Season 23: Episode 9 - Cut Throat
Posted on Nov 10, 2011 09:30am

SAVAII IS UPSET WITH COCHRAN On night twenty-one, Te Tuna arrives back at camp from Tribal Council, where Cochran just voted with the former Upolu members to send his old tribe mate Keith to Redemption Island. Immediately, Ozzy pulls Cochran aside and asks him why he voted against his old Savaii tribe. Cochran explains that he didn't want to hurt anyone; he just didn't want to have his fate determined by drawing rocks. While Cochran and Ozzy are talking, Brandon comes up to make sure that Cochran is not getting picked on. Cochran assures Brandon that he is fine. Ozzy reminds Cochran that he has saved him in the past, so now he feels like he's been stabbed in the back. Jim is not so gentle with Cochran when he comes up to him and says, "Coward. You are a poor excuse for a man. Don't talk to me ever again." Whitney comes to talk to Cochran next. She too feels betrayed after all the times that she and Keith had protected Cochran from being voted out in the past. In addition, she feels that the remaining Savaii members will be voted out one by one, since they are no longer in the majority. She ends her conversation with Cochran by saying, "You disgust me." Cochran does not put up a fight, as his angry ex-tribe mates vent their frustrations at him. Cochran makes his way to the fire and is welcomed by the old Upolu members. They comfort him and assure him that he did nothing wrong. Cochran is happy with the way he voted. At the same time, he admits, "It's kind of a weird balancing act I'm doing right now, between the Upolu members who are now embracing me more than ever and my former tribe mates who seem to really, really hate my guts." COACH FEELING GOOD The next morning, Coach is so happy that the six Upolu members stood strong at Tribal Council last night. They successfully got Cochran to join them in the vote, which eliminated an old Savaii member, therefore breaking the six-six tie and giving Upolu a numbers advantage in the game. As Coach is doing his morning tai chi, he admits, "I feel like if I can just be confident and not arrogant, if I can be humble, but not weak, I think I have a good shot at going all the way." A little later, Coach asks Cochran whom he would like to see go home next. Cochran feels it is smartest to get rid of Ozzy, but he also wouldn't mind getting rid of Jim for personal reasons. Meanwhile, Ozzy realizes that he has to have a new game plan after being betrayed by Cochran. He says, "My total strategy is gone. I have nothing more I can do. I'm just going to keep fighting and I'm going to bust my ass today at the challenge. I just going to keep on winning until there is no one left." IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: GET CRACKIN' The merged tribe arrives and takes their places on the mat. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of this challenge. Each person will toss coconuts and attempt to land them in a ring. The first four to do so, move onto the final round. In the final round, each person will crack coconuts, using a rock. They will then get a mouthful of coconut water and make their way through an obstacle tower. They will then empty the water into a tube. The first person to fill their tube with coconut water wins immunity and is safe from Tribal Council tonight. Dawn is the only one to land her coconut in the ring in the first round. So Dawn is the first one to qualify to move on to the final round. Whitney, Jim and Sophie land their coconuts in the second round, so they join Dawn in the final round. Ozzy is very disappointed to have not made it to the final round. In the final round, Jim and Sophie quickly pull ahead of Dawn and Whitney. They prove to be the fastest at cracking their coconuts and getting through the obstacle to spit their coconut water into the tubes. Jim and Sophie are neck and neck as they compete to fill their tubes first. Jim get his tube full enough to only need one more mouthful. Sophie is on her way back to see if this mouthful of coconut water will be her last, but she starts to gag while on the obstacle and has to spit out her coconut water before she gets to her tube. This gives Jim the time he needs to get his last mouthful of water and win the challenge. So, Jim wins individual immunity and is safe from tonight's vote. JIM'S PLAN After they get back to camp, the former Upolu members decide to cast all six of their votes towards Ozzy, since he did not win immunity. Ozzy meets up with Coach and admits that he doesn't want to go. Coach reveals, "Ozzy knows there's a good chance that he could get voted out tonight." Coach notices how humble Ozzy is now, compared to times in the past, when he had more control. Coach appreciates Ozzy's humility but admits, "At this point, it's too little, too late." Coach gives Ozzy a hug and tells him that he is sure that he will be back in the game. Meanwhile, Dawn knows that Upolu will be voting for one of the Savaii members at Tribal Council. Since Jim won immunity, she realizes that Ozzy, Whitney or herself will be going to Redemption Island. Dawn admits, "We either have to really just stay loyal to the final four of us and just go down in flames or I'm going to need to consider flipping and voting with the Upolu tribe." Out in the ocean, Jim and Whitney are talking strategy. They are still upset with Cochran for flipping on them. Jim feels that he is not liked in camp because he speaks his mind, in particular about how he feels about Cochran. Jim admits, "I call a coward, a coward. That's me." Ozzy then joins them in the water and Jim tells Ozzy and Whitney his plan. Jim is going to give Ozzy his immunity necklace. He is then going to make a plea to Upolu that they vote out Cochran to punish him for his betrayal. With Cochran gone, they will still have a six to four advantage over the Savaii members, so they will still be in the majority. Jim says, "I really don't have that many nights left here. So, my hope is that I can give a rousing enough speech at Tribal Council to get a couple of them to flip over to Cochran." Ozzy is touched by Jim's offer and has renewed hope that he will stay in the game. TRIBAL COUNCIL Cochran tells Jeff that he got a chilly reception, especially from Jim, after last Tribal Council when he voted against his original tribe. Jim admits that he took Cochran's betrayal personally. Cochran responds, "I didn't mentally prepare for this for eleven years to have my fate decided by