Survivor Buzz: Episode 9 Interactive Recap
Posted on Nov 14, 2013 10:40am

"Vengeance is going to be mine at some point," Vytas says. After his brother was voted out, did Vytas get his vengeance? Read on to see what happened in last night's episode!

Tina speaks out after the game-changing blindside at the last tribal council. She targets Monica and Tyson specifically. Do you think this was a good game move? See what Tina had to say about it in this secret scene:

The first Immunity Challenge of the night is race to get down local delicacies! Meal worms, grubs and intestines galore-- who got it all down?

Watch the first immunity challenge here!

After last week's tribal, Vytas, Katie and Tina all feel they are on the outs. Laura M. considers splitting the votes between Katie and Vytas. What strategy would you use in who you vote out next?Ultimately Vytas is sent home and off to redemption island with his brother. See how Vytas feels about being at redemption here:

At tribal, Monica rocks the vote by voting for Vytas instead of Katie and tells people. Tyson and Gervase have issues trusting Monica and worry about her going rogue.On Redemption Island, the two brothers chat about the game. Aras says that youve got to keep a positive attitude and that will help them out in the long run.

Second immunity challenge of the night is stacking coins. Hayden, Katie and Tyson final 3, but who pulls out the win? Watch the full challenge here!


Tina goes to look for the idol and gets caught in a standoff!Tyson thinks Monica is being paranoid and Gervase worries about her going renegade Will it be Monica or Tina as top targets tonight? Tina tells Monica that she is on the bottom and that she talks way too much.Tina is voted out. Can Katie make her way into the 7 person alliance that has cracks forming? Find out next week on Survivor!