Season 24: Episode 2 - Total Dysfunction
Posted on Feb 23, 2012 12:00am


On night three, the Salani tribe returns from Tribal Council, where they found out that their tribe mate Kourtney is out of the game because of injuries to her wrist. Michael, Jay and Colton welcome them back to camp. Michael tells Salani that the he kept their fire going while they were gone. Kat is not impressed and is pretty sure that she would have been able to start it without his help. Michael asks the women if they had to vote anyone out. Salani tells him that Kourtney went home instead. Michael comments, "They're all safe. It's kind of annoying." Later, Christina approaches Alicia and asks her if they can talk things out after their argument at Tribal Council. Christina explains to Alicia why she told her to "shut up" at Tribal Council. Both Alicia and Christina admit that they did not mean to hurt each other. In front of the Salani tribe, they hug and make up, but Alicia still doesn't like Christina. Alicia admits, "If I saw her swimming in an ocean and she was drowning, I'd probably look the other way." Alicia feels confident in her standing in the game, since she is in an alliance of five. She would like to get rid of Christina, but knows that she is stronger in challenges than Nina.


The next morning Sabrina calls a tribe meeting to set ground rules for the tribe which will hopefully bond them together and prevent them from going to Tribal Council in the future. Chelsea suggests they elect a leader. The tribe, except for Monica who remains quiet, nominates Sabrina to be the leader praising her for being calm, direct, and respectful. Sabrina reluctantly accepts the leadership position. She admits, "Managing the airheads is going to be exhausting." Sabrina then suggests they focus on water, food and shelter and asks for volunteers to take on these tasks. Monica is the first to volunteer and says she will make sure everyone has water. Alicia chimes in next and volunteers herself and Kat to search for food. Sabrina suggests they conduct an organized search for food and mark things along the way. Kat says she just wants to go search and doesn't have time to mark things. As Nina listens to her tribe mates, she reveals, "At this point, it's definitely the five younger gals Kim, Chelsea, Kat, Sab and Alicia against Christina, Monica and I and I've just been trying to find my place." Most of the Salani tribe members then get to work to build the shelter and get water. Meanwhile, Kat and Alicia are relaxing in the water and hoping that the others don't notice that they aren't out searching for food.


Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina and Nina check tree mail and find three large boxes and a note. The note instructs them not to open anything until both tribes are present, but bring the boxes to a clearing. So the four women pick up one of the large boxes, while Troyzan, Jonas, Bill and Tarzan carry the other two boxes to a large clearing. Both tribes gather around the boxes and Bill reads the instructions. The tribes are to participate in a do-it-yourself reward challenge. Each tribe has a box, which contains a series of knotted ropes attached with a metal ring. The first tribe to untie all their knots completely separating the ring from the ropes will win the reward, which is a tarp. Since Manono has one more member, Michael sits out this challenge.

The challenge beings as Colton says, "Survivors ready "¦ set "¦go!" Both tribes open their boxes and pull out the knotted rope. Each person takes a section of the large rope and starts untying the knots. Bill admits, "It's going to be raining here soon. So, that tarp is the biggest benefit I think anyone can have." Both tribes work together well and are staying neck and neck in their progress to untie the ropes and release the metal ring. In the end, the men finish the challenge before the women and win the tarp reward. The men are elated, while the women feel awful. Sabrina vents, "We were seconds away from winning. So it wasn't a horrible loss, but at the end of the day it's a loss. No one ever remembers second place."


The Manono tribe proudly brings their tarp back to camp and puts it on the roof of their shelter. Michael declares, "The Manono tribe, we are going to have the best camp probably in history." As the rest of the tribe is busy making their camp more comfortable and cleaner, Colton sits in a swing and just watches the others work. Michael sees Colton doing nothing and is very frustrated by it. He vents, "Colton is just here to hang out in the girl's camp and we have to deal with Colton because he has an idol." Jonas, Michael and Bill get together and complain about Colton. Jonas points out that he is close with the women and will take them out, if they are down in numbers at the merge. Jonas comments, "He's making Russell look like a freaking little school girl."