drawing a rock out of bag." Jim reminds Cochran that Keith, Whitney, Ozzy and himself had saved Cochran in many prior Tribal Councils. He then says that he did not think that any of the Upolu members would let someone fight their battles for them or do something as dishonorable as Cochran did to the Savaii tribe when he betrayed them. Brandon quickly sticks up for Cochran by saying, "This whole tribe is standing behind Cochran period." Jim then reveals that he has thought about giving his immunity necklace to Ozzy tonight. He then invites the Upolu members to join his tribe in voting out Cochran to send a message to him and future Survivors. Jim explains, "Today as one voice, we can send a message to anybody that ever will play Survivor that you can go through this game honorably and if you're a turncoat, you've got no place in my tribe." Coach doesn't agree. He says, "I think it would send a message to everybody that if you stick up for yourself, you're going to get screwed." Ozzy then reminds the group that if he goes to Redemption, he will eat well and be strong for all the duels. His plan is to win all the duels and get back in the game. Right before the vote, Jim decides to keep the immunity necklace for himself. The tribe then votes. Cochran got two votes, while Ozzy got six. So, Ozzy Lusth, the 30 year-old from Venice, CA becomes the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island once again. KEITH & OZZY ON REDEMPTION ISLAND The next day, Ozzy goes fishing by the reef and catches the biggest fish that he has ever caught. As he shows it to Keith, Ozzy says, "We're going to be eating well tonight." Ozzy and Keith cook it up right away. Keith says, "Freshest fish I've ever had." Ozzy reveals that he is happy to be on Redemption Island. He still wishes that he was in the game, but he is just as happy to be on Redemption. IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: BOW DIDDLEY The merged tribe arrives and takes their places on the mat. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge. Each person will stand on a very narrow beam while balancing a ball on a wooden bow. At a certain point, you will go even further down the beam making it even more difficult. If at any point, the ball drops or you fall off the beam, you're out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from Tribal Council tonight. Jeff then announces a twist to the challenge. For those that are so confident that the will not be voted out tonight, they can choose to sit out for this challenge and feast on pastries and iced coffee. Jim, Dawn and Whitney choose to compete in the challenge, while the six former Upolu members and Cochran choose to sit out and enjoy the feast. As soon as the challenge begins, the feast also begins. The former Upolu members enjoy the sweets and iced coffee. Jim is the first to be eliminated from the challenge, as he loses balance and his ball falls to the ground. So now only Dawn and Whitney are fighting for immunity. Brandon encourages Dawn to stay focused. Dawn promises to stay in as long as she can, so those feasting can enjoy the food as long as possible. Dawn explains, "I really feel like it's one tribe right now." Coach replies, "Dawn has been incredible." Both Dawn and Whitney get through the first round. Before the second round begins, they move further down the beam onto a narrower section, which makes it harder to balance. Meanwhile, the eating has slowed down as the former Upolu members admit to being full. In the end, Whitney is able to stay on the beam longer than Dawn, while successfully balancing her ball. So Whitney wins individual immunity. As the Te Tuna tribe walks away, Albert reveals, "Personally, I didn't really like the way we treated Dawn at the challenge. I thought we were a little too inclusive with her. I want to nip this at the bud, as soon as I can." DAWN, EDNA OR JIM? Back at camp, Cochran struts around wearing Coach's jacket. Jim admits, "Cochran right now is playing the most brilliant third place game in Survivor history." He knows that the rest of his tribe would love to take Cochran to the final three with them. Jim is not feeling good about his own chances to stay in the game. Jim is not giving up though and presents a plan to vote off Edna to Albert and Sophie. Albert thinks that the plan is creative, but admits, "I don't need to entertain Jim's offer, because I have a much better plan than anything he could ever offer me right now." Albert feels that Dawn is actually more dangerous than Jim, because she is so likable and is therefore easing her way into his alliance. He presents his plan to Sophie, who understands Albert's point, but prefers to stick to the original plan of voting out Jim. Next, Albert and Sophie talk to Coach and Brandon. Albert encourages them to vote for Dawn. Coach realizes that both Jim and Dawn are dangerous for his alliance and hopes that they choose the right person to send home tonight. TRIBAL COUNCIL At the beginning, Coach admits that either Dawn or Jim will be sent to Redemption Island tonight, since Whitney won immunity. Sophie feels both Dawn and Jim are good at challenges, but that Jim is the bigger threat. Albert warns that Dawn is the more likable person and says, "She might be the strongest female player of the season." Dawn understands why Upolu is targeting the former Savaii members before voting out their own, but she was hoping that they would all be one tribe. She reveals that she was disappointed that they sat out of the challenge today and ate, while Jim, Whitney and herself competed, because it made it really hard on them. Brandon takes offense at that and asks her why she was encouraging them to eat at the challenge if she felt that way. Dawn tries to explain her feelings, but Brandon responds, "None of us are going to stop until that whole Savaii tribe is completely gone." Whitney tells Brandon that she understands what Dawn was saying because they are just as hungry as Upolu, so it is hard to watch others eat. Whitney starts to cry and tells Jeff, "I feel like I've been completely vilified and they don't even accept us as like real people." Brandon didn't want to make Whitney cry, but points out that they themselves had been excluded before they got the power. The vote is then taken. Three votes were cast for Edna and the rest for Jim. So Jim Rice, the 35 year-old, medical marijuana dispenser, from Denver, CO becomes the tenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island.