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Season 21: Episode 6 - Worst Cast Scenario
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Dan sees another terrible storm on its way and decides that he has had enough.  He confides in  Holly that he is ready to quit.  Dan explains, "I can't go twenty more nights with this rain here."  Holly encourages him not to quit.   Holly reveals, "One lesson I've learned out here is quitting is an easy way out."   She continues, "If you can't handle the rain, the wind, you should of thought of that before you came.  You signed up for something, suck it up and finish."  


Yve questions Holly about why she was left out of the loop on voting out Tyrone.   Holly explains that she and Dan felt that Yve was in an alliance with Tyrone and therefore would not have agreed to the vote.   Yve insists that she was not aligned with Tyrone and realizes that Holly and Dan are not really on her side.   She admits, "It's going to be tough for me, but I'm not walking out of here without a fight."  Holly then reveals that Dan told her that he is ready to quit.   Yve sees this as an opportunity for her and reveals, "I don't want to throw anybody under the bus, but Danny doesn't want to be here anymore.  So I will take that information and work around that.   It's the game of Survivor and you got to do what you got to do to stay alive."


While the younger members of La Flor are still in the shelter sleeping, Marty and Jill discuss how different life is from their days at Espada.   Jill admits, "We've been dealt a very bad hand by coming onto a team in minority numbers.   I feel like the young ones bonded and bonded really strong.  So, I definitely feel like they would get rid of us in a heartbeat if they could."   As the young members of La Flor wake up, Brenda confirms Jill's suspicions by saying, "Even though were all called La Flor, it's still younger tribe and older tribe."   Brenda admits that Jane is an exception to the rule, since she fits in with the younger crowd.   Brenda then reveals her plan for the next Tribal Council to split the vote between Jill and Marty, so the idol gets flushed out and one of them goes home.


Espada and La Flor arrive on their respective colored mats. Host Jeff Probst surprises them by revealing that they are playing for individual immunity not tribal immunity at this challenge.   Both tribes are going to Tribal Council and vote somebody out of the game.  Therefore, one person from each tribe will win immunity.  Jeff then explains the rules of the game.  The members of each tribe will race out to an individual digging area.   Each person will use a paddle to dig up a rope ring, toss it over his or her shoulder to a basket on his or her backside and then race it back to the start.  The first person to get all three rings wins immunity and moves on to the final round where they will compete for tribal reward.  In the final round, the winner from each tribe will square off in a ring toss.  The first person to land all three of their rings on the target wins a feast for their tribe.   The winning tribe goes to their Tribal Council first and votes somebody out.   They will then listen in on the losing tribe's Tribal Council while feasting on chicken and beef kabobs.   

In the first round, Espada competes for individual immunity.  Holly was the first to get a ring back to the start and she keeps her lead all the way through to win immunity.  Alina and Benry were a close second and Dan finished last not getting any rings back at all.    In the second round, La Flor competes for individual immunity after having observed Espada do their challenge.  Jill, Marty and Kelly B. are neck and neck at the finish, but Jill pulls it out at the end and wins immunity.   Holly and Jill then compete for reward in the final round.  Holly takes the lead by landing the first ring on her target.  She only has two more rings to go.  Jill quickly responds by landing two of her rings back to back to take the lead.   Holly answers by landing her second ring to tie it up.   In the end though, Jill wins reward for La Flor.


When La Flor returns to camp, they quickly celebrate Jill winning the tribe feast and then get to the business of figuring out the upcoming vote.  Brenda explains the problem, "Worst case scenario happened.   Jill won individual immunity.  Marty has the hidden immunity idol.  So now we're stuck."   They can no longer vote for Jill, which messes up their original plan of splitting the votes between Jill and Marty.   Brenda and Sash then meet on the beach and agree to split the votes between Marty and Kelly B.  Brenda explains, "Kelly B. has never been a part of our alliance.  She was gunning for me from the start.  Plus she has a fake leg.  So I think people would give Kelly B. the million dollars because they feel bad for her and you can't afford to have someone like that around."   Brenda then informs Kelly B. to vote for Jane.    Kelly B. is not happy about voting for Jane, but will do so to save her own neck.    Meanwhile, back at camp Marty is trying to persuade Fabio to join with his alliance that includes Jill and Jane.  Marty tries to impress Fabio by telling him that he is a Grandmaster at chess trained by none other than Guillermo Vilas, the Argentine Grandmaster.   Fabio is very impressed, not knowing that Marty is telling him lies.   Fabio figures that if Marty is a Grandmaster at chess then he is certainly good with numbers and Survivor is a game of numbers.   Fabio concludes, "Sign me up.  It sounds like a good deal you know."  Marty invites Fabio to go to the final three with he and Jill.   Encouraged by Fabio's enthusiasm, Marty admits, "You can never be too cocky.  You can never be too confident, but if I can pull this off, it could be a whole new ballgame."


