. was a good guy and regret having to vote him out.   Before Tribal Council, Holly was told that the tribe was going to vote out the weakest player.   Knowing that Jimmy T. was not the weakest player, Holly is upset about being led astray.   She concludes, "I'm on the outs and I know that something has to change."


The next morning at Espada, Marty revels in the fact that Jimmy T. was voted out last night.  He reflects, "So, you can't get cocky in this game, but I'm in control finally.   I'm in control of this tribe."  Marty assures Dan that he has nothing to worry about for at least two more Tribal Councils, since Jane and Holly will be voted out next, because they voted for Dan instead of Jimmy T. last night.  Marty boasts, "It would take something extraordinary, off the charts, completely whacked out to disturb my plans now."


Over at La Flor, NaOnka feels all-powerful because she is on the tribe winning all the rewards and immunity challenges.   In addition, she is in the solid five alliance consisting of Kelly S., Sash, Brenda, Chase and herself that is controlling the tribe with Alina and Kelly B. on the chopping block.   NaOnka reveals "I have it all planned in my head.  I already see the win.  We got the tarp.   I have the hidden immunity idol."  NaOnka confidently states, "If I look good, I feel good, I'm going to do good."


Espada and La Flor arrive on their respective colored mats. Host Jeff Probst surprises them by saying "Drop your buffs.  We are switching tribes."   Both tribes draw rocks for new captains.   Holly is the captain for Espada. Brenda is the captain for La Flor.   Jeff instructs Brenda to pick three people from the older tribe to join La Flor and Holly to pick four people from the younger tribe to join Espada.  Brenda picks Jane, Jill and Marty to join La Flor.   Holly picks Alina, Benry, Chase and NaOnka to join Espada.  Jeff hands out new buffs and informs them that the older and younger tribe distinctions are no more.  Now the tribes are simply La Flor and Espada.  Jeff also informs them that the Medallion of Power is now out of the game. The tribes are stunned by all the changes.   Jeff explains the rules of the reward challenge.  Two members of each tribe will throw a ball that will roll down a wall bouncing and changing direction along the way.  Two members of the other tribe must work together to catch those balls as they come down the wall.  If a ball hits the ground then the other tribe scores a point,    that round is over and the next pairs compete.  The first tribe to score three points wins reward.  The reward is one rooster and two hens for the winning tribe.

In the first round, Espada wins the point after Sash drops the ball for La Flor.    In the second round, Tyrone drops the ball for Espada, therefore giving La Flor the point.   The score is tied one to one.  Espada wins its second point, after Marty drops the ball for La Flor.    The score is tied again at two each, when Alina drops the ball for Espada in the fourth round.  Espada gets the win in the fifth and final round, as Marty drops the ball again for La Flor.


The new Espada tribe arrives back at camp elated about winning the chickens.  As introductions are being made, Tyrone reveals, "If I had it my way, I would have loved to stay with the old tribe, because I think we had a good little machine going."  Tyrone welcomes the new members to Espada and immediately starts laying down the law. He recommends that they keep the chickens alive, so they can eat the eggs produced every day.  Tyrone also informs the new members of the camp rules and recommends they don't make any changes since it is working.   Alina comments, "Tyrone is definitely the leader of this tribe and as soon as we came in here he started telling us "¦ This goes here and this goes here and you got to do this and you got to do that. And it's very older tribe."  NaOnka also admits that she is not used to being told what to do.


Holly makes a point of getting to know the new members of Espada, who are Chase, Benry, Alina and NaOnka.  She tells them that they remind her of her kids back home.  Holly admits, "This switch has been phenomenal for me.   I feel like I relate to the kids well.   I mean coming back, the kids were very receptive to me."  As Holly, Alina and NaOnka gather wood on the beach, NaOnka tells Holly she is upbeat and has good energy.   Holly is encouraged and reveals, "I think I have a better chance at this point with the kids than I do with Dan, Yve and TD.   So strategically, if the kids come to me with an idea, one hundred percent I'm on board."  Alina, NaOnka and Holly agree that they were all ready for a new beginning in the game and pledge to work together.   NaOnka is delighted and explains, "There is only four of us here, with four of Espada.  If Holly wants to team up with us, we'll have the numbers of five.   I'm going to go wherever the numbers go."  NaOnka admits that her relationship with Alina has changed, so she and Alina will work together in this new tribe.


Over at the La Flor camp, Marty thanks the tribe for picking him.   Fabio is happy about the switch and comments, "I was dreading the switch because I felt comfortable in the original La Flor tribe, but the way it worked out was pretty right on.  We picked up Marty, Jill and Jane, who are all super cool.  And numbers wise, the La Flor tribe we're five and three.  Looks good."  Marty and Jill tell the tribe how much work they did and how things were organized back at Espada.   They want to fit into La Flor now and so will do things their way.   Brenda informs them that La Flor is pretty laid back and not so regimented.    Jane is taking it all in and decides, "I like these kids.  I mean they're kind of think like me.  They seem to be more relaxed, where as my tribe was more about schedule, schedule, schedule."   Jane pulls Brenda and Kelly B. aside and tells them not to trust Marty and Jill.  Jane reveals that she has wanted to get rid of Marty and Jill for a while now.   


