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Season 21: Episode 14 - This is Going to Hurt
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


As the Libertad tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council where Benry was voted out, Sash
explains to Fabio that Benry was coming after Fabio and that's why they voted him out. Sash
assures Fabio that he has his back. Sash later reveals, "As long as Fabio doesn't win the
challenge, he will definitely be the next to go." Sitting around the campfire, listening to his
tribe talk, Fabio worries if he can really trust them. Fabio admits, "I think they believe I'm
more gullible and naïve than I am. But it's to the point where I'm like on high alert right now.
It's gonna be pretty funny to watch them underestimate me and they're kind of like, "What I
didn't know Fabio was that smart."


The next morning, Chase enters camp yelling "We got a cell phone.". The tribe gathers
around to see the unveiling of a Sprint EVO 4G cell phone, which tells them of an upcoming
reward challenge and instructs them go to videos for a surprise. The castaways are delighted to
find videos of their loved ones giving them encouraging words. Chase tears up as he watches
the video with his mom and brother. As Chase watches the others see their family videos, he
says, "It's very interesting to see how everyone reacted to their own families. It makes you
realize that you are playing this game with people not just other competitors and they miss
their families as much as I do." Fabio was especially touched when seeing his family on the
video. He reveals, "Actually seeing the video, it really got me man. My mom always says
the perfect things man. She told me exactly what I needed to know and I just want to see my
family man, I really do." Before heading to the challenge, Chase and Fabio promise to take
each other and Sash, if they win the reward.


Host Jeff Probst welcomes the Libertad tribe to the Reward Challenge, however, before the
Challenge can begin, Jeff informs the castaways that part of the reward involves spending time
with their loved ones while on a cruise down the coast of Nicaragua. Jeff then briefly reunites
Chase with his mother, Connie, Fabio with his mother, Ann, Sash with his mother, Lee, Dan
with his son, Matthew, Jane with her daughter, Ashley, and Holly with her husband, Charlie.
Afterwards, Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. The Survivors will run up a plank and jump
into the water to retrieve a bag of letter tiles. They will then race back and give it to their loved
ones. The process repeats to retrieve a second bag. Once they have retrieved both bags of letter
tiles, the loved ones will use the letters to solve a familiar phrase. The first one to get it right wins

As the challenge begins, Fabio and Chase are first out of the water with their bags. Sash, Holly
and Jane are close behind. Dan is lagging behind. As the loved ones start working on their
puzzles, Holly's husband, Charlie yells out "Family visit time." Holly quickly tells him to not yell
anything out for he others to hear. As they race to solve the puzzle, Connie, Charlie and Lee are
in the lead. Connie soon yells "Done" after building the phrase "Family Comes First." She is

correct, therefore winning the reward for her and her son Chase. Chase then makes the difficult
decision of whom to take with him. He chooses Sash and then Holly. Fabio is visibly upset about
being left out after Chase promised that he would take him. Fabio's mom comforts him and tells
him , "Get your head in the game. We're gonna have tons of time when you come home." Jeff
then sends Chase, Sash, Holly and their loved ones off to the reward with the Sprint EVO phone to
record their good times.


As they return to camp, Fabio asks Jane and Dan why Chase chose Holly for the reward. Dan
bitterly responds, "Evidently he thinks our useful life for him is over." Fabio admits, "I was
really let down by Chase." He continues, "He straight up lied to me." Jane is also upset at
not being able to spend time with her daughter Ashley and starts crying. She reveals, "Where
I stand right now, it appears that I'm the fourth person in a four way alliance and that worries


As Chase, Holly, Sash and their loved ones board the boat, they head right for the food laid
out on the tables, which includes sandwiches, fruit, cookies and champagne. Holly realizes
that this is probably the last food reward in the game and appreciates the chance to eat in order
to build her energy to make it to the end. Sash and Holly thank Chase for choosing them
for the reward. Chase responds, "Final three right here, let's make it happen." All make a
toast in hopes that they will be the final three in the game. Chase explains, "I had to choose
really between Holly, Jane and Fabio. We all want Fabio gone next, because he could ruin
our plans. Fabio was very emotional, but I want to keep Holly close. I want to make sure she
can help me get the end. So hopefully, that doesn't bite me in the butt with jury votes, if I get
that far." Chase then finds the next clue to the hidden immunity idol buried in amongst the
feast. He knows they don't need it though, since he and Sash already have the two hidden
immunity idols. Before they say goodbye to their loved ones, Connie, Chase's mom, raises her
champagne glass to them all and them tells Chase to win. They all take turns getting pictures
on the Sprint EVO phone, so they will remember this reward. As Chase hugs him mom
goodbye, he doesn't look forward to getting back to camp and facing the wrath of Fabio, Dan
and Jane.


