Season 22: Episode 2 - You Own My Vote
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


In the middle of the night, Francesca is the first castaway to arrive on Redemption Island after being voted out at Tribal Council.   Francesca was not expecting to be voted out and doubts she will get any sleep tonight by herself on this deserted island.   Walking in the dark, she comes upon a make shift shelter with a lighted lantern.  With the light from the lantern, she reads a plaque titled "Life on Redemption Island".   She is relieved to find out that she will have rice and water out here, while she waits for the next person to join her.    As she explores the shelter, Francesca admits, "Tribal Council was crazy.  I thought that it would be, but not like that."  She was shocked by Phillip's behavior and how it helped her get voted out of the game.  Francesca is delighted to find flint in her shelter.  As she tries to start fire, she realizes that being on Redemption Island might not be such a bad thing for her game.   She left her tribe on good terms with everyone, but not part of the core alliance.   Francesca concludes, "If I can make it out here and come back at some point in the game when things are changing, because things are changing everyday.   I mean, I could still win Survivor."


As Ometepe returns to their camp from Tribal Council, Rob remarks, "That was one of the wildest Tribal Council's I've ever been a part of."  As Rob's alliance discusses all the yelling that went on, Kristina admits that Tribal Council did not go well for her.   She regrets telling Phillip about the idol, but is relieved that she did not play the idol.  Kristina concludes, "I lost the battle, but it's not the end of the game."  Phillip pulls Rob aside and admits that he almost got duped at Tribal Council.  To try repair any damage done, Philip commits to Rob by saying, "Until I go to Redemption, you own my vote."   Rob is not sure how to take Phillip and reveals, "I think he's a good hearted guy, I do.  He just might not all be there."  Phillip goes to the shelter, while Rob meets with his alliance on the beach.  They are pleased with the results of Tribal Council and decide to continue with their plan of staying a strong six alliance, therefore getting rid of Phillip and then Kristina next.


Phillip attempts to spear a crab with a narrow tree branch that has a pointy end.   He throws his spear towards a crab that escapes being hit by running into a hole.   The rest of the Ometepe tribe is watching and laughing at Phillip, as he continues hunting his prey.  Meanwhile, Phillip is thinking about last night's Tribal Council and how he was hurt by Francesca's attacks on his character.   On the verge of tears, Phillip explains his love for his country and the importance he places on being considered trustworthy.   Philip admits, "The best lesson I got from last night personally, besides the game aspects, was I still love Phillip Sheppard.   He's a good guy and that's okay."   Phillip then throws a rock at a crab and hits it.   The mighty hunter has gotten his prey.


Over at Zapatera, Ralph starts the morning crowing like a rooster.  Russell comments, "Poor old Ralph, that dude might be the dumbest person on the face of the earth, besides being the dumbest player to play Survivor."  Russell is happy to have already built his three-person alliance with Stephanie and Krista.    He reveals, "I have come to realize that I can trust nobody but my people, Krista and Stephanie."  Russell then lets Krista know that he's pretty sure that an immunity idol is already around their camp, even though they haven't gotten a clue.   He encourages her to keep an eye out for it, because that is what he is doing.  As Russell searches around camp for the idol, Sarita, Steve and Mike take notice and watch him.  Meanwhile, Ralph is collecting rocks for the fire and stumbles upon the idol in a tree.  Ralph remarks, "I just can't believe I found it that easy.  Russell thought he was the king of finding idols."   Ralph kisses the hidden immunity idol and boasts, "Oh baby, you're mine."


Matt and Andrea are enjoying each other's company on the Ometepe beach.  Matt feels like his prayers have been answered by being part of a strong alliance.  Matt promises Andrea that he will visit her in Wisconsin.  Andrea thinks that Matt is nice to look at and comments, "We're close and I think that we have a little bit of loyalty going on."   Rob sees the attraction between Matt and Andrea.  He comments, "For me, that's not good, because I know how strong a pair can be in this game, like Amber and I."  Rob finds Natalie and asks her opinion on Matt and Andrea.   Natalie responds, "I think they are dangerous."   Rob decides that Natalie might be his perfect partner for this game, but he realizes that this partnership won't be easy, since Natalie is so young.   He admits, "It's like literally picking the girl up, putting her on my back and I'm going to drag your ass to the end.  And hopefully they are going to give it to me at the end."  Rob then tells Natalie that they have to get rid of Phillip or Andrea next.  Natalie agrees.   She admits, "I really trust Rob and I think making big moves along with him will be smart."


Ometepe and Zapatera arrive on their respective colored mats.  Jeff Probst, the host, takes back the immunity idol from Ralph on Zapatera who declares, "I'll get it back.'  Angered by Ralph's statement, Phillip on Ometepe responds, "I will outlast any man over there."  Jeff explains the rules of this immunity challenge.  One person from each tribe will swim out to a platform, climb to the top, smash a tile and retrieve a key.  Then the next person goes.  Once you've retrieved all five keys, one person will use those keys to open a box and retrieve a ball.  The remaining two tribe members will use that ball to break five tiles.  First tribe to break all five tiles wins immunity and a reward of fishing gear.  The losing tribe goes to Tribal Council and votes someone out who will go to Redemption Island.

