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Season 21: Episode 13 - Not Sure Where I Stand
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


As the Libertad tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council, Holly can"t believe that Kelly S.
and NaOnka quit with only eleven days left to go. The tribe decides to name their chicken
KellyNay. Benry explains, "Because they are both chickens." As most of the tribe chuckles
about the chicken"s new name, Sash is sitting quietly in the corner worrying. He reveals, "For
everyone in the tribe losing two was a huge plus. Probably the person that did not benefit the
most was me." Sash knows that Chase, Jane and Holly are in a tight alliance and in another
alliance are Fabio, Benry and Dan. So Sash feels on the outside. He concludes, "Now I have
the hidden immunity idol, so I still think the odds are in my favor to try and make a run for it,
but it"s going to be more difficult than what I thought."


Sash begins the next day by telling Chase, Benry and Fabio that he is going to be playing his
hidden immunity idol at the next tribal council. He admits, "I think the idol right now may be
putting a target on my back." Sash"s goal is to get rid of the idol and show everyone that he
is a "free agent" and that his vote is up for grabs. He proposes, "Make me your best offer and
I"ll decide then." Chase is the first person to come talk to Sash. Chase encourages Sash to
join him and the women in their alliance. Sash warns Chase about Jane winning if they take
her to the end. Chase then promises Sash that he is next in line to be taken on reward after
Holly. Sash and Chase shake hands to honor their promises to each other. Sash looks forward
to getting a reward and admits, "I"m keeping my fingers crossed that there"s some food on the


The Libertad tribe arrives on their mat. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge,
which gives the castaways a second chance to tackle various challenges from the past. They
start by racing through a mud pit, and then dig through a pile of hay to retrieve a ball. They
will then bounce the ball off a shield into a barrel. The first four people to get their ball into
their barrel move onto the next round. In the next round, they will use a stick to retrieve a
key hanging overhead. The key unlocks a chest, which contains four sandbags. The first two
people to throw all their sandbags onto a barrel move onto the final round. In the final round,
they will use a paddle to dig up three rope rings. First person to land all three rings on the
target wins the reward of an overnight stay at a private resort with a shower and meal included.

Chase, Jane, Benry and Holly are winners of the first round, leaving Dan, Sash and Fabio
behind. In the second round, Chase leads the entire way easily winning his way into the third
and final round. Benry also wins the second round leaving Holly and Jane behind. In the final
round, Chase again takes the lead and finds all three rings before Benry even finds his first one.
With such a lead, Chase easily lands his rope rings on the target first and wins reward. Jeff
then gives Chase the opportunity to bring two people with him to the private resort. Chase

chooses Holly first and then Jane leaving a very disappointed Sash behind. Sash vents, "Right
now I could go either way. Chase knows I have an idol. So for him to make that risky of a
move when he probably already has Jane"s vote locked up is incredibly stupid."


As Sash, Fabio, Benry and Dan arrive back at camp, Fabio points out that Chase picked the
two least strategic people to go with him on the reward. Sash decides to take advantage of
this opportunity to get closer to the other alliance. He invites them to strategize and share
their game plan with him admitting that he is the swing vote. Sensing that Sash is fishing for
information without fully committing to them, Dan says to Sash, "What you"re saying is, you
might side with them?" Dan"s bluntness flusters Sash, but he promises not to go back on any
commitments he makes to them. Dan does not trust Sash, since he betrayed Marty and Brenda
in the past. Dan reluctantly admits, "If Sash goes with Chase and the two ladies, they have
four. We only have three. So I have no choice but to trust Chase."


Chase, Holly and Jane enjoy drinks and fresh fruit as they start their resort reward. They then
find a mirror in their elaborate tiki hut and are amazed at how thirty days of Survivor has
changed their looks. Jane comments, "I"m like a rack of bones." While Jane is enjoying her
outdoor shower, Chase admits to Holly that he made a mistake in bringing Jane instead of Sash
and says, "Now they are going to be gunning for us. If they have four, they are going to be
gunning for the three of us." Chase vows to meet with Sash when they get back to camp and
access the damage done. Meanwhile, Chase, Holly and Jane enjoy individual massages with a
view of the ocean.


Back at the Libertad camp, Fabio talks with Benry about the importance of Sash sticking with
their alliance versus Chase"s alliance. Benry tries to assure Fabio that Sash is better off staying
away from Jane, since no one wants to take her to the end. Benry admits, "I think if Sash were
smart, he would make the right decision, jump on board with us and take himself a lot further
in this game." Benry then kills the chicken, recently named KellyNay, so they could enjoy
their own dinner feast. As he is preparing the chicken for cooking, Benry starts to have his
own doubts about Sash and admits, "That kid has been shifty this entire game and hasn"t really
been able to make up his mind, so I have a feeling he"s still in the same boat. And something
tells me he"s a lot closer to Holly, Jane and Chase than Dan, Fabio and I."


Jane cries as she returns to camp and sees that her chicken was killed and eaten. She gives
KellyNay a proper burial with a cross and heart grave markers.

