Season 23: Episode 15 - "Loyalties Will Be Broken"
Posted on Dec 19, 2011 11:00am


On night thirty-five, Brandon arrives at Redemption Island after just being voted out at Tribal Council. Brandon wakes up Ozzy and tells him about giving Albert his immunity necklace and then being voted out by Coach, Sophie and Rick. Brandon says, "I fell on my sword for Albert las­t night and I was stabbed with another sword in the back." Ozzy is shocked to hear that Brandon gave up his necklace to Albert and now understands why he was voted out. Brandon forgives Albert and hopes he learns his lesson. Ozzy comments on Brandon, "He's playing the game like he playing with God and he's not. He's playing with human beings that are greedy and want that money."


Meanwhile, Te Tuna is just getting back to camp from Tribal Council. Sophie admits, "Tribal was crazy." She can't believe that Brandon gave his immunity necklace away and that Albert was not willing to give Brandon the necklace back. She's happy that Albert ended up looking like a coward in front of the jury. Albert says, "I didn't know Brandon was going home today." Coach immediately gets upset with Albert for lying. Coach vents, "I'm sick of people coming out here and trying to look like they are holier than thou." Coach tells Albert he is tired of being made a fool of by people's lies and demands that he stop telling lies. Albert reveals, "Today has been the most humbling day for me." He knows that he is not in good standing with his alliance and needs to repair some relationships.


The next morning Ozzy and Brandon check tree mail on Redemption Island. They find out that today will be the final Redemption duel. Ozzy is ready to get back in the game. Brandon tells Ozzy not to underestimate him in the duel. Even though Ozzy has enjoyed himself on Redemption Island, he reveals, "I'm also so excited to get back in the game and get back to real life with possibly a million dollars."


Ozzy and Brandon arrive at the Redemption Island arena with the Te Tuna tribe in the audience to watch this final duel. Jeff Probst, the host, confirms that this is the final duel and explains the rules. Each castaway will hang onto a pole for as long as they can. Last person left hanging on the pole, rejoins the game and has a shot at the money. The loser will be out of the game and be the seventh member of the jury.

After the duel begins, Jeff informs Ozzy and Brandon that the footholds on the poles are narrower than ever before at only about a quarter of an inch. When Jeff tells them that they have been hanging on for twenty minutes. Te Tuna shouts encouraging words to Brandon but not Ozzy. After forty minutes of hanging on, both Ozzy and Brandon are doing a lot of shuffling to stay on their poles and flex their tired muscles. They both keep a close eye on each other to see if there are any signs of weakness or giving up. Both are fighting to stay on their poles. Brandon slides down his pole as he struggles to hang on. Ozzy's arms and legs are shaking as he works to stay on his pole. In the end, Brandon loses his grip first and falls off the pole. So, Ozzy wins the challenge and rejoins the Te Tuna tribe to compete for the million-dollar prize. Brandon says he is proud of his game as he drops his buff in the fire and joins the jury. As Ozzy rejoins Te Tuna and they walk out of the arena, Sophie reveals, "If Ozzy keeps winning immunity, there's really only so much I can do."


As Te Tuna returns to camp, Rick, Sophie and Albert welcome Ozzy back. Albert admits, "We all know we want him out. He must know we want him out. And there's nothing we can do but go into the next challenge and beat his butt." Coach takes Ozzy to the side and congratulates him for winning all his duels on Redemption Island and returning to the game. Coach tells Ozzy that he thinks he is safe. He tells Ozzy that if he wins the next challenge, he will give Ozzy either the immunity necklace or hidden immunity idol, if he thinks Ozzy is in jeopardy. Ozzy is skeptical with Coach's promise. He says, "Who in their right mind would want to take me to the end right now after battling on Redemption and coming back." The only thing that Ozzy can be sure of is that he needs to win immunity at the next challenge. To his face, Ozzy tells Coach that he would like to go with him to the end. Coach reveals, "This is my game to lose right now." He feels confident that everyone left in the game will take him to the end with him or her.


The Te Tuna tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge. Each castaway will use one hand to steady a balancing board while simultaneously building a house of cards with the other hand. First person to build a stack of cards high enough to reach the finish mark wins immunity and is guaranteed a one-in-four shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council and go straight to the jury.

