Season 23: Episode 6 - Free Agent
Posted on Oct 19, 2011 11:00pm

­I'M NOW A FREE AGENT The Savaii tribe returns to camp after just voting out Elyse at Tribal Council. Ozzy feels betrayed because Keith and Whitney voted out Elyse without telling him. Ozzy vents, "How can you trust somebody when they go behind your back? It goes against everything that an alliance is supposed to be." So, in front of the entire tribe, Ozzy announces that he is now a free agent and no longer part of an alliance. He says, "I'm playing for myself and you guys can play for yourselves." He then tells them that he has the hidden immunity idol. Ozzy reveals, "I'm just going to let everything hang out there and try and go as far as possible. If it doesn't work, I've always got Redemption." HE NEEDS TO APOLOGIZE The next day at Savaii, Ozzy is out in the ocean fishing, while the rest of the tribe is back at camp around the fire. Ozzy is still bothered that his tribe voted out Elyse behind his back. He knows that he is valuable to the tribe as a leader and food provider. He hopes that his tribe will wake up and realize that. Ozzy admits, "I'm a big part of this tribe. If they want to win challenges and get farther, they got to trust me." Meanwhile, back at camp, the rest of Savaii discusses how Ozzy needs to apologize to them for his childish behavior last night. Whitney says, "He needs to fricken man up and get over it." Jim is happy that Ozzy threw a tantrum last night and continues to pout today because he feels it brought Ozzy down in the eyes of his tribe. Jim is also thrilled that Ozzy revealed that he had the hidden immunity idol. Jim admits, "The guy could not have made any worse moves than he did." Cochran is also happy that Ozzy blew up in front of the tribe. He explains, "The less pleasant he is, the better it is for me. So I hope he continues being a crybaby." BRANDON SEARCHES FOR THE IDOL Over at Upolu, Brandon decides to search for the hidden immunity idol. Brandon knows how important the idol is to the game, so he wants to do like his Uncle Russell Hantz did in the past and find the idol. Much to his delight, Brandon finds the clue in an odd looking tree. He immediately shares the good news with Coach and Albert and reads them the clue. Coach feels bad that he hasn't told Brandon that he has already found the idol, but he doesn't trust Brandon to keep it a secret. Brandon tells Albert and Coach to search for the idol too and report back to each other, if they find it. Brandon thoroughly inspects every tree in the vicinity for the idol. Meanwhile, Coach and Albert pretend to search but keep an eye on Brandon instead. As Coach continues to feel guilty for withholding the idol information from Brandon, Albert advises him not to tell Brandon now, since he is so worked up about finding it. Albert does worry though about what will happen when Brandon realizes that the idol is gone and therefore someone else must have found it. As Coach watches how feverously Brandon searches for the idol, he has flashbacks of his Uncle Russell doing the same thing. Coach reveals, "When I see something that reminds me of some horrible nightmares that I lived through on Heroes and Villians, it scares me. It scares the heck out of me." REDEMPTION DUEL: LOST IN THE SHUFFLE Christine and Elyse enter the Redemption arena after Sophie and Rick from Upolu and Ozzy and Keith from Savaii take their seats in the audience. Jeff Probst, the host, asks Christine how she is doing on Redemption Island, now having been there more days than she was in the game. Christine starts crying and admits that it is difficult saying, "Redemption Island can break you." Jeff then explains the rules of this Survivor shuffle board game. Each player will have four pucks on the board. The goal is to knock off the other player's pucks before they knock off yours. The last person with a puck left on the board, stays alive at Redemption Island, while the loser is out of the game. Christine goes first and misses all the pucks on the board. Elyse barely hits the pucks on her first attempt. Rick tries to encourage Christine and says, "Go Christine, you can do it." She responds by flipping him off. Rick and Sophie now see how Christine feels about her old Upolu tribe. After a few more turns, Christine is the first to knock Elyse's puck off the board, putting her in the lead. Elyse immediately responds by knocking one of Christine's pucks off the board. Christine successfully knocks off one of Elyse's pucks on her next turn. Elyse is not so fortunate and knocks one of her own pucks off the board on her next turn. Christine is now in the lead with three of her pucks on the table, while Elyse has only one more of hers in play. Elyse doesn't give up though and hits two of Christine's pucks off the table, before Christine gets anymore of Elyse's pucks off the table. The game is now tied, with one puck remaining