Season 23: Episode 8 - Double Agent
Posted on Nov 3, 2011 12:00am

BIG MOVE The five remaining members of the Savaii tribe return to camp, after making the risky move of voting out Ozzy at Tribal Council. Cochran is happy that Ozzy offered to go to Redemption Island, therefore saving Cochran from having to go. Now everyone at Savaii hopes that Ozzy will be able to beat Christine at the next duel and that the merge will then come and allow him to return to the game. Cochran admits, "If everything connects in the way that we hope it will, this is going to go down in history as one of the single biggest and greatest moves in Survivor history." Keith feels that Cochran was a coward for letting Ozzy go to Redemption Island, since he feels that Cochran should have gone to pay for his mistakes in the challenge. The next part of the Savaii plan is for Cochran to act as a double agent at the merge. Their plan is to have Cochran pretend to align himself with the other tribe and then report back what he learns to his Savaii tribe members. Cochran admits, "I think if anybody in this tribe is capable of being a double agent, it's me. I've already been pretending like I like these people in my tribe for the last eighteen days." OZZY ARRIVES AT REDEMPTION Ozzy arrives on Redemption Island after just being voted out at Tribal Council. He wakes Christine and tells her he got blindsided by Cochran. Ozzy tells Christine that the tribe voted for Cochran, but that Cochran voted for Ozzy and then played the hidden immunity idol. Ozzy is delighted that Christine seems to believe his falsified story and does not suspect that he willingly got voted out of the game. His next step is to beat Christine at the duel and then give the other tribe false information at the merge. Ozzy reveals, "The move is probably either the stupidest thing I could have done or the craziest, ballsiest thing I probably could have thought of ever doing." REDEMPTION DUEL: JAIL BREAK/MERGE The next day, Christine and Ozzy enter the Redemption arena to find the entire Upolu and Savaii tribes in the audience. Jeff Probst, the host, asks Ozzy if he is surprised to be on Redemption Island. Ozzy does his best to appear mad at Cochran for causing them to lose the immunity challenge and then blindsiding him at Tribal Council. He hopes that the Upolu tribe is buying his story. Jeff explains the rules of the duel. Each player will use sticks and rope to make a long pole. The pole will then be used to retrieve three keys, which open three locks. The first person to unlock their locks and step through their door, wins the duel and this time comes back into the game. As the duel begins, Christine and Ozzy work quickly to tie their sticks together into a pole. Christine is the first one to put her pole together and use it to try and retrieve a key. Christine's pole is long enough to reach the keys, but not strong enough as the pieces come apart. So, she works on rebuilding her pole. Ozzy completes his pole and gives it a try. He is able to hook one of the keys, but drops it before he gets it back to him. Christine gives her pole another try, but it is still not solid enough to stay together. Meanwhile, Ozzy is able to retrieve the key that fell into the sand with his pole. So now, Ozzy has only two more keys to retrieve, while Christine still has all three to retrieve. Ozzy quickly retrieves his second and third keys, before Christine is able to hook her first key. Christine is not giving up, even though her pole keeps breaking apart. Ozzy uses his three keys to unlock his door locks and win the duel. Ozzy is able to re-enter the game, just as he had hoped and planned. Christine drops her buff in the fire and goes home after 19 days of being on SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC. Jeff tells the remaining Survivors to drop their buffs, since they are now merged into one tribe. Ozzy is thrilled that his risky move paid off. Ozzy says, "Now I can only hope that Cochran's going to be able to infiltrate Upolu and take the advantage, take the lead and take the victory." MERGE FEAST The merged tribe returns to camp and is excited to find an assortment of meats, cheese, fruit, bread, dessert and drink waiting for them. Everyone talks and gets to know the people from the other tribe. Jim admits, "Immediately it's game on though. It's six on six. So, everybody is looking for an in." Coach takes time to chat with Cochran. Cochran realizes that it is his turn to implement the Savaii plan and therefore get to know the Upolu members and see what he can learn from them. Cochran begins by telling Coach how badly his tribe treated him and that he is not happy with them. Coach responds by being honest with Cochran and telling him that he feels