Season 24: Episode 1 - Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules
Posted on Feb 16, 2012 12:00am

Eighteen new castaways travel via truck to a remote beach. Jeff Probst, the host arrives on the beach via helicopter and welcomes everyone to Survivor. Jeff then divides the castaways into two tribes based on gender. He says, "It is men versus women." Colton Cumbie, the 21 year-old college student from Monroeville, AL is not happy about being on an all male tribe. He is openly gay and explains, "Look at my tribe and look at me. I'm the girl within the guy tribe." Jeff notices that the women seem excited about their tribe, while the men seem upset about having no women on their tribe. Sabrina Thompson, the 33 year-old high school teacher from Brooklyn, NY, responds, "We all know men can't survive without women." Troy Robertson (a.k.a. Troyzan), the 50 year-old swimsuit photographer from Miami, FL assures the women that the men will do fine without them. Jeff then informs the men that their tribe name is Manono and their tribe color is orange. The women's tribe name is Salani and their color is blue. He then surprises the tribes by giving them sixty seconds to gather as many supplies off the truck that they came in on as possible. Everyone immediately runs back to the truck and starts unloading food, tools, firewood, bamboo, water, rope and anything else they can gather. The women start stacking their possessions on one side of the truck away from the men's things. In the midst of all the scrambling, Michael Jefferson, the 30 year-old banker from Seattle, WA goes over to the women's pile and steals an axe and a box of supplies, while the women are busy collecting other items off the truck. The women don't notice that the items are missing until Jeff calls time and they begin reviewing their possessions. Alicia Rosa, the 25 year-old special ed teacher from Chicago, IL announces, "I brought an axe over here, so somebody came on our territory and took one." As Michael pretends to look around for it, he admits, "I stole everything from them. It was just too easy." The women are not happy and call the men cheaters. Jeff notifies everyone that hidden immunity idols are in play, but that there will be no Redemption Island. He says, "That means when you are voted out this season, there is no second chance. You go home." Jeff then gives each tribe a map to their camp and sends them off in opposite directions. Chelsea Meissner, the 26 year-old medical sales person from Charleston, SC looks over at the men and vows, "We're not letting those muscles discourage us at all."


The Manono men struggle a bit as they navigate the uneven jungle terrain while carrying their supplies. Greg Smith (a.k.a. Tarzan), the 64 year-old plastic surgeon from Houston, TX, explains, "We had tons of stuff to carry. It was a huge burden." Jonas Otsuji, the 37 year-old sushi chef from Lehi, UT is impressed by the strength of his tribe mate Leif Manson, the 27 year-old phlebotomist from San Diego, CA. Leif carries one of the heaviest items through the jungle, even though he is one of the physically smallest people on the tribe.


Meanwhile, the women are also finding it challenging to get all their supplies to their camp. As they each take turns carrying different things, Kourtney Moon, the 29 year-old motorcycle repairperson from Austin, TX reveals, "I wasn't too thrilled about the men versus women thing." She knows that women can be warm, but they can also backstab one another. Alicia is pulling her weight on the journey and keeps a close eye on how the rest of her tribe mates are doing. She notices that Kim Spradlin, the 29 year-old bridal shop owner from San Antonio, TX, Chelsea, Sabrina and herself seem to be the strongest on the tribe. Alicia likes Kat Edorsson, the 22 year-old timeshare rep from Orlando FL, but she is not impressed with her coordination and stamina on the hike. Alicia reveals, "Right away, I already knew who our five were going to be." She then quickly secures an alliance with Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina and Kat as they are walking through the jungle. Kim didn't plan on committing to an alliance so quickly and she wasn't planning on her alliance being all women, but the women bonded quickly after the men stole their supplies.


