Season 23: Episode 5 - Taste the Victory
Posted on Oct 12, 2011 11:00pm

­I'M GOING TO SPILL IT Stacey arrives on Redemption Island on night 11, just after being voted out at Tribal Council. She wakes up Christine who is glad to see her friend, but sad that she was voted out of the tribe. Stacey fills Christine in on what has been happening back at Upolu, since she left. She tells Christine that Coach is the one running things. Stacey vents, "Coach come on here and try to act that he's just all holier than thou. He is nothing but a joke." Stacey reveals her plan to spill all the dirty laundry about Coach and the Upolu tribe to the Savaii tribe at the next Redemption duel. TREEMAIL AT UPOLU The next morning at Upolu, Brandon wakes up the tribe to let them know that treemail has arrived. As he waits by the fire for his tribe to gather, Brandon admits that Mikayla hurt his feelings at Tribal Council last night. Mikayla said that she did like Brandon because he was a Hantz. Brandon starts crying and admits, "I'm a good person. I'm a good guy and you know, if I can't win the game like that, then I don't need to win it." Brandon then reads treemail, which invites two people from the tribe to go to the Redemption Island duel. Coach is worried about the duel between Christine and Stacey, who are two disgruntled ex-Upolu tribe members. He explains, "The other tribe could get intel from us. That's what I'm most afraid of today." Albert and Mikayla then head out to the duel for Upolu. REDEMPTION DUEL: SIMMOTION Christine and Stacey enter the Redemption arena after Mikayla and Albert from Upolu and Dawn and Whitney from Savaii take their seats in the audience. Jeff Probst, the host, asks Stacey how she feels to see Mikayla and Albert after they just voted her out. Stacey calls them liars and warns Dawn and Whitney to watch out for them. She then goes on to name Benjamin (aka Coach), Albert and Sophie as the power alliance in the tribe with Benjamin as the leader. Stacey makes sure to call Coach with his proper name Benjamin, even though he prefers the name Coach. Dawn and Whitney listen closely to what Stacey is telling them about her old tribe. Albert is feeling uncomfortable listening to all this. Jeff then explains the rules of the game. They drop a ball down a chute. It will spiral downward until it falls out the bottom where they must catch it and put it back in the chute. Every few minutes, another ball will be added. The balls will alternate left and right, therefore making it more difficult to track them. If at any point, the ball hits the ground, that person is out of the duel. Last person left standing stays alive on Redemption Island. The loser is out of this game. Both Stacey and Christine successfully handle the first two balls in the challenge. When the third ball is added to the mix, Stacey adds it right away, while Christine waits to allow herself a good amount of time in between the balls. It gets challenging managing three balls at the same time going through the chutes. Christine bobbles a couple of balls as they fly out of the chute, but is able to keep them in play. Stacey does a good job at keeping her balls going, until one eludes her grasp and falls to the ground. So, once again Christine wins the duel and stays alive on Redemption Island, while Stacey goes home. Albert leaves the arena upset by what Stacey has revealed to the other tribe about himself and Coach. He vents, "It just pisses me off, because it makes us look bad in front of the other tribe and I know Coach is going to be pissed." ALBERT BREAKS THE BAD NEWS Albert and Mikayla return to Upolu and break the bad news to the tribe about what Stacey said about them at the duel. Coach was especially upset about Stacey revealing his alliance with Albert and Sophie and calling him Benjamin. Coach vents, "Stacey said Coach is running the show. So now at the merge, I'm probably going to be hit number one." NEWS FROM SAVAII Meanwhile, over at Savaii, Elyse and Ozzy are hanging out together in the shelter. Elyse feels good about things. Her alliance is strong and she is enjoying her friendship with Ozzy. She admits, "I'm kind of just following his lead. I believe he can take me far in the game." Next, Cochran carries a large pile of wood into camp. Ozzy and Elyse compliment him on his hard work. Ozzy then teases Cochran and asks him how to spell him name. Cochran quickly responds that nobody needs to know how to spell his name, especially for a Tribal Council vote. Cochran admits to doing his best to pull his weight around camp, unlike Ozzy and Elyse who snuggle and sleep in everyday. He comments, "I'm finding every little thing about them irritating now." Next, Dawn and Whitney return to camp from the duel. They tell the tribe that Stacey was the one voted out and that she revealed that Coach is the leader at Upolu and that he is in a strong alliance with Albert and Sophie. Ozzy