Survivor Cagayan Season 28 Episode 5: Interactive Recap
Posted on Mar 27, 2014 10:15am

After last week's switch-up and blindside, there's new tribes and new drama. Read on as we break down last night's episode here.

Cliff's blindside still has his allies reeling! Lindsey and Trish get into a fight at camp upon their return! Lindsey doesn't want to stick around the tribe with Trish there. What will she do?

Jeff Probst comes out to talk to Lindsey! She says she can't handle it and doesn't want to feel antagonized. Lindsey quits the game and says she doesn't know what else to do!

She doesn't tell the tribe that she is leaving, Jeff comes by and tells them! What a shocking moment!"Two for the price of one!" -Tony

Woo thinks they can start fresh as a five, and knows he is in trouble since he was aligned with Lindsey and Cliff. At the reward challenge, Aparri is so surprised that Cliff and Lindsey are both gone! Sarah is shocked and Alexis is happy to see the beauty members still there.

Today's reward challenge is a square off! Two members of the winning tribe will perform a camp raid! What an interesting reward! Watch it here:

Woo wins it for Solana, now they can raid Aparri's camp!

What do you think of Tony and Woo's decision to give Jeremiah the idol clue? It's a unique game move!

Jeremiah knew that this clue was the same one of from the Solana tribe!

Tony shares with his tribe what they did with Jeremiah. Do you think that it's a good move for Tony to come clean with everything?LJ realizes that he needs to keep on his toes after Tony's revelation! Watch his reaction to winning the reward challenge here in this secret scene!

Spencer thinks that Alexis is phony and he doesn't trust her at all. Jeremiah tells Spencer and Alexis the truth! Will people believe him?

The immunity challenge starts now! It's a close game. Watch it here:

Solana wins immunity! Aparri will have to go to tribal council. The Aparri tribe thinks it was not smart of Tony to chant "Top 5" after winning the challenge. They think their confidence was revealed today.Alexis thinks that Jeremiah needs to go, and Spencer says the brains tribe can go either way. Kass thinks the brains are the best position. Will they vote out Jeremiah or Alexis?They don't think they can trust either.

In this deleted scene, Morgan says she has no problem voting out Alexis.

At tribal council, Sarah announced that she is ready to cut ties with the brawns. Tasha says the beauties are in trouble since they are fractured.

Alexis is voted out and blindsided! See her thoughts the day after she was eliminated here: