Top 5 Highlights: CBS Moments of the Week
Posted on Mar 21, 2014 10:40am

Check out a round-up of news and highlights from this week on CBS! From tribal swaps to finale dates released, its been a great week!

1. CBS Releases Finales Schedule
Find out when your favorite shows will finale this season!

2. Tribal Swap on Survivor
Survivor shakes up the game! The players switch tribes and compete in a very physical reward challenge. See how the game changed in this highlight clip!

In anticipation of the legendary HIMYM wedding this Monday, refresh your memory with GIFs featuring moves it's fun to imagine would get a second spin at the reception! Check out more here!

4. The Mentalist Shocker!
Just as Grace falls asleep at the end of Sunday's episode of The Mentalist, a masked intruder shows up in her hotel room! Watch below.

5. Kensi Is Captured!
Tuesday on NCIS: Los Angeles, Kensi got captured in Afghanistan on her mission to find the "White Ghost." Watch it here!