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Season 21: Episode 10 - Stuck in the Middle
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


The Libertad tribe returns to camp after a shocking Tribal Council where Marty was voted out. Brenda admits, "Tribal Council showed where the allegiance really is. Benry, Fabio and Dan now see that Sash and I aren't on their side." As the rest of the tribe settles down to sleep, Holly and Jane step away from camp to talk. They agree that Brenda and Sash are running things and will eventually take them out of the game. Holly reveals, "Something has to change and it has to change soon."


As a storm approaches, Libertad tries to protect the fire by surrounding it with the wooden chests and covering it with the tarp. After this work is complete, Holly and Jane start pulling people aside to get support for their plan to overthrow Brenda and Sash. Holly talks to Benry on their way to the well. Benry responds, "Holly absolutely gave me a little bit of a wake up call this morning. She's got a great plan actually and I'm all for it. Getting rid of Sash and Brenda is number one on my list right now." Meanwhile, Jane talks to NaOnka about helping to get rid of Brenda. Although, NaOnka sees Brenda as her best friend out here, she realizes that she is a threat in the game and is therefore willing to vote for Brenda. Holly then talks to a reluctant Chase. Chase would prefer to vote out Benry. Holly admits, "Chase, I feel I can trust him, but at this point in the game, he makes me just a little nervous."


The Libertad tribe arrives on their mat. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge, which is a test of balance, strength and teamwork. The tribe will be randomly divided into two teams of five. Using four barrels, two planks and ten feet of rope, each team will work their way across the beach to the finish platform without touching the ground. If anybody touches the ground, the entire team goes back to the start. First team to get all five members to the finish platform wins the reward of a trip to the Cerro Negro volcano and a Survivor picnic.

As a result of the schoolyard pick, the blue team consists of Chase, Kelly, Jane, NaOnka and Fabio, while the yellow team consists of Sash, Holly, Brenda, Dan and Benry. The challenge begins with both teams struggling to figure out a game plan for moving the barrels. The blue
team gets their act together first and decides to use only three barrels instead of four. After falling behind, the yellow team decides to use three barrels also. Benry then falls off a barrel, which sends the entire yellow team back to the start. The yellow team was never able to catch
the blue team. So the blue team wins and is delighted to see a helicopter arrive to take them to their reward.


As winners of the reward challenge, Chase, Kelly, Jane, NaOnka and Fabio enjoy their journey via helicopter to the black and steamy Cerro Negro volcano. Upon arrival, the castaways put on bright orange jumpsuits and are given wooden sleds. Fabio and Chase are the first pair to
race down the large volcanic mountain on their sleds. Fabio screams, "That was crazy' after flipping over three times on his way down the mountain. Without fear, Jane was the last one down the mountain and exclaimed, "It was an experience I will never forget."


Sash, Holly, Brenda, Dan and Benry arrive back at camp to find it badly damaged by fire. While they were away at the challenge, the fire had gotten out of control and consumed the wooden chests, part of the shelter and part of the tarp. "We lost all our machetes, only the blades are left. We had our flour. We had our mangos. There was a couple of tomatoes left. There was an eggplant left. That was all burnt down and now we have ten people with a cup of rice a day. I don't know how were going to do it", says Dan. All five of them stand in shock and survey the damage. Benry angrily throws his bag against the remaining shelter. Holly recommends that they just use their energy to clean things up. Benry vents, "This is a day from hell."


Back on the volcano, Chase, Kelly, Jane, NaOnka and Fabio are enjoying their pizza, brownie and soda feast. Jane enjoys the first chocolate she had had in twenty-five days by starting her feast with a brownie. Chase puts them right back in the game by asking the question, "Who
do y'all think is running the show?" Fabio starts to answer and is immediately interrupted by NaOnka who instructs him to follow her as she gets up from the table. Purple Kelly finds this especially odd. Away from earshot, NaOnka fills Fabio in on the plan to get Brenda out. Fabio is thrilled to be included in the plan and says, "If you guys are in, we got to do it." NaOnka assures him they are in. NaOnka reveals, "In order to win this game, you must make power moves." She continues, "If you make a power move, you're making a move that is going to push you forward and the more you keep making these power moves, everything is just going to fall in line."


When Chase returns from the reward, he takes Brenda aside and reveals Holly's plan to vote her out. Chase explains, "For whatever reason I trust Brenda. That's all it comes down to is I trust her and I put my game plan in her." Brenda is thankful that Chase told her and admits, "It
is a challenge right now, but I still think that I don't have to do anything crazy to beat them. Like I'm not even that impressed."

Chase then checks in with NaOnka to see how she feels about Brenda and Benry. NaOnka tells him that she thinks Brenda should go. NaOnka is bothered by Chase playing both sides. She admits, "I got to go with the people that want to get the strong people out. That's the smart thing to do." NaOnka then pulls Benry aside to inform him that he cannot trust Chase, since he was recommending that Benry be voted out instead of Brenda. NaOnka then tracks down Jane to let her know that Chase is against Brenda and Sash being voted out. Jane is not sure what power Brenda has over Chase, but she admits "If that big old country boy wants to go back on his word, he's going to catch hell when he goes back to the Carolinas, because Carolina people don't like that." While NaOnka and Holly are on their way to the water well, NaOnka reveals to Holly that she cannot trust Chase. Holly says, "I knew it." Both NaOnka and Holly are confused with Chase ignoring the obvious power that Brenda and Chase have over things.


The Libertad tribe arrives and takes their places on the mat. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge, which tests both strength and endurance. Each castaway will stand on a very small platform over the water. They will lean back holding a rope. Every five minutes they
will move their hands further down the rope making it more difficult. When they can't hold on any longer, they will fall in the water and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in nine chance at a million dollars.

Sash falls in the water first followed immediately by purple Kelly. Dan struggles but manages to hold on. Holly and Brenda are the next to fall. The challenge proves too much for Dan who finally falls followed by Fabio and NaOnka. Chase, Jane and Benry remain to fight it out. Jeff notes, "Look at that the oldest woman in this game going up against two of the youngest and most fit guys showing no signs of strain." The three remaining move their hands down to the next notch of the rope as they reach the five minute mark. Benry falls in the water next, leaving only Jane and Chase. Jane considers dropping out as her fingers cramp up. Jeff encourages them both to keep fighting. In the end, Jane stays on longer and wins individual immunity.


As Libertad returns to camp, Jane is showered with congratulations on winning a tough challenge. Jane is especially happy that she won immunity and not Brenda. Jane comments, "I think unless she ends up with an idol and plays it, Brenda will go home." Chase meets with
Sash to discuss the upcoming Tribal Council. They agree to vote out Benry whom Chase does not trust. NaOnka then talks to Sash who tells NaOnka about voting for Benry. NaOnka responds, "We're trying to vote Brenda out tonight." She explains that the timing is right and that it would be a great power move. Sash reveals, "Tides have turned a little bit and this is the first time in the game that I'm starting to worry." Sash confirms with NaOnka that she is not lying to him about this. She assures him and says, "The majority is voting Brenda."

As Chase goes off with Fabio in the woods to fill him in on the plans, Holly comes running up to them. Holly makes her point that Brenda is dangerous and she should be the one to gotonight. Chase struggles with the decision of whom to vote for, does he stay loyal to Brenda
and go against others in his alliance? Chase reveals, "If Brenda's gone, I'm playing the game with people that I don't really trust. That's a scary thought."

Later, Chase meets with Brenda to tell her that a lot of people are targeting her and he is not sure if there are enough people to save her. He admits that NaOnka was the one that changed things up. Brenda responds, "Nay's not going to vote for me." Chase breaks the news that
NaOnka says she is going to vote for Brenda. Brenda admits, "I'm pretty annoyed about it, but I think all I can do is stay cool. The last thing I want to do is start scrambling, it just showsthat you're desperate." Brenda then pleads her case to Chase and Sash letting them know that
if the three of them don't stick together, then they will be voted out right after her. She asks Sash to consider using the idol tonight. Back at camp, NaOnka notices Chase talking to Sash and Brenda on the beach. Holly responds, "Chase has to learn to shut the hell up." As the
tribe gets ready to go to Tribal Council, Brenda vents, "I'm just furious that NaOnka would make such a dumb move. I thought we had a great alliance. I really believed that we would go to the end. " Brenda hopes that Sash will give her his idol and they can then blindside NaOnka.


At Tribal Council, Sash reveals that a lot of shuffling has occurred within the tribe since the last Tribal Council and that he feels vulnerable. Brenda admits to Jeff that she did not want to vote for Marty in the last Tribal Council, but she did so to prove to her alliance that she
was trustworthy. She then accuses NaOnka of not being trustworthy because she now wants to "jump ship". NaOnka insists that it is not her that is breaking up the alliance and blames Chase. As each person in her alliance deflects the blame, Brenda admits that she did not scramble to keep herself in the game before Tribal Council. She admits to Jeff that she was too proud to scramble and that it was more important to just talk to the people with whom she could trust, such as Sash and Chase. In the end, this may not have been a good strategy, since Brenda is then voted out with eight out of the ten votes cast against her. Brenda Lowe, the 27-year-old paddleboard company owner from Miami, Fla., became the eleventh person voted outand the third member of the jury of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.