for each player. In the end, Christine connects first and sends Elyse's last puck off the board. So, Christine wins her fourth duel and stays alive on Redemption Island, while Elyse goes home. CHRISTINE IS BITTER Rick and Sophie return to Upolu from the Redemption duel. They update their tribe mates with the information that Christine won the duel but was not friendly towards them. Rick told them how she flipped him off after he tried to encourage her. Sophie tells her tribe that Christine is very bitter and negative. Sophie admits, "She has no allegiance to us. I think Christine would be the worst person to come back from Redemption Island." I LIKE EDNA Over at Upolu, Coach and Edna take a walk on the beach. Edna is making an effort to stay close to Coach, especially since Brandon told her that she is on the outside of the five person alliance. Edna reveals, "I just want to make sure Coach knows that I have not wavered in my relationship with him." As Edna collects coconuts during the walk, Coach says, "Edna you're adorable." Edna tells Coach that they make a good team, one in fact that the rest of the tribe might not expect. Coach admits to liking Edna. He reveals, "She's the one person out here that I think would lay her Survivor life down for me." Coach then assures Edna that he has her back. He confides in her that Mikayla will be the next one voted out. With that information, Edna admits to feeling safer at the next Tribal Council and pledges her allegiance to Coach. I MADE A MISTAKE As Ozzy and Keith walk back to Savaii from the duel, Ozzy realizes that he made a mistake by losing his temper and alienating his tribe after they voted out Elyse at the last Tribal Council. Ozzy admits, "I still want to try and make something happen with this tribe because you got to have some people you can trust, if you want to make it to the end." So, Ozzy talks it over with Keith. Keith believes they can still work together and will likely both be able to make it to the end. Ozzy tells him that he is willing to overlook what happened at Tribal Council. Keith and Ozzy chuckle as Ozzy admits that he probably should not have told everyone that he had the hidden immunity idol. When they arrive back at camp, Ozzy apologizes to his tribe for the way he acted. He tells them he would like to reunite with them again. Jim comments, "Ozzy finally realizes that he's got nowhere to go." Jim is actually happy that Ozzy is back supporting the tribe, since Ozzy helps them win challenges and is a bigger target than him, especially after the merge. IMMUNITY/REWARD CHALLENGE: LOSING FACE The Savaii and Upolu tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff explains the rules of this challenge. Each team will race to assemble a wheelbarrow. They will then push it through a series of obstacles, stopping along the way to collect two loads of coconuts. They will then dump the coconuts into a trough. The remaining tribe members will then take the wheelbarrow apart and use the pieces to build a slingshot. They will then use the slingshot to fire coconuts at targets. The first tribe to knock down all their targets wins immunity and a reward. The reward is a trip to a natural waterslide called the Sliding Rocks, where they will enjoy a picnic lunch. The winning tribe will also receive another hidden clue to the hidden immunity idol back at their camp. Upolu has one extra member, so they decide to sit out Edna from the challenge. At the start of the challenge, Ozzy, Dawn and Cochran make up the wheelbarrow team for Savaii, while Rick, Sophie and Brandon make up the wheelbarrow team for Upolu. Both teams get their wheelbarrow built quickly. Upolu proves to be much better in maneuvering their wheelbarrow on the obstacle course, which allows them to get a good lead on Savaii. Dawn and Ozzy have a hard time working together to steer their wheelbarrow down the course. Upolu furthers their lead and gets their two batches of coconuts to their tribe members for the slingshot, before Savaii is even able to collect their second batch. Albert, Coach, Whitney and Mikayla therefore have a big head start to build the Upolu slingshot and start firing shots. Ozzy, Dawn and Cochran finally get the Savaii wheelbarrow and coconuts to their slingshot team, but not before Albert has already knocked down a target for Upolu. Coach, Whitney and Mikayla take shots for Upolu and miss before Jim takes the first shot for Savaii. He also misses. Keith is able to knock down a target for Savaii though and ties the game at one. Savaii has made a huge comeback after being so far behind in the challenge. As Mikayla continues to take shots for Upolu and misses, Coach asks her if she wants to take a rest. Mikayla declines and replies that she is not tired. This frustrates Coach. Albert knocks down a second target for Upolu, which puts them back in the lead. Mikayla then misses again and