Season 23: Episode 13 - Ticking Time Bomb
Posted on Dec 8, 2011 12:00am

On night thirty, Cochran arrives on Redemption Island and wakes up Ozzy. Ozzy asks, "Did you learn your lesson?" Cochran admits, "I absolutely feel like Upolu used me." Cochran is disappointed that the old Upolu members just voted him out even after he helped them wipe out the old Savaii mem­bers, including Ozzy. Ozzy suggests that Cochran get back at them by voting for him to win if he makes it back into the game. Cochran isn't ready to give Ozzy his vote though, since he hopes to beat Ozzy in the duel and make it back in the game himself. Ozzy comments, "He really doesn't stand a chance."

The next morning at the Te Tuna camp, Brandon calls Albert to join the tribe for their morning prayer. Edna says, "I'm going to excuse myself, since I'm not really part of this tribe." Edna then walks out of camp and starts crying. She feels betrayed by her tribe after being told by Brandon last night at Tribal Council that she was next to go. Later, Edna sits down with Coach and tells him that she feels like a "second class citizen," who is on the outside of the core Alliance of Five in the tribe. She accuses him of knowing that she was on the bottom of the alliance the whole time. Coach tries to explain that now that they have arrived at only six people in the tribe, it is an individual game for everyone. Brandon interrupts their conversation when he brings Sprint treemail into camp. Te Tuna gathers together to share the videos from home on the enclosed Sprint phone before they go to the Redemption duel. Every member of the tribe cries as they see videos from their loved ones, who are now in the South Pacific, including Rick's wife, Edna's sister, Sophie's dad, Albert's mom, Coach's brother and Brandon's father. Brandon is thrilled to hear encouraging words from his father's video. He says, "I love him and I can wait to just see him, whether I get to spend time with him or not."

Ozzy and Cochran enter the Redemption arena after the entire Te Tuna tribe takes their seats in the audience. Jeff Probst, the host, takes the Sprint EVO 3D phone from Te Tuna that they received in treemail. He mentions to Ozzy and Cochran that there is a twist to the duel that he will explain later. Jeff then explains the rules of the duel. Each contestant will use grappling hooks to retrieve three bags. Each bag contains a ball. Once they have all three bags, they will use one ball to solve a table maze. The first person to solve the maze stays alive in the game and still has a chance at the million-dollar prize. The loser is out of the game and joins the jury.

Ozzy successfully retrieves a bag with his grappling hook on his first try. Cochran misses his bags on his first toss, but does get some throwing tips from Albert. Ozzy is also successful in retrieving a bag on his second toss, so he has only one more to go. Albert's advice proves helpful to Cochran as he successfully retrieves his first bag with his next toss. Ozzy easily gets his third bag on his third toss and starts to work on his table maze. Cochran makes three more tosses to get his remaining two bags. Meanwhile, Ozzy has made slow but steady progress on his table maze. In order to try and catch up, Cochran doesn't play it safe, uses quick and jerky motions instead to move his ball through the maze. His aggressive and risky moves prove successful for Cochran as he quickly catches up to Ozzy. Just as Ozzy's ball approaches the end of the maze, it falls out of the maze and he has to start over. This gives Cochran a good chance to complete the maze first and win. Ozzy starts over, but his ball falls out again. Meanwhile, Cochran is approaching the end of the maze, which is especially tricky. Cochran's ball drops out and he has to start over. Ozzy is now back in the lead. Cochran starts over again and once again uses his quick and jerky moves to catch up to Ozzy. They are now tied and within inches of the finish. In the end, Ozzy's slow and steady moves result in the victory. Before putting his buff in the fire, Cochran admits, "This has been by far, the most incredible moment of my life." Jeff tells Ozzy that he has a big decision to make. He then brings out Sophie's dad Thurston, Edna's sister Debbie, Coach's brother Pete, Rick's wife Katy, Albert's mom Annie, and Brandon's dad Sean, who is also Russell Hantz's brother. They all hug their loved ones and then return to the bleachers. Ozzy now has to pick one person to spend some time with their loved one. He knows this is a very important strategic decision. He chooses Albert. Jeff then asks Ozzy to choose a second person. Ozzy chooses Coach. Ozzy then gets to choose one final person to spend time with their loved one, so he chooses Brandon. So Rick, Edna and Sophie return to camp without their loved ones. Jeff gives Ozzy, Albert and his mom Annie, Coach and his brother Pete and Brandon and his dad Sean the EVO 3D phone from Sprint to take pictures of their visit, which will take place on Redemption Island at Ozzy's camp.

