Season 22: Episode 5 - We Hate Our Tribe
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Ometepe returns from just voting out Kristina at Tribal Council.  After receiving only one vote less than Kristina,  Phillip knows he is not part of Rob's tight alliance that is running things.  Phillip says, "I'm kind of like the odd man out around here, even though I think I bring a lot to this tribe. "  The next day, Rob complains to Grant about Phillip sleeping with his knee in Rob's back last night.    Meanwhile, Phillip is annoying the girls at camp with his pink shorts.  Rob realizes, "As long as Phillip is aggravating everybody so much, it takes all the heat off of me.  So in a way, maybe he needs to stay."


At Zapatera, the tribe is feeling pretty good after winning yesterday's challenge and catching fish this morning.  Steve knows that Stephanie and Krista still feel like outsiders, but hopes to bring them into the Zapatera family.   He says, "If we can show them that we're a solid family and there's no backstabbing and it's a safe place to be, then I would think that they would want to hang tight with us going into a merge."  Later, Mike reads treemail announcing another duel.  Stephanie and Krista are lucky enough to win the right to go to the duel in a random draw.  Julie is not worried about Stephanie and Krista going to the challenge together now that Russell is gone.  She no longer sees them as a threat and comments, "They can go do whatever they want.  They can talk about whatever they want.  We really don't care.  They can't do any damage to us."  As Stephanie and Krista walk to the duel, Stephanie tells Krista that they need to get the message to Rob that they hate their tribe.  Stephanie admits, "I hoping to send the other tribe a message that they have two girls ready to flip.  So we're ready to cause some havoc and chaos and craziness at the merge."


Kristina and Matt arrive at the Redemption Island arena to find Rob, Grant, Stephanie and Krista in the audience.   Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the duel.  Each castaway will race to collect puzzle pieces.  Once they have all the pieces, they will use them to complete a puzzle in the shape of a cube.  First person to get it right, stays alive in the game.  The loser is out for good.

Matt and Kristina collect their heavy puzzle pieces quickly.  As they both attempt to solve the puzzle, Matt takes time out to ask Rob why he voted him out of the tribe.  Rob responds, "It doesn't take one person to vote someone out."  Kristina begins to struggle as she moves around the heavy puzzle pieces in the heat, while trying to solve it.    She doesn't give up though and keeps trying different ideas.  In the end, Matt is able to solve the puzzle faster than Kristina, therefore winning the duel for the third time in a row.  Before leaving, Matt makes a plea to Rob and Grant one more time telling Jeff, "I told both of those guys that I wanted to go with them to the top three.  So, hopefully I will hop back up on the Ometepe tribe."  Stephanie sees this as a perfect opportunity to plead her and Krista's case to Rob.  She lets him know that there is division in Zapatera and says, "I think yellow might look good on me."  Krista chimes in, "Me too."  With that, Kristina deposits her buff in the fire and leaves the game.


With Rob and Grant away at the duel, Phillip and the girls are left back at camp.  Phillip is very frustrated with the girls because he hasn't been able to connect with them.  He compares the girls to crabs, especially Natalie and Ashley.  He says, "I have a very difficult time trying to approach them.  They are quick to move away."  He finds Andrea a little easier to talk to, but she is still cautious of being seen with Phillip, if Rob and Grant are around.  Andrea helps Phillip with the fire, while Ashley and Natalie look forward to having a beach day.  Andrea admits that she is losing patience with Ashley and Natalie because they don't help out around camp and spend their days talking about superficial stuff.  At the same time, Andrea knows that she need to stay close with the girls since they are in an alliance together.  She admits, "If I had it my way, I would want to get rid of Natalie and Ashley before Phillip, but I can't really bring that up without putting myself on the chopping block."  While Ashley and Natalie are tanning on the beach, Phillip talks to Andrea in camp.    Phillip compliments Andrea on her work ethic.  Andrea asks Phillip if he has ever tried to get her voted out.   Phillip tells her absolutely not and admits that he in fact would like to be in an alliance with her and Matt, if he comes back from Redemption Island.  As Rob and Grant walk back into camp from watching the duel, Phillip is pleased that he had a chance to connect with Andrea.  He reveals that he sees Rob as a dictator or king of the tribe and says, "I'm a lord and I waiting for my opportunity to replace the king."


