Season 22: Episode 3 - Keep Hope Alive
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Matt arrives on Redemption Island after just being voted out of the Ometepe tribe at Tribal Council.   He awakens Francesca who is shocked to see Matt and asks, "Why are you here instead of Phillip?"  Matt tells her that he was blindsided by Rob and his alliance.   Matt admits, "There's a little anger.  I don't know, I guess I just trusted Boston too soon."  Francesca is amazed that anyone from Rob's alliance would have been voted out already.   Trying to be positive, Matt says, "What an opportunity to become the underdog and come back from Redemption Island and finish this game with a million dollars."


As Ometepe gets ready for bed, Grant congratulates Rob on a successful Tribal Council.  Rob admits, "Tonight could not have gone any better.  Not only did we blindside Matt.  We were able to have Kristina get rid of her immunity idol and Phillip's a loyal soldier."   Rob then thanks Phillip for helping out at Tribal Council and tells him he deserves an Academy Award for his convincing performance of someone who's sure they were getting voted out.    Rob then tells Philip that he is now the fifth person in the alliance of Rob, Grant, Natalie and Ashley.    Phillip shakes Rob's hand and says, "That's cool.  You won't see any flip flopping here."  As Rob goes to bed, he realizes that he needs to smooth things over with Andrea in the morning, since they betrayed her by voting out Matt tonight.


The next day on Redemption Island, Matt and Francesca find the invitation to a duel in their tree mail.  The winner of the duel stays on Redemption Island while the loser goes home.   Meanwhile, Zapatera and Ometepe open their tree mail, which invites two people from each tribe to be spectators at the Redemption Island duel between Francesca and Matt.   A bag of stones came with the tree mail.   Each person in the tribe picks a stone, if it is the color of his or her tribe, then that person goes to the Redemption Island duel.   David and Steve choose the purple stones on Zapatera.  Over at Ometepe, Andrea and Ashley pick the orange stones.  Andrea is excited about going to the duel.  She admits, "It's probably more about seeing Matt, because we were really close and I think if he realizes that I wasn't the one that voted him out, then he can come back and be an asset for me to have."   As Andrea and Ashley head to Redemption Island, Rob worries about Andrea seeing Matt again and getting ideas.


Host Jeff Probst welcomes challengers, Francesca and Matt and guests, Ashley, Andrea, Steve and David to the Redemption Island arena.   The arena is where all the Redemption Island duels will take place.  Jeff tells Francesca and Matt that the duel is the first step in their journey to get even with their tribes for voting them out.  Andrea quickly says, "I didn't vote for either of them."  Matt smiles at Andrea for saying this.  Jeff then explains the detail of the challenge.  Matt and Francesca will use sticks and rope to make a long pole.  The pole will be used to retrieve three keys, which open three locks.  First person to open all three locks and get through their door stays alive in this game.  The loser is out of game.  Jeff says, "This is it.  Do or die time."

Francesca is the first to get her pole together.  She quickly retrieves her first key, before Matt even has his pole together.   As Matt tries to use his pole, it comes apart and he works to reassemble it.   Meanwhile Francesca strengthens her pole and successfully retrieves her second key.    Matt's pole falls apart again as he attempts to get his first key.    Francesca's pole breaks as she tries to grab her third and final key.    Matt takes advantage of this and is able to retrieve two keys, while she is fixing her pole.    Matt and Francesca now go after their third keys at the same time.   This key is further away and proves to be difficult.   Matt is able to get his final key while Francesca decides to bring her pole back and adjust it.   Matt quickly opens all three locks and gets through his door, before Francesca is able to get her final key.    So Matt stays alive and Francesca has to toss her buff in the fire on her way out of the game.  Jeff reminds the spectators that they can share as much as they want about the duel with their tribes back at camp.


As Ashley and Andrea return to camp, Ometepe is anxious to hear about the duel.  Ashley tells them that Matt won, but he seems mad and wants to come back and get revenge.  Rob admits, "Redemption Island is real.  I mean there's a chance that Matt could run the gamut over there and come back into this game."    If this happens, Rob realizes that Andrea would go back to Matt versus stay with him.   So Rob takes Andrea aside to have a chat with her.   He apologizes for having to take Matt out of the game.  He makes it clear though he was not the only one who wanted Matt out.  Rob assures Andrea that she is still in his alliance and that Phillip and Kristina are next in line to be voted out.  Andrea listens to what Rob has to say, but she realizes that she is not in a good spot in his alliance.  She is also hurt that Matt, her friend and strongest ally was voted out.   So Andrea reveals, "I just don't believe him.  So I need someway to mix things up, because deep down. I'm still really pissed about what they did."


Steve and David arrive back at camp from the Redemption Island duel and tell everyone that Francesca won the duel and Matt got sent home.   As soon as Russell, Stephanie and Krista aren't around, Steve reveals the truth to his alliance and tells them that Matt won and Francesca got set home.  Steve explains, "So whenever we vote Russell out, he'll get over there and see Matt who could be quite a challenge for him.  Hopefully, we will never see Russell again."   Mike enjoys the fact that Steve duped Russell.  Russell knows that his alliance of three is up against the other alliance of six.  Since he is behind in numbers, he reveals, "The most important thing for me is finding the idol.  If I find the idol, Russell gets another blindside."   Russell re-reads the clue for the hidden immunity idol and is frustrated by how vague it is.   Ralph notices Russell, Stephanie and Krista searching for the idol and comments; "He ain't going to get it now, because I got it."  Ralph continues, "This ain't Russell's game no more.  It's my game."  Meanwhile, Stephanie proposes to Russell that they make a fake idol.  She knows that Russell has seen many idols in his past seasons, so they should be able to make one that looks real.   Russell is delighted with this idea.  They decide to keep it in Stephanie's bag, which she will guard closely, therefore giving others the impression that they have the idol.   Steve notices Stephanie protecting her bag, which makes Russell happy.   Steve is committed to getting rid of Russell and reveals, "Russell is always plotting and scheming.  You just don't want the guy around.   You know he's going to do everything he can to backstab you. "