Sash, Fabio, Benry and Dan are not at camp, but down by the beach talking. This makes Holly
nervous and she questions whether they can trust Sash anymore now that he has been talking
with the other alliance while they were gone. Chase tells Holly and Jane, "Here"s what we

have to do. We have to make him think that we trust him." He proposes they tell Sash that he
and Holly will take him to the finals and drop Jane. They will only know for sure if this works
when they see how he votes at the next Tribal Council. Chase admits, "If Sash goes with them,
then it"s going to be me, Holly and Jane fighting for our lives and it"s going to be hell."

When Benry, Sash, Fabio and Dan return to camp from the beach, Benry checks in with
Chase to see if his name was brought up. Chase assures him that he is okay and that he is
willing to take Jane out before the end. Chase proposes that they vote out Fabio next. Benry
agrees and tells Chase, "Just as long as it"s not me, dude. I want to play this game with you."
Chase then takes Sash aside and apologizes for not taking him on the reward. Sash says
he understands, but asks Chase to assure him that he will take him to the final three or two,
whichever it will be. Chase promises Sash that he will do this. Holly then joins the two of
them to let Sash know that she too was nervous about him being alone with the other alliance
while there were at the reward. They then talk about voting Benry or Fabio out next depending
on who wins the next immunity challenge. Back at camp, Benry lets Fabio and Dan know that
Sash is talking to Holly and Chase. Benry admits, "I don"t trust Sash, but I have a pretty good
relationship with mama Holly and Chase is my boy since day one, so we"ll see if I can end
up confiding in them and creating myself a new alliance." Benry then goes to talk to Sash,
Chase and Holly. They discuss voting Fabio out next. Benry is okay with that since it takes
the heat off him. He also reminds them that Jane is a dangerous one to take to the end.


The castaways arrive on their mat anxious to find out the details of this immunity challenge.
Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Each castaway will be attached by rope
and belt to a hitching rail. They will each maneuver over and under the hitching rail releasing
rope as they go. When they think they have enough rope, they will run out and attempt to
grab a bag of coins. The first three to get their bag of coins moves onto the final round. For
the final round, they must solve a gold coin puzzle. First person to solve the puzzle will win
immunity and have a one in six shot at winning the million-dollar prize.

Fabio is the first to unravel enough rope to get himself to the bag of gold coins. Sash and
Benry give it a try next and are short on rope, so they return to the hitching post to release
more. Benry and Sash return quickly though with enough rope to get them their coin bags. So
Fabio, Benry and Sash move on to the next round, while Chase, Jane, Holly and Dan head to
the bench to just watch, since they are out of the challenge.

In the final round, each person has three stacks of gold coins already placed. In the bags are
ten other stacks of gold coins that need to be placed in the puzzle to create a rectangular shape
of that fits in a box. Benry struggles from the beginning. Fabio gives it a try, but can"t seem to
make the pieces fit. Meanwhile, Sash is staying calm and quietly solving the puzzle piece by
piece. Fabio looks over and tries to follow Sash"s moves. This proves to be helpful as he starts
to catch up to Sash"s lead. But in the end, Sash solves the moneybox puzzle before the others
and wins immunity.


As Libertad returns to camp after the challenge, Sash is elated to have won his first immunity
challenge. He boasts, "Right now I"m a triple threat, individual immunity, the hidden
immunity idol and I"m in the majority alliance, so at this point I"m in complete control and
I can"t wait for the final Tribal Council to win my million." Sash points out that Fabio and
Benry are on the hot seat, since they are seen as physical threats that have a good shot at
winning the upcoming immunity challenges. Fabio senses that he may be in trouble as asks
Sash to let him know if his name is being brought up. Fabio reveals, "My instincts tell me that
Sash is still a bit of a swing vote you know, but he"s closer to me than anybody on the tribe.
So if he"s in the middle of swing vote and it"s my name on the other side, he"s going to tell
me, I feel like." Dan meets up with Chase and Sash to see what they are thinking. Chase tells
Dan to vote Fabio. Sash agrees in front of Dan, but secretly admits that he is telling different
people different things to keep them all guessing.

Later, as they are eating their breakfast and Fabio is away from camp, Benry agrees to tell
Fabio that they are voting Holly off tonight. Benry admits, "I feel guilty for lying, but as
long as it"s not me going home next and everybody agrees that they"ll vote off Fabio, I"ll
do whatever it takes to stay here one more night." Benry then finds Fabio and tells him the
bogus plan to vote off Holly. Fabio is glad to hear that Holly is the one going home tonight.
Meanwhile, away from camp Sash is assuring Jane that she is like a second mom to him and
that he has her back. Jane is happy to hear this from Sash and reveals, "I really and truly think
Sash has a great heart and Sash is not going to go with them. Sash is guaranteed a final four
with us. I mean we are not going to vote him out."


At Tribal Council, a key discussion topic is being a physical threat. Chase admits that he
might be perceived as a physical threat, but so far he has not won individual immunity. Fabio
agrees that he is a physical threat but feels confident in his alliance and the goodwill he has
built with his tribe mates to keep him around. Benry admits to feeling vulnerable, but is
trusting in his alliance to follow though on the plan they told him to vote Holly tonight. With
this, the Libertad tribe casts their votes and Benry is voted out with four of the seven votes cast
against him. So, Ben "Benry" Henry, the 24-year-old club promoter from Los Angeles, Calif.,
became the fourteenth person voted out and the sixth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: