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Season 21: Episode 12 - You Started, You're Finishing
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


As the Libertad tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council, where Brenda was voted out, NaOnka makes a point to check in with others to see how they felt about the vote and what Brenda said about her during Tribal. Kelly S. admits to NaOnka that she did not understand
what happened at Tribal and asks her how she voted. NaOnka admits that she voted for Brenda. Kelly S. worries, "Having NaOnka, Chase and Sash turn on me, put me at the bottom of the totem pole for any alliance that I were to be a part of." NaOnka talks to Holly next and
gets Holly's assurance that she did not believe Brenda and is still on NaOnka's side. Finally, NaOnka checks in with Chase and confirms that they are in a four-person alliance with Holly and Jane, therefore putting Sash, Kelly S. and Fabio on the outs. NaOnka suggests that they
blindside Sash, since he has the hidden immunity idol. Chase feels good about being in the majority alliance, but feels uncomfortable, since things are always changing.


The Libertad tribe wakes up to a torrential rainstorm. As they all huddle together in the shelter, they notice the huge river of mud flowing into the ocean from what used to be a quiet pond. "Hopefully this is going to let up, because this makes camp life miserable.", says Jane. NaOnka reveals, "As it rains and it pours it makes me feel like crap. I am anemic, so when I get cold, my joints get stuck." Chase puts his arms around NaOnka to try and keep her warm. Kelly S. is starting to break down too. Sobbing, she admits, "I keep trying to tell myself anything I can just to stay in the game. I just don't know how much longer physically I can put up with it." Kelly S. shares with Fabio that she feels like giving up.


As the storm clears, the members of Libertad crawl out of the shelter and go out in groups to discuss what it would mean if NaOnka and Kelly S. quit. Benry and Fabio agree that it would be good for them if there were two less competitors in the game. Benry admits, "Go ahead and
pack your bags and get out for all I care." NaOnka talks to Chase and reveals that her heart is not in the game anymore. She appreciates his support and the pep talks he has given her in the past, so she gives him the "key to the game" which is the hidden immunity idol. Chase is delighted to receive the idol and see it for the first time. "Hopefully it will help me out in the long run.", says Chase. Meanwhile, Jane and Holly agree to stick together with Chase and Sash to get to the top four. They realize if NaOnka and Kelly S. quit, then only Fabio, Dan and Benry will be outside of their alliance. Four against three puts Jane, Holly, Chase and Sash in the majority. Chase then meets up with Sash and Holly to pledge his loyalty to them and Jane. Sash is feeling uncomfortable though. He feels safer in an alliance with Kelly S. and NaOnka than he does with Chase, Holly and Jane. If NaOnka and Kelly S. quit, then Sash vents, "The person that does not benefit the most is me."


The Libertad tribe arrives on their mat. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge, which is a test of agility, strength and teamwork. The tribe will be divided into two teams via a schoolyard pick. Each person on the same team will be tethered together. Each team will have an eight foot stuffed dummy named Gulliver tied to a table. They will start by untying Gulliver then pick him up and carry him over a series of  obstacles. If a team drops Gulliver, they have to go back to the previous obstacle. First team to cross the finish line with Gulliver wins reward. The winning team will go to the Survivor cinema and see a movie premier. It is a sneak peak of the movie Gulliver's Travels starring Jack Black and Jason Segel. While watching the movie they will enjoy movie food including nachos, hot dogs, popcorn, soda and candy. The theme of the movie is that it doesn't matter how big you are on the outside, it matters how big you are on the inside. Jeff Probst reminds the castaways that it is their inner strength which will help them win this challenge and get them through the last eleven remaining days of the game.

After the schoolyard pick, the yellow team is comprised of Fabio, Sash, Jane and Kelly S., while the blue team consists of Holly, NaOnka, Chase and Benry. Dan was not selected but opts to back the blue team, so if they win he goes on reward with them. As the challenge begins, the blue team works together better in untying their Gulliver dummy, but the yellow team quickly makes up time and ends up getting Gulliver  completely untied first. The blue team catches up at the first obstacle, which is a wall they need to get the large heavy Gulliver dummy over without dropping him. The blue team takes the lead at the ropes, which is the second obstacle, but the yellow team takes the lead back on the race to the final obstacle. In the end, the blue team gets Gulliver through the tube faster than the yellow team and races to the finish for the win. Dan is elated that he will get to go on reward too, since the team he chose won the challenge.

