Season 23: Episode 4 - Survivalism
Posted on Oct 5, 2011 11:00pm

­ LET'S TARGET ELYSE As day 9 begins at the Savaii camp, Jim notices Ozzy and Elyse swinging together in the hammock. Jim sees how well they are getting along and admits, "I know the game well enough to know that a pair is very, very powerful." Jim knows that Ozzy is already a physical threat and now worries that if Elyse is his close ally, Ozzy might be able to run the game, like Rob Mariano did last season on Survivor. Jim therefore decides to target Elyse, as the next person to vote out of the tribe to weaken Ozzy's position. Jim reveals his plan to Cochran. Although, Cochran is hesitant about trusting Jim, he likes Jim's plan and agrees to work with him. BRANDON MAKES AMMENDS Over at Upolu, Brandon is regretting the lies he has told and the people's feelings that he has hurt. He wants to change his ways, so he vows, "From here on out, I've decided to be a better person, a better player, a better Survivor." He starts by apologizing to Mikayla. She thanks him for his apology, but doubts that he will really change. Mikayla sums it up by saying, "Look who his uncle is." Next, Brandon continues to confess his sins by telling Edna that he and the others have lied to her about being a part of their alliance. He knows that it is risky to expose his alliance, but he feels compelled to be honest. Edna appreciates Brandon telling her, but she admits, "It was a terrible feeling, because you're believing that you're part of this group." TREEMAIL AT SAVAII The tribe cheers as Elyse and Cochran bring treemail and a basket of swimsuits back to camp. Savaii is so excited to get their clean and fresh swimsuits. They are tired of wearing the same clothes for nine straight days. Cochran then reads treemail, which invites two of them to the Redemption Island duel. Cochran wants to go, but the others are not really interested. Finally Jim volunteers go. He reveals, "I don't like Cochran and I going at the same time because nobody knows that Cochran and I are together." If he hangs out with Cochran, then Jim worries that the tribe might suspect they are working together. Next, the Savaii tribe happily changes into their new bathing suits. As her younger tribemates model their suits to one another, Dawn admits, "I honestly think the thing that concerns me most in the game is my age." At forty, she is feeling older than the rest of her tribe. Also, as she looks around, Dawn notices her younger tribe mates pairing up and forming groups, which could become alliances. She knows that she has to prove herself to the tribe by performing well in challenges, so they can see that she is valuable and not the weakest one. Before Jim and Cochran leave for the duel, Jim stops by to talk strategy with Ozzy about how to portray Savaii to the other tribe at the duel. Ozzy tells Jim that it's too early to plant the wrong seeds. Ozzy shakes his head as Jim heads out to the duel and vents, "Jim is trying to play the strategy point too much." Ozzy then makes fun of Jim for being too strategic to the rest of his tribe. Dawn doesn't like Ozzy discouraging others to talk strategy. She is sure that Ozzy is strategizing himself. Dawn vents, "He doesn't want us strategizing and that just irks me to no end." REDEMPTION DUEL: SANDBAGGING Christine and Papa Bear enter the Redemption arena after Brandon and Edna from Upolu and Cochran and Jim from Savaii take their seats in the audience. Papa Bear tells Jeff Probst, the host, that when he returns to the game, he will be switching his support to the Upolu tribe, since the Savaii tribe voted him out. Next, Brandon apologizes to Christine for the way he handled the Tribal Council where she was voted out. He ends his apology by saying, "I turned over a new leaf and I'm sorry Christine. I hope you do well." Christine is not sure she believes Brandon, but accepts his apology. Jeff then explains the rules of the game. They will toss sandbags attempting to land the bags on top of crates. The first person to get one bag on each of the ten crates stays alive in this game. The loser is out for good. Both Papa Bear and Christine successfully land their first sandbags on top of crates. Papa Bear misses on his second and third throws, but Christine does not. She goes on a streak and lands her next four bags. Papa Bear doesn't get discouraged though and successfully throws his next eight bags, which allows him to catch up to Christine and tie her at 9 bags each with only one more to go. In the end, Christine gets her tenth and final bag on the crate before Papa Bear, which keeps her on Redemption Island and sends Papa Bear home. As Christine exits the arena, she reveals, "I want the spectators to see that I'm not out at all." EDNA IS ANNOYING As day 10 starts at Upolu, Edna is still thinking about Brandon telling her that she is not in the alliance. She decides to win over her tribe with kindness. She admits, "I have to emphasize the social game aspect of my strategy, because physically I can't win against those people." So, she starts by asking Rick if he needs his shirt washed and agrees to Coach's request to walk on his back. Meanwhile, Stacey and Mikayla find Edna's constant talking and laughing very annoying. Stacey vents, "I don't think she has an off switch. She needs to be disconnected." As Edna is walking on Coach's back down on the beach, she laughs and giggles. Mikayla reacts, "Her little laugh … uhh … It's going to haunt me when I get home." COCHRAN TALKS TO DAWN Cochran asks Dawn if anyone at camp talked about him or Jim while they were away at the duel. Dawn tells him that Ozzy told everyone not to strategize, even though she is sure that Ozzy has done his share of strategizing and is just trying to restrict others from doing so. Cochran then tells Dawn that they'd better do something because one of them will likely get voted out next. Cochran asks Dawn whom she would like to see go next. Dawn wants Ozzy out. Cochran then reveals Jim's plan to vote out Elyse next. Cochran knows, "Right now there is