As Stephanie and Krista walk back to camp from the duel, they are both excited that they got to let Rob know that they were willing to flip to his alliance at the merge.   They hope that Zapatera keeps winning the challenges, so Rob will need them for numbers and so that Zapatera won't have a chance to vote them out.  Back at camp, Steven and Mike are guessing that things are getting pretty tough over at Ometepe, since they have less people and have won fewer rewards.   Krista is put off by their arrogance and feels that they are foolish for not strategizing or really playing the game.  Krista vents, "They are just not playing the game and when the game makes them play it, they're going to be very disappointed."   As the Zapatera tribe eats their meal before the challenge, most members feel confident that they will win.  Julie is a little concerned that the tribe is overconfident, though.  She still feels bad about throwing that past challenge to get rid of Russell.  She admits, "I hope it doesn't come back to bite us."  Just as they are about to leave for the challenge, Mike loses control of the pot of boiling water and drops it on the fire, which puts it out.  In the process, he burns his hand.


The Ometepe and Zapatera tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of this challenge.  One person on each tribe will be the caller.  The other tribemates will be blindfolded.  Using only verbal commands, the caller will guide their tribemates through a maze to collect bags of puzzle pieces.  Once all four bags are collected the caller will then use those pieces to solve a word phrase.   First tribe to get it right wins immunity and a reward of donuts and coffee.  The losers will go to Tribal Council, where they will vote someone out and send them to Redemption Island.  Steve and Julie opt to sit out of the challenge for Zapatera, since they have two extra members.  Stephanie is chosen as the caller for Zapatera, while Rob is chosen  as the caller for Ometepe.  David feels he is more qualified than Stephanie to be the puzzle solver, but Sarita overrides him.

As the challenge begins, Mike follows Stephanie's directions quickly to find the first bag for Zapatera.   Rob directs Grant to find the first bag for Ometepe.   Sarita and Krista are next to find their bags for Zapatera.   Meanwhile, Ralph and David are getting frustrated because Stephanie has not directed them to any bags.   Stephanie yells at Ralph, "Ralph stop.  Wait until I address you."  Meanwhile, Ashley and Grant bring in the second and third bags for Ometepe under Rob's direction.  Stephanie finally begins leading Ralph to the fourth and final bag, but Rob and Grant are quicker and get their last bag in first.  Rob starts on the puzzle for Ometepe, while Stephanie is still trying to direct Ralph through the course.   Once Ralph gets Zapatera's last bag in, Stephanie makes up time by getting her puzzle bags open faster than Rob.   They are now neck and neck trying to solve the word puzzle.    In the end, Rob proves once again that he is the master of puzzles, as he solves his word puzzle in record time while Stephanie chokes under pressure.  Ometepe therefore wins immunity and reward.    Mike, Ralph and Steve agree that David should have been the one solving the puzzle instead of Stephanie.  As Ometepe leaves the challenge defeated, Julie reveals, "It's going to be between Krista and Stephanie.  Those two are on the chopping block tonight."


