Season 22: Episode 4 - Don't You Work For Me?
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Russell arrives on Redemption Island after just being voted out of the Zapatera tribe at Tribal Council.   Matt is shocked that Russell is the first one voted out of his tribe.  Russell vents, "It's the first time I've ever been voted out.  I was pissed off.  I wanted to bitch slap every single one of them."    Russell is surprised to see Matt and not Francesca at Redemption Island, since his tribe told him that Matt had lost the last duel.   He realizes how much his tribe had lied to him.  Matt admits to Russell that he is one of his favorite Survivors.   Russell laughs and reveals, "Right now this is his house.  I'm about to take it from him."  Russell vows to make any person arriving on Redemption Island suffer, especially if it is someone from his tribe that just voted him out.


As day 9 begins at Ometepe, Phillip annoys his tribe by making a lot of noise sweeping the dirt, while they are trying to sleep.   Natalie vents, "He's just a pain in the butt.  He's so annoying and he's so weird."  Behind Phillip's back, Rob and Grant make fun of his pink saggy bottom underwear that lets a little too much hang out.  Rob elaborates, "It's not only disturbing.  It's actually disgusting."  The girls in the tribe agree as they watch Philip once again attempt to catch crabs.    Being the experienced agent that he is, Phillips recognizes that the young people in his tribe don't understand him and he finds it frustrating.  Philip admits, "Given that this is a social game, it's a huge disadvantage for me.  So there has to be another side of me that emerges."    Philip decides to emphasize his undercover side as he reveals, "I'm prepared to do, whatever I need to do to win a million dollars."


Over at Zapatera, Stephanie and Krista are laying out on the beach away from the rest of the tribe.  They hope that Russell will come back from Redemption Island soon, but meanwhile they know they are next to go, if they don't find the immunity idol.    Seeing that Stephanie and Krista are away from camp, Ralph calls together his alliance of six and shows them that he has the immunity idol.  They are elated to see that Ralph and not Stephanie or Krista has the idol.  Ralph is happy at their positive reaction and reveals his motivation for telling them by saying, "So now I think I got them captured to take me and them further in the game.  I didn't want them to stray off from me.  When you got a catch you hang on to it."  Mike is happy that his alliance holds the power in the game.   He is still worried about Russell coming back, but admits, "Now that we have the idol, if and when he comes back, it's going to be very, very difficult for him to go deep into this game. "


Phillip reads treemail for Ometepe.   Once again they need to pick two people to go to the Redemption Island duel this time between Russell and Matt.   Phillip wants to go and invites Kristina to go with him. Phillip reveals his curiosity about Redemption Island and says, "I'm looking for a little Intel to help me win this game."  Over at Zapatera, Ralph and Sarita volunteer to go to the duel.   Sarita admits, "If I am able to watch Russell walk off and go home, that would be my million dollars almost."  At Redemption Island, Russell equates the upcoming duel to a good versus evil challenge.   Matt agrees saying, "Russell Hantz is definitely the biggest villain in Survivor history hands down. But I'm fighting to honor my God and because I want it so deeply and so truly, I think I'm going to come out on top."


Russell and Matt arrive at the Redemption Island arena to find Ralph, Sarita, Phillip and Kristina in the audience.   Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the duel.  Each castaway will stack a series of blocks on a multi-leveled platform while avoiding trip wires which could cause their blocks to tip and force them to start over.  The goal is to arrange the blocks so they will fall like dominos.  Ultimately, releasing a ball, which will smash a tile.   The winner of the duel will live to see another day on Redemption Island.  The loser is out for good.  

Matt stacks his blocks quickly and is the first to push them over.   The stack stops falling before it reaches the ball, giving Russell a chance to catch up.   Russell then gives it a try, but his stack also falls short of the target.   Matt gives his stack a second try and this time it gets to the end and releases the ball, which breaks the tile.   Matt stays alive, much to the delight of Sarita and Ralph.  As Jeff tells Russell that he is out of this game, Russell is speechless and begins to cry.  He puts his hat over his face to hide the tears.  Matt consoles Russell, who then regains his composure and comes out swinging.   He starts by blasting his tribe for throwing a challenge.  He says, "It's hard to be a professional quarterback and have pee-wee leaguers on your team."   Ralph takes offense at Russell's remarks and ends up admitting that he had found the hidden immunity idol, even before Russell had stolen the clue.  Russell is pleased that Ralph spilled the beans about his idol in front of everyone and asks Ralph to show him the idol.   Ralph starts digging in his bag and then realizes the error of his ways.  He tries to back out of it by saying, "I faked you."   Phillip quickly states, "It was not a lie.  I earned my living discerning whether someone is telling the truth or not and you have an idol."   Russell is delighted to have made Ralph feel foolish.   He continues his damage by telling Phillip and Kristina that Sarita is in charge and that Mike and Steve are a team.   Philip responds, "I'm glad I came."  Russell tells Jeff, "You see Jeff, I had to stay in this game somehow.   Now through these two, I can stay in this game."   Russell points to Phillip and Kristina.  He hopes that the information he has given them will help them to beat his old tribe.  Russell them puts his buff in the fire and exits the game.


Rob suggests to his tribe that they have a beach day with a picnic and games while Phillip and Kristina are away at the duel.  They agree and gather up their blankets, pillows and chairs and set up on a nice smooth spot on the beach a good distance from camp.  Rob reveals, "I started thinking, I need to find the hidden immunity idol before Kristina finds it again."  In order to look for the idol around camp, Rob created the picnic diversion to get his tribe out of camp.  His next step was to have a good reason to get away from the picnic, so that he could look for the idol.  Rob tells his tribe that he is feeling a little constipated and needs to relieve himself.   He then runs back to camp and starts searching for the idol.  With the clue being so vague, Rob starts searching around every tree.  Just as he is getting nervous about being gone so long from the beach, Rob sees the idol between two branches of a tree and exclaims, "We have a winner."  Rob is not sure of his immediate plans for the idol, but admits, "With this immunity idol, this time I'm going to make it 39 days and win."  Rob quickly rejoins his tribe at the beach.


