Survivor Buzz: Episode 4 Interactive Recap
Posted on Oct 10, 2013 10:50am

Yet ANOTHER blindside happened in the latest Survivor episode! We'll go over all the drama that went down on latest Survivor episode here.

First, John arrives on Redemption Island. It's the first time ever a married couple will compete against each other! Watch the redemption duel here:

Marissa is sadly eliminated from the game. Married couple John and Candice will now live on Redemption Island alone! See Candice's take on Redemption Island with her husband:

Monica is given the immunity idol clue, but burns it! This is a Survivor first!

Before the immunity challenge begins, there's a lot of drama going around camp. Brad considers getting rid of Caleb because lack of connections. Do you think this is a good or bad idea? Also, Gervase and Tyson deem themselves the Coconut Bandits! How would you feel if you knew this was happening on your tribe?

In the Immunity Challenge, Tyson is playing even though he is hurt. It's a very CLOSE game! Galang wins immunity and reward, they are undefeated again!

Tadhana going back to tribal again! The guys think Brad being fishy about not getting water with them. Ciera vs. Caleb, who will go home?

SHOCKER! After an intense tribal, Caleb turns on Brad and says he is voting him out. After a revote, Brad is out! Jeff claims that this is one of the biggest power shifts in the game. What do you think?

Brad heads over to Redemption Island to meet with John and Candice! See what happens next on Survivor, tune in Wednesday at 8/7c!