From the beginning, Ozzy, Coach and Sophie proved more adept at this challenge than Rick and Albert. Sophie is the fastest, but runs out of pieces before her tower reaches the finish mark. So, she has to rebuild her tower using fewer pieces on each level. Meanwhile, Ozzy and Coach make good progress towards the finish line. Coach moves his balancing board too much resulting in this tower of cards falling down. So, now Ozzy takes the lead. Sophie uses a new strategy to build her tower and quickly catches up to Ozzy. Ozzy runs into the same problem as Sophie, as he runs out of cards before reaching the end. He must start over. Sophie is now in the lead. Just then, half of Sophie's stack falls onto the ground. She says, "Hey Albert, drop your stack and come pick up my pieces." Albert declines, since he is finally making progress on his tower of cards. Sophie insists that he pick up her pieces, since she will likely beat him anyway. Jeff breaks the tension by telling them that this is an individual challenge with no helping allowed. Jeff tells Sophie, "If you want Ozzy out of this game, beat him." Coach is now in the lead, with Ozzy close behind. Ozzy quickly catches up to Coach and takes the lead. Sophie scrambles to try and catch up. In the end, Ozzy gets his stack above the finish line and wins immunity.


Back at camp, Ozzy is thrilled at winning immunity. Ozzy reveals, "I've been waiting these, I don't know, what 37 days now to see these guys just start eating each other up." Ozzy's goal is to pit the remaining five Upolu members against each other. Coach talks to Albert. Coach admits, "No matter who goes home tonight, it's a hard choice." Coach and Albert decide to vote Rick out tonight, since he is a likable person and has the best chance of winning the million dollars at the end, if he stays in the game. Later, Ozzy talks to Albert and encourages him to vote for Sophie, since she so bratty and pretentious. Albert listens to Ozzy and realizes that there are good reasons to vote out both Rick and Sophie. Meanwhile, Rick is feeling nervous, so he checks in with Coach. Coach tells Rick that Sophie is likely going to vote for him, but that he won't. Rick tells Coach that he is going to vote for Sophie then and asks Coach to do the same. Coach responds, "I'd vote for Sophie." Over at the beach, Albert tells Ozzy that he is going to vote for Rick. Ozzy decides to stir up more trouble and tells Albert that Coach promised him to be in the final three. He once again encourages Albert to vote for Sophie instead of Rick and warns him that if he doesn't, Coach will likely get rid of him next. Before leaving for Tribal Council, Albert confronts Coach with what Ozzy told him about the final three. Coach does not confirm or deny it but responds, "I can't wait to vote his ass out of here." Albert feels uneasy and says, "I don't think I'll get voted out tonight, but I am worried about my end game." He then seriously considers voting for Sophie.


Ozzy admits that he had to win immunity today to not get voted out tonight. Coach is wearing his hidden immunity idol around his neck and is ready to play it tonight, since it is the last night that it can be used. So, Jeff points out that Rick, Sophie and Albert are the ones at risk. Albert makes the case that he should stay in the game, because he has a good chance of beating Ozzy at the next immunity challenge. Sophie says that she should stay in the game to beat Ozzy, since she has won more immunity challenges than Rick, Albert or Coach. Rick makes a different argument for staying. He tells Ozzy to keep him around, since he presents the least threat in beating Ozzy in a challenge. Sophie responds that the most important thing is to get rid of Ozzy and if Rick can't help, then he shouldn't stay in the game. Coach explains that they want to get rid of Ozzy so much, because they still feel like a family based on them bonding early in the game. Ozzy challenges Coach and reminds him that he promised Ozzy "as a Christian man" to be in the final three. As the tensions rise, Sophie admits that she wants Ozzy out of the game for another reason. She says, "Ozzy hasn't respected me since day one." Ozzy tells Sophie that she acts like a spoiled brat and that what he has learned by the others about her when they have come through Redemption Island supports his feelings about her. In addition, Ozzy tells Sophie that he did not appreciate hearing that she was calling him arrogant when she didn't even know him. Sophie starts to cry as she admits that it hurts when someone attacks your character and others agree. She starts sobbing and reveals, "It makes me regret coming." Jeff reminds Sophie that she is still in the game and asks if she wants to regroup and present her case or just go right to the vote. Sophie opts to go right to the vote. Rick and Ozzy vote for Sophie, while Coach, Sophie and Albert vote for Rick. So, Rick Nelson, the 51 year-old rancher from Aurora, UT, becomes the sixteenth person voted out of the game and joins the jury on SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC.