Marty questions Fabio to see if he knows anything about a hidden immunity idol at La Flor.   Fabio admits that he has not seen any clues because NaOnka tackled Kelly B. for them and kept them for herself.   Marty is shocked to hear of this incident.    Marty concludes, "It doesn't seem to me like this tribe has had a lot of leadership."   Marty scolds the La Flor tribe for letting NaOnka get away with grabbing the clue and keeping it to herself.   He then proceeds to tell them that he is playing an honest game and to keep in that tradition he reveals that he has a hidden immunity idol.   Marty explains his plan, "I thought it was really important to show that I had the idol.  I knew that Jane would probably tell them I had it.  So why not play it up front and try to get something out of it."  La Flor is surprised that Marty revealed this information to them but applauds his honestly.   Meanwhile, Brenda is put off by Marty's arrogance and feels that his revelation of the idol was a bad move.  She explains, "In our heads we're like, are you stupid?  He's coming into our home and he's already setting up like he's the king."  


Day thirteen finds a soaked Espada huddled around a dwindling fire and NaOnka alone and crying in the shelter, as a torrential rainstorm is underway.   The new members of Espada are now realizing that the stormy weather hits this camp harder than it did their old La Flor camp, especially without a tarp.  NaOnka confides in Alina that she is breaking down, but she is trying hard not to quit.  Alina tries to boost NaOnka's spirits but admits, "NaOnka seems like a high school girl.  She's irrational and crazy and she just seems like she's on her period all the time."  Alina realizes that if NaOnka quits then she has one less person to compete against.   Chase notices that NaOnka is suffering and comes over to comfort and encourage her.  The storm continues well into the night and NaOnka does not feel any better.


Espada and La Flor arrive at this challenge and gather on their respective colored mats. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Three members of each tribe will be strapped to a large wheel.   Three other tribe members will spin the wheel temporarily causing their tribe mates to go underwater.  While submerged they'll try to take in a mouthful of water, which they will then spit into a small bowl of water that feeds a tube.   Once the tube fills up, a ball will be released.  The two remaining tribe members will use the ball to break tiles.  The first tribe to break all five tiles wins immunity.   

Kelly B, Purple Kelly and Brenda are on the wheel for La Flor, with Alina, Holly and Yve for Espada.  While Sash, Jill and Marty are spinning the wheel for La Flor and Dan, NaOnka and Chase for Espada.  As the challenge begins, the two tribes develop different strategies.   Espada turns the wheel slowly hoping the ladies will have more time to aim the water into the bowl.   While La Flor turns the wheel faster to get more attempts at filling the tube.    Espada's strategy pays off as they release their ball faster to Tyrone and Benry who begin taking turns throwing the ball to break the tiles.   Tyrone breaks the first tile before Fabio and Jane even start throwing balls for La Flor.  Jane quickly breaks a tile tying things up.   The two tribes go back and forth, with Benry breaking three more tiles for Espada while Fabio and Jane break three more tiles for La Flor until they are tied four each with only one tile left to go.  With a fight to the finish, Fabio breaks the final tile for La Flor winning immunity for his tribe.  As Espada walks away, defeated in the challenge, NaOnka reveals, "I knew we were going to lose.  I felt it.  You know, I'm not a quitter and I don't want my students to think I'm a quitter, but I'm getting skinnier and I'm losing fat.   I think I'm done."


As Espada returns to camp, NaOnka comments, "I believe that Espada is cursed, because how are you going to get the pick of the litter and you still lose."  The tribe discusses eating before Tribal Council.  They decide it is time to kill a chicken.   Benry informs Tyrone of their decision.   Tyrone is against the idea, since it cuts down on eggs produced.  Holly notes, "Sometime it is hard to go against Tyrone.  Tyrone is a little intimidating, but I think we need to start standing up to Tyrone."   Dan calls for a vote and Tyrone is the only one who votes against killing a chicken.   Tyrone accepts the verdict though and realizes, "It wouldn't be smart to rock the boat right now."   Chase kills one of the three chickens and Holly and Yve cook it.   As the tribe members each take their portion of the feast, Benry notices the size of Tyrone's portion.   Benry vents, "It was very blatantly obvious that he had gotten more chicken than the rest of the tribe.  So, he is becoming more and more obnoxious by the day."    Benry weighs how difficult it is to get along with Tyrone against the instability of NaOnka in the game in making his decision on whom to vote for at Tribal Council.  Meanwhile Alina admits, "Myself, Chase, Benry and Holly, we're definitely in control of this game.  So we have to decide who goes home, Tyrone or NaOnka, I mean I'm just going to have to see what everybody else wants to do."


At Tribal Council, Alina and Benry point out the harshness of Tyrone's leadership.   Tyrone takes offense at this and suggests that he is misunderstood because of the "generation gap."     NaOnka tells host Jeff Probst, "I never thought that it was going to be this difficult for me."    She also admits that she considered quitting but that her tribe helped her get through it.   Espada had to weigh Tyrone's iron fist rule versus NaOnka doubtfulness.   In the end, with six out of eight votes cast against him, Tyrone is voted out.   Tyrone Davis, the 42 year-old fire captain from Inglewood, California, became the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.