that Savaii is lying. He tells them that he thinks Ozzy wanted to go to Redemption and was not blindsided. Coach assures Cochran that the his old Upolu tribe will stick together at the next vote and if Savaii does too, then they will have to choose rocks to determine who gets voted out. After calling Cochran's bluff, Coach then tries to get on Cochran's good side, by admitting that he himself has been made fun of by people, because his intelligence was greater than theirs. Coach tells Cochran, "I know what that feels like man, but you have a chance to change the game for yourself." Cochran is impressed by Coach and seriously considers breaking his alliance with his tribe and jumping over to the Upolu side with Coach. Later, Cochran talks to Coach, Albert and Sophie and admits to them that Ozzy planned to go to Redemption Island, as they suspected. Brandon talks to Cochran next and reassures Cochran that he will protect him from any of his old tribe mates that might give him trouble for flipping. Even though, Cochran is seriously considering flipping to support the other tribe, he decides not to go back on his promise to return the hidden immunity idol to Ozzy. So he gives the idol back to Ozzy. Cochran finally feels like he is in control of his own fate in the game. He knows that his decision on which tribe to support at the next Tribal Council is significant. He reveals, "I am the person right now who gets to decide how SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC takes shape"¦" DAWN CHECKS IN WITH COCHRAN On the way to get tree mail, Dawn asks Cochran what his plan is for the game. He is honest and tells her that he is going to vote with Savaii on the first vote at Tribal Council and if it results in a tie, then he is going to vote with Upolu on the second vote. Dawn understands why Cochran would go against Savaii on the second vote, especially since they have been treating him badly since the beginning. As Cochran is explaining how his plan finally gives him power in the game, Dawn starts to cry. She explains, "I love to see people just stand up for what they believe in, kind of at the expense of the million dollars." She is upset that she did not stand up for Cochran sooner. Dawn realizes how tough of a game Survivor is, because you are supposed to be looking out for yourself at the expense of others, which does not feel right to her, especially in the case of Cochran. Dawn and Cochran return to camp and read treemail, which announces the first individual immunity challenge. IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: COCONUT CRADLE The merged tribe arrives and takes their places on the mat. Jeff asks Keith what the name for their new tribe is. Keith tells him it is Te Tuna based on the story of how the coconut came to be. Jeff then reveals two immunity necklaces and lets the tribe know that one man and one woman will win immunity at this challenge. He then explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will balance on a small perch, while holding a coconut between two ropes. At regular intervals more rope will be added making it more difficult to hold on to the coconuts. If at any point the coconut drops or a person steps off their perch, then they are out of the challenge. Last man and last woman standing win immunity and are safe at Tribal Council. Shortly after the challenge begins, Edna lets the coconut touch her body, so she is out of the challenge. Seconds later, Cochran loses his balance and falls off his perch, so he is out of the challenge. Everyone else survives the first round. Before the second round begins, each of the remaining players lengthens the ropes holding their coconuts, making it harder to hold them. Whitney drops her coconut right away, which leaves only Dawn and Sophie left to vie for the women's immunity necklace. Sophie finds it difficult to stay balanced on the perch and drops her coconut. Dawn wins immunity for the women. The seven men remaining are now competing for the men's immunity necklace. Coach is the first one to drop his coconut. Rick is out next. Jim and Keith drop out with only fifteen seconds left in the second round. Albert, Brandon and Ozzy remain to compete in the third and final round. Brandon drops his coconut first leaving only Ozzy, a former Savaii, and Albert, a former Upolu, left to compete in the challenge. In the end, Ozzy is able to hold his coconut longer and wins the men's individual immunity. Therefore, Dawn and Ozzy are the only ones safe from tonight's vote. WHAT WILL COCHRAN DO? Back at camp, the former Savaii tribe members get together to discuss the vote. They are elated that Dawn and Ozzy won individual immunity, since this makes less of them vulnerable in the case of a tied vote, where