On day 8, Russell wakes up with a nasty rash under his armpits and decides just to lie down in the shelter.  Mike is not happy with Russell and vents, "He sits in the tent with his concubines and does nothing.  He's like a black hole.  You know, sucking in energy."  Steve, Ralph and Mike get together and agree to get rid of Russell as soon as possible, since he doesn't help around camp and just causes chaos.  Steve then meets with his alliance and proposes to throw the next challenge.  This will allow them to go to Tribal Council and get rid of Russell.  All seem to agree, but Julie is not so sure.   She admits, "I'm torn about that because I like to compete and I can deal with Russell."   Steve then tells his alliance, if they see someone in the tribe give a thumbs up during the challenge, then they are throwing it. 


The Ometepe and Zapatera tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of this challenge.  Three members of each tribe will be strapped to a large wheel.  Three other members will spin the wheel.  As the wheel turns, you will go under water,  grab a mouthful of water and then come back to the top and spit the water out into a tube.  Once the tube fills, a ball will roll down to a slide puzzle.  One tribe member will solve the puzzle.   First tribe to get their ball through the completed slide puzzle wins immunity and a reward of comfort items.   The comfort items include tarp, chairs, pillows, blankets and a lantern.  At Jeff announces the reward, Sarita and David give the thumbs up sign to their tribe to throw the challenge.  Ralph and Sarita then volunteer to sit the challenge out for Zapatera, since they have two extra members over Ometepe.   Steve reminds Julie to throw the challenge.   Julie admits, "It's a decision that I'm not really feeling right with."

Early in the challenge, both tribes are even in the amount of water they are spitting in their tubes as they are getting used to game.   Ometepe then takes the lead as they get their routine perfected, while Zapatera still fumbles.  Ometepe fills their tube and releases their ball well before Zapatera, giving Rob extra time to figure out the puzzle. Finally Zapatera's tube is filled releasing their ball allowing David to start on the puzzle.  David moves around some pieces and then stands back to study the puzzle.   Russell yells, "Come on Dave."  Meanwhile, Rob finishes his puzzle and gets the ball through the channel, therefore winning reward.  Ometepe wins their first challenge.  Russell is not happy and vents, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think that they threw the challenge.  Every single one of them let the challenge go.  I'm dealing with a bunch of bitches."


Ometepe gets right to work putting up their new tarp on their shelter, as they return from camp.  Rob and his tribemates realize that a clue to a hidden immunity idol is likely hidden in the reward items somewhere.   Rob admits, "In the past, I ignored the hidden immunity idol.  Well that didn't turn out too good for me."   So Rob joins the others in hunting for the clue.  After inspecting all the items, he notices that the chair that Phillip is sitting in is lopsided.   He suspects that a screw is missing and tells Phillip to move to the other chair while he fixes it.   Much to Rob's surprise, he finds the clue sewn into the fabric where Phillip was sitting.  Rob reads the clue and finds it very vague and useful.   He is still happy that no one else found the clue though and reveals, "I don't plan on telling anybody about the clue, because I want the idol for me."


As a defeated Zapatera tribe returns from the challenge, Ralph confirms that the challenge was thrown, so they could vote Russell out of the game.  Ralph vents, "Russell thinks he runs the show and he don't.  He's not my boss and he's not bossing me."  Mike confirms with the group that they are going to stick with the plan and split the vote three-three between Russell and Stephanie.  They are splitting the votes just in case Russell did find an idol.  Russell meets with his alliance and is upset that the challenge was thrown.   He says, "It makes me sick to my stomach because, you have to win right now.  You can't give Boston Rob momentum."    Russell knows that his tribe will likely vote for him tonight.  He tells Stephanie that they need to convince someone to flip to their side and tells her to go talk to Julie about it.  Stephanie pleads her case to Julie and tells her they have the idol and that she would be fourth in their alliance, which is likely a better position than she is in her current alliance.  Julie listens intently to Stephanie's offer and admits, "I have thought it out both ways.  Should I go with Russell?  Should I trust him? Because I know how good he is."   Julie goes off to think about the offer, knowing it is a game changing decision.  Meanwhile, Stephanie finds Russell and happily tells him that Julie is with them.   Russell goes to talk to Julie to close the deal.   Russell promises Julie that he has her back, if she does this.  Julie agrees and Russell tells her to vote for Ralph.    Encouraged by Julie's commitment to his alliance, Russell says, "This will be the biggest move.  Bigger than any move I've ever made.  This will be a shocker."


Zapatera is at Tribal Council for the first time.  Ralph admits to Jeff Probst that there is a division in the tribe. When asked what caused the division, Sarita responds, "I think it has a lot to do with Russell and his legacy."   She explains that Russell came into the game saying he was different, but that is not proving to be true.  Russell fires back that he did not come to lose challenges, like his tribe purposely did today.  Stephanie then accuses the other alliance of not playing the game and just wanting to be friends.   She points out that Russell knows how to play the game and get to the end with numbers.  As the arguments go back and forth, Jeff interjects and says, "We're early in the game and you guys are so divided.  You're in trouble come the merge. "   In the end, Russell Hantz, the 38 year-old Survivor alumni from Dayton, Texas, gets the majority of votes and becomes the third person sent to Redemption Island on SURVIVOR:  REDEMPTION ISLAND.