Season 23: Episode 12 - Cult Like
Posted on Dec 1, 2011 01:00am

On night twenty-seven, Te Tuna arrives back at camp after having just voted out Dawn and Whitney at Tribal Council. Coach reveals, "We've got seven left and really they're all our family. So, now we got to start sending home some of our own." Edna feels uncomfortable now that the members of the old Savaii tribe are gone. Cochran admits, "Tribal Council was kind of alarming for me, because it was made clear that I was the person that was going at seven." Cochran knows that he has to come up with a plan to stay in the game.

The next morning, Cochran entertains his tribe by telling them a story about him making prank calls when he was a kid. Sophie watches and worries about how Cochran seems to be able to charm the tribe. Sophie reveals, "I think he's really proud of the move he made and I think he still thinks somebody will take him to the end." Later, the Te Tuna tribe works together to gather and chop wood for the fire. Cochran likens the Upolu family to a cult. He says, "Just hearing the word family over and over, you can't help but think of Charles Manson and the Manson family. The family that committed so many heinous murders." The Te Tuna tribe then gathers together as Brandon leads them in prayer asking God to help them stay a family. Cochran notes that Brandon seems to be the most devote member of the family. Cochran admits, "I don't want to be Sharon Tate in this scenario and I need some sort of plan or else I'm going to be exterminated." Edna is out at the beach scaling fish, so Cochran takes advantage of her absence and calls a meeting with the other tribe members. He asks that they not vote him out at the next Tribal Council to repay their debt to him for switching tribe loyalties and sticking with them to vote out his old Savaii tribe members. Cochran also mentions that it is his birthday in three days and he would love to celebrate it with them while still in the game. Cochran then leaves them, so they can discuss it. Albert and Coach both agree with Cochran and support keeping him around for one more Tribal Council. Sophie feels just as indebted to Edna as she does to Cochran and feels they should vote for Cochran next. Coach admits, "Everybody is fighting to be standing at the bitter end."

Ozzy, Dawn and Whitney enter the Redemption arena after the entire Te Tuna tribe takes their seats in the audience. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the duel. Each contestant will balance ceramic dishes on the end of a long wobbly arm. The more dishes stacked, the more difficult it will be to keep them stable. When your dishes fall, you are out of the duel. Last person left standing stays alive in this duel with a shot at the million dollars. The two losers are out for good and join the jury. Ozzy, Dawn and Whitney all successfully balance their first five dishes. After adding the sixth dish, Dawn almost drops her pile when she yawns. All three of them continue in the game until the eleventh dish is added. This proves to be too much for Dawn and she drops her pile of dishes and is therefore out of the game. Dawn starts to cry as she takes her seat on the bench. So, Ozzy and Whitney are left to fight it out for the win. Just after adding the thirteenth dish, Whitney's stack of dishes starts to wobble and she is unable to recover. So, Whitney drops her dishes and is also out of the game. Ozzy wins the duel and therefore stays alive on Redemption Island. Before Dawn tearfully throws her buff into the fire and exits the game, she admits that she has learned, "Anything is possible." Whitney is proud that she proved to herself that she could survive 28 days in the game. As Ozzy walks out of the arena and back to his Redemption camp, he reveals, "From this point on, I'm even more excited to go into the duels and beat people that are my enemies in this game."

The next day, Ozzy goes fishing on Redemption Island. He successfully catches fish for himself. Ozzy admits, "This is my home, Redemption Island. This is how I'm playing the second half of my game and there's no one better suited to be out her than me."

Over at Te Tuna, Edna is doing the tribe's laundry while Brandon and Cochran are out fishing. Meanwhile, Albert is spending the day in the hammock. He notices that the rest of his tribe is busy working around camp, but thinks that they are foolish for doing so. He reveals, "To me this game is about doing well in challenges, creating a great strategy and playing a strong social game. So those are what I'm focused on. I leave the housework to Martha Stewart." Out in the ocean, Brandon is spearing fish and giving them to Cochran to hold. Cochran feels proud to be part of the fishing team, even if it is just to hold the fish. Back at camp, Albert finally gets up from the hammock to remove the bucket of laundry from the fire for Edna. He loses control of the bucket and ends up spilling the water from the bucket into the fire and extinguishing it. Edna vents, "That was so infuriating. Albert does pretty much nothing except lie around and eat fish and wait for other people to wait on him." Edna tells Rick about Albert putting out the fire and getting the wood wet after having done nothing else that day. Rick vents, "That's why I call him Prince Albert. It's like, well I'm the Prince and you guys work for me."

Later that day, Edna and Coach are out at the beach scaling fish and cleaning dishes. Edna asks Coach if she is the next person to go after Cochran. Coach confirms her suspicions and reminds her that it is an individual game now. Edna admits, "I definitely have to shake it up right now, because sixth or seventh is not acceptable for me." Coach feels that keeping Cochran and Edna would be a smart move for him, since neither one would vote him out. Coach is not sure which way to go and says, "Do I want to honor my word, be a man of integrity and stick with the five or do I want to go another route?"