Ozzy, Sophie, Albert and Coach wake up they next day on day 38. Ozzy reveals, "I'm so close to finishing this game and I want this so bad." He knows that he has to win the immunity challenge today, so he goes and gathers coconuts to get some energy. He has no plans of sharing these coconuts with the others. Meanwhile, Sophie tells Coach not to share their plantains with Ozzy. Later, Coach takes Ozzy aside to talk to him. Coach tells Ozzy that he betrayed him when he revealed to the others last night about their secret alliance to go to the end. Ozzy explains that he has been hurt in the game before by trusting people. Coach understands what Ozzy is saying, since he too has been hurt by trusting others in the past. Ozzy assures Coach that he still wants to go to the end with him. Ozzy admits, "I still believe that that's how this game should be." Coach asks Ozzy whom he would like to go home tonight. Ozzy tells Coach that he would like to force a tie and have Albert and Sophie have to make a fire to stay in the game. Coach is amused by this idea and replies, "I actually really like that idea." Coach gives Ozzy a hug. As Te Tuna walks out to the last immunity challenge, Ozzy says, "This challenge for me is worth a million dollars."


The Te Tuna tribe arrives on their mat for the final immunity challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge. Each castaway will race through a giant flower shaped obstacle course to collect five bags of puzzle pieces. They will then use those pieces to solve a puzzle. First person to get it right wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot at the final Tribal Council.

Ozzy easily collects his five bags of puzzle pieces before the rest collect all theirs. This gives Ozzy a good lead and more time to solve the puzzle. Coach starts to work on his puzzle next, followed by Sophie and Albert. Jeff admits that this is the toughest puzzle yet to solve. Coming from behind, Sophie is able to fit in the first piece of her puzzle, which make is easier to place the rest of the pieces. Ozzy finally places his first puzzle piece while Sophie has already placed three of her pieces. There are eight total pieces to the puzzle. Sophie and Ozzy are now in a race to finish the puzzle first. Ozzy is able to fit in two more pieces and catch up to Sophie. Meanwhile, Coach and Albert are still struggling to place their first puzzle pieces. Sophie takes control of the game by placing her five remaining pieces before Ozzy is able to get even one more piece placed into his puzzle. So, Sophie wins final individual immunity. Ozzy says, "So close, but so far away, yet again."


As the final four return to camp, they congratulate Sophie on her big win. Ozzy is disappointed at his loss in the challenge. He reveals, "Everything that I've done and I've put into this game, just came crashing down." Ozzy doesn't know that he can depend on Coach's promise to take him to the end, but he vows not to give up. Meanwhile, Coach bows down to Sophie and calls her dragon slayer for defeating Ozzy the dragon in this game. Sophie is proud to have beat Ozzy. She admits, "Being the one to beat Ozzy must be something I can hang my hat on come final Tribal." As Coach goes to talk to Ozzy, Sophie feels that there might be a tied vote tonight. She and Albert are planning on voting for Ozzy, but she is not sure whom Coach and Ozzy will vote for at Tribal Council. Ozzy pleads with Coach to tie up the vote tonight and allow him to go against Albert in a tie-breaking fire challenge. Coach struggles with breaking his word to Albert. Ozzy challenges Coach not to break his word to him that he pledged as that of a Christian man. As Coach ponders his choices he admits, "I'm sitting here with another anguishing decision. Another decision that's going to rip my heart out."


As Tribal Council begins, Sophie admits that she is thrilled to have won the final immunity challenge, therefore ensuring herself a spot in the final Tribal Council. Ozzy is disappointed to have lost the challenge and have his fate in the hands of Coach, Sophie and Albert. He points out that he and Coach have talked