Season 22: Episode 13 - Too Close For Comfort
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


On night thirty-two, the five remaining Murlonio members return from Tribal Council after just blindsiding Andrea.  Ashley and Natalie hug and are excited about being the "last girls standing."   Standing away from the others, Ashley tells Natalie, "I'll tell you, if there's any plan to vote you out and you tell me."  Natalie agrees, but is torn and reveals, "I'm leaning towards sticking to Rob, just because like, he has been there for me throughout this, but so has Ashley."  Later, Rob calls Natalie over and asks what she and Ashley were talking about.  Natalie tells Rob the truth.  Rob encourages Natalie to keep Ashley close, but also to be careful, since Ashley is sneaky.  Rob admits, "I've been fighting ten years to get this point.  I'm seven days away.  It might make sense to get rid of Ashley next."


Over at Redemption Island, Andrea is just arriving from being voted out at Tribal Council.  Everyone says hello to her, but Matt feels a little awkward.   Andrea admits to Mike, Ralph and Matt that she feels bitter after just being blindsided.   Matt responds, "Yeah, it does feel bad, doesn't it."   Andrea quickly replies to Matt, "I know you hate me."    Matt assures Andrea that he does not hate her, but was hurt by her voting him out.   Andrea fires back at Matt, letting him know that he threw her under the bus, when he admitted to Rob that they had been talking about aligning with the Zapatera tribe.  Having had enough of the conversation, Matt says he's going to bed.  Andrea asks Ralph if there is enough room for her in the shelter and he replies no.  Ralph vents, "She can sleep on the ground.  When we merged, they kept their tents and their tarp.  Now it's good for her to see what I had to go through."  Andrea settles in on the ground with people climbing over her to get into the shelter.  Ralph has the last word by telling Andrea; "Rob was using you like toilet paper.  He wiped his ass and now he's through with you."     The guys laugh, but Andrea feels sad.


The next day, Matt, Mike, Ralph and Andrea arrive at the Redemption Island arena with the Murlonio tribe in the audience.   Jeff Probst, the host, asks Andrea how she feels about seeing the five people that voted her out last night in the audience.   Andrea gets tears in her eyes and says, "Everyone of them lied to me.  It's a really like shocking and humbling experience."  Jeff then reminds her that she is not out of the game yet and that eventually one person from Redemption Island will be back in the game.   With that, he explains the rules of the four-person duel.  Each castaway will move a handle through a long table maze.  When they get to the end of the maze, they will use the handle to smash a box.   The box contains a bag of puzzle pieces, which they will use to solve the puzzle.    The first three to complete their puzzle stay alive.   The loser is out and will become a member of the jury.

Ralph is the first to take the lead in the maze.    Mike and Matt make slow but steady progress.  Andrea tries to rush through the maze, but gets frustrated and fights with it.   Ralph quickly completes the maze and retrieves his puzzle pieces first, while the others are only about half way done with the maze.    Mike completes the maze next, followed closely by Matt.   Andrea continues to struggle with the maze and gets more flustered.  Ralph had a huge head start, but he is not making progress with his puzzle.   Mike quickly passes Ralph and is first to complete his puzzle.   Andrea does well on the puzzle and catches up to Matt.   The two of them finish at the same time, leaving Ralph in last place.   So, Mike, Matt and Andrea stay alive, while Ralph leaves the game, but joins the jury.    As Rob leaves the arena, he says, "I want Redemption Island to be over and done with, so it's not a factor anymore."    Without knowing who will rejoin the game from Redemption Island, Rob finds it hard to complete his strategy to get to the end.