The next morning Coach and Cochran are doing Tai chi out on the beach. Coach encourages Cochran to do Tai chi to help center and empower him for today's immunity challenge. Coach reveals, "I do feel like I owe Cochran and I feel like I owe him some type of hope going into the challenge." After they finish their Tai chi session on the beach, Cochran admits to feeling more relaxed and focused on winning.

The merged tribe arrives and takes their places on the mat. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this déjà  vu challenge. In the first round, each person will throw sand bags, attempting to land them on top of crates. The first three to get a sand bag on each of their crates moves onto the final round. In the final round, the three remaining contestants will use a large slingshot to fire coconuts at targets. First person to knock down all their targets wins immunity and is safe at tonight's Tribal Council. In addition, the winner of this challenge will be treated to a nice Survivor spa afternoon. Back at camp, the winner will enjoy a bush shower and a massage to work out all the kinks. Albert, Rick and Sophie land sand bags on their three crates before the rest of the Te Tuna tribe and therefore move onto the final round. Cochran, Coach, Edna and Brandon head to the bench to watch the final round. Albert is the first to hit one of his targets, but Rick hits his first target on his next turn. Rick hits his second target, while Sophie is still struggling to hit her first. Albert then hits his second target, therefore tying things up with Rick. Both just have one target left to hit. In the end, Albert hits his third and final target first, therefore winning him both immunity and reward. Jeff tells Albert to choose one more person to join him in the reward. Albert chooses Coach. Albert then decides to give up the reward and give it to Cochran as an early birthday gift. As Te Tuna leave the challenge, Cochran wonders why Albert gave him the reward. He figures it is either to get his support for strategic moves or as a farewell gesture. Cochran says, "I hope that I get to stay at least one more night in the South Pacific."

As Te Tuna walks back into camp, Coach and Cochran are greeted by two South Pacific women who are ready to give them a massage. Coach takes a bush shower first and is elated with the scent and feel of clean water. As Cochran waits his turn, he admits, "Up to this point, I have never had a massage." He is thrilled that Albert gave him a free massage because he thought that it was going to be his birthday in a couple days. Cochran knows that his birthday was really six months ago. Coach and Cochran both enjoy their rejuvenating massage. Coach tells Cochran, "I will fight for my man Cochran with my last dying breath, of that you can be assured my young warrior." Cochran is pleased to hear Coach call him warrior. Later that day, Cochran meets with Albert to thank him and to find out where he stands in the tribe. Albert tells Cochran that things aren't looking good for him and that he doesn't think that he can get Coach to change his vote. Cochran disagrees with Albert and tells him that Coach will vote for Rick. Cochran makes sure to tell Albert that Rick calls him "Princess Albert" behind his back. Albert tells Cochran that he would be happy to take him farther than Rick in the game. Albert is not happy to hear that Rick is calling him names and says, "I have a mind right now to get rid of Rick this vote." Albert then gives Cochran his word that if Coach will vote for Rick, then he will too. Next, Cochran talks to Edna. He tells her about his conversation with Albert and the plan to vote out Rick next. Edna agrees to support the new plan and vote out Rick. Finally, Cochran talks to Coach. He invites Coach to join with Albert, Edna and himself to vote out Rick. As Coach weighs all his options, he admits, "My decision tonight and which way I go is going to determine the rest of this game." Coach has to decide whether to stay with the original alliance of five or join his new alliance, which includes Edna and Cochran.

Coach tells Jeff Probst that things were crazy at camp before coming to Tribal Council. Cochran admits to taking part in the scrambling before Tribal Council and once again reminds Te Tuna that they are indebted to him for saving the Upolu members after the merge. Cochran says, "I feel like I'm entitled to at least one more night in this game." Albert and Coach then agree that Cochran did Upolu a big favor when he voted with them against Savaii. Edna admits that she is feeling both emotional and vulnerable because she is next on the chopping block after Cochran; even though she was led to believe that she was an equal member in the alliance. Edna vents, "That doesn't feel very good." Jeff points out that the people sitting in positions four and five aren't in the final three either. Edna agrees and reveals that she and Cochran have been talking to others in the tribe. Brandon is annoyed with hearing talk which goes against the master plan and makes it known that Cochran and then Edna are getting his votes. The alliance of five is a little shocked that Brandon blurted out their plan. Coach admits that Brandon is loyal but not flexible. Brandon starts to cry and reveals that he is human and wants to do wrong things but there is something stronger that won't let him. He says, "Anything worth having is not going to be easy." Cochran points out that Brandon is not good to talk strategy with, since he will not change his plans and therefore could be a liability to his alliance. Sophie counters by saying that it is not a problem that Brandon will not change, because he is following the plan of the majority, which she also supports. Cochran feels foolish in making the big move to support Upolu, because it will result in him being voted out seventh, which is a worse position then if he had stayed loyal to his original Savaii tribe. He says, "I hope this doesn't go down as one of the most idiotic moves in the history of the game." The votes are then cast. Cochran and Edna vote for Rick, while everyone else votes for Cochran. So, John Cochran, the 24 year-old, Harvard law student, from Washington, D.C. becomes the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island.