Season 23: Episode 7 - Trojan Horse
Posted on Oct 26, 2011 11:00pm

KILL OR BE KILLED The six remaining members of the Upolu tribe return to camp after just voting out Mikayla at Tribal Council. Edna is not happy that she received votes. She hopes that Brandon will continue his unpredictable outbursts though, like the one he just had at Tribal Council. Edna admits, "He's making my job on Survivor easier by just being himself." Rick expresses his concern to Coach about Brandon's behavior, especially if it continues after the merge. Coach assures Rick that they will be able to keep Brandon under control. Coach realizes though, that if Brandon becomes a liability, they will have to get rid of him. Coach says, "In this game, it's kill or be killed." REDEMPTION DUEL: GAME OF BRIDGE Christine and Mikayla enter the Redemption arena after Sophie and Albert from Upolu and Ozzy and Cochran from Savaii take their seats in the audience. Jeff explains the rules of the duel. Each player will take apart their crate and use the planks to build a bridge. Once they have completed the bridge, they will take it apart and use some of those planks to solve a puzzle. The first person to get it right stays alive on Redemption Island, while the loser is out of the game for good. As the duel begins, Christine figures out a faster way to get the planks out of the crate by pushing them up from the bottom in a group rather than taking them off one at a time. Albert notices and shouts at Mikayla to do the same. Christine starts building her bridge one board at a time before Mikayla finishes taking apart her crate. Once Mikayla starts working on her bridge, she proves to be pretty fast at it, therefore allowing her to keep up with Christine. As they get down to putting the last few planks on their bridges, Mikayla has trouble finding her next piece. Albert yells out where it is to Mikayla. Meanwhile, no one is helping Christine, but she is still staying ahead of Mikayla. Christine finishes her bridge, while Mikayla still has four pieces to add to her bridge. Christine then starts taking apart her bridge and collecting the pieces with patterns on them to use for the puzzle. Mikayla does the same shortly after. They each begin building their puzzle to look like the symbol in the Redemption Island arena. Mikayla completes her puzzle first, but it does not match the symbol. Christine then completes her puzzle correctly and wins the duel. Mikayla leaves the arena crying. After winning five duels in a row, Jeff tells Christine, "You're becoming a legitimate force." Christine responds, "I've always been a legitimate force." Feeling that the merge is coming soon and not knowing which side Christine would join if she returned, Ozzy comments, "It might be worthwhile for us to send somebody to Redemption that can beat Christine, then come back in the game and even out the numbers." WORST CASE SCENARIO PLAN On the way back from the duel, Ozzy reveals what he calls his "worst case scenario plan" to Cochran. He tells him that if their tribe does not win the next immunity challenge, then they will have to send someone to Redemption Island that can beat Christine in the next duel. With Christine gone, Ozzy knows this will ensure that the person coming back from Redemption at the merge will be loyal to their Savaii tribe. This will then put them at even numbers with Upolu rather than down one. Ozzy tells Cochran, "I don't want to go to Redemption, but if it comes down to it, if it's like a do or die situation, I will go." Ozzy further explains that he will have to give up his immunity idol to someone at camp while he goes to Redemption. He hopes this person will return it to him, when he comes back in the game. Cochran is impressed with Ozzy's plan and agrees to help him with it. Ozzy admits, "It might be one of those big moves that I might have to make." Cochran reveals, "If Ozzy was being honest and he would willingly fall on his sword for his tribe, that'd be great for me, because that means I wouldn't be going home at the next Tribal Council." LET'S FIND THE IDOL Over at the Upolu tribe, Coach is alone on the beach doing tai chi and praying. He knows his tribe is down after losing the last challenge and being so divided at the last Tribal Council. He concludes, "We need something to boost our spirits." Coach decides that the thing to do is encourage his tribe to search for the hidden immunity idol and then reveal to them the one that he has already found. Coach then gathers his tribe, gives them a pep talk and tells them, "We've got to find the idol today." Brandon tells the tribe what the clue said. Sophie and Albert already know that Coach has the idol, so this charade is for the benefit of Brandon, Rick and Edna. Coach reveals, "We've got to pretend that we've found it." Coach then leads the tribe in a prayer for success in their idol search and for a victory in the next challenge. As the rest of the tribe searches for the idol, Coach and Sophie head towards the place Coach hid it. On the way, they find an unexpected treemail. The treemail invites the tribe to the next immunity/reward challenge and instructs them to pair up and paint themselves like twins before they go. Coach and Sophie then get the idol and call the tribe together. Sophie announces to the tribe, "We have two pieces of great news." Brandon guesses that they found the idol and starts screaming with joy. He says, "Not only did they get the treemail, we found the idol, not even five minutes after we got done praying." The Upolu tribe is feeling good, as they get ready for the challenge. IMMUNITY/REWARD CHALLENGE: FAMILY TIES The Savaii and Upolu tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff confirms that this is an immunity challenge with the winner not having to go to Tribal Council and therefore being one number up in tribe members over the losing tribe. In addition, the winning tribe will get the reward of a trip to the Survivor Cinema. They will get a sneak peek of the new Columbia Pictures movie Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler along with movie snacks. Jeff explains that there is a connection between the movie and Survivor. Jack and Jill is about a twin brother and a sister that don't always get along, but in the end they realize they need each other to survive. The same is true for each Survivor because it is the bonds they make that will help them survive in the game and make it to the end. Jeff explains the rules of this challenge. Each tribe has already separated themselves into pairs and decorated themselves to match like twins. One