As Jeff describes the reward that the blue team will enjoy, NaOnka raises her hand to speak and tells Jeff that this will be her last day. Kelly S. then gathers the courage to tell Jeff that she is quitting also. Jeff is amazed that they would want to quit with only eleven days left and says, "I'm going to give you guys this afternoon to think about it and we're going to meet at Tribal Council tonight." He tells them to consider the fact that they would be quitters walking away from a million dollars after surviving 28 days. Jeff then gives the winning team an option. If there is one person from the winning team of NaOnka, Benry, Holly or Chase thatis willing to give up the reward, then they will be able to take back a new tarp and enough rice for the whole tribe to get through the rest of the game. All eyes look toward NaOnka who does not budge, so Holly volunteers. Holly explains, "I need to take care of these guys. When I go home, I'll eat as many hot dogs as I want." The yellow team and Holly head back to camp with the tarp and rice and the remaining blue team heads to their reward. Holly and Benry are very disappointed in NaOnka for not volunteering to stay back from the reward.


As Holly, Fabio, Sash, Jane and Kelly S. return to camp, they hear the thunder from an approaching storm. They quickly take action to put up their new tarp and gather firewood. Holly is showered with appreciation for giving up the reward to get the tarp and rice. Fabio explains, "Holly is a genuine person and she likes doing nice things for people." As Holly and Kelly S. search for firewood, Holly offers some motherly advice and encourages Kelly S. not to quit. Holly explains that life should be easier with the tarp and rice. Kelly S. says, "But I just don't know how much longer I can put up with this. Like, emotionally I'm like a wreck." Holly tries to explain to Kelly S. that there are a lot more things in life that are tougher than this and that she doesn't want to be seen as a quitter. Holly remembers back to when Jimmy J. talked her out of quitting Survivor and she reveals, "Am I hungry? I'm starving. But I'm looking towards the end. By me not quitting I hope I'm going to be an inspiration for my
children, the rest of their lives."


NaOnka, Benry, Chase and Dan are so excited as they arrive at the Survivor Cinema to watch the sneak preview of the movie Gulliver's Travels. They all attack the snack bar to load up on popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, candy and drinks. As NaOnka takes a bite of her hot dog,  Chase vents, "I thought it was extremely selfish of NaOnka to opt out of the game and then still to go on the reward." NaOnka feels she deserves the reward though after working so hard at the challenge. Next they all sit down in their comfortable chairs and enjoy the Gulliver's Travels movie with Jack Black.


As Fabio, Holly, Jane, Sash and Kelly S. enjoy their large serving of rice before going to Tribal Council, they boast about their new tarp and additional rice. Kelly S. is trying to figure out whether these comforts can get her through the next eleven days. She reveals, "It's definitely the hardest Tribal Council for me. The decision is not going to be final until I'm either walking back out with my torch or leaving."


As Tribal Council begins in the middle of a rainstorm, Alina, Marty and Brenda, the jury members, are shocked to hear that NaOnka and Kelly S. are thinking of quitting. Holly, Jane and Fabio then explain why they would not quit the game. NaOnka responds with complaints of joint pain and being cold and that she is okay with quitting and proud of how far she has come. Kelly S. tries to explain that she doesn't think she can put up with anymore of "the worst days she's ever had." As they speak, Alina starts to cry. Benry and Fabio cannot relate to someone wanting to quit Survivor especially this late in the game. Jeff then questions NaOnka about going on the reward while Holly sacrificed and stayed behind to get the rice and tarp. NaOnka responds, "I didn't want to. I was going to go out with a bang." Jeff asks NaOnka with a one in nine shot at a million dollars, is she going to fight for it or quit. NaOnka opts to quit the game. Jeff then asks Kelly S. with a now one in eight chance at a million dollars whether she still wants to quit or will she stay and fight for it. Kelly S. decides to quit the game also. Jeff snuffs their torches and sets then aside, so they will see them every time they come back to sit in the jury to remind them that they quit. Marty can't believe what
he is hearing and whispers, "I want to play." Brenda agrees and says, "That's disgusting."Alina continues to cry. So, NaOnka Mixon, the 27-year-old PE teacher from Los Angeles, Calif., and Kelly Shinn, the 20-year-old nursing student from Mesa, Arizona, became the twelfth and thirteenth people out and the fourth and fifth members of the jury of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.