they have to draw rocks to see who gets voted out. They all decide to vote for Rick on the Upolu tribe. Ozzy and Jim check in with each of their former tribe members to make sure they are solid and are willing to choose rocks in the case of a tied vote. Both Cochran and Dawn look uncomfortable as they agree to support the tribe. Jim admits, "My impression right now is that both tribes believe that it is going to be a deadlock at the vote." Jim doesn't like the idea of picking rocks to determine the vote, but he feels better that only four of them would be vulnerable at the pick, since two of them, Ozzy and Dawn have individual immunity. The former Savaii tribe then decides to give the hidden immunity idol to Whitney to lesson the chances of one of them going home even more. They decide to give it to Whitney, since they are pretty sure that Upolu is going to throw their votes her way. Jim explains, "If it goes to rocks, Whitney becomes immune from the rocks and they want to have some of the stronger players in there, me and Keith." Cochran listens to his tribe, but reveals, "I love this game. I respect this game, but I don't respect reducing my game to a game of chance in pulling a rock out of a bag." So Cochran goes to talk to Sophie and tells her that Savaii is going to vote for Rick. He admits to her that he is nervous about jumping to their side and is not sure how his old tribe is going to react. Sophie reveals, "You can never count on someone flipping over." She does feel pretty confident that Cochran will do so based on how nervous he is. Coach admits, "We really have no choice right now but to trust in Cochran, because the odds are not in our favor." Coach feels he has done everything he can to encourage Cochran to join his alliance and turn away from the people that have treated him wrong in the past. Dawn checks in with Cochran to see if he is still going to flip, if there is a second vote. Dawn assures him that she will not reveal his plan to others, but she is not sure what she is going to do. She warns Cochran that he may not be able to trust the former Upolu members and his actions may only start a war. Dawn's doubts make Cochran uncomfortable with his decision to flip. Cochran admits, "It's a tough choice. Do I go with the people that have kind of been rude to me for the past twenty-one days or do I ditch the entire rock scenario, jump tribal lines and possibly cost myself a million dollars because I'm going to be causing so many people to be furious at me?" Dawn continues to discourage Cochran from flipping. She explains, "I kind of backed off my original feeling of maybe I should flip with Cochran." Dawn realizes that Savaii may not be perfect, but overall they are good people and that she wants to stay loyal to the tribe. She hopes that Cochran will do the same. TRIBAL COUNCIL Coach and Ozzy each admit to Jeff that they expect a tie vote tonight, since both of their former tribes have six members each and they are going to vote based on old tribe lines. Ozzy is happy that both he and Dawn won individual immunity today, since it results in two less people from their former Savaii tribe being vulnerable to going home. Jeff explains that if the vote is tied, then the two people that have votes are also immune from picking rocks along with the two people with immunity necklaces or anybody that plays an immunity idol. Albert is curious to see if Savaii plays an immunity idol tonight, since Ozzy had previously told them the doubtful story that Cochran had played it against him at the last Tribal Council. They will know this story is false, if Savaii still has an immunity idol. Ozzy decides to answer their question right away and says, "I do have the idol or rather, we do have the idol." Ozzy then warns the former Upolu members that he will likely use it at this vote. Coach gives Cochran a wink, just as Jeff calls for a vote. Before the vote is read, Ozzy gives Jeff the hidden immunity idol in Whitney's name. Jeff then reads the votes. As expected the votes are tied. All six former Savaii members vote for Rick, while all six former Upolu members vote for Keith. Jeff then calls for a second vote where they can only vote for Keith and Rick. Keith and Rick will not vote. Jeff says, "If anybody is thinking about changing your vote, this is your last chance." The second vote is then taken. Much to Savaii's surprise and Upolu's delight, Cochran does change his vote. So, Keith Tollefson, the 26 year-old water treatment tech from Edina, Minn. becomes the eighth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island. Cochran admits to Ozzy and Jim that he switched. Jim calls Cochran a "Coward." Brandon comes to Cochran's defense and responds, "Don't talk to him like that."