comments, "If Coach is smart, he'll get rid of Albert soon." Jim wonders why Coach would want to get rid of Albert and Ozzy explains that he should do it before the merge. Jim immediately feels uncomfortable with Ozzy's logic. He realizes that if Ozzy thinks that Coach should get rid of Albert, the strong player in his alliance, then Ozzy is likely thinking the same thing about the strong players in his alliance. Therefore, Jim knows he and Keith could soon be targeted by Ozzy. Jim decides to use this new information to gain support for his agenda. He explains, "Nothing sells like fear. I'm going to put that fear in Keith and tell him to get Elyse gone next." I NEED TO FIND IT NOW Back at Upolu, Albert realizes that he could be targeted at the merge for being a threat based on what Stacey said about him at the duel. If the others see him as a being part of Coach's alliance and someone who is good at challenges, then he will likely be voted out. Albert decides to focus on finding the hidden immunity idol. He explains, "That clue is still out there. That idol is still out there. I need to find it now." So, he begins his search and is lucky enough to find the clue in a tree trunk. Based on the clue, Albert decides to look in trees that are near the beach. After climbing many trees, Albert admits, "The more I'm looking, I'm starting to get a little flustered." He decides to reveal the clue to Sophie and Coach to get their help and to win some points for sharing the information with them. Coach decides, "I've got to take this into my own hands." He then sets off by himself to find the idol with the information that Albert gave him. Coach also searches through many trees with no success. So, he decides to pray and ask God for guidance. Coach then continues his search and is thrilled to discover the idol in a tree branch. He then shares the good news with Sophie and Albert and shows them the idol. Coach reveals, "This is the most exciting moment in sixty-seven days for Coach playing this game." Sophie and Albert are so happy that someone in their alliance found the idol. Coach admits, "I'm not running the show, but at the moment, pretty close." OZZY AND COCHRAN GO FISHING The next day, Ozzy, Cochran and Keith set out on the canoe to catch fish. Cochran admits, "I don't really have any outdoorsy skills, but I figure I got to step up." Cochran hopes that it will be a bonding experience and elevate his worth in the tribe. While Cochran and Keith wait in the canoe, Ozzy swims around with the snorkel, mask and sling and catches fish. Ozzy knows that he has the reputation of being good at fishing and providing food for his tribe. Ozzy reveals, "It really is very difficult and it takes a lot out of me." Ozzy continues to spear fish and is praised by Cochran and Keith as he brings his catch back to the canoe. As someone who is seen as a tribe provider, Ozzy admits, "I think it's going to put me in a stronger position than anyone else. It's like, I feel like they're really becoming my tribe." As Ozzy returns to camp with his catch of eleven fish, his tribe welcomes him with cheers. Cochran is thankful that Ozzy provides the tribe with fish, but thinks that he gets more credit than is due him. Cochran sees that Ozzy spends most of the day doing nothing, but then receives a huge amount of praise for his one task of fishing. Cochran vents, "He's becoming the arrogant fisher boy, jungle boy, who feels like he can do no wrong and that he's entitled to our deference." Cochran predicts Ozzy's attitude will hurt him in the long run. IMMUNITY/REWARD CHALLENGE: PIG OUT The Savaii and Upolu tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff explains the rules of this challenge. Each tribe will have a roasted pig on a spit. With their hands tied behind their backs, they will race to chew off as much meat as they can. The tribe that spits the most meat in the their basket at the end of ten minutes wins immunity, a reward of bread, vegetables, spices and another clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. As the challenge begins, the members of both tribes enthusiastically bite off chunks of their pigs and then run to their baskets to spit out the contents of their mouths. In a short amount of time, everyone's faces are covered with barbeque sauce as they savagely attack the pigs. The Upolu tribe makes an extra effort to spit saliva into the basket after they get rid of the pig chunks in their mouths. Keith runs into a problem when a piece of meat gets stuck in his teeth and he can't get it out, since his hands are tied behind his back. So, Dawn comes to the rescue and takes the chunk out of his mouth with her mouth. Jeff comments, "That is teamwork right there." Edna then gets a piece stuck in her teeth and Coach helps her out. Next, Rick helps Brandon with a piece of meat stuck in his mouth. As Jeff watches the contestants attack the pigs and spit