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Season 21: Episode 9 - Running the Camp
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


As Libertad arrives back at camp after Tribal Council, NaOnka comments, "I felt really bad for Jane.   Marty, he was going a little too hard on her."    NaOnka admires how Jane was able to take it though, because she admits, "If the shoe was on the other foot and it was me, I would have went right back at him and I would have hit him real, real hard."   Chase tells Jane not to let Marty get to her.  Jane feels she can beat Marty both physically and mentally.   She comments, "I think he's grasping at straws, because he knows his days are numbered."


As Marty and Sash are filling their water bottles at the well, Marty asks Sash if Chase or Holly put his name down at Tribal Council last night.   Sash thinks it was Holly.  Marty realizes that he has a target on his back after shaking things up at Tribal Council with Jane.   He admits, "I feel like I need to have a button down plan between now and the next Tribal or they will eliminate me in a heart beat."  Marty then gets to work and talks to Benry and Dan.   He tells them to tell everyone they are voting NaOnka out at the next Tribal Council, but to really vote for Jane.   This will flush NaOnka's idol out and blindside Jane.   Everyone will know the real plan except for NaOnka, Jane, Holly and Chase.   Jane sees Marty talking to people and knows he is targeting her.  She vents, "The man scrambles like nobody I've ever seen.  So I would like to take him to the wood shed and whip his ass."


The Libertad tribe arrives on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge, which is an obstacle course.    The tribe will be randomly divided into two teams.  Each team will work their way through a serious of obstacles to collect three keys that open up three locks near the finish line.   First team to open the locks and raise their flag wins the reward of a canopy tour via zip line and a Survivor barbeque feast.

In the random draw, the teams came out as men versus women.  Since there are an odd number of castaways, Chase sits out, but was given the choice of which team to back.  If the team he chooses wins, then he gets to go on reward with them.   Chase chooses the women's team.     

The teams are dead even until they come to the more physical obstacles.  The women lose ground when they have to plow through a wall of sticks.  Jane slows them down even more in the net crawl and they run out of time as they try to run through the brick wall.  So in the end, the men's team with more physical strength wins reward.


Marty, Dan, Benry, Fabio and Sash enjoyed the thrill of the zip line and the freedom from being at camp.    Benry explains, "Never in a million years did I think I'd be in Nicaragua zipping across the jungle on a zip line.  I couldn't have asked for a better four guys to be with.  It was a day for the boys."  As they toast their victory at the barbeque feast, Marty reveals, "The best part of the barbeque is getting a little opportunity to speak to the guys about my strategy and maybe convince them that I am really good at this game and I can help them in this game."    Marty then proceeds to tell them his plan to flush NaOnka's idol and blindside Jane.  All seem in agreement to execute it.   They also discuss how they can't trust Chase and need to get Brenda's support for their plan.  Sash admits, "The plan Marty put forward makes perfect sense, but I believe Brenda and I are the two brightest minds out here and in the end, she and I have the power to send whoever we want home."


When the ladies get back to camp after losing the challenge, they thank Chase for his support.  Brenda thinks Chase should have gone with the guys though and not been swayed by his feelings of not wanting to disappoint her, Jane, and Holly.   Brenda admits, "Chase doesn't make smart moves.  That's his problem."   Meanwhile, Chase reveals why he didn't choose the men's team, "I wanted to show the girls they could trust me and hopefully that will get me further in the game."  Next, Holly shares with Chase her concern about Brenda and Sash joining forces with Marty.  NaOnka overhears the conversation and assures Chase that they can trust Brenda.  She warns Chase not to question Brenda and get on her nerves.  Chase still worries though, since he is not as close to Brenda as when they were on the original La Flor tribe together.  Not being able to stop himself, Chase talks to Brenda about voting out Marty to make sure she is on board with the plan.   Brenda listens to Chase but concentrates her attention on filing her nails.   Chase tries to get Brenda to talk and tells her that she seems unsure.  Brenda is annoyed by Chase and vents, "Chase is too paranoid.  You can be tall and you can be muscular, but really where's all that alpha male, power and control?  It's an illusion."  After Chase leaves, NaOnka considers get rid of Chase because his paranoia is too annoying.