Coach asks her if she wants to sit out. She declines again. Meanwhile, Jim knocks down a second target for Savaii tying them again with Upolu. Albert then knocks down a third target for Upolu. Keith answers this by knocking down a third target for Savaii. Jim and Keith then knock down a fourth and fifth target for Savaii, putting them up by two with only one target left. Jim knocks down the sixth and final target for Savaii on his next shot, winning them immunity and reward. As Upolu leaves the challenge defeated, Coach is furious with Mikayla. Coach vents, "If I'm going to coach this team, I need for people in the heat of battle to listen to me. She's a problem. Mikayla should go home." SLIDING ROCKS REWARD As the Savaii tribe arrives at the Sliding Rocks waterfall and sees all the sandwiches, fruit and juice they let out a "Savaii" cheer. Dawn admits, "To win immunity and reward could not have come at the better time." Enjoying the reward and each other helps the Savaii tribe to heal the hurt feelings resulting from the last Tribal Council. Ozzy even agrees saying, "Having a reward like this really brought us all back together." He even hopes that if he doesn't win the million dollars that someone else from his tribe does. The members of the Savaii tribe dig into the delicious food and then take turns sliding and diving off the rocks into the pool of water below. Cochran is a little hesitant to slide down the steep rocks. He decides to go out of his comfort zone and out of his sweater vest though and get into the action. With his tribe cheering him on, Cochran gets the courage to successfully slide down the rocks. EDNA OR MIKAYLA Meanwhile, over at Upolu, the alliance of five tries to decide whether to vote out Edna or Mikayla. Coach reveals his plan, "Mikayla wasn't coachable in the challenge and she doesn't follow orders. So, she is going home tonight." Albert has a different plan though. He tells Mikayla that he wants her to stay and Edna to go, so he will try to talk the rest of the tribe into keeping her around. Mikayla can't believe that the tribe would even consider keeping the weaker and older Edna over herself. Albert also reveals a second reason for voting out Edna, "Edna is a freaking sharp, smart player, who is going to be tactical. That is way too dangerous." Albert first talks to Sophie and Rick about keeping Mikayla. They quickly agree with him that Edna is weaker and smarter than Mikayla and therefore should be voted out next. Albert and Sophie then talk to Brandon. Brandon admits, "I'm starting to trust Mikayla more because Edna is just, she's acting too, too sweet to not be playing us." Just as Albert is thinking that he has talked Brandon into voting out Edna, Brandon tells him that he will not go against the promise he made in the past to keep Edna alive as the sixth person in their alliance. So, Albert and Sophie give up on changing Brandon's mind and bring their plan to Coach. Coach disagrees with their plan to vote out Edna. He argues that Edna is more loyal and obedient than Mikayla, which makes her more valuable to the alliance. Albert reveals, "The reason Coach wants to keep Edna is Coach feels Edna is directly in his pocket." Albert knows Edna's loyalty is good for Coach, but Edna's weakness is bad for Albert's top priority of winning the next immunity challenge to avoid losing more tribe members. Coach realizes he needs to get other's support for voting out Mikayla, so he talks to Rick and argues his case. Coach vents, "Albert and Sophie might think that Edna's going home, but I'm going to tell you right now, if I have anything to do with it, that's not going to happen." Before heading out to Tribal Council, Albert talks to Rick again and lets him know that he is the deciding vote. Rick vents, "If I send Edna home, I'm going to piss off Coach. If I send Mikayla home, I'm going to piss off Albert. You're damned if you don and damned if you don't." TRIBAL COUNCIL As Tribal Council begins, Coach makes his point that Mikayla did not listen to him at the challenge. Edna admits that she is perceived as the weakest on the tribe. Brandon points out that you want to win challenges and go into the merge with the numbers, but you are better off if the remaining people are loyal. Albert argues that numbers are more important than loyalty at the merge, because the tribe with the biggest number of people has a better chance of keeping the power. Sophie agrees with Albert's philosophy. Jeff points out that the tribe is divided. Coach weighs in on the side of loyalty over strength and numbers. Albert cautions him that loyalty can be faked, but strength cannot. Brandon gets annoyed listening to his tribe go back and forth. So he reminds them that they made a pact to keep the alliance of six, which includes Edna, therefore getting rid of all others first. Brandon feels so strongly about sticking to his word that he s