Survivor Buzz: Season 27 Finale Interactive Recap
Posted on Dec 16, 2013 12:00pm

We have a winner! Last night's season finale had it all, tears, drama, and touching moments. Read on as we break down the awesome finale.

After Hayden is eliminated, Ciera still has hope that she she'll get an ally from whoever is returning back into the game. There's still Redemption Island! Tyson shows Monica the idol to establish more trust. Monica thinks she has two chances of going to the final 3-- Which side will she choose?

On Redemption Island, Hayden is happy to compete against "two grandmas" and likes his chances. It's do or die and the final Redemption Island challenge! This challenge is about being slow and steady and all about finding your balance and focusing on it. Hayden falls first out of nowhere, its down to Tina and Laura. Tina wins her first duel and is back in the game! Hayden says this game has made him more appreciative of his life back home. Ciera and her mother have an emotional moment. Tina is back in the game and takes the clue! Watch the duel here:

Will Tina and Ciera be able to work on a mom's alliance with Monica? Ciera tries to appeal to Monica's personality. Monica doesn't know which direction go but says it is a brutal game! What would you do if you were Monica?

Immunity Challenge on Day 37! The final five must battle it out for immunity. Tyson wins immunity and wants to be knighted with the necklace! Tyson never settles and relaxes, he is still worried about the night's vote will go.

Gervase and Monica cannot decide to get rid of Tina or Ciera. Monica feels like she has been bullied the whole time. Tyson wants his two allies to decide. "If Monica is going to make a move, she will make it tonight, "Tina said. Do you think Gervase bullying Monica will make her sway toward voting our Gervase? Again, Monica is the swing vote tonight. Who will go home?

Ciera is voted out, which is enough for her to go home after Tyson gives Gervase the immunity idol that he found. Monica ended up voting for Ciera to leave. See what happened when Ciera arrived at Ponderosa!

Because Tyson played the idol, Monica knows that they don't trust her 100%. Monica wants to win so she can be control of her own destiny. Tina knows her only option is to win the challenge today. The final immunity challenge is more important than ever! It's a guaranteed spot at the final tribal council. This one combines both physical strength and puzzles. Who will be guaranteed to be in the final 3?

Tyson is first to solve the puzzle and wins immunity!

The final four chat at camp, Monica and Tina chat about getting Gervase out at the end. Monica has had issues with Gervase, will she consider swapping and voting with Tina? Tina is voted out and for the final time, the three of Monica, Gervase and Tyson have stuck together and have made it to the final three!

It's now time for the final three to give their speeches. Gervase says that as an original player of the game, he had to combine both his old school and new school techniques. Monica shared that she wasn't anyone's lap dog, that she made strategic moves to stay with the guys. Plus, she won individual immunities on the way. Tyson said that his whole strategy changed when Rachel left the game, and he decided to play as hard as he could and made it to the end.

All of the jury asked questions to each member of the final three, but all of them except for one ended up voting for Tyson as the winner!

CONGRATS to Tyson, the winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water!