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Season 23: Episode 2 - He Has Demons
Posted on Sep 21, 2011 11:00pm


On night 3, Semhar arrives at Redemption Island after just being voted out at Tribal Council. She feels abandoned by her tribe and says, "I gave them my every last strength and they sent me to Redemption Island." Semhar finds a plaque titled "Life on Redemption Island" which informs her that she will find basic supplies on the island and recaps the rules that Jeff explained about duels and winning the right to come back into the game. Working through her tears, she begins building her shelter and reveals, "One of the ways that I've turned my pain into positivity is through poetry." Semhar then recites a poem about abandonment, as she gets ready for bed. Her final words for the night, "I don't miss you, I miss feeling loved."


Meanwhile, over at the Savaii camp, the tribe is returning from Tribal Council. Cochran immediately thanks his tribe for not voting him out. He admits, "Tribal Council was kind of a disaster for me." He regrets how strongly he debated his case at Tribal Council and vows to bring out the "cool mellow Cochran" for a while. Ozzy admits that the Savaii tribe gave Cochran another chance in the game. He can relate to Cochran's passion for Survivor, but knows that this is not enough to keep him in the game. Ozzy reveals, "He needs to understand that if you don't put in the effort around camp and you don't put in the effort in the challenges, then you might be the next one to go." Later that night, Ozzy and Keith sit around the fire and talk. They agree that Jim is not only a good worker, but also valuable in challenges. They decide to meet with Jim tomorrow to discuss working together. Keith is excited to be working with Ozzy, since he has so much experience in the game. At the same time, Keith knows that Ozzy wants to win, so he admits, "I have to watch him like a hawk."


The next morning at Upolu, Coach and Edna take a walk. Coach thanks Edna for supporting him from the start of the game, even after he had lost the challenge. Coach knows that as a returning player, he has a big target on his back. So, he feels thankful to have built a strong alliance of five this early in the game with Rick, Sophie, Brandon and Albert. He realizes though, "When it comes to friends, you can never have too many." So, Coach decides to ask Edna if she knows who has the immunity idol. Edna reveals to Coach that she suspects Christine has found the idol during one of her searches and also tells him that Stacey is very close to Christine. Edna feels that she is at risk in the tribe, since she is the smallest and weakest female in the group. She admits, "I need to align myself with a stronger male player." Edna sees Coach as a perfect ally. Coach encourages Edna by telling her that loyalty is just as important as strength. They then agree to work together in the game and Coach vows to protect Edna.


Cochran decides to keep his promise to his Savaii tribe and pull his weight around camp. He starts by opening coconuts for them, even though his mom had warned him about using the machete. Cochran knows he can't compete with Ozzy, Keith or Jim for being the big provider, but he vows, "I can at least be a new Cochran." Ozzy leaves camp with the fishing gear and tells his tribe that he's going fishing. As soon as he clears camp, he starts looking for the hidden immunity idol. Without a clue, he uses his past experience to look for anything that seems out of place. After climbing a few trees, he finds one near the ocean with sprawling branches. While searching through the branches, he is surprised to find a rock sitting on a branch. Ozzy picks up the rock and is delighted to find the hidden immunity idol. He admits, "Three times around, you start learning what to look for. " Ozzy quickly searches for a new place to hide the idol. In past seasons, he was foolish enough to not use his immunity idol to save himself from being voted out. He vows not to let that happen again. He decides not to let anyone know that he has found the idol, since that would put a target on his back. Ozzy realizes, "If I can make it to the merge and I can use it in an opportune moment, this might be my ticket to the win."


