Season 23: Episode 3 - Reap What You Sow
Posted on Sep 28, 2011 11:00pm

­CHRISTINE ARRIVES AT REDEMPTION ISLAND On night 5, Christine joins Semhar on Redemption Island after having been just voted out at Tribal Council. Christine reveals, "I think my tribe was not ready for someone who wanted to play the game right out of the box." Semhar asks Christine what her tribe mates were like. Christine tells her that Coach was "a big fat pain in the ass" and that he was the one that wanted to get her out of the game. As Semhar and Christine work on building a fire, Christine is grateful for the opportunity that Redemption Island gives her to get back in the game. She vows, "It's not over yet. The fat lady has not sung." UPOLU RETURNS FROM TRIBAL COUNCIL As the Upolu tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council, Coach congratulates them all for still being alive in the game. Mikayla is in shock after almost being sent home at Tribal Council. She still doesn't know why Brandon was so set on getting her voted out. She vents, "What did I do? What did I do?" Mikayla is relieved that Coach came to her defense during Tribal Council and knows that she has to watch out for Brandon. Meanwhile Brandon is feeling bad that his plan to get Mikayla out failed and that he stooped to the level of his Uncle Russell and lied in the game. He admits, "I regret ever doing that." TREEMAIL FOR THE REDEMPTION DUEL The next morning, treemail arrives at Upolu, which invites two members of the tribe to the Redemption Duel. Coach and Stacey are the first to express interest in going to the duel. The tribe grants their request, so Coach and Stacey will represent their tribe at the duel. Coach admits, "The best part of this day would be if Christine lost." He does not want Christine coming back into the game. REDEMPTION DUEL: OVER-EXTENDED Christine and Semhar enter the Redemption arena after Coach and Stacey from Upolu and Ozzy and Elyse from Savaii take their seats in the audience. Jeff asks Christine if she has any animosity towards attendees Coach and Stacey after they voted her out at Tribal Council. Christine vents, "Coach Wade, he didn't like me from the beginning." Jeff then asks Semhar how she has been doing after being on Redemption Island for a few days. Semhar admits that is has been difficult, but adds, "I'm just ready to keep going." Jeff then explains the rules of the game. They will each place a wooden totem on top of a pole. At regular intervals, they will add another section of pole making it more difficult to keep stable. If the totem falls off, they are out of the duel, and out of the game for good. The winner stays alive and continues their quest for a million dollars. Before the challenge begins, Semhar recites a poem to help calm her. Both Semhar and Christine successfully balance their totems on top of their poles in the first two rounds, even after adding another section of pole. Things get shaky for Semhar as she adds her third pole piece, but she recovers nicely. Christine starts to lose focus, but is able to keep her totem on the pole. In the end, Semhar is the one to drop her totem first and therefore lose the duel. Before she leaves, Semhar admits that being on Redemption Island has brought up painful memories of her being abandoned in the past. She says, "I'm sad to be the first to go, but I know that I've played this faithfully and as a good person." With that, Semhar gives Christine her big sweater, deposits her buff in the fire, and leaves the game. Christine gives Stacey a thumbs up as she exits the arena to head back to camp and await her next duel. I DON'T WANT TO LIE ANYMORE Brandon is feeling very guilty for lying to his tribe before the last Tribal Council. Brandon confesses, "I don't want to lie anymore. I don't want to play games with these people." Brandon waits for his entire tribe to be together on the beach, and then he takes off his shirt to reveal his Hantz tattoos. Brandon proclaims to his tribe that he is Russell Hantz's nephew, but assures them that he is not the same person that Russell is. Brandon tells them, "I'd rather makes friends out here, than a million dollars." Most of the Upolu tribe is shocked to hear that Brandon is related to the villain Russell Hantz, but are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Mikayla feels his bloodline helps to explain the way he treated her and is not sympathetic to his story. She thinks that Brandon is looking for an easy way out for his bad behavior. Mikayla concludes, "I don't trust him. I think he's a sneak." Brandon