Immunity Blog: Episode 2
Posted on Feb 24, 2012 11:51am

BY ROB CESTERNINO (Survivor Amazon & All-Stars)

We're now two weeks in to "Survivor: One World" and things are starting to get a little lopsided. The women are fading fast while the men look unstoppable. Let's take a closer look at the 5 Things That Jumped Out to Me From this Week's Show.

5. Girl Power Outage – In the previous two times that Survivor has fielded teams of Men vs. Women, the women have at least held their own or even outperformed the men (See "Survivor: The Amazon" and "Survivor: Vanuatu"). However, this time around, the Survivor women are finding themselves in a whole mess of trouble. Losers of three straight challenges, the women just need to stop the bleeding – because just one win can change the momentum completely in this game.

First, the women need to get themselves organized. I have not seen a more dysfunctional group of women since I stopped keeping up with the Kardashians. We've seen Sabrina emerge as a leader, but she seems reluctant to really get this team in shape. The women still have time to turn this around, but they need to get their act together… quick!

4. The Kat Ladies – The decision facing the women this week was whether to vote out the strong, but surely, Nina or the enthusiastic, yet lovably dim Kat. The women did what almost every alliance has always done in the history of Survivor in that spot. When faced with the prospect of getting rid of a weaker member of the tribe (who happens to be in the alliance) in favor of a stronger member of the tribe (who happens to NOT be in the alliance), the votes almost will always go towards the person who isn't in the alliance.

Only time will tell if the women made the right decision, but I think Kat could be a player to watch out for in this game. Yes, you read that correctly. If you're wondering how this can be possible, just think back to Fabio from Survivor: Nicaragua. Like Fabio, Kat is likable, enthusiastic, blonde and adorably simple. If the women can somehow avoid annihilation for a little bit, Kat's name will never come up in the vote. If she can just make it to the merge, she should be there at least until there's five or six people left because she's so non-threatening, and if a few immunities break her way – she's got as good of a chance as anybody to win "Survivor". Intelligence can be a huge liability in this game because it makes you a target – whether you're pretending not to have it or if you actually don't, in Survivor, ignorance truly can be bliss.

3. Diamonds in the Rough
– While I've been giving the women a lot of grief in this column, there's a few women that I think are playing a great game so far. I'm impressed with the twosome of Kim and Chelsea. Both of these women are both physically strong, level headed and seem very strategic. Having a person that you can trust out there can be a huge advantage (especially when you pick the right person).

Another player that I think is doing a great job is Monica. Before the season, I predicted she would not do well and while she is not in a great position right now, she's working to dig out of the hole. Though she's on the wrong side of the numbers, Monica is excelling in the challenges, working hard around camp and voting the smartest way she can. Though Monica was in an alliance with Nina and Christina, who voted against Kat, Monica cast her vote against Christina. Her vote ultimately didn't matter for this week, but she puts herself in a better position than Christina. Those three extra days that she buys might be enough to get her to a point where the tribes shuffle and bail Monica out of her trouble.

2. The Man Cave – Meanwhile, things are going swimmingly on the men's tribe. The men continue to dominate over the women and claim to be making the best camp in the history of Survivor. While the "Frat Pack" alliance of Matt, Michael, Jay and Bill seem entrenched as the leaders of the group there seems to be almost no drama – with the exception of Colton. So what do the men do to get Colton out of their hair? They send him to go hang out at the women's tribe, which helps the men by removing Colton's drama from their group and makes it just another thing the women have to deal with.

1. Survivor: Colton's World - Just how bad are things going over on the women's tribe? Colton is actually thinking about going to talk to people on the men's tribe. Realizing that they have too many of their own problems, the women sent Colton back to his own house like he was Kimmy Gibler. Colton then ends up having some late night show and tell with Leif, Troyzan, Jonas and Tarzan and starts putting together the votes to take down Matthew and Michael. The beauty of all this is that if Colton ends up with the five misfit votes that he's talking about – he's not going to need to play the hidden immunity idol. However, if it wasn't for showing the others that he had it, he probably doesn't get the other misfits to vote with him in the first place. While I think Colton is too unstable to win the game, I think he has an opportunity here to do some major damage along the way.

Should the women have kept Nina instead? Can Colton actually win this game? Let me know what you're thinking about "Survivor: One World" on twitter, I'm @RobCesternino