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Season 21: Episode 15 - What About Me?
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


On day 37, with only 3 days left in the game, Fabio is feeling very vulnerable.  He saw how tight Sash, Chase and Holly were at last night's Tribal Council, as they voted out Jane.  Fabio talks to Dan about voting out Holly next to break up that alliance.  Holly comes into camp and Fabio apologizes to her for being down today.   He tells her, "I'm realizing the way things are lining up and I'm not in a good position."   Holly responds, "It's anybody's game."   Fabio reveals, "I'm not very comfortable going to Tribal Council without a necklace right now, but I got to be cool right now.  I can't let on that I'm playing the game."  Fabio then takes a walk with Sash.  Sash tells him that Dan and Holly are both huge threats.  Sash admits, "There's a very good chance that Fabio will make an immunity run and go all the way to then end.  So, you'd better believe that I'm telling Fabio what he wants to hear."    Sash then tells Fabio that an ideal final three would be Fabio, Chase and himself.    Later, Sash finds Chase and tells him that Fabio is nervous and confirms with Chase that Fabio is next to go.   Chase agrees.  Sash secretly admits, "I'm trying to find as many avenues to make the final three as possible, so if that means making promises to every single person left on my tribe, that's what I'm going to do."


The final five castaways arrive on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of this immunity challenge.  The Survivors will each race out to a station where they will find a question about Nicaragua.   They will select their answer from two choices and select the corresponding bag and race back.  If they are right, the bag will contain valid puzzle pieces.   If they are wrong, the pieces will be black and they will have to go back and get the correct bag.  Once they have answered all three questions and collected all three bags of puzzle pieces, they will use the pieces to solve a puzzle.   First person to solve the puzzle wins immunity with a one in four shot at the million-dollar prize.
They all get off to a good start getting the first question right.  Honduras is the country north of Nicaragua.   On the second question, Fabio gets it wrong by answering Gold Coast vs. the correct answer Mosquito Coast, as the name of the eastern coast of Nicaragua.   So, a frustrated Fabio loses time and has to go back for the other bag.  Meanwhile, Holly, Sash and Chase are looking at question three which is "In the early 16th century, these people claimed Nicaragua for Spain"¦"  The correct answer is the Conquistadors and Holly, Sash and Chase get it right on the first try and start working on their puzzles.   Fabio is still bringing the correct bag back for the second question, so he has some catching up to do.   The completed puzzle is the Survivor logo.   Dan is once again trailing in the challenge.   Fabio finally brings back the third puzzle bag and starts to solve the puzzle.   Sash has the lead in solving the puzzle, while Chase struggles because one of his pieces is on the ground without him realizing it.   Fabio is making quick work of his puzzle and is starting to catch up to Sash.   Holly is making progress, but not as quickly as Sash and Fabio, who are now neck and neck.  In the end, Fabio pulls out the win.    Holly admits, "Fabio winning immunity today definitely but a monkey wrench in our plan.  We were hoping that he would lose, so we could get rid of him.  But tonight, I'm hoping it's an easy vote and we're going to vote Dan."


As Libertad returns to camp after the challenge, Fabio is elated to have won.  He reveals, "I've always known that I was going to wait to the last minute to be aggressive.  I chose to just follow people and go with their plan, but right now I've got to figure things out and swing them my way."  Fabio starts his campaign by talking to Chase about getting rid of Holly versus Dan.  He quickly realizes that Chase is not going to vote out Holly.  Fabio then talks to Dan and lets him know that they have to get Sash on their side in order to vote out Holly.  Next, Fabio and Dan have a conversation with Sash.  Dan pleads his case with Sash that he is less of a threat than Holly, since no one is going to vote for him at the end, because he has money and Holly doesn't.    Dan leaves Fabio and Sash to talk and says, "I've said my piece.  You guys are gonna do what you want to do."  Fabio tells Sash that Dan is less of a risk to take to the final three than both Holly and Chase.  He proposes they vote Holly tonight and Chase at the next Tribal Council after that.  Sash admits, "Fabio brought up a lot of good points. "   Sash realizes that Holly could get jury votes, because she is the only female left and the jury has a more females than males and because she is the only Espada member left.    Holly walks up to Sash and Fabio to find out whom they are voting for.   She has a hard time believing Fabio when he says he is voting for Dan.   She suspects that Fabio and Dan are making her out to be a  threat.  Holly reveals, "Am I concerned at this point?  Absolutely.  But I just have to trust in my alliance and hope that tonight my name isn't written down."


At Tribal Council, Dan makes his case for staying in the game by once again letting the remaining Survivors know that he has money and is therefore not likely to be awarded the million-dollar prize.    Holly acknowledges that she is worried tonight, because Dan was trying to get the guys to vote her out so an all male final four could go to the end.  Dan denies suggesting an all male alliance and points out that Holly is a threat to win the million dollars because she comes from a small town and needs the money.   Holly then makes the point that Dan hasn't really played the game, so why does he deserve to stay.   With this, the Libertad tribe casts their votes and Dan is voted out with four of the five votes cast against him.  So, Dan Lembo, the 63-year-old real estate executive from Watermill, NY, became the sixteenth person voted out and the eighth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.


As the final four, Holly, Chase, Fabio and Sash return to camp from Tribal Council, they congratulate each other for getting this far in the game.  Sash is happy because he feels all of the people left will take him to the final three, if they win final immunity.  Meanwhile, Fabio is still not feeling comfortable and checks in with Sash and Chase about bringing each other to the final three.  Sash assures Fabio to his face that they will stick together, but he admits, "If Fabio loses, he will be going home because he is the biggest threat to my end game."
The next morning, Chase makes sure that Holly is still with him.  Holly responds, "100 percent."    They both realize that Fabio would be tough to beat in the final three and vow to give it their best at the final immunity challenge to insure that Fabio won't win it.  Holly admits, "If Fabio wins we will have to turn on our own and it will be very interesting to see what happens."  Holly then talks to Chase about the jury votes that Sash would get.    He realizes it would be a lot and confirms his commitment to Holly.   