Ralph and Sarita return to Ometepe and immediately share all the crazy events that happened at the duel.  Zapatera is delighted to hear that Russell was defeated by Matt, except for Stephanie and Krista.  Julie says, "Our plan worked and I am so relieved that he's not going to come back and get me.  He's gone.  Yeah.  He's gone!" Stephanie and Krista are devastated to hear that Russell took the loss so hard and continue to defend him to their tribe.   Mike tries to explain to them that Russell was bad for tribe synergy, but Krista responds, "In a game of numbers, synergy is the last thing you should be worried about."

On their way back to Ometepe, Phillip tells Kristina not to say anything to the tribe about Zapatera's idols and alliances.  He explains to her that this is valuable information that could help them both in the game.  Kristina plays to Phillip's ego and tells him that she will do as he says.  Meanwhile, she reveals, "I'm just going to sit back and let him dig his own grave right now."  Phillip starts executing his plan by telling the whole tribe only that Russell went home and cried on his way out.  He then pulls Rob and Grant aside and tells them that he will reveal Zapatera idol and alliance information to them, if they keep Kristina in the game.  Rob is shocked that Phillip is trying to blackmail him and vents, "Phillip's lobbying for Kristina all of a sudden.  I'm like "¦ Hey dumb ass, aren't you in my alliance?  Don't you work for me?"  Rob tells Phillip that he will help Kristina, so Phillip will tell him the news, which Phillip gladly does.  Shocked by Phillip's behavior, Rob and Grant realize that they cannot trust him anymore and he needs to go soon.


The Ometepe and Zapatera tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of this challenge.  On day 1, both tribes were given a Craftsman tool kit.  Today's challenge will test how adept they've become at using those tools.  Both tribes will make their way over a balance beam where they will use a crow bar to open a crate and retrieve a shovel.  The shovel will be then be used to dig to find an axe, which will be used to chop a log that will release a rope holding two saws.   The saws will be used to cut through a wall releasing planks.  The planks will be used to complete a ramp that will get the entire tribe to the top of a platform where they must hammer three nails to break three tiles.   The final step is to put the toolbox containing all the tools used in the challenge on top of the table on the platform.  The winning tribe wins immunity and a barbeque reward feast complete with steak, sausages, vegetables, bread, condiments and a barbeque grill provided by.  Krista volunteers to sit out of the challenge for Zapatera.

In the first round of the challenge Rob and Ralph use the crowbars to open the crates and retrieve the shovels.   Ralph completes his job a little faster than Rob, giving Zapatera a slight lead.  Next, Julie and Grant use the shovel to find a hatchet buried in the sand.   Next, Ralph and Rob head out again, this time to use the hatchet to hack through the wood and release two saws.   Ralph attacks the log with the hatchet and adds to his team's lead in the challenge.   Mike and Steve head out next and use the saws to create the planks.   Phillip and Grant head out to work with the saws for Ometepe.    Mike and Steve complete the task much faster putting Zapatera in a good lead.    Stephanie and Sarita lose a little of the lead in fitting the planks to their ramp, since Rob and Kristina proved to be faster at it.  Still, Zapatera makes it to their platform first, where Stephanie starts untying the hammer.   Ometepe arrives on their platform quickly and Ashley starts untying their hammer.   Stephanie gets through her knots first and releases the hammer to Ralph who starts hammering the nails, which breaks the tiles.     In the end, Zapatera is able to get their toolbox on the table before Ometepe even starts hammering their nails.   Therefore, Zapatera wins immunity and the barbeque feast.  Ralph crows as Zapatera claims their reward.


As Zapatera returns from their challenge win, they celebrate getting the immunity idol back and winning the food reward.  Mike reveals, "I've never been this hungry in my life.  I haven't thought about sex in two weeks.   All I'm thinking about is food."    Zapatera proved they could win without Russell at this challenge.  Sarita declares, "We are the stronger team."    The tribe enjoys their feast and appreciates not having to go to Tribal Council tonight.


As Ometepe returns to camp after losing the challenge, Phillip calls a tribal meeting to praise everyone for a good effort.  No one is interested in letting Phillip talk though, so the meeting ends quickly.  Ashley vents, "Phillip, I can not stand him.  Like I can't even look at him.  That's how bad I can't stand him."  Ashley hopes Phillip is gets voted out tonight.  Kristina realizes that it is either she or Phillip getting voted out tonight.    Without an idol, Kristina feels her only hope is that the tribe will vote out Phillip, since he is so annoying.   She then strikes up a conversation with Natalie talking about how there must have been a clue in their last reward, so someone must have the idol by now.   Natalie is confused by Kristina's odd comments and the fact that she is no longer searching for the idol.   Natalie then tells her alliance about Kristina's comments.   They fear that Kristina might have the idol.  Rob is pleased that the tribe does not suspect that he has the idol, but also realizes that Kristina is dangerous.    He says, "As much as everybody else hates Phillip and doesn't trust Phillip, he's less of a threat to me than Kristina is."    Rob then tells his alliance that they should vote out Kristina.  They decide to play it safe and split the votes between Phillip and Kristina, just in case she does have the idol.    

Ashley takes a walk with Grant and tells him she wants Phillip to go more than Kristina.  Grant agrees and talks to Rob about it.    Rob points out that Kristina is more dangerous than Phillip.  Rob knows that Grant and the girls prefer to get rid of Phillip, but hopes they follow his plan.  He admits, "Hopefully all these guys get nice in line, like they sh