Over at the Upolu tribe, Brandon is feeling guilty for keeping his true identity from Coach. Brandon admires Coach for the way he plays with honor and integrity. Brandon wants to play the same way, but feels that he can't as long as he is lying to Coach. Brandon admits, "Lying to Coach was tearing away at everything I believe in and I'd rather people know me for me." So, Brandon takes a walk with Coach and pulls up his shirt to reveals his "Lil' Hantz" tattoo. He then confesses to Coach that he is Russell Hantz's nephew, but asks him not to tell anyone else. Coach is speechless and then fearful, since he considers Russell to be his "number one nemesis." Coach recalls, "Russell Hantz told me as a man of God, as a Christian man, we're going to play this game together and then he voted my ass off the next time he could." Coach tells Brandon that he doesn't want to fall into the same trap twice. Brandon assures Coach that he will not betray his alliance with Coach and reminds him that he took a big risk in revealing his identity to him. Coach decides to trust his first instincts and continue his alliance with Brandon. Coach and Brandon pray together and thank God for bringing them together. Coach admits, "It's either going to be Coach Wade duped once again in Survivor or it's going to be redemption for the Hantz family."


Ozzy, Keith and Jim take the canoe out in the ocean in hopes of catching fish for Savaii. Jim's primary motive in going on the fishing trip is to talk alliances with Keith and Ozzy. While Ozzy is underwater fishing, Jim proposes a "3+2 alliance" to Keith. Jim explains that he sees Keith, Ozzy and himself, as the core alliance of three, going to the end. The additional two will be Elyse and Whitney, which will give them a total alliance of five and therefore a majority. Keith agrees to Jim's plan. Keith notes, "He really doesn't suspect that me and Ozzy were already talking to each other. Which is great because it lets him think he's in control." Jim feels good that Keith is on board with his plan. Jim then reveals, "We have the next three people that are going to be going home, kind of already set, obviously, Cochran, Dawn and Papa Bear."


Back at the Savaii tribe, Mikayla opts to join the guys as they go out to fish. At home, she is a member of a professional women's football league, so Mikayla is in shape and enjoys physical activity. She admits, "I don't see myself as a girly-girl. I see me as a strong, just solid person and I think that's going to help me in this game. " As Mikayla strips down to her underwear and starts helping put the net out in the water, Brandon becomes uncomfortable. He feels Mikayla is as dangerous as the past Survivor winner Parvati. He explains, "She's using her seductive ways and her young girl attitude to kind of get people in and get attention." As a married man, Brandon wants to stay away from Mikayla. He vows, "I will get her voted out of this game. Ain't no chick in this world getting in the way of me, my family and a million dollars."


Christine has not forgotten about the hidden immunity idol clue that Jeff mentioned at the last immunity challenge, which is hidden somewhere at camp. Nobody else seems to be searching for it, so Christine decides to do just that. She reveals, "Whether there's a target on my back, I don't know, but I would feel more comfortable if I had it in my pocket." As Christine is out in the jungle searching, Stacey walks up to a conversation with Coach, Sophie and Brandon. Sophie says she is worried about the idol and thinks that Christine has it. Stacey tells them that Christine has not told her anything about it. Meanwhile, Christine notices a tree with a lot of potential hiding places. She goes over to investigate and sees the hidden immunity idol clue in a crevice of the tree trunk. Christine quickly grabs it and reads it. The clue says, "It's definitely near the jungle, somewhere by the beach. The important thing to realize, it is just barely out of reach." Christine is so excited, yet she is not sure what to do with the clue. She says, "Do I tell them? Do I not tell them?" She heads back to camp considering her choices.


The Savaii and Upolu tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff explains the rules of this challenge. Four members of each tribe will race to unwind ribbons from a very tall pole releasing a set of keys. They will then use those keys to release the other four tribe members, who must then work together moving very heavy crates back and forth across a platform, until they can release the largest one. The first tribe to get their crate on the finish platform wins immunity and reward. The reward is comfort items, including pillows, blankets, a hammock and a mat. In addition, the winning tribe will win a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. With one extra member, Savaii opts to sit Edna out of the challenge.