On the way to check treemail, Fabio expresses his desire to Chase of having a final three with he and Sash.   Chase tells Fabio that he feels comfortable with that and then admits, "I don't like the lying part at all to this game."  Treemail contains a sword and gives them a map to find the torches of their fallen comrades.  At each torch they will collect a representative shield of those who were voted out before them.  At the end of the journey, they will burn them to pay their respects and will then proceed to their final immunity challenge.
The final three make their way to the top of a mountain where they pay their respects to each of the castaways that had been voted out.  After all of the representative shields have been collected, they burn them in a small fire pit and prepare themselves for the final immunity challenge.  "I just got to be thinking of this next challenge and how the million dollars is actually on the line this time.   It feels good to be in a position to even compete in something like that," says Fabio.

The final four enter the challenge and arrive on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each Survivor will have a sword.   With one hand they will balance the sword on a shield.   With their other hand, they will stack coins on the handle of the sword.   As the stack of coins gets higher, it will get more difficult to balance.  When the stack becomes too high, the coins will fall and they will then be out of the challenge.   The last person standing wins final immunity.

The challenge begins by putting a medium sized coin on the handle of the sword.   The Survivors have five seconds to place the coin before having to remove their hand from the handle of the sword.  Everyone gets through placing the first fifteen coins with ease.  Fabio almost loses it as the sixteenth coin is placed on the stack and causes it to wobble, but he quickly stabilizes it.   After a few more rounds, a coin hits the ground from Holly's stack and she is out of the challenge.  At the very next round, Chase is out as his stack falls when he tries to add a coin.  Sash and Fabio now battle it out for a guaranteed spot in the final Tribal Council.   After adding three more coins, Sash slips up and drops his stack of coins, granting Fabio final immunity.


As they return to camp, Fabio is delighted to be in the driver's seat and have the other three scramble.    As Holly and Chase head out to get water, Sash comments, "Holly must be nervous now."   Fabio shrugs his shoulders and admits that he has not made up his mind up, which makes Sash very nervous.   Fabio admits to Sash that he feels like he would have been the next to go, if he had not won immunity.   Sash assures Fabio that he is his best friend in the game and would not have voted him out.    Later, Chase finds out from Fabio that Sash was trying to throw he and Holly under the bus to save himself.    Chase opens up to Fabio and reveals to him that Sash had committed to taking he and Holly to the end.    Fabio vents, "I had this feeling about Sash the whole time that he is willing to tell anybody anything and it gets to me, you know."   Chase then honestly tells Fabio that if he hadn't won immunity, then he would have been voted out.   Fabio appreciates Chase's honesty, but is amused by how easily everyone is pointing out the faults of the others in an attempt to get Fabio's support.   Holly pleads her case next by pointing out to Fabio how many jury votes Sash would likely get at the end.   Fabio admits, "I've got a big decision to make on who I want to take and is it going to cost me a million dollars or not.  So, my head is definitely spinning at this point."


Fabio tells host, Jeff Probst about the interesting afternoon he has had with all three people in a once strong alliance coming up to him and pleading their case.   He reveals that he did not believe Sash when he told him that he would have taken him to the final three.  Fabio also revealed that Chase confirmed that he would not have taken Fabio, if Fabio had not won immunity.  Sash then confesses that he has made a lot of different alliances in this game, but that recently he has been more committed to Fabio than Chase has.  Sash goes on to say that he "believes" he would have taken Fabio to the end, but since he didn't win immunity he did have to make that decision.  In her final plea to Fabio, Holly reminds him that she was also honest with him today in letting him know that her alliance planned to vote Fabio out.  With this, the remaining Libertad tribe casts their votes and Holly is voted out with three of the four votes cast against her.  So, Holly Hoffman, the 44-year-old swim coach from Eureka, SD, became the seventeenth person voted out and the ninth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.


As they return from Tribal Council, Sash, Fabio and Chase celebrate making it to the end.   "On the scale of one to ten, I am about a ten right now.  It took me thirty-eight days to finally get into a powerful position, but now I'm finally here."  Fabio is pleased with how he was able to expose Chase and Sash to the jury and let them know that he knew what was going on in the game.  Chase knows he has an uphill battle to fight at Tribal Council tomorrow, but admits, "Guns are going to be blazing tomorrow.  I'm excited to bring my thoughts tomorrow, now that I know I'm safe."  Sash had a tough time at tonight's Tribal Council by being called out for breaking alliances and flip flopping but he reveals, "Fabio and Chase, I really don't think they deserve to be in the final three, because I really do feel as though I've played the best strategic game."

As the sun rises on Day 39, Fabio, Chase and Sash check treemail and are awarded an abundance of breakfast food including bread, eggs, sausages, pancakes, and orange juice.  As they are enjoying their meal, they toast to making it to Day 39.  Sash admits, "Tonight, I go to battle with Chase and Fabio to try and win the title of sole Survivor and the million dollars, but they've also been allies of mine which have helped me get to where I'm at today.  So, we're best of friends and worst of enemies."  Chase tells Fabio that he will win the million dollars.  Chase hopes that by telling Fabio that he will win, this will cause Fabio to go into Tribal Council too confident and therefore falter.   Fabio reveals