Survivor Buzz: Episode 6 Interactive Recap
Posted on Oct 23, 2013 05:40pm

Just when you think you've got Survivor figured gets shaken up! On last night's episode, the first tribe shake-up of the season happened. What do you think of the new tribes?

Before the tribe swap, Gervase and Tyson think about when to de-throne "King" Aras. The coconut bandits seem to be on the same page!

The Redemption Island duel begins! Ciera sees her mother for the first time, and said she knew that she was there somehow. Laura tells everyone that she's got this and doesn't let Ciera switch places with her!

Laura pulls out the win and Brad is sent home. Watch the duel in its entirety here:

She choose Vytas to receive the immunity idol clue, which is burned again! "Everyone knows it is a target," Laura said. But Redemption Island Arena hasn't seen the craziest of times just yet. It's time for a tribe swap!

Here's the new Galang tribe comprised of Vytas, Kat, Monica, Tina, Katie and Laura:

And the new Tadhana! Gervase, Caleb, Ciera, Aras, Hayden and Tyson are all on a tribe together.

Would you share what had been happening on your other tribe? Tyson is eating the food, and Hayden annoyed. What do you think?
Vytas being vulnerable toward the ladies and telling them about his past. Will this keep him in the game? Kat seems to appreciate Vytas in this secret scene below:

It's time for the immunity challenge! Who made a mistake in the beginning of the challenge that ultimately cost Galang the game? Watch the challenge here:

Tadhana is safe this week, which means Galang has got to head to Tribal Council. The girls talked about eliminating Vytas, but can Monica trust Kat?

After a lot of questioning, Kat is ousted because the other women feel that they can't trust her. What will happen next week on Survivor? Tune in Wednesday at 8/7c!