Season 22: Episode 6 - Their Red Headed Stepchild
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Krista arrives at Redemption Island after just having been voted out of Zapatera at Tribal Council.  She joins Matt in the dry shelter and reveals, "I was excited about meeting Matt, because I saw him in the duel and you know, he had such a positive attitude."  Krista asks Matt if he prays a lot.  He tells her that he does and says, "I really feel like God put me here."  Krista says that she feels the same way.  She then changes the subject and tells Matt that she plans on giving him a run for his money.  Matt admits, "I quickly realized that she is a firecracker and she is here for business."


The next morning at Zapatera, Steve is wondering why Krista and Stephanie voted for him at last night's Tribal Council.  He decides to ask Stephanie about it.  Stephanie tells Steve that they voted for the weakest on the team, but he should not take it personally, because she feels he is doing his best.  Knowing that she could likely be the next one voted out, Stephanie reveals, "I was trying to be delicate with Steve.  I'm not going to be too crazy about bashing people."    She admits that she hates to suck up to people, but she doesn't want to get voted out and sent to Redemption Island.  After playing for 13 years in the NFL, Steve's ego is bruised by Stephanie's words and he realizes that he may have to dig deeper.  At the same time, Steve reveals, "Her vote against me last night, I consider it stupid."  Steve explains this to Stephanie telling her that she would have been smarter to vote with the majority to prove her alliance with them.  Stephanie responds by telling Steve that he is entitled to his opinion.


Over at Ometepe, Ashley and Natalie are having a spa day lying on the beach using the scissors to trim their underarm, leg and eyebrow hair.  Meanwhile, Rob and Andrea are building a day bed and Phillip is working on the fire.  Ashley is okay with relaxing while the others are working though.  She says, "If you can make yourself be more comfortable, why not?  I've worked hard all my life."   Later on, Phillip comes over to the tribe who is sitting on the beach, where Natalie is now braiding Andrea's hair.  He asks the girls to take over watching the fire, since he has been working on it all morning.  Phillip vents, "If I go to Redemption Island before Ashley and Natalie, there is something wrong with the game."  Philip is furious that they are not working and that they are not giving him credit for his hard work.  He says, "I'm their red-headed step child."  Philip declares that Natalie and Ashley's beauty pageant is over and they must go soon.


Krista and Matt check treemail on Redemption Island and find that it contains Krista's luxury item, which is a bible.  Krista is pleased to have her bible and admits, "It provided some comfort and just some strength of words of wisdom."   Next, Matt leads a prayer on the beach with Krista offering the day and the upcoming duel to the Lord and thanking Him for His guidance.  Matt sees Krista as different from the  others.  He explains, "Both of us have really been struggling with not having a faith community and other believers to talk to and lean on."    Because of their connection he feels, it may be a little more difficult to compete with Krista in the upcoming duel.   


Krista and Matt arrive at the Redemption Island arena to find Andrea, Natalie, Julie and Mike in the audience.   Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the duel.  Each castaway will use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags.  Each bag contains a ball.  Once you have all three bags, you'll use one ball to solve a table maze.  First person to get it right, stays alive in the game.  The loser is out for good.

Matt gets his first toss of the grappling hook off quickly, but does not hook a bag.  Krista takes a little more time, but successfully hooks her first bag with the first toss.  Matt finds his target on his second toss and pulls in a bag.  Meanwhile, Krista continues her success and pulls in the other two bags with her next two tosses of the grappling hook.   She starts on the table maze, while Matt is retrieving his last bag.   As Matt starts his table maze, he quickly leads the ball astray guiding it to a hole and has to start over.  Meanwhile, Krista is making good progress with the table maze carefully guiding her ball to the end.  Matt rushes to catch up and does so pretty quickly.   This makes Krista a little nervous and she ends up guiding her ball to a trap and she has to start over.   By this time, Matt is very close to the finish and successfully guides his ball to the net at the finish before Krista does.    Matt wins his fourth duel.  Julie and Mike from Zapatera and of course, Andrea from Ometepe are happy that Krista is out of the game and Matt is still alive.    Before Krista leaves, she gives Matt her bible and says, "Matt is an extremely strong believer and that might be one of the reasons that he doing so well out there."    Matt is touched by Krista's gift to him.  With that Krista drops her buff in the fire and is out of the game.  On her way back to camp, Andrea realizes how close Matt and Krista had become in a short time.   She sees how quickly Matt bonds with people and decides that he may be a dangerous player.


As day 15 begins at Zapatera, Sarita is suffering from an infected gum.  She used a twig to clean her teeth and ended up cutting her gum, resulting in an infection.   Sarita asks Ralph if her face is swollen.  Ralph comments, "Sarita, she is trying to be too fancy of a girl for this kind of game."  Julie and Mike talk on the beach and agree that Sarita is high maintenance right now.  David sees the fact that Sarita is weak right now, as an opportunity for Stephanie to perhaps elevate her status in the tribe.  David therefore talks to Stephanie and encourages her to talk to everyone in the tribe to make a connection.  Stephanie agrees and takes a moment to figure out, as she describes it, "How to suck up to people I hate."