Salani is the first tribe to reach their camp. They are shocked to find the Manono flag along side their Salani flag. They realize then that they must be sharing the campsite with the men's tribe. When the Manono tribe arrives a short time later, they are surprised and excited to find the women there too. Jonas decides to hold onto the supplies that he carried in to make sure the women do not steal them. When Colton points out that the flag says One World, Jonas replies, "It doesn't look like one world to me bro. It looks like their world and our world." Meanwhile, Chelsea and Sabrina spot chickens walking around camp. The news spreads quickly and soon both Salani and Manono are chasing the chickens. Chelsea and Matt Quinlan, the 33 year-old attorney from San Francisco, CA agree to work together to catch the chickens and split the ones they catch. Everyone starts running after the chickens and trying to catch them. Chelsea successfully captures the first chicken and yells, "Don't mess with the country girl." Both tribes now try and catch the other chicken still left in camp Once again; Chelsea gets the job done and captures the second chicken by herself. The women cheer, while the men look longingly at the chickens. Matt tells Chelsea to choose which chicken she wants to keep and the men will take the other one. Chelsea sees that the rest of her tribe does not want her to give the men a chicken, so she says, "Let me talk with the girls." Matt is upset and reminds Chelsea of their deal to help each other and split the resulting chickens. Chelsea is not sure that Manono would have really shared any chickens if they had caught any and suggests that Salani figure out something that Manono can do for them in exchange for a chicken. Sabrina doesn't trust the guys and explains, "They definitely played dirty on that truck. So we got a good inclination of how they're going to play the game." The two tribes separate to talk things over. Michael reminds Manono that they should start building their shelter. Matt is mad at the women and vents, "If you cross me, I don't care what you look like or what sex you are, I'm not working with you."


The Manono and Salani tribes get to work to build their separate shelters at opposite ends of the camp. Colton comments, "There's a clear divide within like this one world. " This makes it difficult for Colton who prefers to hang out with the women. While his tribe mates are busy building the Manono shelter, Colton goes over to introduce himself and get to know the women of Salani. Matt notices that Colton is spending a lot of time in the enemy camp. Matt is annoyed by this and comments, "Nobody has an issue with him being gay or anything like that. It's just he doesn't try to fit in at all and if Colton doesn't fix that, he's going to be going home quick." Later, Matt warns Colton that he will be voted out if he sides with the women. Matt suggests to Colton that he uses his close relationship with the women in a positive way and act as a runner or spy for Manono. Colton does not appreciate Matt telling him what to do and vents, "He thinks he's running this show, but if I get what I want his torch is going out."


Jay Byars, the 25 year-old model from Gaffney, SC, expresses his concern to Michael, Matt and Bill Posley, the 28 year-old stand-up comedian from Venice, CA., that they are putting a target on their back by creating an alliance together, since they are all young and fit. Matt disagrees and says, "I'm in the group and I'm happy and it's the dominant alliance clearly. So I'm sitting pretty as far as I'm concerned." Meanwhile, over at the Salani section of camp, Colton pleads with the women to consider helping him, if they find a clue to an idol, since he doesn't feel safe in his tribe. Sabrina likes Colton, but she is not sure if he can be trusted. Back at the Manono side of camp, Jay is working hard to start fire with bamboo and coconut husks. Because the Salani women have not been helping or sharing with Manono, he has decided that he wants nothing to do with the women. Jay explains, "They need to stay on their side and I'll stay on mine. If they need us more than we need them, then we're in charge of this game." Jay's hard work pays off and he successfully starts fire for the men. Later, Sabrina visits Manono and offers to give them a chicken, if they start a fire for her Salani tribe. Matt reminds her that they already had a deal to get a chicken if they helped each other try and catch one. Sabrina sees that the men are not receptive to her offer. Next, Monica Culpepper, the 41 year-old ex-NFL player's wife and Alicia come over to try and talk the men into giving them fire. Monica reminds the men that they stole their axe and offers to call it even, if they give the women fire. Tarzan reminds Monica that the women denied them a chicken. Alicia tries to steal some embers from the fire while everyone is talking. Leif quickly blocks her efforts. Alicia then asks Manono if they will give them fire if Monica takes her pants off. Tarzan and Troyzan say they will consider it, if there is a pole dance involved. Monica and Alicia decline the pole dancing and realize that the men are not going to give up their fire. After it gets dark, Kat and Kim decide to try their negotiation skills with then men. Before arriving at the fire, Michael stops them and denies their request for fire. He asks them who they think is in charge at Manono. Kim and Kat guess that Tarzan is running things. Michael is amazed that they would think Tarzan was their leader. Kim then gives him a serious answer and says, "Matt, Bill and you." Michael likes this answer better and likes the fact that the men have the fire and the women don't. Later that night, after all the men have fallen asleep, Monica and Christina Cha, the 29 year-old career consultant from Hollywood, CA, creep into the men's camp and steal an ember from their fire. Monica explains, "Tonight, Christina and I thought the boys stole the axe from us, so let's go over and steal an ember from them. "