Ometepe arrives back at camp and immediately starts enjoying the donuts and muffins.   Grant opens the jar of coffee and enjoys the aroma.  As he takes another whiff, he notices a rolled up piece of paper in the jar and realizes that it is a hidden immunity idol clue.  Rob is standing next to Grant and also sees the clue.   Both realize they need to get the coffee jar away from the rest of the tribe that is surrounding them.   So Grant calls upon his NFL experience and uses his body to block the view of others from Rob getting the jar out of camp.  Rob describes the move as, "a well choreographed football play."  Grant follows Rob out of camp where Rob has Grant hand him the rolled up clue.   Rob puts it in his pants and tells Grant that he will hide it while Grant brings the coffee back to camp.    Rob then heads into the jungle to where he buried the original clue that he got.   He switches the new clue with the first clue and buries the new one.  His plan it to show Grant only the first clue, knowing that it is too vague to be helpful.  Rob admits, "I got very lucky and had someone hand me the clue to the hidden immunity idol."    In a short time, Grant finds Rob who shows him the original clue.    Grant asks Rob if he has found the idol yet.   Rob tells him no that the clue is not very helpful.   So they decide to bury the clue to hide it from others.  Rob is not sure if Grant saw what he was doing earlier, so he acts a little frantic so Grant won't suspect anything.  Rob finds the whole ordeal amusing, since he already has the idol.  Rob reveals, "I had to hustle, you know, but you got to hustle if you want to make a dollar.  Everybody knows that."


Sarita, David, Julie, Steve, Mike and Ralph meet down on the beach after they get back to camp to discuss the challenge.  Steve points out that Stephanie did her best in the challenge, but David would have been better at the puzzle.  Sarita tries to explain the decision to use Stephanie in the challenge by questioning whether David could have handled the pressure.  David snaps back at Sarita saying, "I don't freak out.  I do very well under pressure.  My entire life is based on being under pressure."  Sarita continues to try and explain her position at which point David lays down the law and says he will do all puzzles from now on.  As Steve watches Sarita and David argue back and forth, he reveals, "I'm more disappointed in the whole team, than at Stephanie. For a couple of strong personalities not to step up."  As Tribal Council approaches, Mike admits that he doesn't feel like he can trust Stephanie or Krista.  He sees why they might get rid of Stephanie first based on her poor performance at the challenge.  Over on the beach, Julie talks to Sarita about voting Krista out before Stephanie.  She feels that they might be able to work with Stephanie, but she doesn't like Krista at all.  Sarita reveals, "If it was entirely up to me, David would be going home tonight."  She feels David is a typical lawyer who is only out for himself.  Sarita knows though that the tribe is expecting Stephanie and Krista to go first, so she will go with one of them.  Meanwhile, Stephanie and Krista sit in the shelter and feel helpless.   They know that one of them will be sent to Redemption Island tonight.  They vow to stay strong and do their best on Redemption Island.  Krista feel her tribe is not playing smart and says, "If I had to put money on it, I would bet that none of them are going to make it to the end.  I just wish I was going to be around to see it."  


Krista starts out Tribal Council by admitting that she and Stephanie are still the outsiders in the tribe.   She tells Jeff that she is frustrated that the rest of her tribe has the numbers, but is not really playing the game.   Sarita does not agree with Krista.  She explains by saying, "We've been playing it so fast and furiously that we unseated one of the best players in Survivor history."  Krista then makes the case that they are not really playing the game, because they are not thinking beyond their alliance of six.   Mike points out that she is not playing the game, since she has not made an effort to make an alliance with anyone other than Stephanie.  Krista responds by saying that none of them have  been smart enough to come talk to her and Stephanie and take advantage of their votes.   She then tries to expose some people by revealing who within the core six have paired up to create sub-alliances.  Mike then points out that Krista has no idea what the six people in the alliance have talked about since she is on the outside and is therefore not included in their conversations.  A little later, Stephanie reminds the tribe that she has done well in other challenges and should not be judged by this last one alone.  Stephanie also states that although it is likely that her or Krista will be voted out tonight, they will not give up and continue to fight on Redemption Island.   In the end, two votes were for Steve and the remaining six were for Krista Klumpp, the 25 year-old pharmaceutical rep from Columbia, S.C., who becomes the fifth person sent to Redemption Island on SURVIVOR:  REDEMPTION ISLAND.