By the time Chase, Sash and Holly get back to camp, it is dark and the others have gone to
bed. As Chase crawls into the shelter, Fabio immediately gives him a bad time for leaving
him behind. He says, "I'm a little bit frustrated man. I was pretty hurt." Chase apologizes, but
Fabio doesn't buy it. Fabio admits, "I guess we'll move on. You can't hold grudges out here.
You can't be super ticked off at somebody because it will come back to get you. So, I think
the best thing that I can do is try to win immunity."


The castaways arrive on their mat at the immunity challenge. Host Jeff Probst explains the
rules of the challenge. Each castaway will be blindfolded and make their way over and under

a series of hitching rails to a station where they will find a shield with several symbols on
it. Using only their sense of touch, they must memorize the symbols, then grab the bags
of matching symbols and head back to the start. While still blindfolded they will use those
symbols to create a matching shield. Just to make it more difficult, some the symbols in the
bags will feel right, but they won't match. First person to get all their symbols in the right
spots, wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in five shot at winning Survivor and the millions
dollars that goes with it.

Fabio and Chase are out to a quick lead. Fabio makes it to the puzzle first and Chase is right
behind. Holly, Jane and Sash make it to their puzzles next with Dan bringing up the rear.
They study the symbols on the puzzle with their hands before picking up their bag and heading
back to the start to try and build the exact same puzzle. Jane is the first one to pick up her
puzzle pieces and head back. Fabio, Holly and Sash head back next. Fabio arrives back at
his station first, followed by Jane, Holly and Sash. Chase stays back to really study the puzzle
before heading back to his station with his puzzle pieces. Holly drops a bag at her station and
needs to fumble around trying to find it while blindfolded, which costs her time. Chase finally
makes his way back and tries to catch up to Fabio who is now in the lead. Fabio thinks he has
completed the puzzle, but Jeff tells him he has not, since he was fooled by one of the bogus
pieces. This gives Chase a chance to catch up, as the others are still struggling and Fabio needs
to try again. But in the end, Fabio pulls out the much needed win for immunity.


As Libertad returns to the camp, they all congratulate Fabio on the win. Sash comments, "The
only thing that could have screwed up today's immunity challenge was Fabio winning
immunity and of course, Fabio wins immunity." They have to figure out what their next
move will be, since they cannot vote Fabio out tonight at Tribal Council. Chase and Fabio
are the first to talk. Chase recommends that they vote off Dan, since he is so weak from the
challenge and his many days on Survivor. Fabio thinks they should vote off Jane tonight
and then Dan the next time. Fabio see how reluctant Chase is to vote out Jane. Fabio
comments, "If he like doesn't vote her out or something, it could go down as his worst
decision." Chase then tells Sash that Fabio wants to take out Jane and tells Sash that he doesn't
think that it is in their best interest. Sash feels that they should get rid of Jane while they have
the chance. Holly then joins them to discuss the vote. Holly agrees with Sash that getting
rid of Jane now strengthens their chance of getting to the final three without Jane. Chase
reveals, "I don't want to write Jane's name down. I want to keep Jane until the final four and
then beat her at the final four." Jane then joins them to make sure they are still a strong four.
Chase, Sash and Holly don't respond immediately, so Jane senses her fate. Jane asks, "So is
it me?" Chase, Sash, and Holly respect Jane enough not to lie to her. Sash tells her that the
three of them know she can beat them at the end for the million dollars. Jane vents, "They're
liars, they're cheats, they're backstabbers. I'm most disappointed in my Carolina homeboy
Chase. If I was Chase, I wouldn't show my ass back in North Carolina." Sash tries to comfort
Jane and she turns away and tells him not to even look at her. Jane is very hurt but is not
ready to give up. Jane promises, "The wrath of Jane will break out tonight." With that, she
takes two buckets of water and douches the all important fire in the camp. She declares, "By
God I started it, I put it out!" The rest of tribe is in shock at Jane's actions.


At Tribal Council, Dan tells Jeff that Jane put out their fire. Jane quickly defends herself and
takes aim as her alliance. She starts by calling Holly out for stealing Dan's shoes early in the
game. Chase then tells Jeff that Jane was in a four-way alliance, but that they realized she
was too much of a threat to keep around. Jeff then asks Chase who will be next to go. Chase
exposes his alliances' game plan and admits that it will be Dan or Fabio, whoever does not win
immunity next. Fabio realizes that he needs to keep winning immunity. Jeff then asks Dan,
Fabio and Jane whether they ever considered joining together to protect themselves against
the other three. Jane proposes that she, Fabio and Dan vote Holly out tonight, since Chase
and Sash both have idols that they are going to play tonight, since it is the last night they can
be used. With this, the Libertad tribe casts their votes and Jane is voted out with five of the
six votes cast against her. So, Jane Bright, the 56-year-old dog trainer from Jackson Springs,
NC, became the fifteenth person voted out and the seventh member of the jury of SURVIVOR: