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Season 21: Episode 7 - What Goes Around, Comes Around
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


As Espada returns from Tribal Council, Dan thanks his tribemates for not voting him out.   Meanwhile, Chase hopes that keeping Dan and voting out Yve was the right decision.   He admits, "It will definitely be a hard pill to swallow if Dan costs us in challenges, but we made our decisions, we made our beds and we got to lay in it."  Chase then meets with Holly and NaOnka.  He urges them to target Alina next.   NaOnka agrees, "I never trusted her at all.  So we need to get Alina out next."  Holly agrees to vote with them.


As La Flor returns from Tribal Council, Marty and Jill immediately ask the others at La Flor why they had them vote for Jane versus Kelly B.  Fabio and Sash explain that they were trying to flush the idol out which is also why some of them voted for Marty.  Marty boasts, "You've got to have big, big cojones to pull the move that I pulled tonight, which is I did not play the immunity idol."    Marty then talks to Jill about how furious he is at Jane because she voted for him at Tribal Council.  He vents, "She turned on me.  She's a desperate one.  She has been from the beginning and she's got to go."


First thing the next morning, Marty finds Jane on the beach.   He assures her that he has never lied to her or written her name down at Tribal Council.   Marty does admit that things got confusing last night when Kelly B.'s name came up instead of Jane's name.   Jane tells Marty that she also had no idea what was going on last night.   Marty responds, "I want you to know that, because I don't think you voted for Brenda and I think you wrote my name down last night."   Jane bursts into laughter and pats Marty on the back, but doesn't admit to anything.  Marty then finds Jill and tells her about the conversation he just had with Jane.   Jill reveals, "I'm hoping that Jane will be next, but Marty and I are really scrambling around from behind the eight ball to try and stay here.  I don't' know if it's going to work."


Espada and La Flor arrive on their respective colored mats.   Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  One member of each tribe will be the defender standing on a perch in the water while one at a time, members of the other tribe leap off a platform into the water and attempt to throw a ball past the defender and into the net.  The first tribe to get five balls in the net wins a Nicaraguan farm experience which includes horse back riding and a home cooked breakfast.   To even up the tribes, Jane sits out for La Flor.

Fabio and Chase act as defenders for the challenge.   NaOnka successfully gets the first ball past Fabio putting Espada on the board.  Jill responds by getting her ball past Chase tying up the score.  Benry and Alina get two more balls in the net for Espada, while purple Kelly gets one in the net for La Flor resulting in a three to two lead for Espada.   Just before NaOnka takes her turn, Fabio quickly pees in the pool before getting up on his defender perch.   Jeff calls Fabio out asking, "What were you doing?"   Fabio admits what he did and both tribes groan as they realize they will need to jump into that same pool each time they toss the ball towards the net.  Fabio defends himself, "I got to concentrate, okay.   You can't concentrate when you got to pee."  NaOnka glares at him and the game continues.   NaOnka scores a goal for Espada and Jill scores a goal for La Flor making the score four to three with Espada in the lead.  Benry becomes the hero of the day when he shoots and scores the winning point for his tribe.  With this, Espada wins the reward, leaving La Flor hungry and empty-handed.


As the sun rises, the La Flor tribe is asleep in the shelter except for Jane who is out trying to catch fish.   She wishes they had won, but since they didn't she is going to get some food for them to eat.   She admits, "I can do a whole lot more than Marty and Jill ever thought I could do.  So I'm trying to stay in the good graces of the four tribe members that I have made friends with over here at the La Flor team."     As Sash is waking up, Jane tells him her work plans for the day.   Sash admits the older tribe members are hard working and therefore make his life easy, since it allows him to sit around all day, but he reveals "In the long run, for me, who stays in this game isn't a matter of how hard you work around camp, it's about how loyal you are to me."


Espada begins their farm reward with a horseback ride through the beautiful Nicaraguan countryside.   Chase is especially touched by the ride; since he grew up on a horse farm and it therefore it reminds him of his father who recently passed away.  He shares, "I really, really miss my dad.  Just being here, the first reward that I get and being able to spend it on a horse, which was just unbelievable because it just reminded me like God, he's just here.  He's with me. "    After horse back riding, Espada tries their hand at milking a cow.   


Jane is elated to find some catfish on her trout line.    She has been working to catch fish since the crack of dawn, so she decides to cook one up and eat it before she takes the others back to camp.  Jane explains, "He who doesn't fish with me shouldn't get all the riches."  Jane sneaks into the woods and starts a fire for grilling the fish.   She hopes the others won't wonder where she is.    Jane admits, "This is the first thing I have done behind anybody's back, other than vote for Marty."  She then proceeds to enjoy the catfish all by herself.