takes a walk with Coach and apologizes for not telling him that he was going to let the tribe know about his relation to Russell Hantz. Coach compliments Brandon for his honesty and assures him that they are on good terms. Coach later admits that he would not have revealed to the tribe that he was related to Russell, but he realizes that Brandon is young and still learning to control his emotions. Coach feels that Brandon is still an important part of his alliance, "I still trust Brandon, absolutely, but it's just maybe not in with both feet now." IDOL NEWS Over at Savaii, Papa Bear is feeling very vulnerable as he watches the rest of the tribe hanging out together while he swings alone in the hammock. Papa Bear feels that he is at the bottom of the tribe's pecking order along with Dawn and Cochran. He concludes, "Every challenge is important to me. I'm not safe at all." Meanwhile, Ozzy is confident in his alliance with Keith, Jim, Whitney, Elyse and feels he is ready to confide in someone that he has the hidden immunity idol. Ozzy chooses Keith and explains, "I just think that he's going to be a strong ally and as far as I know, he's really trustworthy." Ozzy takes a walk with Keith and tells him that he has the idol. Keith is glad that Ozzy confided in him and assures Ozzy that he can be trusted. Later, Keith breaks that trust and reveals that to Whitney that Ozzy has found the hidden immunity idol. Keith admits, "I'm mad that Ozzy has the idol, because it gives him all the power or most of the power right now." Keith decides to tell Whitney so he can gain her trust and loyalty, in case he needed to make a move against Ozzy in the future. Whitney assures Keith that she will not let Ozzy know that he told her about the idol. BRANDON BLOWS UP Back at Upolu, Mikayla invites Brandon on a walk to ask him what he has against her. Brandon admits to Mikayla that he does not like her and therefore was trying to get her out at the last Tribal Council. Naturally, Mikayla asks Brandon why he does not like her, but he just gets upset at her for questioning him, when he feels that he is trying to apologize to her. Brandon vents, "Mikayla was coming at me like a bulldog, like she was going to attack me." Brandon knows that as a Christian, he should be humble and turn the other cheek, but instead he calls a tribe meeting. In front of everyone, Brandon yells at Mikayla and tells her, "It sounds like to me, you don't have much of an alliance." The rest of the tribe is shocked by Brandon's behavior and don't do or say anything. Sophie realizes, "He is a loose cannon." She sees Brandon being torn between his religious beliefs and the deviousness in his bloodline. Mikayla retreats to the beach by herself and starts crying. Meanwhile, Brandon sits by the fire and admits, "Being a Christian, I shouldn't have lost my temper." He continues, "This is like a constant battle for me. Good and evil. Good and evil." Back at camp, Coach and Sophie discuss the damage that Brandon's outburst did to the confidence of the alliance and to Mikayla. Coach hopes that Brandon will not have anymore blow ups. He admits, "It's a different kind of aggression than Russell had, but it's an aggression none the less." IMMUNITY/REWARD CHALLENGE: HITCHING A RIDE The Savaii and Upolu tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff explains the rules of this challenge. One person from each tribe will race across a floating bridge carrying a body board attached to a long rope. Once they reach the platform, they'll grab a bag and hang on, as the rest of the tribe cranks a giant winch pulling them back to shore. Once they have all five bags, the remaining tribe members will use grappling hooks to retrieve them. Inside the bag are puzzle banners. They must roll the banners down the face of a wall and arrange them to form their tribe flag. First tribe to get it right wins immunity and a reward, which includes coffee, tea, milk and cookies. In addition, the winning tribe will win another clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. Ozzy goes out on the course first for Savaii and Brandon goes out first for Upolu. Savaii is uncoordinated in operating their winch, especially Papa Bear. This results in slowing Ozzy down, since the rope is not being released as fast as he is running down the floating bridge. Brandon beats Ozzy back to the beach with his puzzle bag, therefore putting Upolu in the lead. Albert and Dawn are the next ones out to retrieve bags for their respective teams. Dawn does well on the course and is able to take the