them it out, he admits, "This is a disgusting challenge." With only thirty seconds left in the challenge, Rick drops a huge piece on the ground and decides to leave it there. Mikayla then uses her mouth to pick it up off the ground and deposit it in the basket. As Jeff calls time on the challenge, Ozzy picks up the entire pig and spit in his mouth and intends to get it over to the basket. Jeff calls foul though and tells him to put it down. In the end, Savaii ends up with 22 pounds and 12 ounces of pig in their basket. While, Upolu ends up with 22 pounds and 14 ounces in their basket. Therefore, Upolu wins the challenge by only 2 ounces. So Upolu wins immunity and reward and also gets to take back all the meat they collected in their basket. As Coach and his winning tribe leave the challenge, he exclaims, "Wash off the spit and chow down." BACK IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT Brandon immediately starts cooking a feast for Upolu with the pork, vegetables and spices that they won at the challenge. Brandon uses his family's Cajun background to influence the taste of the meal. His tribe is delighted with the resulting feast. Coach even howls after tasting the food. Brandon reveals, "Today was more of a positive energy. I believe we're team and we're a family." As much as Coach enjoys the food, he admits, "The best thing about today's challenge is we're back in the driver's seat baby. We own it now." COCHRAN OR ELYSE? Over at the Savaii, the tribe is gathered around the fire and complaining about cracked lips, chipped teeth and sore jaws resulting from the challenge. Cochran teases and proposes that they will all likely get oral herpes, since chances are that one of them has it and they were all biting on the same pig. His tribe does not appreciate his humor, so Cochran decides to change the subject and asks if he can open a coconut for anyone. Ozzy notices that Cochran is working hard to impress his tribe, but reveals, "He's worked harder than I've seen him work this whole time out here and it just sucks. It's a little too late." Ozzy sees Cochran as the weakest link and goes around to the other members of his tribe to make sure they are going to vote for Cochran at Tribal Council. They tell Ozzy that they will vote for Cochran, but Dawn confesses, "In my opinion, it's time to break up that alliance with Ozzy and Elyse." Cochran confirms with Dawn that she will vote for Elyse and then tells Jim that he can count on Dawn and him voting for Elyse. Jim tells Cochran that they need one more vote to get Elyse out and that he is going to talk to Keith about it. Jim finds Keith and reveals to him that he is afraid Ozzy will vote out Keith or himself before the merge based on Ozzy's suggestion that Coach should get rid of Albert, who is a strong player like themselves. Keith agrees with Jim that Elyse should be the next one to go, which will then weaken Ozzy's power in the tribe. What Keith doesn't feel comfortable with is not telling Ozzy about the vote for Elyse ahead of time. Keith feels a bond with Ozzy from the beginning, which was strengthen when Ozzy told him about finding the hidden immunity idol. Keith knows that if he doesn't tell Ozzy about voting for Elyse ahead of time, then both Elyse and Ozzy will be blindsided. Keith worries, "How's Ozzy going to trust me, when he thinks we're all voting for Cochran?" Keith then finds Whitney and tells her about Jim's plan. Whitney agrees with Keith that they will put their alliance with Ozzy in jeopardy, if they go behind Ozzy's back and vote for Elyse. Whitney admits, "Keith and I are still trying to figure out how to weasel our way around this and still come out keeping our alliance strong." Meanwhile, Jim gives Cochran the good news that Elyse and not Cochran is getting voted out tonight. Cochran is elated and says, "For the first time, I'm not feeling that bad about my chances going into tonight's Tribal." Cochran knows that Ozzy will not be happy if Elyse is voted out tonight. Cochran vents, "I don't care if Ozzy thinks we're all against him. We are all against him and we'll vote him out next time." TRIBAL COUNCIL As Tribal Council begins, Ozzy tells Jeff that at just 14 days into the game, they are more concerned with keeping the strongest in their tribe than posturing themselves for the merge. When asked how comfortable he feels, Cochran points out that they all did well in today's challenge and only came up two ounces short of winning. Next Jim, Ozzy, Whitney, Dawn and Cochran tell Jeff about the injuries they received during the challenge as they tried so hard to win. As usual, Cochran is the most descriptive of them all. Dawn admits, "I think Cochran is endearing. He's a little bit of a character to me." Dawn then recounts Cochran suggesting that they might have all gotten a communicable disease from the pig challenge today. She admits finding him funny, but also troublin