Back on the farm, Espada is being served their home cooked breakfast which includes cheese, milk and eggs produced right on the farm.  They are so happy they won the reward and are able to share it together.   Holly elaborates, "The six of us sitting down and being so appreciative of a meal, it became very emotional for a lot of us."  Alina starts to cry as she is eating the meal, as does Holly.   Dan even has tears in his eyes.   As Holly comforts Alina with a hug, NaOnka is shaking her head in disapproval.  NaOnka explains, "Alina is so grimy.  She is so grimy and so sneaky.  I think she got emotional because she is trying to keep herself in the game, but I can put on a show just like Alina."  NaOnka concludes that Alina has to go soon.


Espada and La Flor arrive on their respective colored mats.   Host Jeff Probst takes back the individual immunity necklaces from Holly and Jill and declares, "Individual immunity no more.  Once again, tribal immunity is back up for grabs."  He then explains the rule of the challenge.  Standing at the top of each tower, two members of each tribe will roll cannon balls down a long steep chute. While four other members will use ropes in an attempt to aim the chute trying to break one of the other tribe's tiles.  The first tribe to break all five of the other tribe's tiles will win immunity and avoid Tribal Council.  To even up the tribes, Sash sits out for La Flor.

Benry and Alina are the cannon ball rollers for Espada, while Brenda and purple Kelly take this position for La Flor.   Down below controlling the ropes are Chase, Holly, NaOnka and Dan for Espada and Marty, Jill, Fabio and Jane for La Flor.   There are three levels to shoot from on the tower and two sizes of cannon balls giving the shooters many options.  Purple Kelly is the first to break a tile, giving La Flor the early lead.  Alina shoots next for Espada and breaks one of La Flor's tiles, therefore tying up the score one to one.  After directing the rope pullers where to move the chute, Brenda tries a second time to break a tile with no luck.   Benry scores on his next attempt for Espada, putting them in the lead two to one.   While Brenda is arguing with her tribe about where to position the chute next, Alina breaks another tile for Espada putting them in the lead by two tiles.  Purple Kelly and Brenda have no luck with their next shots, but Benry does, which increases the lead for Espada four to one.  Purple Kelly decides to go down to the middle level for her next shot and she scores.  La Flor now has two points while Espada has four.  Benry puts the finishing touches on the game by breaking the fifth and final tile for Espada giving them the victory and keeping them safe from Tribal Council.   With the defeat, Jill knows that La Flor is headed to Tribal Council.  She admits, "It looks like the remaining La Flor members want either Marty or I gone and being that he has the immunity idol, it will probably be me."


Back at camp, Sash, Brenda and Fabio discuss the vote.   Their goal is to flush out Marty's idol.  So they decide to have three people vote for Marty and two people vote for Jill.   They will tell Marty that he is getting the majority of the votes, which will then force him to play the idol.  When he plays the idol, this will force a tie between Jill and whomever Marty and Jill cast their two votes for.  In the tie breaker, they will then all vote for Jill.  Jane joins the discussion and pledges to vote for Marty.  She explains, "I hope Marty goes home.  It's still icing on the cake if Jill goes home.  I want the cake and I want to eat it too and I want both of them gone."  Sash then proposes that they take it one step further and ask Marty for the idol with the guarantee that Jill will go home tonight and not him.  Brenda then encourages Sash to ask Marty for the idol and then vote him out tonight.  Brenda realizes this would be "super mean," but is anxious to get Marty out of the game.

Sash meets with Marty on the beach.  He tells Marty their plan and asks him for the idol.  Marty realizes that he would just be voted out at the next Tribal Council if he gives his idol away now, so Sash sweetens the deal by promising to give Marty the idol back, if they lose the next immunity challenge.    Marty feels trapped but decides to give Sash the idol.  He explains, "I'd rather give it to Sash because maybe if he lives up to his word, I would live one more cycle.  One more cycle could potentially get me to the merge and then things are wide open."  As Sash puts the idol in his pants pocket, he declares, "Marty made a big mistake.  That's probably his biggest mistake in the game."


At Tribal Council, Marty strikes out at Jane by calling her a flipper,  "She'll go wherever the wind blows in terms of making sure she saves her own skin." says Marty.  Brenda disagrees and feels that Jane has been genuine and made an effort to fit in with the tribe.   Marty reveals that he gave Sash his hidden immunity idol and therefore feels vulnerable tonight and hopes he hasn't made a huge mistake.   Jeff questions Sash about why he has the idol and whether he would be willing to give it to anyone else in his alliance.  Sash responds, "At this moment, I don't think it serves a purpose, but if there's a time when I lose trust in them OR I'm sorry if there's a time when they lose trust in me, then I'll have to turn it over."    Sash realizes he made a Freudian slip in his response and hopes to have not caused any damage with his alliance. In the end, the tribe honors their word to Marty and votes Jill out, with three votes cast for her, two for Marty and two for Jane.  Jill Behm, the 43 year-old ER doctor from Erie, Pennsylvania became the eighth person voted out of SURVIVOR:  NICARAGUA.