Survivor Cagayan Season 28 Episode 4: Interactive Recap
Posted on Mar 20, 2014 10:45am

It's time for a tribe swap! Read on as we break down the latest Survivor episode here!

"Drop Your Buffs! Brain, Brawn and Beauty is no more."- Jeff Probst.How will the tribes switch up? They will merge to two separate tribes!

On the Aparri tribe: Sarah, Spencer, Morgan, Kass, Tasha, Jeremiah, Alexis

On the Solana tribe: Woo, Cliff, Trish, Jefra, LJ, Lindsey, Tony

Sarah is the only one who isn't with the rest of the Brawn tribe, and LJ and Jefra are the only ones NOT on the old brawn tribe. How will these new tribes work together in their first reward challenge? Watch the challenge here:

What an aggressive challenge! Solana wins the reward. LJ decided he wants to be absorbed into their tribe, and not a threat! Will he be successful in doing so?

Trish and LJ seem to have a connection and LJ wants to exploit that to get in with their tribe. Cliff already wants to keep an eye on them.Over at Aparri, Sarah is the only original Aparri on a tribe with all new people! Morgan got outed as choosing the clue as opposed to the rice, and she hopes to start fresh with a new tribe. Alexis thinks she already has a huge red flag and decides not to trust Morgan.

Alexis goes with the brain tribe and and shares info with them about the beauty tribe! Is this a good or bad idea? Morgan, Jeremiah and Alexis all come to them with gossip on each other!

"Just when you think you are out of the game, things switch up and then you are on top!" - TashaJefra gets some scoop from Trish and hopes that there is a spot for her on her new tribe! It's time for the immunity challenge! How will this tribe swap change the immunity challenge? Watch the immunity challenge here:

Aparri wins immunity! Most of the Brawn tribe will now go to tribal council for the first time. Solana has to go to tribal council, Cliff wants to get rid of LJ. Woo thinks that the Brawn tribe should stick together.

In this secret scene, LJ discussed the pros and cons of the tribe switch.

Jefra, LJ, Tony and Trish will vote for Cliff. Will LJ still play his idol? Tony thinks they should get rid of LJ, but then lies to Cliff and says that Trish is with the old Brawn tribe. Whose side is Tony on?

Tonight's tribal will shift one way or another, Tony says. LJ decides to not play his idol! Lindsey and Woo are completely blindsided that Cliff is out! In this bonus scene, Cliff reflects on his time in the game the day after he exits Survivor.