As day two begins at Salani, the women are eating pineapple for breakfast, since the fire they started from the stolen ember went out overnight. Kat tries to start fire by rubbing two pieces of bamboo together but is unsuccessful. Christina knows the importance of fire, but she also knows that some of her tribe mates are reluctant to make a deal with the men and admit that they need their help. Christina says, "It's not so much about pride. It's about "¦ yes we have a game to play, but we also need to survive as well." So Christina decides to take things into her own hands and negotiate for fire with the guys. Jonas tells her that if the women weave the men forty fronds, then they will give them fire. Christina tells him that this is too many. So Bill counters with twenty fronds. Christina agrees to the deal. Alicia finds Christina talking to the men and is upset with her. Alicia doesn't trust Christina's motives. After hearing about the deal made with the men, Alicia makes sure that the men will deliver the palm fronds to the women's camp, so the women can weave in the comfort of their own home. Alicia vents, "I'm about to punch Christina in her face. I see what she's doing. She's trying to be friendly with the guys and she's the first one who's going to go." Meanwhile, in the woods Sabrina decides to look for an idol on her way back from taking a bath. She is fortunate to find it in a burnt out tree trunk. She reads the instructions with the idol and finds out about a twist. Sabrina explains, "I found an idol but it's not for me. The rules said that it's for the Manono tribe." She has to give it to a Manono member before the next Tribal Council, so she thinks about whom the best recipient would be to help her game. She sees Colton as the obvious choice, since he has been making friends with Salani and feeling like he is in trouble with Manono. So Sabrina takes Colton aside and tells him about the idol. Colton is thrilled and says, "This is like my saving grace."


The Salani and Manono tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff explains the rules of their first immunity challenge. Each tribe member will jump from a twenty-foot tower into a net below. Next, they will race across a giant balance beam and make their way over a long rope bridge. Once all the tribe members are across, they raise the tribe flag. First tribe to release their flag wins immunity and does not have to go to Tribal Council tonight. In addition, they win fire in the form of flint. The losing tribe goes to Tribal Council and votes the first person out of the game.

As the challenge begins, Jeff reminds the castaways to keep their arms to their chest and land on their back as they jump off the twenty-foot tower into the net below. Manono takes a slight lead after Bill and Jonas are a little faster in their jump and exit from the net than Kat and Sabrina. Bill loses a shoe when he jumps while Nina Acosta, the 51 year-old retired LAPD officer from Clovis, CA, hits her face on the net and Kourtney later lands on her right hand when she hits the net. She complains about pain in her wrist as she joins her tribe mates on the mat. After everyone has taken his or her turn jumping off the tower, Manono has a one-person lead in the challenge. The women try to catch up to the men on the balance beam, but Kourtney is favoring her wrist as she climbs up the tower to the balance beam and slows her tribe down. Sabrina falls off the balance beam and must go back to the beginning of the beam and try again. The men now have a two-person lead over the women. Meanwhile, Jeff checks with Kourtney to make sure she is okay. She is now seated on the platform and feeling very dizzy. Jeff stops the game and calls the medical staff into to take a look at Kourtney. Dr. Ramona checks Kourtney's left wrist and thinks that it might be broken and would like to take an x-ray to find out. Jeff dismisses Kourtney to get an x-ray to determine if she will be able to continue in the game. Jeff updates the Manono and Salani tribes with Kourtney's condition and gives them an option for this challenge. Since the challenge requires an equal number of players on bo