Marty and Kelly S. bring treemail into camp.   Treemail reveals that today's challenge is for immunity and will test the strength of their memory.   Jane admits, "There is a big ol' target on my back right now after Marty's slanderous outburst the other night.  So anybody needs to win except for Marty."


The Libertad tribe arrives at the challenge and takes their places at their individual podiums.  Host Jeff Probst takes back the individual immunity necklaces from Fabio and Jane and lets the tribe know that only one person will win immunity at this challenge.  Jeff then explains the rules of the game.  The castaways will be shown a serious of symbols by Jeff and then use their cube to repeat them back to him in the correct order.  Whoever gets it right moves onto the next round.  Last person standing wins immunity and a one in ten shot at the million-dollar prize.   

In the first round, Jeff shows them pictures of six items:  ship, musket, anchor, ship's wheel, mascot and ship.  Jane, NaOnka, Dan, Holly, Kelly and Sash get knocked out in the first round.  Fabio, Chase and Benry get knocked out early in the second round, leaving only Brenda and Marty left in the challenge.  In the end, Brenda's memory proves to be stronger than Marty's and she wins individual immunity therefore safe from the vote at Tribal Council.


While collecting tamarind fruit from the trees, Benry and Fabio agree to lay low and stick with Marty's plan tonight to flush out NaOnka's idol and blindside Jane.  Back at camp, Marty and Dan are encouraging Chase to vote NaOnka, since she stole the food and lied about it.  Dan knows that Chase is reluctant to vote for NaOnka and tells him, "I know it's not what you really want, but it's got to be."  Chase tells them he will vote with them.    Meanwhile NaOnka is walking on the beach pondering her fate in the game.  She knows she has made enemies after stealing the flour and reveals, "I have some street smarts and I always following my intuition.  But keep in mind that I do have a hidden immunity idol and if I have to use it for myself, to save myself, I will."   

Holly asks Chase what Marty talked to him about.  Chase tells her "I think they are voting NaOnka, then actually blindside Jane."    Chase assures Holly that he will vote for Marty but admits he does not know what Brenda will do.    Down at the beach, Marty checks in with Brenda to fill her in on the plan.  Brenda realizes that Marty is correct in his identification of Jane as a threat, but is bothered by Marty telling her what to do.  She vents, "Marty is not running the camp.  Sash and I are running the camp."

Brenda and Sash get together next to set their plans.   Brenda says, "I just don't like how all of a sudden, you know Jane and Holly and Chase's clique are demanding things."  Sash agrees.  Brenda and Sash realize they are the swing votes tonight.  One alliance wants Marty out, the other wants Jane out.  Whichever way they decide to vote will determine the outcome.  They would prefer to keep Marty since he feeds them good information, but they realize that strong feelings exist against him.   Brenda reveals, "So tonight is going to show who we really are with."


At Tribal Council, Marty once again makes his case for getting rid of Jane because she is such a big threat.  He also attacks NaOnka for stealing and states, "To lie and to take food, there is no bigger sin."  NaOnka does not take this attack lightly and throws personal attacks right back at Marty.   Fabio finds their battle very uncomfortable, while most others find it entertaining.    NaOnka then turns her attack on Fabio.    In the midst of it all, Jeff Probst admits that he is amazed that NaOnka gets away with her attacks on others and is not voted out by the tribe.    NaOnka responds, "I'm not putting on a show, this is who I am.  This is what I've been for twenty-seven years.  So if you don't like it, then you don't like it."  With this, the Libertad tribe cast their votes, and NaOnka decides not to play her hidden immunity idol.   Much to his surprise, Marty is voted out with seven out of the eleven votes cast against him. Marty Piombo, the 48-year-old technology executive from Mill Valley, Calif., became the tenth person voted out and the second member of the jury of SURVIVOR:  NICARAGUA.