set of twins will be your callers. The other two sets of twins will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the callers will lead the blindfolded twins tethered together by a rope, through a series of obstacles to collect bags of masks. Once you have all four bags, one set of twins will empty the bags and using only their sense of touch, pair up the masks into matching pairs. First tribe to get it right wins immunity and is heading to the cinema. Coach and Rick are callers for Upolu, while Jim and Cochran are the callers for Savaii. Keith and Dawn are the first pair out for Savaii. Brandon and Edna are the first pair out for Upolu. Brandon and Edna retrieve their bag a little faster than Savaii does giving them the lead. The next pairs out are Albert and Sophie for Upolu and Ozzy and Whitney for Savaii. Albert and Sophie maintain Upolu's slight lead while they retrieve the second bag. As the next pairs retrieve the third bags, Keith and Dawn make up time and even take the lead for Savaii passing Edna and Brandon. Next, an unexpected delay occurs for Savaii. Cochran has trouble unhooking the rope from Keith and Dawn to transfer it over to Ozzy and Whitney. This loses them valuable time and takes away their lead. Albert and Sophie get to their fourth bag before Ozzy and Whitney do, but Albert has trouble untying the bag. This gives Ozzy and Whitney a chance to catch up. Unfortunately, they lose ground again as their rope gets tangled along the way. So, Albert and Sophie get back to the puzzle table first and start solving the mask puzzle. While they do this, Coach prays that they will win. Ozzy and Whitney try to catch up. In the end, Albert and Sophie solve their puzzle first, giving Upolu the victory. As Upolu celebrates and thanks God for their victory, Ozzy is furious at Cochran for messing up the rope connections. As Savaii leaves the challenge, Cochran is worried that Ozzy will no longer offer to go to Redemption Island and send Cochran instead. JACK AND JILL REWARD The Upolu tribe is excited as they arrive at the Survivor Cinema to see an advanced screening of the movie Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler. They immediately stop off at the snack bar and load up with hot dogs, sodas and candy. Edna admits, "This reward and immunity is so important for our team." The tribe settles into their comfortable chairs and enjoys the movie and food. Coach especially enjoys the Jack and Jill movie not only for its humor, but also its message about the importance of family. Coach says, "Unbreakable, that's what our tribe is and now. We're ready to play the second half of this game." TIME FOR REDEMPTION Meanwhile, over at Savaii, the tribe is still very upset about the losing the challenge. Cochran accepts responsibility for the loss, because he messed up the ropes and invites his tribe to vent their anger towards him. The tribe decides to discuss whom they should vote out at Tribal Council as a group. Cochran reveals, "I knew immediately that I was the next target." Ozzy tells Cochran that his fumble with the ropes cost them the challenge. Cochran replies, "I feel horrible and I should be held accountable." Ozzy feels it's too risky for himself to go to Redemption Island, since they don't know with certainty that the merge is coming next. Ozzy says, "Cochran volunteered to go to Redemption. It's going to be his chance to redeem himself." The tribe agrees and tells Cochran that he can beat Christine at the next duel, if he just believes in himself. As they are all trying to give him a pep talk, Cochran reveals, "I'm terrified. I don't need to be a hero at Redemption Island." He is also not sure that he could be a hero, even if he wanted to. CHANGE OF HEART The next morning Ozzy awakens with a headache after not sleeping well. During the night he dreamed about following through with his original plan to go to Redemption Island, beat Christine and then come back in the game and give his tribe an advantage in the game. Ozzy leaves camp and retrieve his hidden immunity idol from its hiding place and puts it around his neck to show his tribe that he really does have the idol. Ozzy reveals, "I came to redeem myself, so it's my opportunity really." Ozzy then reveals his plan to the tribe and hopes that they will support it. Cochran is thrilled to hear that he might not have to go to Redemption Island, but the others think it is a bad idea. Keith thinks Cochran should pay for his mistakes. In addition, Keith admits, "What worries me most about the plan is that the merge is not going to happen like we think it is." If the merge doesn't happen, then Keith knows that his tribe will be at a disadvantage competing in challenges with Cochran instead of Ozzy. Jim admits to having the same concerns as Keith. TRIBAL COUNCIL As Tribal Council begins, Ozzy reveals that it was very difficult to lose that last immunity challenge and that Cochran got the bulk of the blame for the loss. Cochran admits panicking during the challenge when the rope got tangled and being frustrated and embarrassed by it all. He says that it is especially heart breaking, since they feel that the merge is happening soon and now they will be down in numbers, unless they can do something at Redemption Island. Dawn explains, "Our hope is that whoever goes to Redemption Island can win that duel and send home Christine and re-enter the game and then that leaves us six Upolu and six Savaii." Ozzy then reveals to Jeff his plan to go to Redemption. Ozzy explains, "I saw my chance at my own Redemption, which has been haunting me since the last time I played." Ozzy goes on to say that he is going to give up his hidden immunity idol to Cochran before he goes to Redemption Island. At Redemption Island, he will tell Christine that they were going to vote out Cochran, but Cochran surprised them by having the idol and sent Ozzy to Redemption instead. Ozzy admits that they are taking a risk that the merge is not coming soon and says, "At least I've gone out on my terms and I haven't gone out on someone else's terms like last time." Keith, Whitney and Jim all express reservations about how risky this plan is for their tribe. The tribe then votes. Five people vote for Ozzy and Ozzy votes for Cochran, since he cannot vote for himself. So, Ozzy Lusth, the 30 year-old returning Survivor player from Venice, CA gets his wish and becomes the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island. Before his torch is snuffed, Ozzy gives his hidden immunity idol to Cochran and hopes that he will get it back, if and when he returns to the game.