David sits out for Zapatera.  Right from the beginning, Ometepe takes the lead over Zapatera as Grant swims out and gets the key faster than Steve.   Ashley, Matt, Andrea and Rob increase the lead for Ometepe, as they retrieve their keys faster than Sarita, Julie, Russell and Mike.  Natalie is able to start using the keys to unlock the locks for Ometepe, before Mike has retrieved Zapatera's last key.   Stephanie is able to make up time for Zapatera though, by getting her locks open sooner than Natalie, even though she started later.  Ralph tosses the ball and tries to break the tiles for Zapatera while Phillip tosses the ball for Ometepe.   In the end, Ralph makes good on his promise to bring the immunity idol back to Zapatera by breaking all his tiles faster than Phillip, therefore winning immunity and reward for Zapatera.  Matt trying to be a good sport goes over and congratulates Zapatera for their win.   Rob is not happy about this and vents, "When we just got our asses kicked not once, but twice back to back.   I'm not going over to the other team and giving them hugs and kisses."


Russell is leading the tribe back to the Ometepe camp as he carries the reward basket full of fishing gear.   He made sure that he was the one to carry the basket, since it likely contains a clue to the hidden immunity idol.  As he expected, he sees a piece of paper fall out of the swim fin, as he sets the basket down.   Russell reveals, "I don't say anything to anybody.  I just grab the clue and put it in my hand.  I know this game.  This isn't my first rodeo."  Ralph notices Russell stashing the clue in his pants and declares, "Russell, he's going to pay the price because this is not Russell's game.  This is my game."  As Russell takes off to the well with Stephanie and Krista, Ralph informs those left at camp about Russell stealing the clue.    Mike vents, "The guy is the most untrustworthy character, I've ever met in my life."  Russell, Stephanie and Krista read and try to decipher the clue to the hidden immunity idol at the water well.  Ralph hunts down Russell and asks him if there was a clue in the fishing basket.  Russell is angered that he is being challenged by Ralph and tells him that he does not have the clue and does not appreciate being questioned about it.  Ralph reminds Russell that they all won the challenge and just wants Russell to be honest with him.   Russell lies to Ralph and says he doesn't have the clue.   Ralph walks away knowing that he has already found the idol and says, "I'll play his game.  I'll show him how smart I can be."


Francesca checks treemail on Redemption Island and is pleased to find her luxury item, which is her journal.  Being the first one on Redemption Island, Francesca reveals that she is not sure when someone will join her or what a duel will be like.   She admits, "I hope we don't have to co-exist here for a while.  That would suck, especially if that person is Phillip."


As the Ometepe tribe returns to camp after losing the challenge, Phillip calls a meeting.   He apologizes for losing the challenge for them and vows not to scramble before Tribal Council.  He says, "I will leave it to the tribe to decide what's best for the tribe."  Rob tells Phillip that he did okay and that it was a team loss, not an individual loss.   Rob is focused on getting rid of Matt after pulling his stunt of shaking hands with the other tribe who beat them.  Rob vents, "Matt's trying to play the good Christian game and the social game and the end game on day friggin' five.  Wake up brother."  Meanwhile, Kristina decides to wear her hidden immunity idol around her neck.  She knows she has to play it tonight at Tribal Council, since everybody knows about it and they are going to want to flush it out.   Kristina asks Phillip if he is worried tonight.  He replies, "No, because I'm a strong man.   And if it's to be Redemption, I kind of like that name."    Rob, Grant and Ashley discuss the vote on the beach and decide to vote for Matt tonight.  Next, Rob gets Matt and Andrea to join the group and goes over the fake plan with them of splitting the vote between Kristina and Phillip.   The girls will vote for Kristina, while the guys vote for Phillip.  The assumption is that Kristina will expect this and use the idol to protect herself.    Rob admits, "She'd better play that thing.  If she plays that idol and we break up Andrea and Matt, it's a home run."    Phillip then finds Rob and asks him whom he wants him to vote for.    Rob takes a walk with Phillip and tells him that he needs to act like he is going home but assures him that he is not.  He tells Phillip that during Tribal Council, he will put his hand on the shoulder of the person for whom Philip should vote.   Rob admits, "This will be a good test to see if Phillip does what he says he's going to do.  And if he does, he can start to earn his way back into the rotation."  


At the start of Tribal Council, Jeff notices that Kristina is wearing the hidden immunity idol around her neck.  He asks her if she has a feeling if she is going to play it tonight.  She responds, "Just a little one."   Phillip admits he's the one that screwed up at the challenge and he needs to pay for it.  Rob once again tries to reassure Phillip that it was a group loss, but admits that he is a competitor like Phillip and therefore, would probably feel the same way after today's loss.  Matt feels that Phillip is an asset to the team with his hard work and size, so therefore it is hard to vote him out.  Phillip then tells the tribe, "When I get to Redemption Island, I am not going to lay down and die."  He admits that he looks forward to defeating his nemesis, Francesca, in the duel on Redemption Island.    As they approach the time to vote, Rob put his hand on Kristina's shoulder making sure that Phillip sees him and therefore knows who to vote for.   Before the votes are read, Kristina plays her hidden immunity idol, feeling certain she will get the majority of votes.   In the end, Matt Elrod, the 22 year-old pre-med student from Nashville, Tenn., gets the majority of votes and becomes the second person sent to Redemption Island on SURVIVOR:  REDEMPTION ISLAND.