On day thirty-four, the Murlonio tribe is gathered around the campfire.   Rob, Grant and Phillip are hungry and want to make some rice.   Ashley cautions them to ration the rice or they will end up with none in the final days.   Rob decides that they should eat a little rice now.      Ashley retreats into the shelter, giving Rob and Grant a chance to talk.   Rob admits to Grant that he is feeling uneasy about Ashley.   Grant responds, "Next immunity challenge, I say we get rid of Ashley."   Grant knows that Natalie will stay loyal to them, if Ashley is gone.  Rob agrees and says, "She'd be too scared."  Meanwhile in the shelter, Phillip is stirring up trouble.   He tells Ashley and Natalie that Grant needs to eat to make sure that he will be strong enough to beat whomever comes back from Redemption Island.   Ashley snaps back, "Oh I will give up my portion of rice then."  Phillip insists that she can still have some rice, but that the men need more calories and therefore more rice than the women.   Both Ashley and Natalie get mad at Phillip for saying this.   Phillip gets upset at Ashley and Natalie for not listening to him and jumping to conclusions.    As the tempers start flaring, Natalie says to Phillip, "Do not get in our face and talk to us that way."    Phillip points out the fact that they always argue with him, but not Rob or Grant.   Phillip suggests this is because, "You want something from them."    The argument escalates, so Natalie and Ashley leave the camp together.   Ashley leaves yelling, "Psycho".   Rob is not happy with Phillip for stirring up trouble and driving Natalie and Ashley closer together.   Rob admits, "Ashley and Natalie are getting too close from comfort.   The best thing for me to do is split the two of them up."    Later, Rob checks in with Natalie to make sure that she is okay.    Rob assures Natalie that he will get her to the end, if she does what he tells her.   He then reveals to her that Grant wants Ashley out next and they might have to do that.    Meanwhile, Ashley is walking on the beach worried about how much Natalie relies on Rob.   She has the feeling that Rob would vote either her or Natalie out at the end to make sure that Grant is in the final three.  Ashley admits, "I think the best play for me in this game is to just get a big move going here and get rid of a strong competitor."


Later that evening, Ashley decides to talk to Rob about getting rid of Grant.   She tells Rob that if Grant is still in the tribe when someone like Mike comes back into the game from Redemption, then it will be hard to win the final immunity challenges against two great competitors like Mike and Grant.   Therefore, they should get rid of Grant next to reduce their chances of competing against two powerhouses at the end.   Rob is amazed that Ashley would not be fighting to get rid of Phillip instead.   Ashley admits to Rob, "No, I don't want to keep Phillip around.   I just want to do what's the smartest to keep us three together."  The three people being Rob, Natalie and herself.  Rob tells Ashley to sleep on it and see who wins the immunity challenge tomorrow.   Rob thinks about Ashley's plan and realizes, "It doesn't make sense.  All it does is give Ashley another way closer to squeezing herself into the finals."  Rob then goes and tells Grant that Ashley wants to vote him out next.  Rob assures Grant that he won't vote him out.   Grant and Rob then agree to win the rest of the immunity challenges to ensure their safety.  Grant vents, "If Ashley doesn't win immunity, she's out of this game and I'm going to be happy to do it."


The next morning, Rob, Grant and Phillip head out to check treemail.   Grant reveals, "Stealth R Us is sticking together to the end." Enjoying Grant's company on the way back to camp, Rob remembers that Ashley wanted to get rid of him next.   Rob vents, "Ashley's had a free ride for thirty-five days.  Her fairy tale is about to come to an end."  Treemail announces the next immunity challenge.  Ashley has a feeling that she'd better win this challenge.  She says, "I kind of feel paranoid.  Like, if Grant wins immunity, then I might be on the chopping block."   As Ashley steps away from camp, Natalie tells Rob that it's going to be hard.   Rob tells Natalie that he understands that it is hard for her, but that she should trust him and he will get her to the end.  Rob reveals, "More and more I see Ashley imposing her wisdom on Natalie.  That's not a good thing."   Rob knows that Ashley is a threat and he is committed to getting her out.


The Murlonio tribe arrives on their mat.   Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge.  Each castaway will use large fishhooks to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces.  Those puzzle pieces will be used to complete a puzzle in the shape of a fish skeleton.   To make it more interesting, castaways will have one arm tied behind their back.  First person to get it right, wins immunity and the reward of a three-course meal delivered to them at camp.

