Season 22: Episode 10 - Rice Wars
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


On night twenty-four, as Mike sleeps in the shelter, Matt sits by himself on Redemption Island praying to God to give him the strength to continue in the game.  Matt reveals, "I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to pull myself up above my boot straps and keep my sanity."  Much to Matt's surprise, David arrives on Redemption Island, after just being voted out at Tribal Council.   Both Matt and Mike were expecting that there would be a duel between the two of them, before someone else was sent to Redemption Island.  Matt, Mike and David are confused as to what's going on with Redemption Island now.  David wonders if they will get to be on the jury.  Matt asks, "Can you have a duel between three people?"  They decide that it would then be called a "truel" instead of a duel.  David admits, "We definitely look forward to see what's going on here."


As day twenty-five starts at Murlonio, Steve tells Ralph and Julie that he is glad to still be in the game and not voted out like David was last night.  Steve realizes that the Zapatera alliance is now severely outnumbered by the Ometepe alliance, which Rob is holding together tightly. Steve notices Phillip, who is sitting in the middle of camp chanting and working on his feather headband.  Steve admits that he hasn't figured Phillip out yet and that his Zapatera alliance quite often finds him annoying.    As Steve looks over at the Ometepe alliance, he reveals, "The only hope we can hang our hat on is how irritated they can be with Phillip.  There's always a chance."


On day twenty-six, Phillip is sitting high up on a rock overlooking the ocean meditating.  He reveals that during his meditation, he had a premonition through his grandfather.  Phillip says, "I took that as an indication that my relationship with Rob, I think has finally come through what I call, the full circle of trust."  He feels confident that in working with Rob, he will still be around at the end of the game.


As the Ometepe alliance looks on, Julie, Mike and Ralph eat their fill of rice.   Julie reveals, "We have a ton of rice left and we're eating it."    Meanwhile, Phillip admits, "The rice situation is pretty ugly."  He is upset that Julie had seven and a half scoops or rice, while the Ometepe alliance has only enough rice left to make two scoops for each person.    Phillip tells Rob that he plans on getting even with the Zapatera alliance.  He is going to take some of their rice and put it in the Ometepe canister.   That way Zapatera will be forced to share their rice and not eat it all themselves.    Phillip vents, "The fact of the matter is that all rice here, belongs to all of us."  Phillip then makes good on his threat and scoops some of the Zapatera rice out of their canister, after Julie and Steve have left camp to go check treemail.  Over at treemail, Julie and Steve find a note inviting them all to Redemption Island to view a battle of those that have been outcast.


Matt, Mike and David arrive at the Redemption Island arena to find the entire Murlonio tribe in the audience.   Jeff Probst, the host, asks Matt how he's feeling after being sent to Redemption Island twice.   Matt responds, "I never knew that strangers could hurt me so deeply."  Matt continues, "It hurts, but I'm ready to keep going, if I can."  Jeff then explains the rules of the duel.  Each castaway will have 150 wood tiles, which they will use to build a house of cards.  The first two to reach eight feet stay alive. The loser is out for good and will become the first member of the jury.

Mike takes the lead first.  Matt is a close second.   David starts slowly, but once he has his base built, he starts to build his house of cards quickly.  As Mike gets close to the top, with only one more level of cards needed to reach eight feet, his house of cards begins to teeter each time he attempts to add the last layer.   Matt is right on Mike's heels, building his second to the last layer, while David is getting closer to catching them both.  In the end, Mike comes in first and Matt comes in second, therefore winning the right to stay on Redemption Island.   So, David drops his buff in the fire and becomes the first member of the jury.  As Matt walks away from the challenge, he thanks God for giving him the strength to win the challenge and stay in the game.  Matt admits, "If it is His will, then I will continue to win and take Rob out."