Cochran, Dawn, Whitney and Elyse are on the ribbon pole for Upolu. Stacey, Sophie, Christine and Mikayla are on the pole for Savaii. Upolu is off to a fast start working well together to unbraid the ribbons on their pole, which releases the keys at the top. Upolu is having difficulty coordinating their movements, especially Cochran who gets caught up in the ribbons costing his tribe some time. Upolu releases their key first. Stacey uses the key to release the other four-tribe members who race to work on the crates. Savaii finally releases their key, but Dawn has difficultly getting it off the ribbon. Elyse takes over and gets the keys free and releases her remaining four tribe members to start working on their crates. Upolu has taken advantage of their head start on the crates and has made a lot of progress sliding them around to try and release the largest one. Savaii rushes to try and catch up. Upolu slows down a bit, as they try to figure out which pieces to move around to free the largest one. Savaii has a clear plan and the determination not to go to Tribal Council again. So in the end, Savaii makes a huge comeback and gets their largest crate on the finish platform first, winning them immunity, reward and the clue to a hidden immunity idol back at camp. As Upolu leaves the challenge knowing they have to go to Tribal Council, Brandon remarks, "I'm going to make sure that Mikayla goes home tonight."


As Upolu returns from the immunity challenge, Coach compliments the women for their fast work on the pole. Christine wishes the men had worked a little faster on the crates, so they could have won the challenge and avoided Tribal Council. She admits, "I just hope it's not me going home tonight." Coach meets with his alliance of five and recommends that they split their votes between Christine and Stacey. Coach reveals, "We need to split the votes in case the idol is out there." He is targeting Christine for her early comment on him being a "temporary player" and for spending so much time searching for the idol. Since Stacey is Christine's closest ally, Coach figures splitting the vote will get one of the two of them out of the game. He tells his alliance, that he is confident that Edna will vote with them. Later, Brandon meets with Coach to discuss the vote. He reveals to Coach that as a married man he feels uncomfortable with Mikayla and sees her as dangerous, just the way Parvati had been on past seasons. Coach respects Brandon's feelings, but realizes that Mikayla is a strong player, who is very valuable in challenges. Coach considers Brandon's feelings and admits, "I just think that he has demons that we don't know about that he's facing on a daily basis." Brandon then expresses his concerns about Mikayla to Sophie and Rick. Sophie is concerned that Brandon has a problem with Mikayla being a strong female. Sophie admits, "If that's the case, it worries me, because I think that I'm quite strong as well." The alliance of five, plus Edna get together to discuss the vote, while Christine and Stacey look on anxiously wondering whom they are targeting. Mikayla and Stacey decide to join the alliance of five meeting. So Coach immediately stops the meeting and walks away. Mikayla and Stacey are confused by Coach's exit, so Albert tells them that Coach is having a hard time trusting the girls. Mikayla vents, "They think that I'm not trustable. I'm like, are you kidding me?" Later, Christine questions Edna on what the group was talking about. Edna fumbles for an answer trying not to expose their plans. Christine admits, "We are just about ready to leave for Tribal and I have no idea what's going on." Christine and Stacey ask Brandon whom he is voting for. He tells them Mikayla. Christine is confused why a strong player like Mikayla would be voted out. With no one giving her a straight answer, Christine decides to look for the immunity idol. Meanwhile, the alliance of five and Edna regroup to finalize their vote. Coach wants to vote for Christine, but Brandon pushes hard for Mikayla. Brandon tells Coach that Christine and Stacey told him they were voting for Mikayla. Brandon confesses, "I just walked up to Coach and I lied to him. If Christine and Stacey vote for Mikayla, it's because I told them to." Brandon regrets the lie, but he desperately wants Mikayla gone. Coach is upset with Brandon's bullying tactics. Coach reveals, "I hope and pray that the six people that I have aligned myself with have the character that I judged them for. If not, there's going to be an ass whipping at Tribal Council tonight."


Upolu starts their first Tribal Council by getting their torches and lighting them on fire. Coach expresses his feelings right at the start by telling Jeff and his tribe that Christine and Stacey are voting for Mikayla, but he does not want Mikayla to go home. Immediately, Christine and Stacey deny that they are voting for Mikayla and question Coach's integrity. Christine asks Coach, "From whom did you hear that from, Mr. Honesty." Albert comes to Coach's defense and tells Christine that Coach is being loyal by not revealing