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Season 21: Episode 8 - Company Will Be Arriving Soon
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Marty realizes he is in trouble, since Jill, his best ally was voted out last night at Tribal Council.  Marty explains, "Having no Jill and no idol is total exposure.  I don't want to be the next person to go from Survivor."  Fabio then arrives at camp with treemail and a key.  Treemail tells La Flor to pack up everything and follow the enclosed map to their new home.  La Flor realizes that this must be the merge and they are delighted to have made it this far.  Marty is especially happy, since everybody getting together in one tribe gives him more opportunities.  He boasts, "I'm back in the saddle again."


Espada finds a huge wooden chest at their treemail location.   The note reads, "Do not open this box until you have the key.   Make room at your camp"¦  Company will be arriving soon."    Espada heads back to camp to get ready for the arrival of La Flor.   Benry decides the first person he wants out is Alina    He explains, "She has definitely outlasted her expected time in this game and I think everybody agrees that it is time for her to go home."   Espada gathers back at camp and Alina makes her pitch, "We can get to final six, if the six of us stay strong.  If nobody switches sides, then the six of us can totally get to the top six."    She then recommends that they get rid of Marty first since he has the hidden immunity idol and is the "head honcho" at La Flor.   Espada does support Alina's plan though.   NaOnka explains, "Alina is in this plan by herself, a one woman army, with her not knowing that she's actually going to be the first one voted out."


As La Flor walks towards the Espada camp with all their belongings, Espada notices that Jill is missing and realizes that she must have been voted out at the last Tribal Council.   Alina is surprised and comments, "We thought that Marty and Jill were super strong over there.   We thought that they were like running things and it tells us a lot that Jill was voted out."     Both tribes enthusiastically greet each other.   As they open the huge wooden chest, all are ecstatic over the contents and the fact that they are merging.   New red buffs, a new flag, fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, and cookies are among the many items that fill the chest.   Marty suggests the new tribe name be Libertad which he explains means liberty and freedom.   The tribe agrees.    Marty feels the name is very appropriate for fresh start the merge is giving him.  The Libertad tribe then begins to enjoy their merge feast, which includes a jug of rum that Fabio is especially excited about.   


Brenda is glad to be back on the same tribe with NaOnka.   Brenda explains, "I felt like wow she's real, such a relief.  You know,  I don't have to second guess her at all."  While the rest of the tribe eats, NaOnka and Brenda take a walk to catch up on things.  NaOnka immediately warns Brenda to be careful of Alina who has no alliances.  Brenda tells NaOnka about her friendship with Jane and the fact that Marty gave his idol to Sash.  NaOnka suggests they target Marty and Alina next.


While filling their canteens at the well, Chase and Jane realize how much they have in common.   They are both from North Carolina and enjoy many of the same things.  Chase reveals, "Jane and I clicked right away.  She talks with a twang.  It just reminded me of home."  Jane shares with Chase how she was not respected by the old Espada for being a redneck.    Jane admits, "I knew right then and there, you're a North Carolina boy and I'm a North Carolina girl,  we're going to hit if off really good."    Jane also reveals that she and Chase have a deeper connection since they both lost someone close to them recently with her husband and his dad recently passing.


The next morning NaOnka making tortillas for everyone.    Fabio grabs the biggest one to take a bite.  NaOnka is upset and explains, "I woke up this morning very irritable because I woke up and made the tortillas.  It was my idea.  And the fact that I'm the last to get everything and I get the smallest tortilla, it's like okay you guys want to play "¦ okay, I can play too."  NaOnka then sneaks the canister of flour in her bag and walks out of camp.  Holly notices though and comments, "I thought that was a little strange.   Why did she just take the flour?"    In the middle of the jungle, NaOnka buries the flour canister and declares, "They really made me mad, so I'm going to make them mad."  NaOnka returns to camp to find it empty since her tribe is out by the ocean.   She then decides to steal more items including the equipment to make tortillas, such as the frying pan, bowls and spoons and also fruit.  As she bites into an apple, she says, "It tastes better when you are stealing it.  It's like a sweet victory."


Sitting together on the beach, Alina questions NaOnka as to whether she is still with the Espada six or if she has gone back with Brenda.   NaOnka assures Alina that she is still loyal to the Espada six but reveals that the tribe is "gunning for" Alina and they want her out first.  Alina is furious and vents, "Every single person that claimed they were going to be strong six totally lied.  And there I am the fool that was sitting there like I really am going to do this for these people."  NaOnka then offers Alina one of the stolen oranges to calm her nerves.   Alina enjoys the orange but can't believe all the stuff that NaOnka stole.    NaOnka encourages Alina to win the next immunity challenge to stay in the game.  NaOnka reveals, "My reason for telling Alina that you're going to be the first one out is that it's a vote that I'll have guaranteed, when she's a part of the jury."


Back at camp, people start noticing that things are missing.  Holly asks NaOnka if she put the flour back in the chest after she used it to make tortillas.   NaOnka insists she did.  Holly then tells the tribe that she saw NaOnka put the flour in her bag.   Everyone is shocked and Fabio questions NaOnka about why she did it.   NaOnka swears she put it back and storms out of camp.  Meanwhile, Alina is sitting in the middle of it all feeling very guilty, because she knows what NaOnka did and she didn't stop it or tell anybody about it.  Alina admits, "The reason why it was so hard for me to own up to it is everybody might be equally pissed off at me as they are at NaOnka."


