Immunity Blog: Episode 12
Posted on May 4, 2012 03:30pm

BY ROB CESTERNINO (Survivor Amazon & All-Stars)

With only one episode left before the Survivor: One World finale, the race for the final three is getting extremely heated. As the women begin to back stab each other lets take a closer look with the 5 Things from this week's show:

5. Kat Nipped - Is it even fair to discuss the strategic machinations of Kat's game? Survivor is a game of perceptions vs. reality and unfortunately for Kat she never quite understood how the rest of the group perceived her. All along, she thought that the group was amused by her antics when in fact her behavior was just getting on everybody's nerves (This is also how the cast of the Jersey Shore feels). Kim lobbied hard for Kat to stay around in the game, but this was simply due to the fact that Kim felt she could beat her in the end. With all due respect to Kat, I'm not sure she was ever cut out for the human chess game element of Survivor. When she won the reward challenge this week, Jeff asked her about the decision to take Kim and Alicia. Kat responded that she actually had a good reason, she really wanted to hang out with those girls. She also added about winning the reward, "I gotta get drunk!" However, Kat wasn't laughing when she was on the wrong end of the blindside. While I was sad to see Kat go because she was fun to watch, my favorite part of the episode was Kat's final words when she cried about being out before Tarzan and Christina. For Kat, it was definitely not cool beans.

4. Mission Kimpossible - It's not often when you can say that somebody made a good strategic move by not getting their way... but that's exactly what Kim did this week. Kim had her mind set on bringing Kat along with Alicia with her to the final three. Unfortunately for Kim, the rest of the women in the tribe decided that Kat was the one who should be going home. Kim could've forced the issue if she really wanted to and may have been able to take Sabrina out, but instead she elected to go with the majority and keep the peace. Kim has spent too much time in this game building up her Survivor "political capital" and didn't want to use it all here just to keep Kat in the game. To make such a big move, Kim easily could have irked the rest of the tribe and jeopardized her own position in the game. Kim never stops thinking about the game and while that is good for Kim, I don't really feel like we've gotten to know her as a character. I'm hoping that sometime over these final episodes, we get even a little insight into Kim's personality... but I'm not going to hold my breath.

3. Chel's Game - Since we saw that Kim, Tarzan and Kat were all on board to vote out Sabrina, it would appear that Chelsea was the one who wouldn't pull the trigger. We also learned this week that Kim's plan for the final three doesn't include her perceived biggest ally, Chelsea. It's not a good sign that Chelsea doesn't seem to have any idea that Kim might not be including her in the plans for the finals. Chelsea seems to be playing a different game than the other players. While Kim wanted Kat to stay because she was easy to beat in the finals and Alicia wanted Kat out because she seemed like an immunity threat, Chelsea wanted Kat out because she didn't "deserve to be here". The game of Survivor is not about being "deserving" until the jury decides who wins. This is not the first time this season we've heard Chelsea dictate who is deserving and who isn't. If Chelsea wants a real shot at that money she likes so much, she needs to start voting people out based on whether they're a threat to beat her and not if they deserve to be there. Ideally, you want to surround yourself with undeserving players so you can win the final three. Just ask Kim...

2. Delusional Suspects - I can't say that I'm too in love with Alicia's game right now. On the bright side, Kim seems to want her in the final three. The down side there is that Kim wants her there because she seems easy to beat. Alicia claims that she is in the game's most powerful position and told us that she's running the show... much in the same delusional way Kat told us SHE was running the show last week. I'm not sure what Alicia's end game actually is, but she seems to be working with Kim. In my mind, Alicia is making a major miscalculation if she thinks that going to the finals with Kim is a good idea. Besides Christina, I don't see anybody left in the game that Alicia may be able to beat. I think that Alicia's opinions about Kat vs. Sabrina were too easily swayed by the outcome of an immunity challenge that Sabrina didn't do well in. If Alicia is actually thinking that Kat was a more dangerous player than Sabrina, she might be even more delusional than we thought.

1. A Quantum Entanglement - Don't look now... but Tarzan is in the final six. I could not have been happier if you would've told me at the merge that my favorite speedo wearing plastic surgeon was going to make it into Mid-May on Survivor. That being said, I think it might soon be time for Tarzan to go because I think he has a great chance of winning against anybody in the final three. Yes, you read that correctly. While just a few weeks back I thought Tarzan would be a great person to bring to the end because his odd behavior seemed to make him beatable. Then more and more players started getting added to the jury. Jonas, Michael, Leif, Jay and Troyzan all have something in common... they're all the same sex as Tarzan. Tarzan could position himself in such a way that voting for him to win is only way to stick it to the women who took out the guys. I suspect that Kim must also realize this and that's why I worry that Tarzan might be the next one to take a quantum leap. Can anybody stop Kim on Survivor: One World? Let me know what you think on twitter, I'm @RobCesternino