Phillip comes in to the Ometepe camp with his arms full of firewood and tells the rest of the tribe to start gathering wood because a storm is coming.    Ashley immediately takes offense at Phillip telling them what to do and refuses to do it.  She says, "That's not asking.  That's dictating.  Sorry."    Meanwhile, Grant and Rob go to gather wood.   Phillip blows up at Ashley and Natalie for not helping out.  He says, "You two lay there like beauty queens, this is not a pageant."   Ashley throws it right back at him and thanks him for calling them beauty queens.  She says, "That's a compliment" and then laughs to irritate him.  Ashley just walks away, but Phillip follows her and continues to complain about her lack of work.  Ashley vents, "Phillip is mental, like he literally has a mental … Somebody needs to diagnose him."  Rob witnesses this whole argument.  He realizes that the unrest is not good for the tribe, who has to work together to win challenges to keep their numbers.    So, he takes Phillip aside and tries to smooth things over.  Rob admits, "I had to play Arafat in a peace process to bring the tribe back together again."  Rob knows that Phillip is right about Ashley and Natalie not pulling their weight, but he doesn't mind that his competitors have faults that will influence others not to give them the million dollar prize in the end.


Over at Zapatera, Stephanie starts her difficult mission of trying to connect with her tribe by apologizing to Steve for voting for him at Tribal Council.  Steve is not sure if Stephanie is sincere or just trying to build an alliance, but appreciates her effort anyway.  Since Steve gave her a friendly response, Stephanie decides to plead her case to him for staying in the tribe.  She tells Steve that she really wanted to vote for Sarita, whom she views as the weakest person on the tribe.  Steve agrees with Stephanie that she is stronger than Sarita right now.  Stephanie is encouraged by Steve's response and admits, "Anything will help me at this point.  I need to drag her down and bring me up."


The Ometepe and Zapatera tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of this challenge.  Two members of each tribe will launch balls onto the beach where the remainder of the tribe members will catch the balls.  If you catch a ball of any color, you score a point for your tribe.  First tribe to five wins immunity and a picnic at the top of a mountain overlooking San Juan del Sur.  The losing tribe goes to Tribal Council.  Sarita volunteers to sit out for Zapatera.

Stephanie and David are chosen to launch the balls for Zapatera, while Natalie and Phillip launch the balls for Ometepe.    The match ups on the beach are Grant versus Mike, Rob versus Steve, Andrea versus Julie and Ashley versus Ralph.  In this challenge, Grant's NFL wide receiver experience definitely pays off for him as he catches four balls for Ometepe while easily escaping Mike's blocking on each one.  Julie and Ralph almost catch a couple balls for Zapatera, but can't hold onto them.   Rob catches a ball for Ometepe too.  So in the end, Ometepe shuts out Zapatera and wins five to zero.  Zapatera leaves the field defeated and frustrated at having to lose another person tonight at Tribal Council. 


Zapatera arrives at their picnic excited to find a wide range of foods including lobster tail, bread and guacamole.    They are sitting on top of a mountain next to a huge statue of Jesus, which Andrea says is "watching over us today."  While they are all enjoying the food, Rob spots a clue to the hidden immunity idol next to the centerpiece.   He decides to let someone else find it, since he already has the idol.   He is delighted that Grant sees it next and quickly grabs it before anyone notices.   Rob then invites Grant to take a look at the view.  So they get up from the table and get away from the group.  Rob tells Grant, "Let's look at it to make sure it is not here."  While they are reading it, Phillip sneaks up on them and catches them with the clue.  He is upset that they tried to hide it from him, since he thought he was in an alliance with them.  Phillip vents, "If you are going to make an alliance with me, you'd better adhere to it, because I am all about integrity."  Phillip decides to remain calm now, but pay them back in the future for their betrayal.


After losing yet another challenge and reward, Zapatera considers the importance of winning challenges when making their decision for whom they should vote out tonight.  David makes the rounds reminding people that Stephanie is stronger and better in challenges than Sarita.    Sarita sees what's going on, but doesn't feel the need to scramble.  She admits, "I'm the most loyal person that my tribe will every see and they all know that."    Stephanie pleads her case to Julie who assures her that they have not fully made up their minds yet.    Stephanie says, "If they don't keep me, they are going to lose every single challenge, because they are not going to be able to carry Sarita anymore."


At the start of Tribal Council, David admits that things might be different if they had not thrown the past challenge to vote off Russell thus stopping their momentum.    Jeff asks Sarita why she sat out in today's challenge.  Sarita admits that she did not want to let the tribe down.   Stephanie counters by saying that she was ready to do whatever was needed to win the challenge and was glad that Sarita sat out, because she is weak.  Stephanie then says that she doesn't think Sarita even wants to be there anymore because she complains so much.  Sarita tells Stephanie that she is way off base.   Steve admits that Stephanie has more spunk than Sarita, but that Sarita is more trustworthy.   David then emphasizes the importance of winning over trust right now to ensure that they stop losing challenges.  With that, the tribe votes.  David and Stephanie vote for Sarita, but all the rest vote for Stephanie.   So, in the end, Stephanie Valencia, the 25 year-old waitress from Long Beach, Calif., becomes the sixth person sent to Redemption Island on SURVIVOR:  REDEMPTION ISLAND.