Alina and Chase confront NaOnka in the woods and encourage her to confess.   Alina tells NaOnka, "It's the right thing to do to just fess up.  Everybody will appreciate it and respect you so much more."   NaOnka is worried though since she had already told everybody that she did not do it, so they will know she lied.   Chase reminds NaOnka, "Everyone has lied in Survivor."  NaOnka then confesses to the tribe.   She assures them that she was not trying to starve everyone but just trying to conserve the food. Marty doubts NaOnka saying, "She's saying that she did it for the benefit of the tribe.  Sorry, I'm not buying it."  In her confession, NaOnka admits that Alina was with her when she took the stolen items into the woods, but that it was not Alina's idea to steal them.  Fabio then thanks NaOnka for being truthful.  Marty is appalled that NaOnka stole food and concludes, "She lied and she stole.  How easy is that, get rid of them.  It should be that simple.   But this game is never simple."  


Brenda admits that NaOnka was crazy to have stolen from the tribe, but that Alina confessed to being part of it.  Brenda reveals, "She's had a target for the longest time and now on top of all of that she has this.   Sucks to be Alina right now."  Sash, Chase, Jane and Brenda then get together to discuss what they are going to do about NaOnka.   They decide to protect her, but keep their distance from her for a while.  Sash reveals his strategy, "NaOnka definitely is not one of the favorite people in camp at the moment, but that works perfectly into my game plan as having her as one of the final three, because that pretty much guarantees her that she's not going to receive any million dollar votes."  Sash talks to NaOnka and assures her "you're my number one girl here" and recommends that she keep up the act of being sorry and soon enough everyone will forget.


Jane brings her fifth fish of the day into camp. The girls are appreciative and gather to help Jane with the fish.  Meanwhile, Marty, Benry and Fabio laugh at Jane behind her back.   Marty vents, "The longer Jane stays in the game, the more complicated the game gets."  Marty sees how Jane has quickly won over Chase and is worried that her appeal will "spread like cancerous tentacles through the tribe." Marty takes a walk with Brenda and warns her about how Jane could easily fly under the radar and get the finals if they don't stop her.  Brenda admits, "Marty has the wrong perception of Jane, but Marty is somebody to watch because he is talking to Benry and Fabio and Dan."  


Libertad arrives at the challenge.   Host Jeff Probst takes back the tribal immunity idol and announces that individual immunity is what they are playing for now.  He then explains the rule of the challenge.   Each person will have two metal handles that they will use to keep tension on a steel bar.  If they release the tension, the steel bar will drop, the tile will break and they will be out of the challenge.  The last man and the last woman standing will win immunity.  Therefore, two people will be saved from the vote at Tribal Council.

Purple Kelly and Dan are out of the challenge within three seconds of it beginning.  Alina is out next and she is not happy because she knows that she is vulnerable.  Brenda, Benry, Sash and NaOnka are next out of the game.  Jane and Holly are now the only two women standing, while Marty, Fabio and Chase are the remaining men.  Holly is out next, so Jane wins immunity for the women.   Jane asks if she can stay in the challenge and try and beat the men.   Jeff responds, "Go for it."  Marty is out next, leaving Chase and Fabio to battle it out for the men.  In the end, Fabio holds on longer and wins immunity.  Only after Fabio steps down, does Jane stop her participation in the challenge.  So Jane and Fabio win the challenge and are safe from the vote at Tribal Council.


As they return to camp, the girls gather in a big circle and congratulate Jane.   In the huddle, Jane whispers to them that she wants Marty out.   Alina is delighted that Jane is targeting Marty and reveals, "I'm trying to lay low and hope that maybe the drama that's going on is not going to revolve around me."   As Jane is making the rounds talking to people about voting for Marty, Sash asks for a favor.   Sash had promised Marty that he would give him the idol back before the next Tribal Council, if there was a chance that he would be voted out.   Sash does not want to go back on his word, so he asks that they not vote for Marty at this Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Dan tells Marty that Chase revealed that they might blindside Marty tonight.   Marty is upset and immediately questions Sash about what is going on.   Brenda and Sash try to assure Marty that they know nothing of a blindside and that Alina is going tonight.   Marty does not let up though which irritates Sash.  Sash vents, "I think his best move would be to lay low, but that's not his style.  He's actually digging his own grave at the moment."  Marty then talks to Holly to find out who she is voting for.  She assures him she is voting for Alina tonight.  Alina, Jane and  Holly get together to see how they can still vote off Marty without the support of Sash and Brenda.   They realize Fabio could help them out.   Alina then makes her plea to Fabio, who is not sure what he will do.


At Tribal Council, Marty quickly starts his attack on Jane pointing out her weak strategy in the game but dangerous popularity within the tribe.   Marty argues, "If she makes it to the final three, if you have watched Survivor, this woman will take the million dollars."  Jane is shocked by Marty's attack and tries to keep her cool.   Marty ends his rant by saying that he will vote for Jane if she makes it to the finals, since she will deserve it more than the people who let her get there.  Alina points out that Marty is a huge threat since he just revealed what a strategic player he is.   Dan reminds the tribe that NaOnka and Alina stole from the tribe and they should remember that in tonight's vote.  In the end, votes Alina out, with ten votes cast for her, two for Marty.  Alina Wilson, the 23 year-old art student from Downey, Calif. became the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR:  NICARAGUA.