Andrea opens up the Ometepe rice canister and is alarmed to find maggots in their rice.  Phillip decides to dump all the rice onto a blanket.  He and Andrea then separate the good rice from the bad rice.   Rob suggests that Phillip put the good rice in the Zapatera canister, since all rice should be the property of the Murlonio tribe.    So, Andrea asks Steve if they can put their rice in the Ometepe container and Steve says no.   Phillip is appalled by Steve's reaction and says, "It's an eye opener to see individuals behave the way they are currently behaving."    Phillip then goes to Steve to plead their case directly.  He explains that they got rid of the bad rice and just need a place to store the good rice before it gets ruined.   Steve tells Phillip that he should have thought it out before he dumped their rice and once again refuses to let Ometepe's rice into the Zapatera container.   Phillip gets very upset and tells Steve that the rice belongs to Murlonio not Zapatera.   Phillip then threatens to take the Zapatera rice can, as soon as they aren't around to guard it.  Steve is now fed up with Phillip's ranting and calls him a lunatic and a dangerous man.   This infuriates Phillip.  He vents, "Anytime somebody of my color gets in one of your faces, then you feel like I'm a lunatic, I'm crazy."   The whole tribe is shocked that Phillip brought up the race subject, especially Steve.    Phillip tells Steve they can settle it man to man, if they need to.  Phillip says, "Steve feels like he's better than me and I think it has some slight racial undertones to it."    He continues, "If you start it, then I'm going to finish it."  Philip feels he has nothing to lose, because he feels the jury is not likely to vote for him at the end.    Steve reveals, "I just soon turn my back and walk away from it. "   Steve then goes over to Rob and tells him that the Zapatera alliance is voting for Phillip at the next Tribal Council.  Steve hopes that Rob and his alliance will agree and vote for Phillip in order to bring peace to the camp.    Although Phillip's flair up made things very uncomfortable in the Murlonio camp, Rob knows that Phillip is beneficial to him at the end.  Rob reveals, "At the end of the day, Phillip is public enemy number one.  I just have to figure out who to make public enemy number two."


The Murlonio tribe arrives on their mat.   Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge.  The castaways will build a multi-stage puzzle wheel.  The first stage is to release a puzzle wheel from it base and then solve the first puzzle.  The first six to finish will move onto the final round, where they must solve a second puzzle to complete the wheel.  First person to get it right wins immunity and is safe from tonight's vote at Tribal Council.  One of the others will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island to join Matt and Mike.

In the first round, many of the castaways get dizzy as they race round and round the post to release the puzzle wheel.  Andrea and Grant are the first to start solving their puzzle, but Rob is the first to finish his puzzle.   Julie, Ralph, Andrea, Steve and Grant finish their puzzles next and join Rob in the final round.  In the final round, Andrea and Rob take the early lead, but most of the others are close behind.  Julie and Ralph struggle with the puzzle.  In the end, Rob and Steve are neck and neck with Rob finishing just seconds before Steve.  So Rob wins the immunity challenge.  Steve is disappointed to have lost the challenge and hopes that two of the old Ometepe tribe will join himself and the rest of Zapatera in voting for Phillip.  Steve admits, "It's the only shot we got."


The Murlonio tribe is eating rice as they prepare for tonight's Tribal Council.  As usual, the Ometepe side is carefully rationing their rice, while the Zapatera side enjoys plenty.   Julie hopes that two people from the Ometepe will join them in voting Phillip out tonight.   She says, "The Ometepe tribe have enough numbers now where they can get rid of somebody, so tonight would be a great night to get rid of Phillip."  While Phillip is down at the beach, Julie takes his swim trunks off the clothesline.  She then proceeds to bury them in the dirt and put a rock on top of the spot.  She admits, "Phillip's right.  It's war."  Later on, Phillip discovers his swim trunks are missing.  He asks around and no one admits to seeing them.   Understandably, Phillip gets upset and says, "I can play that game."  Phillip hopes that this all comes up at Tribal Council tonight.  Ashley has had enough of Phillip and admits that she can't wait until he is gone.  Rob's plan was to get rid of Ralph, Steve or Julie tonight.  He reveals, "I love Phillip, but I don't know where his head is."  With that, the Murlonio tribe walks out camp on their way to Tribal Council.


Tribal Council begins with David taking his place as the first member of the jury.  Seeing Phillip in his underwear, Jeff Probst questions Phillip on his clothing.   Phillip explains that his swim trunks have been stolen and accuses Steve of the crime.  Phillip then explains that he had confronted Steve about the former Zapatera consuming too much rice.  Phillip admits, "It's been war between the two tribes."   Steve reveals, "Shep here wanted to bring this whole thing into a racial black and white thing over the rice."    Jeff asks for clarification.  Phillip though stories of his childhood and father helps the tribe to understand how names like "boy" and "crazy" have been used in the past to put himself and his family down.  Through his explanations, Phillip helps his tribe realize that they do not know what it is like to be an African American.  During Tribal Council, Steve also tries to assure Phillip that his "crazy" comments had nothing to do with prejudice.  Feeling the need to also speak the truth and reveal things, Julie admits to Phillip that she stole his shorts and buried them under a rock.   Even though things have been cleared up, Rob admits that the events of the past will still likely influence tonight's vote.  The three former Zapatera members then vote for Phillip, while the six former Ometepe members vote for Julie.   So Julie Wolf, the 50 year-old firefighter from Oceanside, Calif., becomes the eleventh person sent to Redemption Island on SURVIVOR:  REDEMPTION ISLAND.