Parvati's 'Survivor Live' Recap: Brice Johnston's Top 5 Show-Stopping Moves
Posted on Mar 7, 2014 04:10pm

By Parvati Shallow

Sadly, the most fun, fashion forward player from Survivor Cagayan’s Beauty tribe, Brice Johnston, was voted out in the last episode. I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Brice on Survivor Live and found him to be just as perfect in person as he appeared on the show. He is honest, authentic, self-aware and totally outrageous. We could all benefit from being a little more like Brice. Read on to learn how to recreate Brice Johnston’s top 5 show-stopping moves for yourself. Tweet me @parvatishallow to share your favorite Brice moments.

1. Always be prepared with a change of wardrobe.
Brice showed up at the Survivor Live studio wearing typical LA street fare— jeans and a tee shirt. For his moment in the spotlight, he morphed into full butterfly regalia, including knee-high patent leather boots, tight black pants and a dark red spiked shoulder jacket.

2. Get Jeff Probst to do the first part of your catchprase.
Dot dot dot… hmmm.

3. Do you, boo.
Brice shared with me that a personal experience with being bullied as a youth, inspired him to become a social worker. After his smelly stint on Survivor, Brice is now developing a perfume line.

4. Steal the show.
As the only contestant that could honestly articulate the tribe dynamics, Brice gladly took over tribal council, making it “The Brice Show.”

5. Practice facial control.
To prepare for Survivor, Brice spent quality time in front of the mirror practicing his poker face.