only Jim and I who are on board with voting out Elyse. So we're going to have to find someone that's willing to do this or else we're screwed." Dawn prefers to vote for Ozzy, but agrees to vote with them for Elyse, since Elyse is someone close to Ozzy. Cochran is delighted to get Dawn's support and admits, "This is finally going to be the time when the Savaii tribe makes a move that is going to change the course of the game." IMMUNITY/REWARD CHALLENGE: SHOULDER THE LOAD The Savaii and Upolu tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff explains the rules of this challenge. Three members consisting of two men and one woman from each tribe will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, weight will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the tribe member will drop the pole and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe. In addition, the winning tribe will win three chickens and another clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. Keith, Dawn and Jim are the weight bearers for Savaii. While, Brandon, Stacey and Albert are the weight bearers for Upolu. Savaii opts to put the weight on Albert first, while Upolu decides to put the weight on Keith. Each bag weighs ten pounds and one bag gets placed on each side of the pole, so every round puts twenty pounds on someone. Jim and Brandon get weight in the second round. Stacey and Dawn get their weight in the third round. So the weight is spread around early in the challenge. As the challenge continues though, the men get more weight than the women. After twenty-six minutes, Dawn and Stacey have 100 pounds each, Albert and Keith have 180 pounds, while Jim and Brandon have 200 pounds each. The bar slips off Keith's shoulders. As he tries to put it back on his shoulders, he drops the pole and is out of the challenge. Next, Albert slips off his wooden platform and drops his pole. So now only Jim, Brandon, Stacey and Dawn remain. As the challenge continues, Brandon and Jim go on to beat the Survivor record of 240 pounds previously set by Rupert, JT and Brendan, as the weight gets added to their poles. This ends up being the maximum they can hold though as Jim and then Brandon drop their poles before more weight can be added. So, now it is a showdown between the two remaining people Dawn and Stacey. After adding forty more pounds to each of them, Stacey drops her pole. So, Dawn wins the challenge and reward for Savaii. Dawn admits, "To be the last person standing in that challenge today, I almost didn't believe it. It felt so good." EDNA, STACEY AND BRANDON ON THE HOT SEAT As Upolu returns to camp, Stacey is pleased with her performance at the challenge and feels she has proven her strength to the tribe. She still feels uneasy though, since she received votes at the last Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Edna is also feeling vulnerable. She reveals, "I have that little voice in me that says everybody perceives me as the weakest link in the tribe." Edna tells Stacey her fears of being the weakest link. Stacey is frustrated with Edna because this is the first time Edna has talked to her about the game. She knows that she is stronger than Edna and vents, "They should vote out Edna over me." Later, Coach comes over to check on Stacey. Stacey asks him if he knows who is getting voted out tonight. He admits that it is she or Edna tonight. Stacey pleads her case and Coach assures her that he likes her. Stacey does not feel reassured by Coach though and reveals, "I'm not giving up." She decides to stir up some trouble, so she finds Brandon and tells him that Albert, Sophie and Mikayla are in an alliance that does not include him. Brandon immediately finds Coach and tells him, "We don't have a five alliance. It may be the end of the road, as far as that goes." Brandon continues and tells Coach about what Stacey told him about Albert, Sophie and Mikayla. Coach immediately responds, "Stop it!" He scolds Brandon for believing Stacey who is someone outside of the alliance and also someone scrambling to stay in the game. Brandon comes right back at Coach and asks him how many people have screwed him in the past on Survivor. Coach assures Brandon that he is playing the game differently this time. Meanwhile, Sophie overhears what is going on between Coach and Brandon. Sophie is not happy with Brandon questioning the alliance and admits, "Right now it looks more and more like Brandon is just a small, small, Russell Hantz." As Coach and the rest of the Upolu tribe walk to Tribal Council, Coach reveals, "I have to remember that I'm out here for the third and possibly final time and this has got to be my game. I can't let anybody or anything mess it up." TRIBAL COUNCIL As Tribal Council begins, Coach compliments Stacey on her performance in the challenge. Sophie makes a point that strength is important to the tribe, but notes there are two types of strength. One is physical strength, while the other is strength in unity and trust. Next, Jeff goes around the tribe and asks them what they find annoying about others. Brandon points out that Edna is talkative and has a lot of opinions. Edna then mentions that it is difficult to talk to Stacey. Mikayla finishes it off by commenting on Brandon, "He's a great kid but it's always in the back of my mind who is uncle is." Brandon then reveals to Jeff that he has told the tribe that his uncle is Russell Hantz, a prior Survivor villain. Brandon responds, "I love my uncle will all my heart, but that doesn't mean were the same people." With that he starts to cry and explains that he just wants God and his family to be proud of him. Brandon also wants to restore the integrity of the Hantz name, which was tarnished by Russell's actions in the game. Before the tribe votes, Albert notes that trust is also an important factor in the tribe's decision tonight. The vote is then taken. Stacey receives seven votes. So, Stacey Powell, the 44 year-old mortician from Grand Prairie, TX becomes the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island.