Once at Ozzy's Redemption Island camp, Albert, Coach and Brandon take pictures with their loved ones using the Sprint EVO 3D phone. Coach enjoys getting the love and support from his brother but also appreciates having the time to talk to Ozzy. Coach tells Ozzy that he want to take him to the final three. He vows to Ozzy that he is telling the truth. Ozzy agrees to the plan. Coach says, "I want to take Ozzy to the end. Two noble warriors fighting it out to see who the sole survivor is." On the other side of camp, Brandon is talking to his dad about how he has been playing the game. His dad admires Brandon for his loyalty to his alliance, but reminds him that he is playing Survivor to win a million dollars for himself and his family. Brandon is more interested in setting a good example, than winning the money. Sean Hantz is glad that he got to talk to his son and is worried about his strategy. He says, "If I had to grade Brandon on the way he's playing right now, I'd probably give him about a C." Brandon's dad, Sean talks to Coach next. He asks Coach to watch out for Brandon and encourages him to take Brandon to the final three. Sean also tells Coach that he will recommend to Brandon that he does whatever Coach tells him to do. As Sean continues to tell Coach what to do with Brandon, Coach realizes that Russell is not the only bully in the Hantz family. Coach comments, "It's all about manipulation and control. The Hantz family, they are the king pins." Bringing Brandon to the final three is not part of Coach's plan.

The six remaining Te Tuna tribe members arrive and take their places on the mat. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.The goal of the challenge is to keep moving across a giant puzzle board. The contestants will take turns flipping over a puzzle piece and stepping on it. Once a piece is turned over, they can never step back onto it. Once a contestant is out of moves, they are out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity.

Sophie goes first, followed by Albert, Brandon, Edna, Coach and then Rick. After each person has made six moves, Jeff comments that Edna looks like she is being squeezed out, since the others seem to be heading towards her. After a few more moves, Albert is the first one out of the challenge, when he runs out of unused puzzle pieces. Brandon is the second one of the challenge. When he joins Albert on the bench, he starts telling Albert why he made the moves he did in the challenge.The remaining people in the game can easily hear what he is saying, so Jeff asks Brandon to explain. Brandon responds, "I just wanted to cover enough surface area to where a particular person didn't win this immunity "¦" Edna interrupts Brandon and tells him just to use her name, since she knows that he was trying to block her. Edna tells Jeff that she knows they are targeting her, since she was not lucky enough to join their alliance on day one, like the other remaining Te Tuna members did. After a couple more moves, Rick is out, therefore leaving only Sophie, Edna and Coach. Coach has the most unused puzzle pieces around him, while Edna has the least. Sophie is the next to run out of puzzle pieces and is out of the challenge. Edna gets more and more frustrated as she runs out of pieces and knows that she has been set up to lose. She admits, "It's a bit of an insult." Edna then makes her last move and is out of the challenge. Coach wins individual immunity and is safe from tonight's Tribal Council. Brandon is not bothered by Edna's anger. He comments, "I've got more game to play and I'm going to enjoy that breakfast on day 39."

As Te Tuna returns to camp, Sophie comments on Brandon's treatment of Edna at the immunity challenge, "He was really rude to Edna. There was no reason to tell her, we are all trying to get you out." Brandon later apologizes to Edna. Edna doesn't feel that it is sincere though, since he has apologized for other things that he has done in the past, but still continues to do them. Next, Edna sits down with Coach, Albert and Sophie and pleads her case. She reminds them that they claim to play the game with honor and integrity, but Brandon is not doing that. She proposes that they get rid of Brandon and keep her instead, since she does play with honor and integrity. Coach sees the merit in Edna's argument. He admits, "On a day where we thought Edna was definitely going to go home, that's not the case anymore." Later, Edna meets with Coach to find out her fate. Coach tells her that although she deserves to stay in the game, they don't want to vote out Brandon and then have him come back from Redemption Island. Edna then asks, "Would you play your idol for me?" Coach declines, explaining that the alliance would then not trust him and vote him out next. He does recommend that she tell Albert and Sophie that she talked to Coach and everything is cool, and then see how they vote. Edna takes his advice and tells Albert and Sophie that she is voting for Brandon and asks that they do the same. Albert is willing to consider it, but wants to make sure they have the numbers. Edna assures him that she has Coach's support. Since, he doesn't have the immunity necklace, Albert is willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee him a spot in the final four.

Edna admits that she is in the hot seat tonight and pleads her case that Brandon should go instead of her, since their tribe mantra is honor, loyalty and integrity. She reminds them that Brandon was caught lying even back at the first Tribal Council to Mikayla about Stacey and Christine. She also makes a point to let the jury and Jeff know that Brandon lacked honor even today in the way that he revealed his strategy in the challenge to make sure she lost. Brandon tries to defend himself saying that he was just being open and that Edna has misconstrued things and was planting seeds in the minds of others. Edna defends herself saying, "I didn't make one of those things up." Sophie and Albert both admit that this is the difficult part of the game, since they are down to only Upolu members to vote out. The vote is taken. Edna votes for Brandon, but all others vote for Edna. So, Edna Ma, the 35 year-old, anesthesiologist, from Los Angeles, CA becomes the fourteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island.