Grant gets his first bag of puzzle pieces over to the puzzle the fastest.  He starts untying his bag while the other four bring in their bags.    Grant, Rob and Phillip finish their first section of the puzzle before Natalie and Ashley and head out for their second bags.    As soon as Ashley finishes her first section, she quickly makes up time and is right back with the boys as they start solving the second section of the puzzle.  Meanwhile, Natalie is still struggling with the first section of the puzzle.    Ashley completes the second section of the puzzle first, therefore putting her in the lead.  She keeps the lead by retrieving her third and final bag before anyone else.   Rob and Phillip try to catch up with Ashley, as they start solving the third section of the puzzle, while Grant is still struggling to retrieve his third bag.  In the end, Ashley completes her puzzle first, therefore winning immunity and reward.   When given the choice of sharing her reward with someone, Ashley chooses Natalie.


As they return from the challenge, Ashley is elated, while Rob is disappointed.   With Ashley winning the challenge, Rob has no choice but to vote his friend Grant out.   Rob quickly goes to work to inform everyone about tonight's vote.   He starts by confirming with Ashley and Natalie to vote out Grant.   Rob admits, "Seems like no matter what the situation on Survivor, I have to do the dirty work, because everybody else is too stupid to do it."   Rob next tells Phillip that they are voting for Grant, but that Grant will think they are voting for him or Natalie.  Next, he goes to Grant and asks his opinion on the vote.  They discuss the options of voting for Natalie or Phillip.  Grant recommends voting for Natalie to break up her and Ashley.    Rob agrees with Grant, knowing that Grant is going to be voted out instead.  Grant admits, "When you look somebody in the eyes and shake their hand, you kind of get a vibe from that person and I get a good one from Rob.  And we're sticking to our alliance."

A little later, two waiters show up with trays of food for Ashley and Natalie.   Ashley admits, "If there was any challenge I needed to win, it was today.  That's why I just feel on top of the world right now."    Ashley and Natalie dig in and enjoy their feast, which includes pizza, nachos, fettuccini alfredo, chocolate cake, cheesecake and ice cream.  Meanwhile, Rob, Phillip and Grant have to make due with their usual modest portions of rice.  As Rob watches Ashley and Natalie together, he says, "Ashley and Natalie are getting too close for comfort."   He knows the power of two people united in Survivor, from his past experience with Amber.  Ashley whispers to Natalie that they might have to get whoever comes back from Redemption Island on their side to go against Rob and Phillip.   Ashley hopes they can make a move fast, so Rob doesn't have a chance to get her or Natalie out of the game.   Natalie reveals, "Part of me was hoping that Ashley wouldn't pick me, because it really put me in a "suckee" position."   Natalie is having a hard time trying to decide whom to be loyal to. Rob or Ashley.    Later, Natalie admits to Rob that Ashley wants it to be Ashley and Natalie at the end.  Rob reminds Natalie that it is in her best interest to stick with him.   Rob weighs all the options and realizes that he is still in control.   He knows that if he wanted to, he could get the majority to vote for Grant or for Natalie.   Rob boasts, "One man should not have this much power in this game.  Luckily, I'm not an ordinary man."


As Tribal Council begins, Ashley admits that she is feeling good having the immunity necklace tonight.   Grant realizes that he is a threat at challenges, so he feels vulnerable without immunity tonight.   Rob also admits that he feels vulnerable tonight and only hopes that the tribe does see Grant as the bigger threat.  When asked about the reward, Ashley says that she enjoyed sharing it with Natalie, her closest ally.   Jeff points out that Rob, Grant and Phillip might be worried about how close Ashley and Natalie are in this game, since they will likely vote together.  Natalie says that she is aware of the fact that she could be vulnerable tonight, if the guys wanted to split her and Ashley up.