Over at Espada, Holly is delighted to have won individual immunity.  She knows that the young Espada members have the majority vote in tonight's Tribal Council, so she is committed to voting with them, even though it means she has to vote against a fellow older member.   She reveals, "The choices tonight between who we can vote for are Dan and Yve."    Holly then checks in with Dan.  Dan admits that life is hard, but he assures Holly that he does not want to quit.  Meanwhile, Chase and Benry are working on the fire discussing their vote.   Benry feels Yve should be the one to go.  Benry reveals, "I personally want to get rid of Yve tonight because I don't want to take her to the merge.  She's a smart player.  She's here to play for the million dollars."   Benry goes on to say that Dan is no threat to him.   He reminds Chase that they have no problem as long at the four younger members of Espada stick together against the older three.   Chase has his doubts though about whether he can truly trust Benry and Alina and admits, "We say we trust each other, but the only one I really trust is NaOnka."     Chase then goes to talk to NaOnka about whether they can trust Yve more than Dan and therefore they should keep Yve.    NaOnka considering the condition of Dan's knees reveals, "If it was my choice, I would choose Dan to go home.  Because there is no way, if we continue keeping him in this game that we are going to win."  Yve realizes that she or Dan will be voted out tonight.    So she goes to talk to NaOnka and Alina.  She assures them that she does not want to go home, like Dan wanted to earlier.   She also tells them that she is in tight with the old Espada members on La Flor and will put in a good word for them.   Alina tells Yve not to worry, but then admits, "I'm thinking if we get you to the merge and you have good relationships, what makes us think that you are not going to switch on us."    Alina realizes that Yve is playing really hard, but Dan is no threat, so she concludes, "That's the perfect argument to get rid of her."


Back at Espada, Holly confirms she is with the younger members Espada one hundred percent as she is discussing the vote with Chase and NaOnka.   Chase is not sure who to vote for yet.  He explains, "I think it is always most important to keep the tribe strong physically, but then I think Yve might do whatever it takes to get herself further in the game.  So she could be very dangerous."  NaOnka prefers to vote off Dan but tells Chase to make up his mind and she will go along with him.  


Brenda makes sure to tell Jane that she is safe from the vote tonight.   She then asks Jane to vote for Marty who gladly agrees to do so.   Jane looks over at Jill and Marty and explains, "Those two never pulled me into their alliance.   They've been conniving since day one.  So I hope it goes the way Brenda's planned it."    Next Sash takes Fabio aside and asks him to vote for Marty to flush the idol out.  Fabio is not happy.  He reveals, "I want Marty to stick around.  He's a smart guy.  He's let me in on some of his secrets, so I feel like I'm in good with him."  Sash senses Fabio's hesitation to go with the plan and is worried that something could go wrong tonight if he does not cooperate.    Marty then talks to Sash letting him know that he does not want to go home.  Sash asks Marty if he would feel comfortable voting for Jane.   Marty agrees to vote for Jane to save his own neck.  Marty explains, "I thought with Fabio we could maybe shake things up but I think it's probably too dicey.   It's probably safer to go with Jane tonight.   It buys us a little time."    Brenda realizes, "The vote will be determined by what Marty does with the idol.  If he plays the idol, Kelly B. is going home.   If Marty doesn't play the idol then there will be a tie and we'll have to make a tough decision."   Marty puts the idol in his pocket, as La Flor gets ready to go to Tribal Council.   He has not decided yet whether he will use it tonight.


At Tribal Council, Marty reveals to Jeff Probst that that he told La Flor about him having a hidden immunity idol when he joined the tribe to be open with them and hopefully buy some goodwill.  Brenda questions Marty's intentions by saying "I feel like maybe it's trying to make it look more noble than it really is."  Brenda then goes a step further and reveals that Marty and Jill are not noble since they are going to vote for their old tribemate Jane.   Marty is infuriated that Brenda tries to make it look like his idea and not hers.   Marty insists, "I never offered up Jane."   He then whispers to Jane to vote for Brenda tonight.  Meanwhile, Brenda hopes that she has made Marty uncomfortable enough to play the idol.   When the votes were cast, they generated a tie between Marty and Kelly B.  Marty decided not to play his idol, so the tribe had to vote again to break the tie.   Marty and Kelly B. had to sit back and await their destiny.  In the end, with five out of six votes cast against her, Kelly B. is voted out.   Kelly Bruno, the 26 year-old medical student from Durham, North Carolina, became the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.


As Espada starts their Tribal Council, La Flor begins enjoying their delicious feast in full view and earshot of the jealous Espada.  The decision for Espada to make is whether Dan or Yve is the better tribemate to keep in the game.  Yve is quick to point out that Dan constantly complains about things and may not even want to stay in the game.   Dan calls Yve out over her arrogant attitude and confirms his commitment to the game.   Alina sums up the debate between Yve and Dan by saying, "Do we want to keep somebody who maybe a liability for us, but isn't going to be somebody who is a super competitor or do we want to keep somebody who is playing really hard and just makes more competition for you." With this, La Flor is sent back to camp, and Espada cast their votes.  In the end, with six out of seven votes cast against her, Yve is voted out.   Yve Rojas, the 41 year-old homemaker from Kansas City, Missouri, became the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.