Over at the Salani camp, the women work on fortifying their shelter's roof. Colton joins them and says he is ready to walk off the island. Sabrina encourages him to try and bond with the men in his tribe. Colton reveals, "I have nothing in common with the guys. We all have an extra appendage. That's all I have in common with these people." Colton feels so much more comfortable with the women, so he spends a lot of time talking with them and trying to help them with their shelter. Sabrina realizes that Colton is a distraction and not a help to her tribe. So, she calls a girl meeting and tells Colton that he has to leave. Colton leaves Salani feeling rejected by the only people that he feels comfortable with on the island. He tearfully admits, "I literally feel like I need to find somewhere on the island and just build my own little hut and live there and just be my own little tribe, the Colton tribe." Back at Salani, Sabrina admits to her tribe mates that there is no meeting. She just wanted to get rid of Colton and they support her for doing that. Colton meanwhile realizes that he needs the support of the women in order to make big moves in the game. So later in the day, Colton returns to Salani and requests a meeting with all of them. Sabrina is disappointed to see Colton back so soon, but agrees to the meeting. Colton breaks down in front of them and begs them to let him stay at their camp. He promises that he will not betray them to the other tribe. Kim tries to reason with Colton and explains to him that no matter how much they like him; he is still a member of the enemy tribe. Therefore, it would not be smart for them to have him hear all their plans and conversations. Sabrina agrees and says, "This is our tribe and we have to start owning our tribe, owning our thoughts, owning our actions, and owning our vision of what we want to look like down the road, without having a guy, who acts like a girl involved." Colton reluctantly leaves Salani.


That evening, Tarzan is entertaining his Manono tribe with a native dance. Although, Colton does not feel close to this tribe mates, he realizes that he is here to play a game. Colton decides, "If I have a hidden immunity idol, then I can kind of regroup and use the idol to my advantage." After the most of the tribe has gone to sleep, Colton meets with Troyzan, Leif and Jonas. He shows them his hidden immunity idol and tells them that he is planning on using it at the next Tribal Council to avoid going home. Troyzan asks where he got the idol and Colton tells him that the girls gave it to him. Troyzan is excited and reveals, "I found out that Colton has an idol and we got to get rid of the muscle meaning Mike and Matt." Leif cautions the group to not talk about it too much and assures them he is on board with the plan. Jonas is impressed with Colton and admits, "Colton went from the first guy to get voted out to now the ring leader." Colton explains to the group that it is important for him to have Mike and Matt think that he is still with them or else they will panic and pull something. Troyzan, Jonas and Leif form an alliance with Colton. Colton adds Tarzan to the alliance. Even though Colton feels that he is in the "misfit" alliance, he is happy to work with them until he can get the women on his side. Colton feels more confident with his position now and boasts, "This is my world. They should have called this Survivor: Colton's World."


The next day, the Salani and Manono tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, takes back the immunity idol from the men and explains the rules of the immunity challenge. Each tribe will line up side by side on a very narrow balance beam over water. One tribe member at a time must move across the balance beam and around the other tribe members. If they fall off, they go back to the start. If anyone touches two people at once, they have to jump in and go back to the start. Once one tribe member reaches the finish platform, then the next person goes. First tribe to get all their tribe members to the finish platform wins immunity and is safe from the vote. Losers will go to Tribal Council tonight, where someone will be voted out of this game. The Manono tribe elects to sit out Tarzan from this challenge, since they have one more tribe member than the Salani tribe.

Leif starts off the challenge for the men of the Manono tribe, while Kat starts for the women of Salani. Leif quickly gets around Colton but makes a mistake when going past Jonas. He touches both Jonas and Bill at the same time as he moves down the balance beam from one to the other. So Leif has to jump in the water and start over again, which loses time for the Manono tribe. Meanwhile, Kat struggles, but finally gets past Monica who is the first person next to her on the beam. She next tries to get past Chelsea. Leif has since started over on the beam and gotten past each member of his tribe and made it to the finish platform. The women are now behind as Kat is still trying to get past Chelsea. Kat decides to go behind Chelsea instead of in front and this works. So, she tries to go behind Kim, who is next in line, but ends up pushing her in the water. Kat then jumps in the water and starts over again. Colton successfully maneuvers the balance beam and makes it to the finish line, while Kat is now on her third attempt to get down the beam. She gets stuck at Christina, who ends up touching Nina at the same time she is touching Kat, so Kat has to jump in the water for the violation and start over once again. In the meantime, Jonas is making his way down the beam for the Manono tribe. On her fourth attempt down the beam, Kat pushes Kristina in the water and then jumps in herself, even though she didn't have to. The Salani tribe is losing a lot of time in this challenge. The men have three people on the finish platform, while the women have none. Bill has a little trouble getting down the beam and causes Jay to fall in the water with him. Since Kat is having so much trouble getting down the beam, Christina gives it a try. She falls in the water when trying to get by Kim. So the women are not taking advantage of the time Bill used up by falling. Monica decides to go down the beam next. As she is trying to make it past Christina, Kat grabs Monica causing a touching violation. So Monica has to jump in the water and start over. Kat once again jumps in the water, even though she does not have to. Nina is very frustrated and says, "Oh Kat, you are about as dumb as a rock." The men are far ahead now as Bill makes it to the finish platform and Jay takes his turn. Monica talks her tribe through getting her down the beam and makes good progress. The men only have three people left to get to the end, but Troyzan falls in the water with Michael before he makes it to the end. The women now rush to take advantage of the men falling. Monica successfully makes it to their finish platform. Troyzan gets back up on the beam quickly. Troyzan, Michael and Matt finish the challenge before Christina is able to get to the finish. So the men easily win immunity. They got all eight of their members down the beam in the same time that the women only got one to the finish platform. The Manono tribe happily picks up the immunity idol, while the Salani tribe is devastated at the loss and at having to go to Tribal Council. Monica reveals, "I'm sad. I'm sad for women. This isn't the way women are and frankly I'm so embarrassed."


Salani has a meeting back at camp to discuss the challenge. Kat apologizes for her bad performance and communication in the challenge. Salani consoles Kat and accepts her apology and explanation to her face, but is still concerned about how she will do in the next challenge. Nina is not so forgiving and vents, "Kat you jumped in the water twice. You dumb blond. Inexcusable." After the meeting Monica and Nina go to the well to collect water. They discuss the fact that the two of them and Christina are on the outs in the tribe. Nina tells Monica that she is voting for Kat based on her poor performance in the challenge. Monica wants to suggest to the ruling alliance of five that they vote out Kat. Since she is not in that alliance, Monica fears that they will vote her out instead, if she goes against them. Monica fears, "It's a one way ticket home." Later, Nina sits next to Chelsea and recommends that they vote Kat out to redeem themselves. Chelsea admits that she is also embarrassed about their tribe's performance. Nina says, "Let's fix it." Before heading out to Tribal Council. Chelsea talks to Kim about her conversation with Nina. Kim agrees with Chelsea that Kat is not making their tribe look good right now and that Nina deserves to stay more than Kat. Kim does caution Chelsea on what the others in their alliance will think if they recommend breaking up their alliance and voting out Kat so early in the game. She questions if the alliance will stay strong and trust each other, if that happens.


Jeff starts off Tribal Council saying to the Salani tribe, "We're only five days in, but you're off to one of the worst starts ever in this game, because of the absolute and total dysfunction within this group." Nina blames the division in their tribe on their lack of communication. She points out that the Sabrina, Chelsea, Alicia, Kat and Kim are in an alliance, leaving Monica, Christina and herself on the outs. Nina goes on to explain her background as a retired police officer for the city of Los Angeles.