lead away from Albert. Ozzy goes out again for Savaii, while Mikayla takes a turn for Upolu. Ozzy retrieves the third bag and is able to keep the lead for Savaii. Dawn and Brandon go out next to retrieve their fourth bags. Dawn falls into the water before she reaches the platform, which allows Brandon to catch up to Dawn and tie up the teams. The last pair out is Ozzy and Albert. Ozzy loses his board on the way back, but is able to keep up with Albert. The pressure is now on for Coach and Edna on Upolu and Whitney and Elyse on Savaii to retrieve the bags with the grappling hook and solve the puzzle. The two teams remain even after retrieving the first four bags. Whitney and Elyse have trouble with their fifth bag while Coach and Edna retrieve their fifth and final bag and start solving their puzzle with help from their Upolu tribe mates below. Elyse finally hooks the last bag for Savaii, but it's too late. Upolu solves the puzzle and wins the challenge, giving them both immunity and reward. As they leave the challenge, Jim vents, "Papa Bear is the weakest person on the team." PAPA BEAR OR COCHRAN? Savaii returns from the challenge and is frustrated with the loss. Ozzy knows at this point in the game, they must get rid of the weakest player, which would be either Papa Bear or Cochran. As Ozzy gets together with Keith, Jim, Elyse and Whitney to decide the vote, Cochran and Papa Bear watch from afar. They wish they were part of the majority alliance, but realize that they do not fit in and therefore feel vulnerable for tonight's vote. Papa Bear tells Cochran, "We're up a creek, bro." Meanwhile, Ozzy's alliance decides to vote out Papa Bear, based on his poor performance at the challenge. Ozzy tells Cochran that they are voting out Papa Bear, but they will tell Papa Bear that they are voting for Cochran instead. Cochran admits, "The fact that my name keeps coming up is very upsetting." He's not sure whether he can trust Ozzy or if he should scramble to save himself. He prefers not to scramble, since he did that before the last Tribal Council and didn't like how it made him look to others. Jim and Ozzy find Papa Bear and tell him that Cochran is going home. Papa Bear does not believe them and feels sure that he is the target. Papa bear decides to head out to look for the hidden immunity idol. Elyse sees Papa Bear run into the woods and alerts her tribe mates. Jim and Elyse decide to follow Papa Bear and see what he is doing. They stay back, but find him digging around trees. Elyse admits, "Wouldn't it be wild, if he found that clue or the idol." Papa Bear realizes that he is running out of time. So, he decides to make a fake immunity idol and let the tribe think that he has found the idol. He hopes this will result in the tribe voting for Cochran instead of him. Papa Bear wraps up a rock with a palm frond and rushes back to camp. He tells Jim that he found the idol near the well. Cochran is pretty confident that Papa Bear did not find the idol and is just scrambling. He admits, "I hope my tribe mates see through this charade." Cochran is worried that it will put enough doubt in their minds though to shift their vote to him. Meanwhile, Ozzy is amused at the scrambling because he knows that he already found the idol and Papa Bear doesn't have it. Ozzy feels a little vulnerable to the possibility of a blind side and reveals, "I can't let anyone else know that I have the idol. I just hope that nothing goes wrong." TRIBAL COUNCIL Cochran starts off Tribal Council by noting his contribution in today's challenge as one of the operators of the winch. Papa Bear counters by saying that Cochran is a physical threat to himself. In response to Jeff's question on leadership, Cochran claims Ozzy is the leader. Papa Bear admits that he usually likes to be a leader, but he has nothing in common with the five-person alliance, which is in control of this tribe. The subject of an idol comes up next. Ozzy admits being burned in a past season, by not playing an immunity idol and therefore being voted out. Cochran brings up the point that you have to be careful of how the tribe perceives you when you search for an individual idol. The tribe can see you as being suspicious and untrustworthy, if you focus too much on the idol. It's time for the tribe to vote. Papa Bear receives six votes, while Cochran and Jim both receive one vote each. So, Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso, the 48 year-old retired NYPD detective from Forest Hills, N.Y. becomes the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island.